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March, 2010

  1. Modern Home Office Interior Minimalist Work Desk Furniture Design by Kaijustudios

    March 30, 2010 by newhouseofart

    wooden office desk furniture

    Study room or home office interior design must have the important point in our house design plan. presented some attractive and innovative interior decorating ideas about the best modern home office design with minimalist work desk furniture design. Displaying in this home office picture gallery below is absolutely perfect to your work day. A work or study room should be not only more practical and functional but also must reflect the fashion and the experience of its owner. Every work in a stylish and beautiful ambience might become pleasant and further effective. Designed by Kaijustudios, contemporary desk stands out by a trendy, comfortable and elegant combination of a white color themes lacquered top and legs with the refine wooden material finish. This office desk design ideally fits not only for a home office but also could become a great addition to any teen room interior decor. Thanks to some useful cabinets it could be more practical as for working as for studying. For more detail about this office design ideas, visit the designer website. -via-

    stylish home office design

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    modern home office desk interior

    home office desk furniture

  2. Colorful Wall Decor Paints Fluo Fantasy Futuristic Interior Design Ideas

    March 30, 2010 by newhouseofart

    ultra modern fluo fantasy paints

    This is some tips of home improvement to make your modern house design interior more looks beautiful and comfortable. Named Fluo Fantasy, these are kind of fresh and innovative wall decor paints design collection by Levis. Many interesting ideas displayed in this futuristic wall decorating pictures gallery below. You can choose perfect color schemes such as white minimalist, blue, yellow, and many others that are available in 18 color combination. It’s 11th in the Ambiance Collections Mix category which is previously 5 years on the market. Twice a year the manufacturer company designer adds the new collection with colors based on the latest trends that are even clearer, bolder and brighter than before. Fluo Fantasy paints could create the home interior looks more deep and bold. Just like visual experiments might create your house living more alive and add some energy to your rooms. If you are interesting about this simple ideas, visit the interior designer website for more detail. -via-

    pink wall decor fluo fantasy paints

    modern fluo fantasy paints interior

    green fluo fantasy paints design

    futuristic fluo fantasy paints design

    fluo fantasy paints white minimalist

  3. Modern Kitchen Interior Design Bulthaup b3 Picture Gallery

    March 26, 2010 by newhouseofart

    urban kitchen design bulthaup b3

    Today, presented again some latest modern contemporary kitchen picture gallery from Bulthaup b3. Luxury minimalist kitchen interior decorating ideas, which can be favorite’s people in the world. As you know, Bulthaup is a famous kitchen designer company that very specialist in the modern and minimalist kitchen styles represent urban chic through sleek lines, metallic finishes and appliances. Every Bulthaup b3 kitchen is a one off a best thing; this begins with its architecture design independence and goes way further than the limitless possibilities for lending the kitchen a private style. It is a minimalist kitchen interior design for people who want just one thing, the dream kitchen for best cooking time. The attractive thing about Bulthaup b3 is the variety of its solutions and the superlative simplicity of its design ideas.

    ultra modern bulthaup b3 kitchen decor

    The spectrum contains solid and filigree shapes, floating elements and floor standing blocks. The collection of timeless surfaces stretches from aluminum material and paint to the finest wood. The consequence is a wealth of combination options in which one component always completely matches another, a true sign of carefully thought-out design and engineering-inspired structure. Bulthaup b3 kitchen idea takes limitless design freedom to the kitchen. The bulthaup b3 multi-functional wall, for example, liberates it from the arrangement scheme dominated by the floor plan decor and becomes itself the determining factor in the room’s architectural.

    modern modular bulthaup b3 kitchen

    The wall decorating comes alive, both in terms of utility and design, and able to serve as an esthetic link, merging the kitchen and living room into a single entity. Particular esthetic excellence is achieved thanks to Bulthaup b3’s flexibility in conditions of installation. The elements in this structure can be installed floor-standing, foot-supported or wall-hanging. The floating personality is retained, while the various proportions bring rhythm and cadence to the room.  For more information about this design visit this site.

