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15 Clean Luxury Kitchens Design Pictures by Pedini

August 2, 2010 by newhouseofart

stylish kitchens fancy design

Today NewHouseOfArt.Com writer want to introduce best top minimalist and clean kitchen design ideas with luxury style presented on this pictures gallery. Designed by Pedini famous italian kitchen layout maker that has been in business since 1956 and flourishing, at par with companies such as Alessi and Gucci and boasting of being one of the first companies to set up the modern concept of modular kitchens. With its 5 core luxurious kitchen collections specifically Dune, Artika, Integra, Outline and Q2 Pedini is known for its signature “curve” approach. The company is in fact one of the few which produces beautiful kitchen designs working on convex and concave lines.

smart artistic kitchens design

If you are the kind that lives, eats and cooks in chic then Pedini has the right kitchen interior decorating solutions for you. It stands in line with the style kings and is continuously bringing amazing new to the table furniture. Pedini also indulges is creating your kitchen eco-friendly. Customizing kitchens as per the space and lifestyle of the customer, aesthetic value and the running capacity of the room, instilling innovative kitchen ideas while designing ever look and corner of the modern kitchen are some of the things you can expect when getting your kitchens done from these guys. Where are your dream kitchen design photos? via

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