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11 Stunning Luxury Minimalist House Interior Design Renders

June 6, 2010 by newhouseofart

ultra modern bathroom decor

For your room interior design layout, we presented best 11 stunning house decorating render ideas pictures gallery. There are some cool and minimalist, modern contemporary and luxury interior design themes. Amazing and awesome interior architectural designs which is planned by Alessandro Prodan’s work. But the architect of the following images just proved us wrong. Hail the Russian CG visualization specialist Anton Valiev who has made these drop dead gorgeous renders. Compared to Alessandro’s work these photos interior design render gallery lay more emphasis to the interiors and the tools they used for making them are also unusual. Anton used 3DS Max software for design and VRay for rendering while Alessandro chose Maya application with MentalRay for rendering. For the clueless, this point of photorealism is extremely hard to achieve in computer aided design and if you are capable of doing this it means that you are the very cream of the trade you practice. So, what do you think about this home interior decorating ideas? -via-

mindblowing minimalist kitchen design

luxury princes room render

luxury kitchen hall interior

gorgeous comfortable room interior

fantastic purple room interior render

cozy warmth room render design

cool minimalist room layout

contemporary tv room interior render

awesome contemporary kitchen render

aqua blue modern minimalist bedroom

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