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September, 2009

  1. Modern Wood House Design with Contemporary Interior Decorating in Coromandel Peninsula

    September 30, 2009 by newhouseofart

    wood house design east coast pictures

    This is the best picture of modern wood house design with contemporary interior decorating in East Coast of the Coromandel Peninsula. In this wood house there were oak floors, cedar on the walls, wood plywood ceiling and dark interior design of the kitchen to create a relaxed and natural sense. Home Design improved by cedar cladding that can be established like inside and outside. The central house and the main bedroom that extends along the beach front and opens out onto a kind veranda. Hot Water Beach Home is a one story beach land on the east coast Coromandel Peninsula intended by Steven Lawson. This consists of 2 wings linked with a stained glass entrance that keeps the sides from the central park sea breeze. Camber and lots of wooden houses design allows enhanced blend in through the New Zealand (NZ) coastal environment.

    modern exterior wood house design pictures

    interior design wood house pictures

    interior design wood house pictures

    contemporary wood house design pictures

    minimalist wood house design pictures

  2. Unique Shaped House Design Bizarre Giant Snail Home

    September 30, 2009 by newhouseofart

    bizarre snail shaped house javier senosiain

    Best and unique house design looks like snail designed by Javier Senosiain. This is about sample home design photos Unique Shaped House Design Bizarre Giant Snail Home. This living place is located in Mexico City, Mexico. Many people in that country like this home design. Hovering beyond the smoggy city, this giant mollusk is house to Fernando Mayorga and Magali and their two children’s Allan and Josh. The impressive shell-like paint frames the language shaped furniture protrusion that cultivate from the nearby walls. A distinguished eco-factor of this alternative house is that it is created of a spray able ceramic named Grancrete. The spiral shaped design, material and construction schemes used to construct The Nautilus create it earthquake-friendly and simple to maintain. This is absolutely unique ideas for home designing. I hope you are getting some inspiration about your home design ideas after look at the pictures below.

    bedroom interior design bizarre snail shaped house

    living room design bizarre snail shaped house

    interior innovation bizarre snail shaped house design

    bizarre snail shaped house unique interior design

    kitchen interior design bizarre snail shaped house

  3. Luxury Bathroom Furniture Minimalist Bathtubs and Sinks Design

    September 29, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern sandstone bathtub design

    Modern and luxury bathroom interior design can be start from choosing best furniture ideas from decoration. For example, we can put minimalist bathtubs with interactive skin design. There are several modern bathtubs such as marble bathtub, granite bathtub and sandstone bathtub. Every off they have its own uniqueness, especially luxury, exclusive and attractive. The natural stone sink and bathtub have a macrobiotic, continuing appeal. The clean, cut outline, unique designs and contemporary mode are ideal for some ultra modern bathroom interior design where simply the greatest will do. Get a beautiful interior design at your bathroom and choose what decorating style you feel like your bathroom to reflect and decide your Bathtub Faucets and bathtub to costume.

    modern bathtubs minimalist design

    modern bathtub bathroom furniture

  4. Modern Minimalist Bedroom Interior Design Concept

    September 28, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern bedroom design pictures

    When you want to decorate your bedroom with modern and minimalist styles, you can go to the interior designer to do that. But, I suggest you, to decorate your bedroom by yourself. This is a sample picture of modern minimalist bedroom design that may be the good inspiration to remodeling or redesigning your own bedroom at contemporary house interior design. The design idea is minimalist and natural, and this is the best alternative for some style of bedroom design. Build your fresh bedroom through special feeling than customary and create your family sense more relaxed. Best compilation of ultra modern and contemporary bedroom idea design in comfortable style and the simplicity bedroom furniture with modern minimalist design.

    minimalist bedroom design pictures

    luxury bedroom design picture

    contemporary bedroom design pictures

  5. Best Modern Bedroom Interior Design with Furniture Trends

    September 27, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern bedroom interior design pictures

    When you want to decorate your master bedroom, you must consider about what are the furniture set in your bedroom. Modern bedroom furniture set in an ideal contemporary master bedroom has to be comfortable with designer styling. The contemporary furniture set is made up of some shelving components and modular systems planned to give feature, comfort, and flexibility to improve some master bedroom or contemporary interior room design. The bedroom furniture set that pursues is the mainly modern and minimalist furniture. Setting up the feel through the assist of the bedroom lighting creates the bedroom a perfect place to rest our body.

