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February, 2010

  1. Amazing Headquarters Saxo Bank Office Architecture Design Copenhagen by 3XN Architects

    February 28, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern saxo bank headquarters architecture

    This amazing office building structure design is founded in 1992 located in Denmark. Named Saxo Bank which is has great modern and minimalist interior and exterior design. One of the focus points that can be our design inspiration is the contemporary innovative spiral staircase which is the main feature of the building. Saxo Bank is a young dynamic internet bank with focus on online-trade with currencies, shares and futures on the bank’s self-developed platform, Saxo Trader. Designed by 3XN Architects, Saxo Bank’s new headquarter in Copenhagen is truly perfect comfortable office design.

    ultra modern spiral staircase saxo bank design

    The architectural design is based on Saxo’s cutting-edge profile and branding. The lines of the construction design define a sharp balance among dependability and dynamic expressivity in dialogue with the local plan. The luxury office bank design is shaped like two blocks with the end walls pointing towards the canal, joined together by facades that are withdrawn from the end walls. The facades are shaped like double curved glass that wave like a piece of textile. The modern saxo bank interior decorating architectural of the building is open and transparent with a large sense of community. The open plans centre round a gently shaped atrium with a glass roof. In the atrium, the main stair case winds up to the top. Nevertheless, the main room and largest attraction of the structure is the so-called Trading Floor where share prices are monitored intensely and resemble scenes from American movies about stock exchanges. Additionally, the office building encompasses a large number of rooms for technical support, kitchenettes and recreational areas. For more information about this modern office bank project design visit the architecture designer site. -via-

    modern minimalist saxo bank office interior

    luxury saxo bank headquarters design

    contemporary interior staircase architectural

    comfortable modern lobby saxo bank office design

  2. Modern Studio Architecture Parasite San Paolo Bank Design – Romania

    February 28, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern studio architecture design

    For this edition architectural building design ideas, we presented the modern studio of San Paolo Bank design located in Baia Mare – Romania. This new office is very comfortable with luxury and minimalist interior decorating design. This is absolutely perfect designs for our inspiration. The area has no unitary arrangement due to the lack of an existing consistent building body, on one hand and, on the other hand due to the failure to observe unitary regulations for the already built constructions. The studio office structure is fairly simple, extracting its authority from the tension connecting two main volumes, a basic one, covered with stone material, and a second one, partially supported by the first and suspended, processed more simply, with glass and plastered areas. The consequential picture is dual, the two bodies conveying the robustness of the program, as well the fineness of an insertion in a stressed context. The reference of the bow window design interpreted in contemporary, minimalist manner is materialized in the console of the meeting hall from the back facade, and its volume strengthens the tension brought by the lack of bearing points, becoming the pendant of the robustness of the unit covered by stone. The office design highlights the specificity of the plan, as well as the artless of the insertion in the outdoor, public, semi-public or private area. Here it is best sample modern studio office design pictures gallery, and visit the architect’s website for more information. -via-

    modern san paolo bank architecture design

    minimalist modern studio architectural design

    luxury studio bank architectures idea

    comfortable luxury lighting studio decor

    amazing exterior studio design

  3. Minimalist Comfortable Snow House Architecture Design Ideas

    February 25, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern snow house architecture design

    Snow house design ideas is one of the perfect home architectures project plan from Nicolas Dorval-Bory which is share with us a sustainable home for winter sports season up on the hills of the Santiago – Chile. For this big house project plan, he designed with his friends Emilio Marín and Juan Carlos López Huerta for a competition organized by an aerated concrete blocks company. Here it is minimalist modern snow house design pictures gallery for our inspiration.

    modern exterior snow house design
    modern exterior snow house design

    As you know, the ideas of sustainability are more and more becoming a most important issue in house architecture design, in a situation of global warming but also exponential energy management. Sadly, it is ordinary to find that the solutions are more in the purpose of techniques onto traditional classic architectural plan otherwise in rising innovative but formatted typologies, unrelated to the context and its inherent drawbacks and chances. For this contemporary comfortable home architecture design, we especially liked to reply to these two issues that are making a fresh creative architectural typology ensuing both from a technical functioning and the characteristics of the site and program. Working with the range of aerated concrete blocks, we developed a simple plan to use in the best way this material various properties. The supporting structure of the modern home is created out of 15 cm concrete blocks, lined through a vapor barrier and 10 cm panels, with a black color waterproof roughcast coating to optimize solar gain and limit the accumulation of snow on the roof. The house roof design structure consists of wooden beams, improving inside acoustic comfort.