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    black white kitchen bulthaup b3

  4. Modern Sustainable House Design Ideas EcoNest Southwest Clay + Straw Bale Home

    March 26, 2010 by newhouseofart

    econest modern sustainable house architecture

    Here is it the best inspiration house design ideas about modern sustainable EcoNest Southwest Clay + Straw Bale Home great building architecture picture gallery. The warmth atmosphere of the sun light on unfinished wood materials, rough stone and simple clay plaster creates this homes feel high-quality to be around. This contemporary urban house is use clay and straw walls decor that absorb and release moisture in nature and carefully as the architecture designer plan, Paula Baker-Laporte architect and Robert Laporte master builder.

    Econest house architecture building

    Hefty timber framing bears the homes architectural design loads and gives an envelope for an infill of mixed clay and straw that is stabilized by horizontal bamboo rods. The one foot thick clay or straw wall, utilizing waste clay dust reclaimed from a local brick industrial unit, has the insulation and storage space capability to maintain interior temperatures atmosphere and humidity well-regulated. Different with a regular straw-bale home, the clay or straw mixes the insulating properties of straw with the thermal properties of earth, creating it home design more resistant to fire or decay. This house building is perfect for the warm days and cool nights of the southwestern United States (USA), and it is simple to make. Using the principles of Bau-Biologie, EcoNest envisions a construction as a third skin, after you’re own, and your clothing. So EcoNest avoids chemical hazards, electromagnetic fields, and the effects of geopathic stresses. Here is it enjoy the modern sustainable house architectural photos gallery. -via-

    contemporary econest living room interior

    Econest warmth interior atmosphere

    Econest wall covering house decor

    Econest urban house living ideas

  5. Luxury Hotel Architecture Design Minimalist Interior Decor Munich-Germany

    March 22, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern luxury hotel architectural

    Yesterday we are very interesting to present the amazing five star hotel architecture design located in Munich – German. We can look at the modern exterior design for this building which looks very wonderful. Personally, I almost like the entire room interior that designed very comfortable and luxury which can attractive all guest. The hotel architectural designer Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects has a challenge to bring the construction architectural design characteristics of Munich into this new and modern part of the city. And, there are three design concept themes. First is the analysis of the historical city with its arches, vaults and arcades. The second is a close relation to the master plan with its boulevards, plazas and narrow streets, and the last is a focus on human beings as well as the overall experience offered to the luxurious hotel guests.

    spectacular hotel exterior architectural

    The minimalist hotel rooms interior have been planned to become one-of-a-kind. By integrating large and luxurious bathrooms design, as a kind of private spa rooms with daylight and visual connection to the outside greenery, the feeling in the modern hotel rooms becomes relaxing and impressive. According to Kim Holst Jensen, the use of daylight is a general theme during the structure complex. It offers the hotel guests an exclusive experience and sets a whole new standard for high-end hotels in common. Here is it best sample hotel pictures gallery for inspiration. -via-

    minimalist luxury hotel interior

    amazing modern hotel architecture

    design structure hotel architecture

    design project plan hotel munich german

  6. Living Room Modern High-Tech Sofa Furniture Design by Natuzzi

    March 22, 2010 by newhouseofart

    living room sofa furniture

    Modern leather sofa furniture design is not only for living room, but it can be perfect for the entertainment room interior decorating design. The high-tech sofa design from Natuzzi is absolutely great to make comfortable and elegant room atmosphere. This ultra modern sofa furniture can be combined with Nattuzi cool sound chair, so it can be connected to mp3 player such as iPod to make house full with music. We think, this sectional sofa can help to create a wonderful relaxation space corner in your home. This sofa demonstrates an excellent also luxury design style and has every essential things to organize such place with the most comfort. It is equipped with built-in iPod/iPhone dock and two speakers, so you simply could listen your favorite song while sitting on the sofa. Here is it best sample ultra modern sofa and chair furniture design picture gallery for your home interior decoration. -via-

    ipod-iphone mp3 player

    luxury sectional sofa furniture

    modern high-tech sofa design

  7. Best 11 Creative Uber Children Bedroom Interior Decorating Design Ideas

    March 18, 2010 by newhouseofart

    retro children bedroom interior design

    The children bedroom interior decorating ideas display in the following picture gallery below is the best solution to remodel your kid’s bedroom design with small budget. There is various themes interior architectural design that can be perfect for any modern, contemporary and minimalist house design plan.  To me, this is absolutely gorgeous room interior decor especially for kids. So, this is amazing inspiration for you to create cool and comfortable bedroom interior design especially for your children. Make it more fun and cozy! -via-

