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May, 2010

  1. Creative 1840’s Victorian Home Remodel Design – Zero Carbon House Architecture

    May 31, 2010 by newhouseofart

    1840s Victorian House Luxury Residence Architecture

    This modern unique family house is the winner of 2010 RIBA award for architectural excellence. Creative house design idea designed by John Christophers of Associated Architects has contemporary rustic house interior and exterior decorating themes. 1840’s Victorian Home which is a remodeled house turns into zero carbon house architecture. Great unique zero carbon home building project situated in inner city Birmingham, United Kingdom (UK). The new house design has been built around an existing early Victorian two-bedroom semi-detached residence, produces as much energy as it consumes and is twice bigger than the original one. There are now four contemporary warmth bedrooms and a studio loft. The development cost more than £1,160 per sq m and features more than 14 reclaimed materials as well as integrating sustainable home architecture building materials. Check this out modern street home 1840’s Victorian house pictures gallery. -via-

    1840s Victorian House Exterior Design

    Unique Shaped 1840s Victorian House Modular Design

    Unique 1840s Victorian House Interior

    Natural Minimalist Bathroom 1840s Victorian House

    Modern Street Home 1840s Victorian House

    Luxury 1840s Victorian House Design

    Creative Stair 1840s Victorian House

    Contemporary 1840s Victorian House Dining Room

    1840s Victorian House Modern Interior Layout

  2. Modern Vienna Way Residence Luxury House Outdoors – Floor Ceiling Glazing

    May 31, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Modern Vienna Way Residence Outdoor Pool

    Luxury family house architecture design is presented by this modern contemporary Vienna Way Residence pictures gallery shown below. The minimalist and comfortable interior decorating ideas combine with stylish wooden furniture make this dream home can create cozy and warmth atmosphere. One of the interesting things for this large family house is creative floor to ceiling glazing that connected to the outdoor of the structure. Designed by Marmol Radziner Architecture, this beautiful natural view for this residence is very stunning and amazing located in best place Venice, California – USA. The most important feature of this modern home design is an ideal connection of living rooms to outdoor contemporary decoration in order to be up to date with modernist residence design trends. Two main volumes, anchored close to the boundaries of the lavish property, separate the lot into thirds, bridged through a sunken minimalist wooden kitchen in the center. The cool design swimming pool in the center of the outdoor courtyard visually unites the construction dwelling forms. As the hub of the house, the kitchen connects the public and private wings of the residence and possesses expansive views of the outdoor pool, side and rear yards. The residence features enormous amount of floor to ceiling glazing which all is looking towards pool area. Very amazing unique home exterior design! The home owners’ privacy is achieved with trees and other plants that surround the courtyard. Check this architecture designer website. -via-

    Modern Vienna Way Residence Interior Layout

    Modern Vienna Way Residence Family House

    Loft Interior Vienna Way Residence Photos

    Amazing Vienna Way Residence Architecture Design

    Wooden Kitchen Contemporary Vienna Way Residence

    Vienna Way Residence Luxury Living Room

    Vienna Way Residence Contemporary Furniture Design

    Vienna Way Residence Comfortable Dining Room

    Stunning Vienna Way Residence Inteiror Decor

    Natural Fresh Vienna Way Residence Exterior

  3. Unique Family Home Design Restoration Victorian Farmhouse Idea

    May 30, 2010 by newhouseofart

    victorian farmhouse architecture

    Modern contemporary family home architecture design with creative and unique style for artist Jake Chapman is absolutely great dream house idea. This kind of luxury dwelling architectural project plan a restoration of Victorian farmhouse decor that is done by Waugh Thistleton Architects. The minimalist expansive residence has been separated into some distinct spaces to meet the various different uses of a modern family home. Sleek, contemporary extensions to either side of the farmhouse give guest accommodation and an open plan luxurious kitchen and dining room. The main house barn has been retained as a traditional open-plan area, giving a grand modern living room and a master suite. Even though the home still retains the conventional feel of country living what is extraordinarily important in such kind of projects. Of course modern and contemporary home elements are also central and there are a lot of them too. As you might notice, it’s truly stunning when a beautiful traditional farmhouse and barn is successfully combined with modern elements. Take a look at the best farmhouse interior design and exterior outdoor decorating ideas pictures gallery shown below. -via-

    unique contemporary family home design

    modern farmhouse bathtub furniture

    minimalist loft interior farm house

    minimalist farmhouse stair design

    luxury wooden dining room famhouse

    furzey hall farm house architectural

    farmhouse wall hanging fireplace design

    cozy farmhouse family home

    contemporary farmhouse kitchen decor

    white farmhouse living room interior

  4. Contemporary Flexible House Design Simple Hillside Rooftop Garden

    May 28, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Nest House Architectural Design Idea

