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September, 2010

  1. 17 Cool Kids Room Interior Decorating Creative Bright Color ideas

    September 27, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Wooden Kids Room Interior Storage Space Furniture

    For this Monday, we will “again” presented to you some sample kids room interior design ideas pictures gallery for inspiration. As you know, this is very important for children to have their own room. So, NewHouseOfArt.Com wants you to check this fun creative room interior decorating ideas with colorful bright themes. These modern children room decor displays how to make a very happy, clean minimalist and comfortable kids room which your children would proud of. They are creative and quite enjoyable so they would awake imagination in your kid and inspire them. This kids room designed with contemporary furniture and functional home accessories which presented by Italian famous company called Colombini. What do you think about this children room design idea?

    Red Yellow Kids Room Interior Design

    Orange Color Fun Kids Room Decoration

    Nice Beautiful Children Room Interior

    Modern Kids Room Blue Color Interior

    Minimalist Kids Room Interior Layout

    Kids Room Cute Pink Stylish Interior

    Happy Kids Room Enjoyable Interior Design

    Children Room with Study Work Desk Design

    Colorful Kids Room Decor Pictures

    Comfortable Kids Room Purple Color Schemes

    Contemporary Kids Room Small House Design

    Creative Children Room Interior

    Creative Kids Space Study Room Design

    Cute Pink Kids Room Design Ideas

    Double Bed Kids Room Furniture Design

    Gorgeous Kids Room Beautiful Interior Design Ideas

  2. Modular House Design Black Glossy Color Luxury Price by A-Cero

    September 27, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Modern Modular House Outdoor Swimming Pool Design

    Luxury house price for modern modular house design architecture with glossy and black color interior and exterior decorating ideas designed by famous architecture company, A-Cero can be perfect inspiration for us to build our luxurious dream house living space. This Black color themes gorgeousness is a recently presented modular architectural product based on the principles of industrialized construction: construction takes place in an industrial unit and the assembly on the spot. A-cero houses architecture have been a continuous explanation of amazement. Their method can be seen from all angle and enjoyed with those who want a totally contemporary and modern architectural section and a gorgeous interior decorating design.

    Modular Black House Entrance Decorating

    A-cero intend to provide everyone a possibility to have a gorgeous house residence such this by popularizing design and constructive high-quality in architecture which will not leave you broke. And the best part is that even the modern room interior design, decorations and equipment can be completed available. The home black exterior offers this dwelling a mysterious appearance and the shine takes it up a notch. Its simplicity lies in the modular minimalist building mode but also in the nice beautiful interior design in black and white color schemes, a signature look for A-cero. The gray parts of the decorating unite the 2 predominant non-colors and the green grass outside creates a striking discordance with the rest, upgrading the standards for every modern houses. Bright lights create every one of the perfectly fitted elements stand out. via

    White Loft Interior Stylish Modern Design

    Modern Dream House Architectural Design A-cero

    Minimalist Glossy House Bathroom Interior

    Luxury Clean Kitchen Decor Glossy House

    Innovative Car Garage Design Modern Black White House

    A-cero Modern Modular House Architecture

    Black White Modular House Architectures Design

    Bright Lights Modern Dining Room Decoration

    Contemporary Modular House Facade Design Ideas

    Gorgeous Bathroom Comfortable Interior

  3. 12 Comfortable Gentle Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

    September 24, 2010 by newhouseofart

    sample gentle bedroom interior pictures

    Take a look at these sample gentle bedroom interior design ideas that designed with comfortable and elegant style. We provide 12 photos gallery for your inspiration to remodel or redesign your bedroom interior decorating layout. To me, that is very ideal to make your bedroom looks gentle to get best time to relax after a work day and you should get a truly good sleep there. The simple technique to create your bedroom interior gentle is to option the right color theme and to use contemporary wooden furniture and to use a lot of textiles. So, what do you think?

