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July, 2010

  1. Spanish Modern Crystal Tower Interior Design Style by A-cero

    July 28, 2010 by newhouseofart

    unique chair furniture crystal tower interior

    Clean minimalist crystal tower room interior design ideas designed by A-cero are very modern and have beautiful style. The famous architecture studio that Joaquin Torres direct with his collaborating associate Rafael Llamzares, has completed the original phase (the first office) of the interior design structure building architectural  Torre de Cristal “Crystal Tower” of current construction in Madrid, Spain. The 52-floor tower has reshaped the skyline of Madrid City. The majority of the creative furniture was intended by A-cero. The walls decor and ceiling are covered in dark gray color schemes suede and the openings of light are left to make a dramatic effect and comfortable atmosphere. The simple lines of bright light continue onto the floor with spaces of white carpeting. The decorative conference room contains lines of white Panton unique chairs. This particular modern office design on the 50th floor contains the presidency offices of an important Spanish company. Here is it best sample crystal tower room interior pictures gallery. via

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  2. 2010 Decorative Wall Covering Room Interior Design by Graham & Brown

    July 28, 2010 by newhouseofart

    purple wall covering modern style

    New innovative 2010 most beautiful wall covering collection from Graham & Brown can be make beautiful your room interior design ideas which freshly presented at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York, United States of America (USA) last month. The creative interior designer Graham & Brown, the United Kingdom (UK) based innovator and manufacturer continues to push the envelope in showcasing the latest trends and decorative styles in house wallpaper and wall art. For this year 2010, Graham & Brown unveiled pretty cute designs from renowned designers Kelly Hoppen and Amy Butler. Amy Butler is a house interior arrangement designer known for her sophisticated yet relaxed modern minimalist idea approach to printed fabrics and products for luxury house, fashion and craft. With spirited colorful and confident combinations of print, Amy’s fresh point of view is apparent in all of the products she makes. Kelly Hoppen MBE is a world renowned designer that has pioneered a simple, up till now opulent chic which has permeated Interior Design at every level. Kelly’s fusion of Eastern & Western influence has won an ever expanding following. It can be also applied for your apartment. Here is it best sample wall covering and decor pictures gallery. via:

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  3. Harmony Rosewood Mayakoba Mexican House Architecture Interior Design

    July 25, 2010 by newhouseofart

    mexico resorts rosewood mayakoba

    Stunning harmony house architecture design ideas of Rosewood Mayakoba is very beautiful located along a mile long strip of white Caribbean sand on the Riviera Maya and is the center of a 1,600 acre luxury modern resort enclave located south of Cancun and north of the seaside village of Playa del Carmen. After seeing this modern beach home interior design and exterior decorating you will know that you want to holiday or vacation. Once in a while NewHouseOfArt.Com pays homage to outstanding sustainable architecture and home interior arrangement architectural, and often we discover an ideal combination of these furniture elements is some of the most exotic luxury resorts around the world. The extraordinary indoor and outdoor house decoration is things that created this luxury resort 18th on Travel and Leisure’s list of “World Best Awards” last year. See this Rosewood Mayakoba pictures gallery. via

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  4. Modern Creative Agency Workplaces Stunning Interior Design

    July 25, 2010 by newhouseofart

    unique original posters parliament collection

    If you are want to design a modern workplace for creative agency, here is it best inspiration room interior design ideas pictures gallery. NewHouseOfArt.Com will present daily interior decorating ideas just special for our readers. This isn’t to speak that we haven’t seen too some creative office room decor environments before. Talking about the Parliament agency’s office architecture design, we have got some photos of the place and want to say that we are pretty impressed and interesting! Beautiful contemporary workplace interior arrangement with chic, simple and clean style. It belongs to a bunch of peoples who believe ‘recycling is not old school’ and has inculcated the similar in their office space interiors layouts. If you see what they have created for the old junkyard that once was, you would be advertising them for free! For more information you can visit here:

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  5. 14 Modern Eco-Friendly Kitchen Creative Design Ideas

    July 22, 2010 by newhouseofart

    ultra modern stainless steel kitchen layout

    These futuristic contemporary kitchen design concepts shown at this pictures gallery are sleek and minimalist design, so far livable for everyday use. Mostly in small houses or modern apartments, compact all in one kitchen sets can include the whole thing the occasional cook needs for daily meals: prep space, a cook surface, seating, and storage space. An explanation to sustainable kitchen interior decorating is using what you have previously got: water from drying dishes can water plants, food waste can feed them, and cool running water can help maintain a small refrigerator cold.

    ultra modern curved kitchen pictures

    NewHouseOfArt.Com presented some creative modern eco-friendly kitchen photos gallery to inspire you remodel or redesign your kitchen layout interior decor. There is an artistic style to packing as many functional kitchen furniture elements into a comfortable kitchen as potential, up till now retaining visual appeal and simplicity. Creatively clean simple kitchen designs keep each essential innovation component at a cook’s fingertips without too much clutter, mainly when those components fit cleverly into a compact modular kitchen or all-in-one system.  This ‘luxury flow kitchen’ does all of the above in a compact, earthy design which is eco-friendly and practical. So, give me your comment about that design idea!

