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14 Creative Shelving System Unconventional Design Cool Ideas

July 12, 2010 by newhouseofart

wall mounted shelving tv

In this great day, we have gathered up a 14 creative and cool shelving system design ideas pictures gallery for inspiration that we hope will solve some of your storing problems for your small room. We tried to choose the items that are not only practical, but that would improve how a place looks and feels. This can be very beautiful to rich your house interior design that has modern or minimalist style.  Most of them are unusual, for example take a look at the vertical wooden panels photos, which are particularly interesting and quite simply. Vertical otherwise horizontal clean line, it is really impressive how the designers managed to create these contemporary furniture items so functional. We also like the fact that they are built from wooden classic materials that creates them fit well in a variety of interior decorating ideas. This unconventional shelving storage design come up because We have heard people say how hard it is to move from one area to another because of all the things they have to carry around. And it’s a universal fact: we have too much stuff! Check this out best sample shelving storage furniture and design pictures gallery to remodel or redesign your house living space. via

unique shelving storage book

modern shelving house interior

tiny table furniture shelving design

shelving storage small room

shelving storage rustic interior

modern shelving space storage

modern book shelving furniture

minimalist table shelving space

cute shelving storage system design

creative table shelving system

cool wardrobe interior shelving ideas

contemporary shelving storage idea

bathroom shelving storage space

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