    ultra modern gentle bedroom clean interior

    modern gentle bedroom interior decor ideas

    minimalist gentle bedroom decorating

    luxury gentle bedroom interior decorating

    gentle bedroom wooden funriture design

    gentle bedroom interior architectural design

    elegant gentle bedroom design ideas

    cute warm gentle bedroom interior photos

    contemporary gentle bedroom interior

    comfortable gentle bedroom decor

    pink color interior gentle bedroom design

  4. 10 Creative Design Idea Kids Study Room Interior Organizations

    September 23, 2010 by newhouseofart

    minimalist clean kids study room design

    If you want to design or remodel your kids study room interior decorating, here is it we presented best ten inspirations. Contemporary modern children study room pictures gallery with comfortable atmosphere which is combine with creative functional chair and table furniture. Interior arrangement organization of a comfortable study place is especially important for every kid’s room. Even though such space also should be fresh and cool purpose to motivate your kid to do his or her homework. NewHouseOfArt gathered for you a number of ideas of how such study room should look like and what best furniture selection should it feature. You may perhaps observe that a modern desk with a relaxed armchair, storage space cabinets and bookshelves are must have there. Their layout and color plan depends on room’s style and kid’s tastes. These study room are planned with furniture by Italian manufacturer Corazzin group. Check this out, we think you will be love it!

    modern kids study room interior design

    sample kids study room layout

    kids study room interior decorating

    cute pink kids study room interior

    colorful kids study room ideas

    comfortable kids study room furniture

    contemporary kids study room design

    cool kids workspace interior organization

    creative kids workspace room organization

  5. Luxury Getaway Villa Caribbean Spectacular Architecture Design

    September 21, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Spectacular Casa Kimball House Residence Design

    Modern Gateway Villa architecture design ideas can be perfect inspiration to created luxury private beach house or home vacation. We presented in this 15 sample design pictures gallery for NewHouseOfArt.Com reader. Called “Casa Kimbal” located in Caribbean, this can be great whenever you looking for swish and serene place. Designed by Rangr Studio famous New York (United States) based Architecture Company, these modern lifestyle villas interior and exterior decorating themes are super-grand, with ocean front landscape and coco palms and pristine sands surrounding the building. Imagine having a comfort real estate that boasts of a 156ft/47mt long outdoor swimming pool through seating platforms and volleyball, a billiards table, superb air conditioned accommodations for up to 20 adults or kids, a personal chef, full stocked bars, massive plasma TV with a collection of DVD to select from, a hot tub hanging from a cliff, wireless internet house technology, badminton court and much more all to myself?!! If you could splurge for about $2000 the paradise could be all yours for a whole day a night! Take a look at the photos below and I think you won’t stop drooling. Designer:

    White Color Bedroom Interior Luxury Villa

    Ultra Modern Swimming Pool Beach House Design

    Sofa Chair Furniture Interior Casa Kimball Design

    Outdoor Space Casa Kimball Furniture Design

    Modern Villa Beach House Outdoor Space

    Modern Casa Kimball Getaway Villa Architecture

    Luxury Private Villa Stunning Architecture Design

    Long Swimming Pool Modern Villa Home Vacation

    Lavish Bedroom Interior Luxury Villa Design

    Beautiful Ocean View Casa Kimball Beach House

    Casa Kimball Comfortable Billiard Room Interior

    Casa Kimball Elegant Comfort Bed Furniture Design

    Contemporary Casa Kimball Living Room Villa

    Dining Room Interior Design Luxury Villa

  6. 10 Modern Retro Interior Wallpaper Delight Decor Ideas

    September 19, 2010 by newhouseofart

    retro wall decor style minimalist livingroom

    This Sunday NewHouseOfArt.Com will present to you best inspiration top ten modern and creative wallpaper room interior decors with modern and retro design idea. These decorative wall decal floral and paisley patterns themes can give comfortable and unique touch in any room. Except nowadays we shall marvel over the trendy pops of color schemes and bold whimsical patterns infused into and inspired by our contemporary home design lifestyle. These innovative and simple wallpaper designers have no easy job and pay close concentration to modern house interior trends to make various smoking hot wallpaper designs that have a modern but nostalgic feel to them. Designed by Graham and Brown, more information about this idea visit:

    traditional floral wallpaper print rich color

    modern blue floral wallpaper print design

    modern bedroom interior bright walls design

    mellow purple walls design ideas

    blank frame creative wallpaper teen bedroom

    comfortable living space sophisticated purple wallpaper

    contemporary house green floral wallpaper

    cool dotted pattern room wallpaper

    funky bedroom unique wall decal

  7. Floating Small Glass House Contemporary Design on the Water

    September 19, 2010 by newhouseofart

    floating modern small glass house architecture

    If you want to build unique architecture of contemporary floating on water house designs you also might like small apartment on water. This is best floating small glass home architectural design ideas by Watervilla Kortenhoef ,Waterstudio.NL. This urban small house’s ground floor is located very near to the water level and this completed in the end of 2008 year. That is not only way to enjoy natural views beautiful surroundings but also to get comfortable dream house living. In this sample floating home design interior and exterior pictures gallery, there is a spacious roof terrace as well that gives even more stunning views. Although underneath the house ground floor there is a full storey where bedrooms and bathroom are situated. Almost all its walls are floor-to-ceiling windows that provides an wonderful view over the water. For more information about this project development visit:

    contemporary small glass house interior design

    small glass home apartment exterior

    urban small glass house architectural plan

  8. Vivid Chairs Bright Colorful Design Stretch, Jessica Carnevale

    September 16, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern vivid chair for minimalist home interior

    “Stretch” is a modern vivid chair furniture design ideas which is combine two worlds of design creative interior and trendy fashion. It is a debut colorful chairs collection designed by Jessica Carnevale. After several experimenting with unusual materials, the furniture designer chooses latex, bungee and rope, because they are elastic and could be very bright and looks minimalist. That is perfect thing when you can create home accessories / accents in your room interior decorating by such things as chairs. They are not only elegant and comfortable, cool and practical but also fun. Chairs thyself are extremely simple and pretty traditional but these materials and bright colors create them unforgettable. For more information and pictures gallery you can visit Carnevale Studio website here:

    red vivid chair creative living room accessories

    unique design vivid chairs elastic material

    bright colored vivid chairs furniture

  9. N85 Residence Luxury Interior Exterior Design New Delhi, India

    September 13, 2010 by newhouseofart

    N85 Residence Verhanda Outdoor Furniture

    This modern luxury residence is located in New Delhi India; famous indian architectural company Morphognesis delights us with this spectacular beautiful dream house interior and exterior design inspiration. Earthy tones enhance room interior decorating atmosphere more warmth and comfortable which emanate from the interiors of the residence. At nighttime, the lights let the home shine bright when we are look at outdoor site. Sprawling contemporary house architectures in the capital of the country spells luxury and elegant decoration. With Indian houses opening up to ideas from the West, one can safely declare this home has been under fashionable influences. Unusual textures adorn the house facade and make a sense of serenity and peace. A hub of activity, this house is house to three generations of the family. More information visit the architecture designer website. via

    N85 Residence Room Interior Furniture

    N85 Residence Modern Facade Design Dusk

    N85 Residence Home Interior Garden Ideas

    N85 Residence Contemporary Outside Design

    N85 Residence Comfortable Couch Decor

    Modern N85 Residence Glass Doors

    Luxury N85 Residence Terrace Design

    Creative N85 Residence House Ceiling

    Beautiful N85 Residence Night View

  10. Unique Luxury Villa Architecture Bold Approach Design Idea

    September 11, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Luxury Villa Unique Shape Architecture Plan

    Modern landscape architecture design ideas for inspiration of world class unique luxury villas which would blow your brain build in the tranquil hills of Son Vida, Palma of the trendy Mallorca island of Spain. NewHouseOfArt.Com presented beautiful stunning 7 villa interior and exterior design pictures gallery. The unique minimalist villa architectural warriors Cosmopolitan Estates, Marcel Wanders, and TecARCHITECTURE developed the most up-to-date edition to Palma and first masterpiece of a Platinum series of homes. They wanted to redefine elegant and comfortable outside the realm of the traditional lavishness architecture of Spain. And the juiciest part is Casa Son Vida is not for sale. Nestled in this exclusive community of Son Vida is “Casa”. So, what do you think about this villa architectural design idea?

    Luxury Villa Modern Rounded Bathtub Furniture

    Luxury Villa Modern Comfortable Living Room

    Luxury Villa Minimalist Kitchen Design

    Luxury Villa Facade Architecture Design

    Luxury Villa Creative Outdoor Swimming Pool

    Clean Elegant Luxury Villa Exterior White Color