    minimalist snow house design ideas
    minimalist snow house design ideas

    contemporary snow house interior design
    contemporary snow house interior design

    comfortable snow house interior decorating
    comfortable snow house interior decorating

  4. Luxury Vitrahaus Design Ideas – Big Modern Homes Architecture

    February 25, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern exterior architectural vitrahause design

    Fantastic and amazing house building design presented the big and large home architecture project of Vitrahaus. I am never imagining about this crazy but smart ideas to build overlapped, 12 houses, one over another. Absolutely perfect modern and contemporary large house interior and exterior decorating designed by Herzog e De Meuron. This luxury house architectural is located at the Weil Am Rhein, between Germany and Switzerland, will be newest architectural construction addition at the Vitra Campus complex, that is previously features buildings by Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid and Tadao Ando, among others. The large home living design is a piece of art decoration, built with concrete walls materials and big windows, allowing you to have an wonderful view from the campus during the day, attractive big “store windows” at nighttime, viewing the pieces inside of it. In the indoor interior decorating of the Vitrahaus the architecture designer achieve success on their assignment to treat the simplicity and minimalism to get even more value to the colors schemes and shapes to every chair furniture, each luxury sofa, every Vitra mobil. To be honest, the designs are complementary, and the guests eyes are delighted by both architecture and the furniture showroom. Here it is contemporary Vitrahaus pictures gallery. -via-

    modern living room interior vitrahause design

    luxury staircase vitrahause design

    contemporary interior decor vitrahause design

    contemporary interior architectural vitrahause design

    amazing view vitrahause architectures

  5. Contemporary Restaurant Architecture Design Plant Cafe Organic Green Interior Decor

    February 24, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern green cafe restaurant interior decor

    Named Plant Cafe Organic located in San Francisco’s Embarcadero, this is one of the stunning contemporary restaurant architecture designs that can be perfect for our inspiration. Green, comfortable interior decorating in the indoor make us can feel as our home. If we are come to this place for the first time, we will notice e beautiful natural Bay views.  The modern restaurant, Scandinavian influenced interior decor with slatted wood tabletops material and unfinished Brazilian walnut flooring design, sleek zinc and stainless steel equipment in the fancy bar and open kitchens, the homey atmosphere made by the slate-gray schoolhouse-style chairs furniture and the open fire from the pizza oven; and the sunlight streaming through the large windows and floor-to-ceiling glass entrance. This modern restaurant architecture designed by Cass Calder Smith’s CCS Architecture that giving innovative and creative design idea which is a smart Environments award winner this year. The customer Matthew Guelke and Mark Lewis, the owners of all three luxury restaurants, have a simple purpose: to rid organic fare of its hippie representation and create it appealing to the masses. This is absolutely looks as a modern contemporary restaurant construction with elegant style. Here it is best sample Plant Cafe Organic interior – exterior pictures gallery. -via-

    modern cafe restaurant exterior architectural
    modern cafe restaurant exterior architectural

    contemporary restaurant architecture plant cafe organic
    contemporary restaurant architecture plant cafe organic

    contemporary minimalist green cafe restaurant design
    contemporary minimalist green cafe restaurant design

    comfortable cafe restaurant interior design
    comfortable cafe restaurant interior design

  6. Boys Baby Nursery Room Interior Decorating Design Ideas by Madelyn Ridgeway

    February 23, 2010 by newhouseofart

    wall decor boys nursery interior decor

    Featured baby nursery room interior decorating design for boys children designed by Madelyn Ridgeway, we presented o this photos gallery displays below. Modern boy’s nursery room design included creative minimalist furniture that can create comfortable and cozy atmosphere. She is use some fresh color schemes such as Grey-Behr – Anonymous, Blue-Behr – Brilliant sea, Black-Behr- Beluga, White-Behr – Color bright white. All color paint designs are interior satin enamel. She originally painted the room grey in anticipation of a little girl’s grey and lavender room only to find out. She was having a boy. Although she was dissatisfied at first, she found this sweater and was directly smitten by it and used it to design the nursery around. One of the great things about the idea is that it had grey in it because we did not want to re-paint the room again if we could help it. So do you want to decor your baby nursery room in your lovely home with these easy ideas?

    modern boys nursery interior decorating ideas

    modern boys nursery furniture design

    minimalist furniture boys nursery design

    boys nursery room design

    boys nursery interior design

  7. Luxury Indian Art Deco Residence – Modern Marrakesh House Design Ideas

    February 23, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern minimalist art deco house design interior