    This is great creative flexible house design idea by placing modern simple green rooftop garden set on steep hillside that can be perfect place to enjoy and get relaxing time. The house called “The Nest”, one of contemporary home architecture design with luxury interior decorating ideas combine with wooden furniture style. Designed by Joseph McKinstry Construction from DeForest Architects, these are minimalist home living overlooking beautiful natural views of Lake Washington. It is made to complement with home owners lifestyle and consists of simple clean lines, flexible living rooms, well-organized storage space and a stunning rooftop garden. The final result is everything but “empty”. The best thing that the home is suits well its house owners no matter what weather or part of the day is at the moment. There is always an area which tunes with a current light decorating and shows an amazing view. Here is it best sample Nest house interior and exterior design pictures gallery. -via-

    Nest House Exteiror Design

    Outdoor Furniture Green Garden

    Simple Clean Flexible House Interior

    Modern Wooden Kitchen Nest House

    Modern Loft Flexible House Decor

    Modern Indoor Stair Nest Home

    Minimalist Bedroom Nest Flexible House

    Luxury Bathroom Interior Nest House

    Lighting Decor Nest House

    Contemporary Room Interior Nest House

    Contemporary Flexible House Rooftop

  5. Top 15 Modern Teenage Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

    May 28, 2010 by newhouseofart

    white minimalist teenage bedroom

    If you are a house interior designer or just people who want to decorate best modern minimalist bedroom for your children, this is absolutely beautiful teenage bedroom interior design layout that can be perfect inspiration. As we know, teenage bedroom decor must have extraordinary thoughtful layout with some creative functional furniture such as chair, table and office desk for study. That’s so because teenagers have a lot requirement which should be considered in their room interior decorating ideas to get comfortable, cool and fun places. Whenever, if you are going to design bedroom for your children or kids with yourself you must do that take some inspiration from house interior design magazine or the other book. Surrounded by things which teen bedroom ideas should have and you should think are: a lot of storage space, a thoughtful study area, a comfortable sleeping bed and an elegant, stylish look of the room. Depending on the room’s space and quantity of kids which will live there you should carefully place all furniture and live some space for walking. Check this out best sample teen bedroom pictures gallery with modern, minimalist and contemporary design by Sergi. -via-

    thoughtful teenage bedroom interior

    teenage bedroom storage space idea

    stunning teenage bedroom interior

    small teenage bedroom layout

    modern teenage bedroom interior

    modern teenage bedroom design

    modern minimalist teenage bedroom

    minimalist purple teenage bedroom

    green clean teenage bedroom decor

    cute pink teenage bedroom color

    creative teenage bedroom design

    cool teenage bedroom design layout

    contemporary teenage bedroom design

    comfortable teenage bedroom idea

  6. Luxury Horizontal Village Design Modern Dream House Architecture, Hong Kong Island

    May 26, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern expanses glass house design

    Gorgeous interior and exterior design idea, perfectly combination color, decorating, and furniture in the entire modern villa design located in Shek-O, southeast corner of Hong Kong Island is truly great and amazing. This is contemporary horizontal dream house design architecture that can be perfect inspiration for us. Modern historic fishing village architectural project plan which is gets full advantage of surrounding beautiful natural landscape with large expanses of glass that open to views in each direction. Strong minimalist horizontal lines decor extend from the house structure into the stunning landscape, making large covered terraces protected from the semi-tropical climate. In this luxury dream home interior design there are also available plenty of features which create the residence modern and stylish, just for pattern: transitions involving home indoors and house outdoors decorating themes design are seamless, angles are right, shapes are plain or simple and so on. The comfortable elegant interior designs are beautifully and richly appointed using both native teak and imported wood materials from the Pacific Northwest. The entertaining and private living rooms are on a single level, and the modern garage, servants’ quarters and other support spaces occupy a lower level, tucked into the sloping site. Check this out best sample contemporary luxury horizontal dream house architectural pictures gallery. -via-

    outdoor pool modern village

    stylish outdoor chair design

    wood village furniture design

    luxury villa architecture picture

    luxury lavish dining room layout

    hong kong dream villa architecture

    elegant contemporary living room villa

    contemporary dreeam home kitchen interior

    comfortable living space furniture

    beautiful natural landscape villa

  7. Modern Cedar House Cozy Creamy Interior Design New York

    May 25, 2010 by newhouseofart

    contemporary cedar house design

    Cozy, airy and warmth interior design atmosphere in this modern contemporary cedar house architecture is perfectly combine with strict outside exterior decorating ideas. This brown or Saide Residence in Sagaponack, located in Sagaponack, New York, USA is designed by BNOdesign. Detail design and decorating ideas presented on this best sample luxury cedar house indoor and outdoor pictures gallery shown below. The house building structure use 6,700 square foot, one wing homes the sprawling master suite. The other wing encompasses the comfortable dining room and service rooms, followed by the sunroom, which functions as a quasi modern pool house. The entire house interior decorating architectural is done in very light creamy and white color theme. So, it does can be simple to create an elegant, cute, and luxurious with such as color selection. While the home furniture design is so carefully selected which the house will survive every party. A lot of it is upholstered with leather while other surfaces like minimalist kitchen cabinets are created of durable materials. The owners of the home might forget about every one of problems inside the residence and the creamy theme only helps that. For more information, check this out architecture designer website company. -via-

