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2009 Feng Shui – The meaning of the flowers

August 7, 2009 by newhouseofart

Decorate with flowers or our home office conveys a feeling positive and happy for all those who visit. As a center table in the lounge or the dining room, kitchen, bedroom, hallway, desk, etc.., Any of these environmental benefits with the color and aromas of floral arrangements, it is the easiest and most economic to bring nature inside your home or workplace.

If all the attributes of the flowers add the effect in our lives, according to feng-shui, multiply their profits even more. Here you find the meaning of the flowers according to their shape and color according to the current Thousand.

As we have explained in our previous posts, the feng shui elements divided into yin and yang, so do the flowers. Flowers ying: the colors are soft and round leaves, while the flowers are the yang of colors and leaf tip. From this we can define what kind of flowers needed for each mood:

  • To attract prosperity in our family, we should always have white flowers and leaves very round (yin) and orchids and geraniums for the balconies.
  • flower feng shui

  • In a workplace where you need to produce fast and effectively, whether material or article ideas, we can put some branches estrelitzia, a flower with petals and twigs yang very sharp. If in addition the vertical arrangements in place (like the picture), to neutralize the damage.
  • flower according to the  feng shui

  • To protect your home with negative yin must have flowers, like hydrangeas and ranunculus.
  • flower for feng shui

  • Look after your health by placing flowers in your room as yang yellow daisies.
  • flower feng shui means

So what do you think about The meaning of the flowers according to Feng Shui ?

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