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June, 2010

  1. Contemporary 1904 Farm House Design Renovation Black White Interior

    June 30, 2010 by newhouseofart

    wooden 1904 farm house furniture

    Located on Shelter Island, This 1904 minimalist farm house renovation is done by Schappacher White LTD that use contemporary black and white wall paint color interior decorating ideas. Although instead of being modern and comfortable it’s beautiful and lovely. New York and has mostly most creative farm house architecture design that can be perfect for inspiration to redesign or remodel our old home become gorgeous and warm. The black white color schemes fabrics and objects are combined with natural wood floors and creative furniture design. If you are use this two color option purpose to create contrast interior but live in an old home or simply aren’t into a modern interior design you easily could be inspired by this renovation. There is also a lot of rustic furniture design that adds a touch of oldness to the overall impression. Here is it best sample modern farm house interior and exterior design pictures gallery. For more detail information about this modern residence, visit the architecture designer website. -via-

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  2. Eaglemont Luxury Resort Design Style, Melbourne Australia

    June 28, 2010 by newhouseofart

    stunning dingin room decor eaglemont resort

    Most comfortable and amazing holiday house design idea is presented by Eaglemont Resort located in Melbourne Australia.  This is the one of the luxurious resorts that you are craving for in the summer season. The modern house outside exterior design is the stunning factor, where the tennis court and the pool create that uber-exquisite residence look gorgeous at night time. This is absolutely the most spectacular luxury private residence surrounded by a small green jungle beautiful natural views, the amazing minimalist mansion design is filled with stylish contemporary furniture, has five large bedrooms with marvelous views, five bathrooms and an exceptional recreation zone that encompasses cinema, billiards, fitted-bar or a teppanyakin room for Japanese stuff. Eaglemont, a suburb in Melbourne is the place where the creative team of designers from Bochsler. Here you can see the best pictures gallery of dream resort design pictures gallery for holiday house architecture design inspiration. via

    outside view eaglemont resort pictures

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  3. Villa Bussum Modern Sculptural Home Design by GROUP A

    June 25, 2010 by newhouseofart

    rectangular shaped modern home

    Located in Bussum, a small town near Amsterdam, Netherlands modern and sculptural dream house living design ideas Villa Bussum is the minimalist building architecture surrounded by abstract structure volume feels comfortably embedded in the landscape. This luxury villa is designed by GROUP A and also It’s surrounded by a lush. Absolutely perfect deram house design with great minimalist interior and exterior decorating ideas. A comfortable porch and a fifteen meter wide panorama window face the garden, and double up as a transition between the villa and the home garden at the back of the residence. The contemporary house features two gardens in front and at the back that are linked to each other by a sloping path. That path also serves as a covered garage and provides an access to the basement floor. It looks modern and sculptural thanks to the choice of materials and the unusual shape. Here is it best sample modern sculptural house Villa Bassum architecture design pictures gallery for inspiration to make your own dream home living sspace. -via-

    two large window modern sculptural house

    modern sculptural house interior design

    modern sculptural green house

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    minimalist exterior design house in a lush

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    contemporary outdoor sculptural home

  4. Ruined Georgian Unique Church Design Become Dream Home Living

    June 19, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Wooden Kitchen Georgian Church House

    Creative dream house living design ideas come from unique contemporary church we presented on this home design pictures gallery. Sally Onions and Ian Bottomley decided to take matters into their own hands and completely turned this ruined building around. The contemporary Georgian church was until recently a much neglected look that located in Northumberland, England. But now, the purchasing cost for the construction was £92,000 and the overall spent sum was £300,000. It took a lot of work, but at the present time the Georgian luxury church is a five bedroom modern house. However, the church interior decorating look extremely innovative and the wood material adds warmth and comfortable feeling. We don’t know if it takes a religious couple to create a building such a conversion or just two very artistic people. Do you like this place, or do you consider it to be a bit out there? And check out what they did with the fresh minimalist bathroom! So, what do you think? Everything is possible to do by creative designer. -via-

    Unique Georgian Church Dining Room Photos

    Religious Georgian Church Home Interior

    Modern Artistic Georgian Church Home Design

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    Contemporary Georgian Church Living Room

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    Beautiful Loft Georgian Church Home

    Luxury Bedroom Decor Georgian Church

  5. Beautiful Modern 48 Square Meter Apartment Interior Decorating Ideas

    June 19, 2010 by newhouseofart

    wooden furniture modern apartment interior

    The modern apartment room design is a single open space without any divisions and almost without space separators. This beautiful loft style apartment decorating ideas has only 48 square meter of total area but accommodates everything for your family need to live get comfortable and elegant atmosphere. Its minimalist apartment interior decor is luxury yet simple. The design looks quite modern and thoughtful. The fancy small apartment is an amazing example of how careful planning could create the room interior look great even without excluding any needed unique furniture. The cozy living room, contemporary dining room, creative kitchen and bedroom design are full of stunning decorating solutions for small areas. The apartment color theme there is quite neutral and consists of gray, silver, blue and white colors. Purpose to create the open space more relaxed for living; the master bedroom is divided by a panel which lets the light in. The kitchen which is also located in this open space also includes laundry appliances. Thanks to that it looks bigger than it is. Here is it best sample small apartment interior decor pictures gallery for inspiration. -Photos by Luis Visconti-

