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April, 2010

  1. Luxury Apartment Interior Design with Modern LED Mood Lighting Decor

    April 30, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern living area luxury apartment interior

    Designed by Joel Sanders, this one is most inspiring luxury apartment interior design idea. The interesting thing that I want to let you know is modern living room design that is decorating with modern LED mood lighting. This lavish apartment architecture design consist of two one-bedroom located in an East Village Coop overlooking Tompkins Square Park. The modern apartment design that has main challenge as multi-purpose built-in minimalist stylish furniture design and mood lighting as a flexible loft-like environment conducive to living area, working and entertaining room. These three rooms have their own distinctive features such as a built-in couch for lounging and watching media like movie or favorite video, and a work surface for working and dining. The modern kitchen island and the luxury bathroom design with a shower and a soaking tube are clad in black granite. This is absolutely creative and colorful apartment room interior decorating idea. Here is it best sample luxury apartment design pictures gallery for your inspiration. -via-

    modern LED mood apartment interior design

    modern kitchen island apartment design

    modern apartment interior layout

    modern apartment bathroom interior photos

    minimalist luxury apartment interior decor

    minimalist apartment bedroom interior layout

    luxury minimalist apartment master bedroom

    luxurious apartment modern LED lighting decor

  2. Amazing New Orleans Arcology Habitat – NOAH Architecture Design Pictures Gallery

    April 27, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Amazing NOAH Architecture Design

    Spectacular ultra modern building design concept presented on this best sample pictures gallery New Orleans Arcology Habitat “NOAH” architectures design. This eco-friendly building architectural idea designed by E. Kevin Schopfer in collaboration with Tangram 3DS located in most logical location is on the Mississippi riverfront and adjacent to the Central Business District.  Because the details information on this construction are in-depth and plenty, lets plunge into them right away. The amazing NOAH architecture building is designed to expand the horizon of sustainability and will seek LEED certification. The design concept will eliminate the need for cars within the modern urban structure, and thus turn into a carbon neutral entity. Internal electric transport links, vertical and horizontal, make a pedestrian-friendly community. Several of these elements are secured wind turbines, fresh water recovery and storage systems, passive glazing system, sky garden heating or cooling vents, grey water treatment, solar array banding panels, and river based water turbines. For more information about this idea, visit this website. -via-

    Ultra Modern NOAH Architecture

    Stunning NOAH Architectural Project

    Spectacular NOAH Architecture Picture

    Modern Urban NOAH Architecture Design

    Modern Landscape Design NOAH Architecture

    Eco Friendly NOAH Structure Design

  3. Modern Creative AG Cafe Interior – Furniture Design by Kidosaki Architects Studio

    April 27, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Modern AG Cafe Interior Design Layout

    Excellent modern cafe interior decorating idea combines with creative furniture design by Kidosaki Architects Studio. This best place to have dining or just relax located in Osu Naka-Ku Nagoya City – Aichi, Japan. Named AG Cafe, to me this is absolutely perfect contemporary restaurant interior architectural design. The AG Cafe project has main challenge as best coffee shop and purposes to tend to artists and customers of Osu Shopping Street in the center of Nagoya City. At the request of the future restaurant owner of the cafe, this was designed and built to be organically connected to the environment around it. There is warmth and comfortable atmosphere here, the loving embrace of the environment that in turn embraces it. The abstraction of birds’ nests adds to the house like feeling you are meant to feel while chilling here. Lots of innovative windows, lots of transparency, lots of idea for people to come in, people to enjoy, and people to get their energy and fly away, shooting out feathers of fabulous artwork all over the city. Here is it best sample modern AG Cafe interior decorating and creative chair furniture pictures gallery. -via-

    Creative Cafe Chair Table Furniture Design

    Comfortable AG Cafe Interior Decorating Idea

  4. Contemporary Queens Park House Architecture Design Pictures Gallery

    April 25, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Luxury Queens Park House Architecture Design

