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October, 2009

  1. Luxury Moroccan Villa House Design Contemporary Beautiful Outdoor Pool

    October 31, 2009 by newhouseofart

    moroccan villa interior design

    Beautiful house architectures building located on Palmeraie , Marrakech called Mansion Dar Maghza is perfect villa for private holidays. This luxury Moroccan villa house design has contemporary styles complete with modern and luxurious outdoor pool. These luxury and large Moroccan villa designed by Habib BerdaÏ and decorated by Gil Dez. Use large spaces to build the villa on approx 1200 square meter areas. The assets includes main villa, solar cells for warm making and personal terrace for comforting , and pool home right next to a 20×8m swimming pool and staff house. Dar Maghza villa is completely prepared and ornamented through the most excellent material.  I love this villa house design, especially the outdoor pool design, because it is looks minimalist but luxury in design. Here it is the Luxury Moroccan Villa House Design Contemporary Beautiful Outdoor Pool pictures. [Via]

    moroccan villa house design

    moroccan modern villa design

    luxury moroccan villa design

    contemporary moroccan villa design

    bedroom design moroccan villa

  2. Exotic Ultra Modern Volcano House Design Innovation Southern California

    October 30, 2009 by newhouseofart

    vulcano house design

    Exotic home design innovation called modern volcano house design placed in the dusty desert lands of Southern California near Los Angeles. This is a real modernist masterpiece which sits on top of a small volcanic peak. These house designs has unique and also ultra modern with comfortable design. Truss beams and heavily laid real formed the desert dome that radiates a sort of tongue in cheek brutalism that screams 1960s American modernism both interior and exterior. Here it is the best sample desert house design photos from exotic ultra modern volcano house design innovation in southern California. [Via]

    volcano house top of hill

    volcano house exterior design

    volcano house design interior innovation

    ultra modern volcano house design interior

    mountain volcano house design

    modern volcano house

    contemporary volcano house design

  3. Contemprary House Designs Pictures Elegant Styles

    October 30, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern house design

    This is best example home design photos about modern contemporary house design with elegant styles. Minimalist and comfortable house living place for your family. There are special home plan designs to decide from, like: vintage house plan, ranch house plan, luxury house plan, and mush more. But the majority ordinary of these, and most famous, is the contemporary or modern private house plan. Contemporary home decor should obviously be based on the in general idea of the residence. Modern private home of all styles from approximately the world, showing a range of settings, design alternatives and challenges, and mutually exterior and interior skin. Here it is the house design photos gallery pictures for your inspiration.

    contemporary house designs

    contemporary house design

  4. Exotic Contemporary Villas Design Luxury Styles Pictures

    October 29, 2009 by newhouseofart

    minimalist dining room villa design

    When you are looking for perfect house living, may be this exotic contemporary villas design with luxury styles can be perfect choice. These are great home living for couple, small family, even big family because it has large room. The minimalist white paint exterior design makes this viila house looks luxurious and comfortable. You may have the chance to have a peaceful comfort holiday in several of the most excellent luxury private celebration villas at this place. A modern minimalist neutral color scheme design interior is used indoors and exterior of the villa through accents on the artwork and furniture set. Here it is best example exotic contemporary Villas design luxury styles photos. [Via]

    luxury villa house design

    exterior villa house design

    exotic minimalist villa design

  5. Ultra Modern Ceiling Bathroom Faucet Minimalist Styles

    October 29, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern ceiling bathroom faucet design

    Home bathroom faucet decorating trends ideas in 2009 with ultra modern innovative design and minimalist styles from Signorini Company. This Italian design bathroom interior decoration has elegant, comfortable, and luxury design. There are some extraordinary and awfully beautiful bathroom faucet models that might help you to make your private and different style in your bathroom. Here it is the best sample ultra modern ceiling bathroom faucet design minimalist styles pictures as your home interior design inspiration.

    minimalsit ceiling bathroom faucet design

  6. Minimalist Futuristic Glass Dining Room Tables-Chairs Furniture Design Pictures

    October 28, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern glass tables dining room interior design

