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October, 2010

  1. Classic Terraced Townhouse Interior Renovation Vintage Modern Design

    October 30, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Classic Townhouse Architecture Modern Interior Design

    Very inspiring classic house design ideas shown in this sample pictures gallery below! This small town house located in Belgium you can see before in Bruges movie with Colin Farrell. In Bruges there are available quite old town home design and a lot of old office building architectures. Here, we presented classic terraced townhouse interior renovation ideas that blend vintage and modern in comfortable design style. Designed by 51N4E architects, the double-height space, completely covered in timber planks, starts off as an arch that gradually lifts asymmetrically towards the back, framing the tall tree of a neighboring home green garden. The old house architectural plan is entirely renovated through partially innovative flooring and new color schemes for townhouse facade, decorative walls and ceilings. The custom made creative and unique kitchen furniture with integrated fire place doubles as working room, becoming the new center of the home. The townhouse features a generously lit winter garden and interior decorating is a perfect sample of how cool vintage and modern styles might be combined.

    Classic Small Townhouse Exterior Architectural

    White Minimalist Townhouse Interior Indoor Staircase

    Modern Townhouse Kitchen Interior Space

    Custome Chair Table Furniture Vintage Townhouse Interior

    Creative Townhouse Home Furniture Collection

    Contemporary Townhouse Dining Room Interior Decor

    Classic Unique Townhouse Facade Design Ideas

  2. Cute Cozy 45 Sqm Apartment Interior Design Pink Color Decor Accents

    October 27, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Elegant Small Apartment Bedroom Interior

    Looking for more inspiration about cute and cozy apartment interior decorating ideas? This edition, NewHouseOfArt.Com will present for you (again) gorgeous small apartment pink color accents design pictures gallery. Minimalist and stylish apartment architectural that has decorative wall which is painted in soft grey that helps to boost the brightness themes, absolutely beautiful! The apartment living room and the bedroom both feature elegant and comfortable walnut finished laminate flooring. The modern kitchen and the clean bathroom in contrary have floors covered with unique rustic tiles. The selection of these materials and colors helps to make best use of the space with no losing in comfort and livability. Creative apartment accessories and furniture also enhance apartment room atmosphere. The living space in this stunning apartment is expanded thanks to uniting it through the kitchen space. Even though the cooking room is still separated from the living room where the dining room is placed. Combine with modern apartment sliding doors design this can occupy less space. What do you think about this apartment ideas?

    Minimalist Dining Room Apartment Decor

    Small Apartment Modern Sliding Doors Design

    Unique Accessories Furniture Apartment Ideas

    Apartment TV Room Interior Decorating

    Clean Small Apartment Bathroom Ideas

    Comfortable Small Apartment Pink Interior Design

    Cute Apartment Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

    45 sqm Aparment Architectural Design Plan

  3. High Technology Pacific Luxury Spa Tubs Ultra Modern Design, Systempool Ideas

    October 27, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern spa tub bathroom interior furniture

    Systempool make a new innovation of ultra modern bathtub futuristic bathroom furniture design ideas named Pacific that was presented just freshly. High-tech spa tub available in two stylish models V4 and V2 type for two persons relatively.  Both trendy tubs have built-in music system that is can play MP3 song and has radio, clock and Bluetooth technology. Vary amazing!  Pacific designs are especially luxury, reinforced pure white acrylic shell color schemes contrasts through glossy black finishes on sides and black dark head supporters. The Pacific V2 spa tub design can enclose up to 350 liters of water inside its 210x120x73 centimeters frame although Pacific V4 able to contain 700 liters in the 210x210x73 centimeters frame. Besides the creative music audio system, Pacific bathtubs have hydro massage system with 8 or 16 nozzles depending on a sculpt. Furthermore, high-tech features are implemented into original Systempool’s spa tubs together with programmable filter, two speakers, and remote control for Jacuzzi sequences and so on. The furniture product price for Pacific V2 and Pacific V4 starts from 16500 and 19000 Euros relatively. More information and design pictures gallery visit: here

    pacific bathroom spa tub futuristic design

    new innovation spa tubs furniture technology

  4. Wonderful House Artistic Lighting Interior Design Inspiration

    October 24, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Unique Coffee Cup Lighting Decor

    Fresh and new remarkable house interior lighting interior design ideas we presented on this best sample 15 artistic lighting home decor inspiration pictures gallery. As you know, room lighting interior ideas and furniture plays the most significant role in living space architectural and mood. You must know what type of lighting that combines beautifully with your house decorating themes. Ambient otherwise accent lighting, you able to use it to good quality effect to transform the atmosphere of a room. Here are some gorgeous fancy lights which push the extremely dwelling interior concept of what lights can be. There are available unique coffees lights are very humorous and provide the shades a soft glow while offering the practicality of task lighting in the contemporary kitchen. Check this more inspiration photos below. Enjoy!