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  6. 10 Innovative Modern Electrical Home Accessories Ideas

    July 19, 2010 by newhouseofart

    unique swivel socket design

    If you want to buy electrical home accessories for your improve modern house interior design, may be this creative and innovative electrical furniture design pictures gallery can be an inspiration. There are some people like Burakov Denis that believe in drilling messages right into people’s head. The well-known “ON” switch is indeed a very considerate idea for most of us who forget to turn the lights off. Can be futuristic house design system right? An attractive concept for people fed up with extension chords. This one here is beautiful simple to use. Pinch the sides to open it, provide it a gentle tug and it springs back to its original position. Here are some nifty electrical modern homes accessories that could help you keep the wire mess in check and also surprise a few of your friends. Whether you are a gadget junkie or in a home full of them, you must have scratched your head looking at all those wires lying around or hanging from awkward places. Brilliant design interior concept!

    switch socket system pictures

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    modern smart 3d pin plug

    innovative cell phone cradle

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    big clear switch distant view

  7. World Expo 2012 Pavilion Futuristic Architectural Design Concept

    July 17, 2010 by newhouseofart

    amazing water cube 3d pictures

    According to modern futuristic building design ideas ‘Living Ocean and the Coast’, there are various outstanding architectural plant concept presented by some of the best architects in business. Every amazing architecture design has used the power and beautiful views of ocean as central to the theme. The breathtaking imagery sculpted by the architects for this expedition is larger than life and awe inspiring. Just take a look at this best 7 pictures gallery of modern 2012 Pavilion shown below.

    pta water vehicle design concept

    Yeosu hosts the World Expo 2012 and it has already started inviting many famous architects in the world to come up with their creative architecture building layout plans. The vessel like construction which can float on the water and the Super Ocean which seems like an element of ocean was raised are several of the many proposals submitted to the team at Expo 2012. Take a look at the architectures design proposals presented by Sebastin J, Ginseng Chicken, PTA and Nicoletti Associati.

    great blue whale interior architectural

    Each structure design model concept is a fantastic example of combination of science, technology and innovation. The water cube is a great expression of artist’s imagination of oceans coming alive. Every concept has used the power and beauty of ocean as central to the theme. Thanks to all architect.

    great blue whale aerial building design view

    ginseng spectacular interiors design

    gensing concept rising water architecture

    futuristic pta water vehicle model

  8. 11 Beautiful Dream House Renderings Design Pictures Gallery

    July 17, 2010 by newhouseofart

    unique house in woods

    Most of the beautiful dream house living architecture design ideas photos gallery shown below are in the midst of dreamy fairy tale environments that add a bit of drama to each visual. Amazing modern contemporary home renderings pictures that can very inspirational. NewHouseOfArt.Com feature a set of spectacular renders house architectural project model which showcase the brilliance that exist in this industry  because we all know the level of details that CG artists are able to achieve today with sophisticated 3D software’s and renderers. Just visit our website to get more daily home interior and exterior design pictures. via

    stunning house lawn render

    natural house river architecture

    modern house hill architectural

    innovative shape house with lights

    house redvertex design models

    house creepers architecture design

    dream house unreal idea

    contemporary natural house in forest

    beautiful house flowers exterior

    amazing house renderings picture

  9. Minimalist Beachfront Homes Modern Japanese House Design

    July 15, 2010 by newhouseofart

    unique stairs japanese house

    Modern beachfront Japanese residence architecture design is the latest one to hit our radar. We have always loved houses with awesome beautiful sea views and we provide for NewHouseOfArt.Com reader best sample of interior and exterior decorating pictures gallery. These stunning house designs are on the mount Izu-san where the deciduous trees and the Japanese oak trees add to the wilderness of this place. The luxury residence captures the architect’s Mount Fuji Architects Studio theme of “abstraction to nature” attractive ideas. The airy simplicity room architectural design is encapsulated even in the interiors of the houses. At night time, the house gate entrance of the place illuminates providing the onlookers a welcoming feeling. It is a perfect place to unwind and get relax with your family. Supposedly a weekend holiday house it overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Two huge concrete blocks sit on top of each other and if viewed from top resemble clock hands reading ten to two. For more information about this contemporary Japanese house design, visit the designer website. via

    relaxing area minimalist japanese house

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  10. 14 Creative Shelving System Unconventional Design Cool Ideas

    July 12, 2010 by newhouseofart

    wall mounted shelving tv

    In this great day, we have gathered up a 14 creative and cool shelving system design ideas pictures gallery for inspiration that we hope will solve some of your storing problems for your small room. We tried to choose the items that are not only practical, but that would improve how a place looks and feels. This can be very beautiful to rich your house interior design that has modern or minimalist style.  Most of them are unusual, for example take a look at the vertical wooden panels photos, which are particularly interesting and quite simply. Vertical otherwise horizontal clean line, it is really impressive how the designers managed to create these contemporary furniture items so functional. We also like the fact that they are built from wooden classic materials that creates them fit well in a variety of interior decorating ideas. This unconventional shelving storage design come up because We have heard people say how hard it is to move from one area to another because of all the things they have to carry around. And it’s a universal fact: we have too much stuff! Check this out best sample shelving storage furniture and design pictures gallery to remodel or redesign your house living space. via

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