    Designed by MCK Architects, this awesome dream house design idea is named Queens Park House. We presented some best sample this contemporary modern Queens Park Residence architecture design pictures gallery for your inspiration. This home has luxury interior decorating idea and wooden minimalist exterior architectural. Very amazing home sweet home architectural design! The core project concept for this residence was a room in the home garden. Most significantly the interior design would extend into and turn into a part of the green garden, as would the garden become part of the interior decoration.  The house architecture designer maintained this vision and worked extremely closely with customer, landscape architect and structural engineer to arrive at the desired end result. Full height frameless glass sliding doors custom planned and engineered by the client’s favored window maker is one sample of how there was a common goal. Correspondingly, the home structural engineering is a close alliance delivering a concrete superstructure which defies gravity offering an uninterrupted passage among living room and modern landscape design. The cottage and its street presence are maintained and refurbished. The alternative of timber material shake cladding is a direct response to this context. The home performs well environmentally with good solar access and plenty of ventilation. For more information, about this Queens Park House Architecture project plan, visit MCK Architects site. -via-

    Leather Sofa Furniture Queens Park House

    Contemporary Queens Park Residence Architectural

    Wood Contemporary Bathroom Queens Park House

    Staircase Interior Decor Queens Park House

    Modern Garage Queens Park House Design

    Modern Exterior Queens Park House Design

    Minimalist Kitchen Queens Park House Interior

  5. Modern Office Interior Design Artis Capital Management Relaxing Work Space

    April 25, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Work Space Computer Desk Office Room Decor

    Again, wants to give you new inspiration “how to decor your office interior design”. This best modern office interior layout pictures gallery is designed by Rottet Studio that make amazing office architectural design with minimalist room decorating idea. Combine with ultra modern furniture, this idea is very best to create comfortable and relaxing work space.  Located in San Francisco, this Artis Capital Management office has unique culture and an environment which was more house than office to the 14 people trading team. The office design was visualized as a minimalist but modern white box. As the white planes peel away, the materials structure, textures and colors schemes behind are revealed consequential in a ‘visually quiet’ area which counteracts the constant visual stimulation of multiple computer screens. The six small offices room interior double as mini art galleries. A large door conceals the work area and, when closed, the room is void of visual elements letting the impressive art collection to be the feature. The ultra modern lounge chairs furniture with matching ottomans allows worker to retreat into their ‘house’ and relax. For more information about this modern luxury office interior and exterior architecture project plan, visit the designer website. -via-

    Ultra Modern Lounge Chair Office Room Design

    Modern Furniture Design Office Minimalist Interior

    Modern Conference Room Office Interior Design

    Minimalist Furniture Artis Capital Management Office

    Minimalist Artis Capital Management Interior

    Meeting Room Artis Capital Management Office

    Artis Capital Management Office Architectural

  6. Casa Kimball Private Holiday House Architecture Design Domincan Republic

    April 23, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Luxury Casa Kimball Private House

    Designed by Rangr Studio this kind of luxury beach house architecture design is very gigantic and amazing. Named Casa Kimball located in the Domincan Republic it is truly amazing modern house architecture purpose for private retreat vacation home staying at holiday. There some special material for this house architectural project plan such as white coral stone that is so beautiful against the blue sky and ocean. The home architecture designer, Rangr Studio also made the largest window or doors design to pivot effortlessly on ball bearings, with extremely thin frames, created of a South-American hardwood as strong as steel. Two finishes of local coral stone make up much of the wall and floor finish. The lavish contemporary villa design is about 20,000 square feet, and includes two indoor and two outdoor comfortable lounges, a minimalist dining room interior with a view centered on the swimming pool out to the ocean, and an outdoor bar space. Here is it best sample Casa Kimball modern architecture pictures gallery.

    Luxury Casa Kimball Architecture Design

    From the architects:

    Completed December 2008, Casa Kimball is a private beach house get-away and luxury rental villa located on the North coast of the Dominican Republic. Situated on a cliff with a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, each of eight full suites has a breathtaking view out to the ocean. The buildings are designed to protect from views of neighboring villas, heightening the experience of the vast horizon beyond. The interior spaces merge with exterior spaces, all of which are designed to allow ocean breezes under shade from the sun, throughout the year. Light at sunset rakes through trees, casting dappled sunlight on the light stone floors in the evening. A long infinity edge pool creates a seamless edge of water in front of the ocean, hiding terraces and a hot-tub at cliff edge that allow visitors to experience the ocean’s roar as waves break on the rocks below.