    Decorate your dining room to create elegant, comfortable, and beautiful design is not an easy things. You need some interior design inspiration to make your own styles. This is best pictures of minimalist futuristic glass dining room tables and chairs furniture design pictures that may be you can consider to put on your house. Dining table with glass top head is extremely stylish and elegant. This below you may want to revolve the most excellent glass top dining tables furniture through chairs from famous furniture manufacturers which will be your newest house interior design compilation. They are modern minimalist tables through a broken leg, a conventional carved wood or stone foot, or smooth luxury table ornamented by Swarovsky crystal. All are awfully innovative and imaginative work that distorted the ordinary stage in great parts of the home design in the dining room. So, do you want to get this for your dining room interior design?

    minimalist tables chairs dining room furniture design

    minimalist table chair dining room design

    contemporary dining room tables chairs design

  7. Contemporary Loft Bedroom Design Picture from Hilcote

    October 28, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern loft bedroom design

    When you want to build a large contemporary office space, a longue or a big bedroom, you can find some inspiration from this home design pictures. It is about modern contemporary loft bedroom design pictures from Hilcote. The surrounding of the room decoration use wood elements and looks comfortable. Through a loft renovation here is practically forever room to enlarge, more and more citizens are manufacture the mainly of their properties, capitalizing on the unnecessary room of their loft. Loft conversion bedrooms may be completely dramatic if they build use of big windows to make floods of natural luminosity in the sunrise or idealistic sight of the starlit the skies at nighttime. Here it is some best photos of modern contemporary loft bedroom design pictures from Hilcote. [Via]

    loft bedroom interior design

    loft bedroom contemporary design

  8. Modern Curved Leather Sofa Unit Luxury Interior Design Styles

    October 27, 2009 by newhouseofart

    contemporary curved leather design

    The example home decorating picture below, is about the best modern curved leather sofa unit luxury interior design styles. There is some minimalist leather sofa furniture set with luxurious styles that can be placed in your home interior like living room, dining room or in the entertainment rooms. In this home interior design picture that you see is a mine from a bigger plan a residence placed in Hampstead Village, United Kingdom (UK). Beautiful house interior designs that is planned and redesigned by Belsize Architects. The modern curved leather unit was not the simply like an enjoyably astounding feature, but an especially significant thing. It was to develop into the center point of the renovate house and its representation. The construction homes table furniture for six and has spots of luminosity increase right through its exterior.

    luxury curved leather

    minimalist curved leather design

    minimalist luxury curved leather interior

    modern curved leather design

    modern interior curved leather design

    modern minimalist curved leather design

  9. Small Contemporary Artistic Wooden Tiny Tree House Design

    October 27, 2009 by newhouseofart

    artistic interior house design

    Beautiful small house designs with wooden contemporary home design ideas. This is about tiny tree house design by Steve from Green Line Architects. Wooden tree house design usually for meditations and relax our body in, characteristic a thoughtful breathing space for family of all ages excluding its furthermore relaxed for adults. The artistic tiny tree home design is very perfect for couple because it can make a romantic feel in evening or in the morning. The wooden wall decor creates the dramatic sense and warm at whole of the house. According to me, this small tiny tree home design looks like house on the epic film. And, here it is the best of small contemporary artistic wooden tiny tree house design pictures for your own home design ideas inspiration. [Via]

    artistic tiny home design

    contemporary artistic house design

    tiny tree contemporary home design

    tiny tree wooden home design

  10. Modern Wooden Porter House Designs Exterior SkB Architects

    October 26, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern wooden residance design

    Modern contemporary wooden house design by SkB Architects has elegant and comfortable styles. This house design looks larger but actually this is for small house design to have bigger appearance. Planned to interrelate extra naturally through its surrounding garden landscape, this beautiful home is intended so the major living spaces are a simple four feet above mere plane. This house design is perfect for green house decorating ideas. Here it is some sample home design pictures from green house modern porter house design by SkB Architects.

    modern wooden house design

    modern living room designs

    living room design comfort ergonomic chair

    contemporary exterior wooden house design

    contemporary bathroom wooden house design