    modern minimalist children bedroom decor

    modern children bedroom interior decorating

    luxury children bedroom interior decor

    creative wooden bedroom interior design

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    cool children bedroom interior decorating

    contemporary nursery room interior design

    contemporary kids bedroom interior

    contemporary children bedroom interior

    comfortable children bedroom interior

  8. Minimalists Tamina Thermal Baths Luxury Interior Design Decorating Ideas

    March 14, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern tamina thermal bath architecture design

    This Tamina thermal bath design is very minimalist and looks modern. But in the interior decorating is very luxury with comfortable atmosphere. Beautiful architecture building that can be our inspiration. We presented that interior and exterior pictures gallery from Tamina Thermal Bath just for the reader of We think that you can interest in a few days spent at this bathing place located in the Grand Resort in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. This explicitly conceived as a part of the grand hotel culture designed by Smolenicky & Partner. The cultural and aesthetic structure characteristic of the project design seeks an affinity to both Swiss tradition and the grand hotels of the Baltic coast. This plan of using explicit resort structural design is underscored in the construction’s officially fanciful oval windows. Seen from the inside, the windows have the effect of over-dimensional image frames. The predominant landscaped design, park like mood remains intact despite the compact manner of structure. Thus the luxury resort remains characterized by its park. The main entrance to the thermal baths, the spa spring hall, is situate on the visual axis of the cul-de-sac in order, from the main road, to mark its presence in the depth of the site as a public facility. For more information about this building project plan design visit the architecture designer website. -via-

    minimalist interior design tamina thermal bath

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    interior loft design tamina thermal bath

    exterior design ideas tamina thermal bath architecture

  9. Spectacular Modern Terminus Hotel Restaurant Architecture Design

    March 14, 2010 by newhouseofart

    amazing hotel terminus restaurant top view

    First time I see this modern hotel architecture design, I think this is absolutely spectacular and amazing building design ideas. The hotel called Terminus, ultra modern and comfortable place for holiday or just has taken an eating. In the hotel interior design there is minimalist interior decorating design which is combine with luxury furniture such as bed, chairs and tables that designed with creative styles. The Grand Terminus Hotel additional room is a plan about relation and contextualization. The future innovative construction is placed just next to an existing building that is characterized as a Heritage structure in the city or Bergen, Norway. The plan of the new scheme is shaped by 3 factors. First, the relation with the existing construction. Second are the solar exposure, and the highest point towards Kong Oscars gate. The triangulated shape offers an attractive interior room for each room while establishing an intimate relation with the existing small house designs in the surroundings. Here is it best sample modern hotel Terminus architectural design pictures gallery. -via-

    exterior design hotel terminus design

    hotel terminus project design pictures

    luxury interior hotel terminus decorating design

    modern minimalist hotel terminus interior design

    spectacular building hotel terminus architecture design

  10. Minimalist Flat House Interior Decorating Design New York by West Chin Architect

    March 11, 2010 by newhouseofart

    red leather sofa luxury minimalist room interior presented for us the new interior design ideas collection from the modern house located in New York. This is about minimalist and fabulous interior decorating house designed for a couple that has three kids under ten years old. All room decors in this home look comfortable, light and airy thanks to neutral color palette and used materials. The entertainment room, kid’s room, bathroom and bedroom interior designed with fancy and flat possess versatility to be transformed to suit evolving feels as the children grew older. The home interior furniture and surfaces around the flat room are created of contemporary materials which are simply to clean and looks extraordinarily modern styles. Thanks to built-in furniture design there is moreover plenty of areas to accommodate all members of family belongings. For more information about this ideas, visit the West Chin Architect.

    modern minimalist flat interior design

    minimalist room interior with luxury carpet

    minimalist modern flat kitchen design ideas

    minimalist luxury flat interior design picture

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    minimalist flat nursery room interior

    minimalist fabulous dining room design layout

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    bed furniture minimalist flat interior decor