    Wisdom Tooth Night Table Lamp

    Trojan Lamp Beautiful Lighting Idea

    Sculptural Lighting Modern Flame Forms

    Sculptural Lighting Floor Table Lamp

    Red Horse Shoe Pendant Lamp Design

    Pouring Pink Light Lamp Optical Illusion

    Pouring Night Light Fun Black Lamp Color

    Grass Lamp Environmentally Friendly Lighting

    Grass Modern Wall Lamp Living Room Interior

    Innovative Curly Sue Spiral Desk Lamp

    Lighting Design Remake Lamp Magnet

    Lighting Design Remake Light Magnet Decor

    Liquid Lamp Motion Lighting Design

    Pouring Light Optical Illusion Lighting Design

  5. 14 Gorgeous Bedroom Design Fabulous Interior Decorating Pictures

    October 20, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Stunning Bedroom Furniture Minimalist Design Estrella

    If you are daily visit NewHouseOfArt.Com, we always present to you some best creative house interior design photos for inspiration. Thanks to you that become our reader. Today, we will present 14 photos gallery gorgeous bedroom design with comfortable fabulous interior decorating ideas. We feel fall in love with this modern contemporary bedroom decor which combine with some luxury minimalist furniture design. Every bedroom interior architectural which is featured below has an unusual story to inform. One transforms you into the Victorian era; a further takes you on a stroll through the sweet house rooms of a dwelling on various deserted street. Several bedroom design are elegant, classic and beautifully lit, some have got even the clean and simple blinds going for them. Some are design wise good-looking dramatic while some subtle. Check this out here!

    Sonoma Kids Bedroom Interior Furniture

    Pretty Bedroom Interior Decorating Dotso

    Modern Bedroom Interior Brown Design Pnn

    Modern Bedroom Comfort Interior Bent Masrya

    Luxury Wooden Classic Bedroom Furniture

    Lovely Guest Bedroom Interior Design Images

    Amazing Luxury Beige Bedroom Decor

    Beautiful Contemporary Bedroom Zhitnik Design

    Hotal Pool Gorgeous Blue Bedroom Design

    Lavish Bedroom Decorating Natural Beach View

    Creative Bedroom Interior Maxwell Xsekox

    Elegant Bedroom Decor Ideas TareqBanama

    Gorgeous Bedroom Clean Design Style Elif

  6. Ultra Luxury 2 Story Modern Penthouse Interior Design Expensive Price

    October 20, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Stunning Penthouse Dream Home Architectures

    What do you think about this ultra luxury two story penthouse design pictures gallery shown below? This is most expensive price dream house decorating available for $305 Million. Contemporary home design idea which has just been snapped up with an unnamed Arab Sheik located in Monaco, incorporates a full height modern library interior, infinity outdoor swimming pool, secure panic room clean minimalist interior through surveillance cameras, fun comfortable cinema room decors and all other conceivable symbol of lavishness. The beautiful 8 images penthouse interior and exterior is absolutely stunning views of Mediterranean houses. Designed by famous London Company Candy and Candy that have been taking the design world by storm, this luxurious house have dramatic indoor stairway leading into this romantic gallery features exquisite decorative lighting design, gorgeous surrounding sculptures and ornamental plants. You can also see metallic coffer ceiling that is reflected by 2 crystal chandeliers furniture design that seem to get the cake in this lavish dining room suite. The neutral master bedroom interior is slightly more contemporary than the rest of the estate. This house must be the matching master bathroom suite where the Sexta pendant unique lamp furniture compliments the chaise and interior architectural details. The English home green garden effect in this dreamy veranda comes complete with a fancy swing that is long enough to nap on. The double mirrors make a wonderful illusion of a panoramic seascape from this cozy home office niche. More information visit:

    Penthouse Modern Home Library Elegant Design

    Penthouse Luxury Dining Room Decor

    Penthouse Expensive Contemporary Bed Furniture

    Beautiful Penthouse Luxury Home Landing Room

    Gorgeous Penthouse Comfortable Bedroom Decorating

    Luxury Bedroom Interior Penthouse Design Ideas

    Minimalist Penthouse Study Room Interior

  7. Green Energy Stay Grounded Underhill House Architecture Design, Materica Studio

    October 17, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Eco-friendly Stay Grounded House Architecture Ideas