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  6. Top 15 Creative Junior Room Interior Cool Colorful Design Inspirations

    June 17, 2010 by newhouseofart

    functional modern junior room furniture

    How are you today? Hopefully you enjoy visiting our site to get best inspiration of modern house interior design. For this day, we will presented top 15 cool junior room interior decorating themes with creative and colorful style pictures gallery. Spanish company BM has the right best collection furniture design not only for teenager otherwise baby room but for junior too. Absolutely they also have some nice design ideas for you too. You need to desire the right combination of furniture that not only looks good but also is practical. The modern junior room is a child’s place to sleep, play and study. When you’re designing such room your purpose is to make an inspiring place which could stimulate your child to do these things. This innovative furniture should provide capability to your kid do all things he or she need but at the same time leave some space to play. So what do you think about this simple kids room interior decoration? -via-

    yellow themes junior room decor

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  7. 12 Creative Vertical Garden Indoor Outdoor Design Idea

    June 16, 2010 by newhouseofart

    work office room vertical garden ideas

    Dream house decorating can be more beautiful with this best inspiration of creative and cool vertical garden design ideas indoor and outdoor home decor. This sample pictures gallery is purposed for you as guide to get your own interior garden design idea or placing at your outdoor areas of your house design.  The most interesting thing about like this modern contemporary garden design typically which they are planned to be self-sufficient thanks to using special technologies such as sub-irrigating, programmable artificial lights and so on. Of course that creates such projects pretty expensive although everything unusual has its price. This can be very perfect for any minimalist room interior and luxury home office interior. In various situations you can draw one by yourself but you have to a lot of knowledge about plants for that. Anyway, vertical green gardens for all time looks cool, comfortable and could make your house truly fresh and unique.

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  8. Luxury Las Lomas Residence Architecture Design, Argentina by Estudio Ramos

    June 15, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Contemporary House Architectural Argentina

    The kind of modern house design presented by this luxury residence architecture design idea named Las Lomas located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The main purpose of a house, of shelter, is to keep nature and the elements at bay. The large dwelling is nestled among old, large tress and foliage and features a fortress such as front design for privacy. This contemporary Las Lomas house designed a front facade with few openings, in stark contrast to the back creative elevation design that is practically all glass. An open home green garden space sits in the middle of the residence to help with circulation but also divide the rooms. The minimalist living room and comfortable dining room both extend outside where the bar and barbecue spaces are located, and smacked in between them is the focal point of the yard a large outdoor swimming pool. There are some flat roofs which have been planted because of concerns ranging from the aesthetic design, practical to environmental. During the artistic process, a lot of issues were taken into account, but specially, the proportions of each space, its natural lighting and its relationship with the amazing home exterior. Here is it best sample Las Lomas luxurious residence pictures gallery for inspiration. -via-

    Creative Home Elevation Design Pictures

    Las Lomas Facade American Home Style

    Las Lomas Interior Glass Minimalist Style

    Las Lomas Luxury House Design Idea

    Modern Home Exterior Aesthetic Design

  9. 11 Cool Decorative Nursery Room Interior Wall Stickers Design

    June 13, 2010 by newhouseofart

    nursery wall decals design

    Make your baby nursery room interior design more beautiful with this best 11 wall stickers decorative style pictures gallery for inspiration. It can be applied with any modern and minimalist house design idea. This design is more very practical and simple way to create the baby room seems funny and cool. Modern wall decals are typically easy removable and would not damage the surface you apply them on. Even very plain stickers might change entire look of the room interior atmosphere and make your kid happy. For the baby nursery room the creative and cool wall stickers would be ones with alphabets, cartoon heroes, and jungle animals on them. Check this below the best wall stickers for nursery out there.

    natural baby nursery wall stickers

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  10. Feminine Minimalist Apartment Interior Decorating Ideas White Pink Color

    June 13, 2010 by newhouseofart

    trendy apartment interior fresh design

    Cute apartment design is especially design for young girl use colorful interior decorating themes perfect combination white and pink color schemes. Beautiful feminine apartment interior design with minimalist style is the apartment design trend in 2010. Fancy modern apartment interior architectural located in downtown of Copenhagen belongs to a 34 years old artistic graphic designer Laura Terp Hansen. Only the teenager with professional design educational might use the pink color as dominant in her interior room design and get so cool and fresh decoration. In each room of the 88 square meters apartment is something clean. That is not simply cushions, fabric and other small interior objects. Even a refrigerator, some wallpaper and wall stickers, contemporary lamp furniture, and various other decorating elements are pink. Purpose to highlight all these chic beauties, most of walls and wooden floors are painted in pure white. The contrast among white and pink always looks wonderful. So, here is it best sample modern feminine small apartment interior design pictures gallery for inspiration. -via-

    pink white color apartment interior

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