    Contemporary Casa Kimball Exterior

    Beach House Casa Kimball Design

    Staircase Casa Kimball Interior Design

    Modern Casa Kimball Outdoor Design

    Minimalist Lavish Bathroom Casa Kimball

    For more detail information you can visit the Casa Kimball website. All images are copyright Paul Warchol.

  7. Modern Marin County Kitchen Interior Design Pictures Gallery

    April 23, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern marin kitchen interior design

    This modern country kitchen interior decorating idea is purpose to help a young couple family to remodeling or renovate their old kitchen turn in to new kitchen with minimalist contemporary design. Designed by Thomas Wold and Sheryl Drinkwater also Brad Charlstrom built in 2009 in the small ranch house architecture stylish home from the 1950s located in Marin County. The kitchen interior maker and also the homeowners designing a new innovative look and function of the kitchen, as well as fabricated and installed the new casework. The big kitchen island decor integrates seating so the room might be conducive to casual eating and socializing. Generally, the customer wanted a youthful atmosphere, so the kitchen architecture designer settled on a soft palette of two solid colors (white, and brown) to complement the uniformed Anegre veneers plus a neutral white Caesar Stone counter. The yellow color schemes on the home office cabinets are only seen in this area to note it is creative function. The beautiful part of this kitchen design is a luxury dining room that is combines with contemporary furniture design placed near cooking area. Here is it best sample modern Marin country kitchen pictures gallery for inspiration. -via-

    minimalist marin kitchen decor

    marin modern kitchen cabiinet layout

    marin kitchen wooden table furniture

    marin kitchen minimalist luxury interior

    marin country kitchen furniture set

    contemporary marin kitchen island

  8. Luxury Minimalist Apartment Interior Decorating Idea Manhattan

    April 20, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern kitchen apartment interior design

    Today, want to introduce some inspiring ideas about decorate your small apartment with this modern minimalist apartment interior design idea picture gallery in Manhattan. This apartment interior architectural combine with contemporary furniture set design. Best small kitchen design with modern kitchen cabinet, luxury dining room with luxury egg chairs furniture, and comfortable living room with elegant leather sofa is simple ideas that we use for our remodeling apartment inspiration. Using luxurious brightness lighting fixtures make this apartment looks more elegant. Great apartment interior design idea if you go to Manhattan for holiday activity.

    dining room apartment interior furniture set

    comfortable living room apartment interior decor

  9. Modern Lighting Fixtures Interior Decor – Rainbow Star Lamps Design

    April 20, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern rainbow star lamps lighting fixtures

    Amazing atmosphere can be easily created by this unique creative rainbow star lamps furniture design with colorful style. This elegant, minimalist and modern lighting fixtures design is very perfect for your party room interior decorating or just put on your entertainment room to shock your guest. You can choose this futuristic lamps furniture design in seven color schemes such as green, blue, yellow, red and others. You can toggle among solid colors, otherwise set the light to gradually cycle between hues and set the hue to make different color. This is absolutely perfect for modern lighting fixtures design ideas for interior and exterior decorating, indoor and outdoor architecture of your dream house. Check the furniture manufacturer website for more information. -via-

    interior exterior lighting fixtures design rainbow star lamps

    futuristic interior design rainbow star lamps idea

    colorful rainbow star lamps furniture design

  10. Luxury Beach House Design Contemporary Furniture Set Interior Decorating

    April 17, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern beach house architectural

    Stunning beach house architecture design with beautiful sea natural views which is can be perfect dream house design for us. We are absolutely interesting with the modern house exterior architectural, but has minimalist interior decor in the each room. Combined with contemporary furniture set like a sofa, chair and wooden table design can create comfortable atmosphere like a luxury resort. Designed by Danish furniture architect Rud Thygesen, the construction originally built-in 1957 but later expanded toward the beach with a semicircle to match the architect’s furniture design of a wonderful set of dining room chairs and a circle shaped table. This modern white villa is located on the coast and features not only spectacular views of the sea but also stunning views of greenness around. The home’s interior decor and even exterior design features pieces of the extensive art collection and the exquisite furniture. For more information visit the architecture building designer website. -via-

    modern stunning beach house design

    wall decor beach house interior

    warm elegant room with modern fireplace

    elegant modern room furniture set

    dining room furniture ser minimalist design

    contemporary chair furniture design

    contemporary wooden dining room furniture design

    comfortable room with contemporary furniture set