    Again! Newhouseofart.Com presented one of the most spectacular home designs in India named Art Deco House Design Marrakesh Residence. Colorful and luxury house interior design combine with artistic and minimalist furniture. The modern residence designed by U+B Architects inspired by the traditions and environment of Marrakesh. The luxury residence architectural home design which use special material like stone and wood. The materials and colors link the home to the surrounding architecture and landscape design though deep overhangs protect from the hot sun and give generous outdoor living spaces. Thanks to the climate home’s painting is in contrast with green grass around it all year long. A lot of exterior’s and interior’s design elements are fashionable craftsmanship with local artists. Decorative finishes of the house consist of: custom patterned and colored terrazzo floors, hand cut mosaic tile work and hand-wrought iron doors and handrails. Here it is best modern luxury art deco house design pictures gallery for our inspiration. -via-

    modern indian residence door design

    luxury art deco interior house design

    indian art deco house design

    colorful interior indian house design

  8. Latest Modern House Furniture Design – Expandable Dining Tables Ideas from Hülsta

    February 22, 2010 by newhouseofart

    red black modern expandable dining tables furniture

    The best and latest modern contemporary house furniture design by Hülsta which has been create the minimalist, creative expandable dining tables ideas. Absolutely perfect to create elegant and comfortable dining room interior design that is characteristic for this German company. All of these contemporary dining table furniture designs are very practical top constructions, which allow to easily expanding them. The first table design model ET 1500 stands out from 2 others with its sculptural shape and original base. The base is quite big, but offers ample legroom. If you desire more traditional dining tables with four legs then ET 1000 plus or ET 1400 could become a fashionable centerpiece of your modern dining room interior decorating. All these tables are available in a variety of finishes so could suit for some interior design. Even though they seem the most effective in a natural wood finished. Here it is best sample furniture expandable dining table furniture design pictures gallery. -via-

    modern expandable dining tables photos

    latest modern expandable dining tables furniture design

    contemporary modern expandable dining tables design ideas

    comfortable modern expandable dining tables furniture design

  9. Luxury Modern Panoramic Five Star Hotel Architecture Design – Karnala, Mumbai – India

    February 21, 2010 by newhouseofart

    mumbai five star modern hotel architectures

    Amazing and spectacular modern hotel architectures design ideas come from this luxury five star hotels at Karnala, Mumbai – India. We presented this modern hotel interior and exterior design photos gallery to give some great inspiration for you. This hotel design named Panoramic, one of the creative and innovative building designs by Mumbai firm Planet 3 Studios Architecture Pvt. Ltd. Their dramatic atmosphere, spiraling design won approval on its capability to maximize views into the lush green environments which form a local bird sanctuary. While local building codes restricted the construction to ground plus one floor, the customer requirement of an iconic property which combined the best of a dispersed format luxury resort and a monolithic modern, minimalist hotel offered the point of inspiration for this extraordinary design. Radiating from a central core with modern restaurants, glamorous spa design, health club, comfortable cafe, a large contemporary pool and suites on the upper level, five arms extend into the landscape design with out-facing rooms on two floors. Balconies linked with every room have privacy and a exclusive view of the outdoors. The structure skin is engineered in horizontal louvers to moderate harsh tropical sun. At night, some of these louvers will light up in subtle colors, suggesting magical lanterns that float in air. Very fantastic five star hotel design ideas! -via-

    modern architecture hotel panoramic design

    luxury modern hotel design india

    luxury exterior hotel panoramic design

  10. Cool Modern Glossy Floors Tile Design Colorful Style – Resofloor by Resopal

    February 20, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern glossy floor furniture design

    These are creative home flooring design ideas designed by Lars Contzen’s. Resofloor by Resopal is one of cool and modern glossy floor design which can install in your any modern and minimalist room interior decorating. Absolutely beautiful design and it can be trend of glass floor panel in this 2010. These high gloss floor panels from Resopal are just such as wall graphics taken down to the ground level. They are created of compressed resistant to friction, fiber board, scrubbing, scratching and general wear with a multitude of designs, patterns and colors schemes that look very cool in every modern house. The only little problem is these seem to be available only in UK/Germany/Europe currently. Here it is best sample modern glossy floor design pictures gallery that you should be interesting. -via-

    minimalist interior using cool glossy floor

    minimalist glossy floor design ideas

    colorful cool glossy floor design

    clean simple glossy floor decor design