    cedar house curtain home accessories

    cedar house bathroom furniture

    unique white chair furniture design

    ultra modern bathroom cedar house

    modern outdoor pool cedar house

    modern loft cedar house decor

    modern dining room cedar house

    luxurious cedar house indoor layout

    elegant comfortable living room cedar house

    dining room cedar house decor

    creative minimalist cedar house furniture

    creamy white cedar house interior

    cozy warmth cedar house bedroom

    leather sofa furniture unique chair design

  8. 13 Best Cool Computer Room Design Ultra Modern Home Office

    May 23, 2010 by newhouseofart

    amazing computer room idea

    This is the great day! NewHouseOfArt.Com wants to share some best and cool futuristic computer room setup for perfect home office interior design. Creative and innovative computer room setup not only for home office, but there are many inspirations to decorate and place it in the entertainment room, living room or your bedroom. Because of many people spend a much time in that room, so you must take attention for the interior décor and select best furniture design. Check this out best 13 cool and amazing computer room design pictures gallery for better future house design. -via-

    awesome modern office room interior

    cool computer room design

    creative computer setup idea

    decorative modern computer room layout

    futuristic computer room home office decor

    home office computer room future design

    innovative music room interior

    smart computer room setup ideas

    stunning relaxable computer room furniture

    ultra modern home office room decor

    unique computer room furniture

    unique computer room interior furniture

  9. Luxury Kitchen Island Artistic Design ISOLA Linear Venetian Glass Mosaics by TOTO

    May 21, 2010 by newhouseofart

    luxury isola artistic kitchen island decor

    For your dream kitchen design inspiration we present modern artistic kitchen island named ISOLA Linear designed from famous kitchen designer TOTO. The beautiful and luxury kitchen style combine with artistic Venetian glass mosaics tiles are make me interesting. “Matching range hood” is the best description for this modern minimalist kitchen. This is absolutely perfect Italian kitchen with etching and looks like a work of art. There are four types for ISOLA mosaic Kitchen Island and five types of etchings are offered. Purpose for emphasize the fancy configuration of the kitchen island a cantilever shape was selected. The stylish kitchen structure comprising a beam fixed at one end and free at the other. Besides being functional the kitchen island is also artistic. It’s finished with stainless steel material and features a cabinet to store kitchen tools. The kitchen interior design layout shares the similar design with the base of the island with similar decorations. Here is it best sample pictures gallery luxury Kitchen Island ISOLA Linear artistic style from the website company. -via-

    toto artistic mosail tiles kitchen island

    ultra modern innovative toto kitchen island

    isola modern minimalist kitchen island

    creative kitchen island modern style

    beautiful kitchen island isola from toto

  10. Luxury LEED Vertical Home Design – House Hillside Architecture

    May 21, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Ultra Modern Fireplce LEED Hillside House

    You should check this out some best house design pictures gallery for your inspiration to build your dream house. Modern luxury LEED Platinum home design is a contemporary vertical architecture design idea that spans four levels on a hill of Mill Valley, California. The steep hillside house site gives for a very vertical design with living and private zones located on multiple separate floors. This luxurious LEED house designed by SB Architects use approximate total area of interior room is 2,116 square feet while balconies and decks took up 1,567 square feet. The each room interior design is very stunning, comfortable and use contemporary wooden style. And the interesting decorating outdoor areas feature eye-catching views of the bay and the San Francisco skyline beyond. The LEED house exterior and the interior decoration both are done with using mostly special natural materials. Surrounded by house’s green features are: low-flow fixtures, efficient ultra modern LED lighting, Energy Star appliances, whole home automation, solar thermal system, solar PV, and many others. Absolutely elegant dream house design inspiration!  For more information, visit the designer company website. -via-

    Moden LEED Hillside House Interior Layout

    Minimalist Kitchen LEED Hillside House

    Luxury Modern LEED Hillside House Exterior

    Luxury LEED Hillside House Architecture

    Luxury Furniture LEED Hillside House

    LEED Hillside House Bedroom Interior Decor

    Double Bed Modern Bedroom LEED Hillside House

    Contemporary LEED Hillside House Wooden Design

    Contemporary LEED Hillside House Outdoor

    Comfortable Living Room LEED Hillside House

    Baby Nursery LEED Hillside House Design