    modern bedroom furniture set

    contemporary master bedroom design

  6. Modern Muston Street House Design Private Living Space Sydney Australia

    September 27, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern house design sydney australia exterior  light

    Modern and luxury house design in Sydney Australia designed by Fox Johnston Architects. The best private living space designs for people who need dream home to live. The Muston Street Minimalist House Design as a complete is designed to make private living spaces left from the road through a central spotlight on the outdoor living spaces. The slim width and direction of the building maximizes cross ventilation and sunlight filtration right through every room. An extended outdoor pool design boundaries this form and transects the construction with the entrance hall space, forming a small-minded swimming pool in the entrance square.

    ultra modern house design sydney australia living room glass

    private swimming pool modern minimalist design

    private living room in modern house design sydney australia

    modern house design sydney-australia side pool outdoor

    Modern House-Design Sydney Australia Fox Johnston Architects

  7. Home Offices Facebook Studio Design

    September 26, 2009 by newhouseofart

    office room studio facebook design

    Do you know facebook? Every people in the world love But, do you ever imagine how the decoration home office studio designs  facebook. This is some pictures of ultra modern and innovative office design of  If you look at the home office studio design photos, the spaces are changing. This is because each of the previously separate departments would maintain some of its essence in the new building, creating a kind of neighborhoods. Company executives are at the center of the building, accessible to all employees. Large open space living and create situations of contact between employees. The coffee and the kitchen are important sites within the project and mini kitchens located along this with snacks and drinks.

    innovative facebook office room

    facebook work office interior

    facebook office room design

    facebook modern office interior design

    facebook living room interior

    facebook coffee room design

    Finally, the design seeks to maintain this mixture of a semi-industrial environment with informal and spontaneous situations that arise within a young and creative team. Unpainted walls and unfinished spaces become spaces that employees will take over and making it even more like the place.

  8. Contemporary Small House Design Classic Santa Barbara

    September 25, 2009 by newhouseofart

    contemporary small walnut house design

    Best house design that is the first word that I want to say after look at contemporary and minimalist this home design pictures. This is designed in environmentally sustainable technique on a classic Santa Barbara place which is branded as “The Rivera”. Comparatively small house design has the whole thing big houses around have: two-car garage contain open living room or dining room, beautiful kitchen, large master bedroom and bath room, luxury guest bedroom and bathroom, amazing home gym, powder room, two modern home offices through office bath, outdoor dining room, outdoor lounge room, lap pool, and 1,400 square feet of lower-level storage space. 270-degree outlook of the Pacific Ocean is second-hand as much as likely starting from courtyard near the pool and finish with desk on the third floor. Environmentally sustainable design features inactive solar electrical energy, natural air flow and energy-efficient appliances, solar water and floor heating. The home is designed by Shubin & Donaldson.

    walnut house design pictures

    small walnut house interior design

    small walnut exterior design

    living room design walnut house

    garden small walnut house design

  9. Contemporary Beach House Design Best Living Place

    September 23, 2009 by newhouseofart

    contemporary beach house design

    This is the sample pictures of contemporary beach house design with transparent glass wall decorating. In the interior of beach house design, looks very great and comfortable. This home obtains great of contemporary home designing to make most excellent place for entertaining, relaxing, and living. Disappearing walls of glass flawlessly release to terraces through unexpected beautiful beach views, memorable sunsets, and sounds of the deafening waves are most important characteristic of the home that no one would forget that moment. Moreover all its bedrooms design and bathrooms style there is office, gourmet kitchen, meditation area, living room through contemporary fireplace and entertainment room within the home. State of the art garage cabinets a profitable rating hydraulic elevate with bottomless parking. Watchfully decide mark of the home is not noticeable from road and have stairway important to the beach under.

    contemporary beach house kitchen interior

    contemporary beach house interior design

    contemporary beach house deign transperant glass wall

  10. Best 2009 Ultra Modern Living Room Furniture Design

    September 22, 2009 by newhouseofart

    black white furniture set

    This is the new trends of ultra modern living room furniture in 2009. For the sample of furniture home design pictures I take from Compar. This is home furniture with clean and minimalist designs and makes best looks of interior living room. The simple white shape of the wall hanging Television place sets the ultra modern sense for the space, making theatrical difference with the black-glass compact coffee tables furniture. The rotary clear glass tables are furthermore an attractive choice. Implementation this furniture set is cool leather chairs, moreover in classic white, black and red. Totaling a red chair obtains this room its good-humored character.

    minimalist furniture interior design

    ultra modern home furniture