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13 Modern Shared Kids’ Bedroom Inspiration

July 23, 2011 by newhouseofart

spacious shared kids bedroom in brown and blue

Well, if you have more than one child in your family, and then you do not have enough space for their own room, there is some creative design inspiration about shared kids bedroom interior idea. NewHouseOfArt will give you 13 sample design of children bedroom.  Many parents already know that most children’s dream of their own rooms. The like colorful, fun and also playful designs because it can be create a cheerful atmosphere. But for those among large families and smaller quantity spaces to accommodate them independently, most will have to share a room through their sibling(s).

simple shared kids bedroom in lime and white

shared kids bedrooms with yellow white green color

Nevertheless, the compromise should not have to appear so unpleasant if Tumidei has something to do with the space plan! This famous Italian, ecological furniture design band provides delightful, colorful, charming yet modern day kids’ bedroom furnishings and decoration which will not just appeal to the imaginations of young kids other than are moreover roomy and efficient enough to accommodate more than one child per bedroom!

In this inspiration, there is available neutral bedroom idea that allocates one of the beds on a loft, and one below a storage space unit, for highest functionality and space saving. Furthermore, you will see an innovative design of pink and white girls’ bedroom design with compacts two beds, a desk, storage, and closet space all in one small room with little girl-appropriate drawing. For detail, check this pictures gallery below!

roomy shared kids bedroom in beige and blue

playful shared kids bedroom in red and white

functional kids shared bedroom in green

fun shared kids bedroom in white and blue

ecological shared kids bedroom design

cute shared girls bedroom in pink

creative shared kids bedroom in red and brown

contemporary shared kids bedroom in brown and white

colorful shared kids bedroom in orange and white

charming shared kids bedroom in bright color design

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