    Designed by Materica Studio, this modern green house architecture design ideas with beautiful landscape architectural project called Stay Grounded is excellent Underhill house located in Ferrara, Italy. House area is about 202.68 sqm that does not get a bite out of the Earth we live on. A natural green house energy hill here is one connected to two homes and covered through photovoltaic cell panels and microaeolic generators. These hills let the residences to be typically otherwise totally energy independent. This minimalist but luxury house lowered into the ground, one where each square meter used to build the inner space of the home is particular back to the Earth in the form of perimeter walls and green roof and home garden. Light and air cannons make natural ventilation indoors the home. Multiple of these homes can be construct within rock-throwing distance, two houses with one green energy hill.

    White Stay Grounded Minimalist Hill House

    In the house interior design (you can see at this sample pictures gallery below) there are airy, comfortable and elegant decorating ideas. Inside the Underhill houses there is also geothermic systems buried underneath the house floors allowing opening of water and/or air at a constant temp of 18/20 Celsius and also enabling a consistent lowering of the energy needs to control the climate. It’s a fantasy of energy saving and forward thinking eco-friendly details, the likes of that are essentially never ending. If you want to know more information about this Stay Grounded Underhill House project plan visit Materica Studio official website.

    Top View Architectural Stay Grounded House

    Stay Grounded House Architectures Design Plan

    Green House Stay Grounded Hill Home Exterior

    Garden Stay Grounded Modern House Design

  8. Masculine Unique Office Furniture Set Strong Design Style by Gabriel Teixido

    October 17, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Unique Office Furniture Style Contemporary Room Decor

    Modern office interior design can be more comfortable with this furniture set design ideas designed by Gabriel Teixido called “Level”. Unique masculine looking office furniture created for famous Spanish Company AG Land 14. What is the special thing about this chair and table office furniture? If you are look at detail sample pictures gallery below, you will find that office desk have an extraordinarily dynamic experience and thin edges. The sober color palette schemes and the strong design present these furniture items a firm, and solid effect. The Level office furniture series includes two modern office table models, the T style with brown color and the table L style with black color, all with its exclusive chic. Take pleasure in the contemporary forms with craftsman tradition from the master cabinetmakers office furniture fusion under and let us know what you think of this collection. More information visit:

    Strong Masculine Office Furniture Set Design

    Thin Edges Modern Office Table Interior

    Spanish Company Office Furniture Set

    Office Table T Design Type Brown Color

    Level Strong Office Furniture Detail Pictures Gallery

    Level Minimalist Office Furniture Desk Design

    Black Modern L Office Tbale Furniture Style

    Comfortable Office Desk Furniture Set Ideas

    Dynamic Home Office Furniture Design

    Innovative Office Table Furniture Spanish Design

    Level Contemporary Table Chair Furniture Set

  9. Contemporary Clovelly House Sustainable Residential Soberness, Sydney Australia

    October 14, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Stunning Clovelly House Design Australia

    Today, we will give you 20 houses indoor and outdoor decorating idea pictures gallery for inspiration about contemporary Clovelly House arcgitecture design designed by Tzannes Associates that is located in modern city Sydney, Australia surrounded by a natural cliff setting. will give credit for the photographers Steve Back that present us this beautiful Residential Soberness elegant dream house design pictures. Gorgeous house which manages to impress due to its elegance and soberness is one of best dream house design ideas in the world. The Clovelly House residence forms an L-shape to make a protected enclave and to maximize solar access, natural ventilation and characteristic as well as utilizing energy efficiency by including three water tanks, reverse brick veneer walls, sun control louvers and shutters, natural ventilation, hot water solar panels and photo-voltaic cells. Aside from its extraordinary sustainable house features, I have to speak I were pleasantly surprised by this residences room interior design, a true display of style and contemporary living space at its superlative. Timber is there in almost each room, making unique contrasts and various amazing lighting visual effects. Here is it enjoy sample images gallery and get your own dream house design! via

    Trendy Wooden Clovelly House Kitchen Decor

    Modern Kitchen Cabinet Clovelly House

    Minimalist Clovelly House Dining Room Interior

    Home Office Interior Clovelly House Idea

    Gorgeous Clovelly House Minimalist Bathroom

    Fashionable Clovelly House Interior Design Layout

    Contemporary Staircase Clovelly House Innovative Design

    Comfortable Clovelly House Bedroom Decor

    Comfort Luxury Clovelly House Master Bedroom

    Clovelly House Modern House Facade

    Clovelly House Loft Indoor Modern Residence Architectural

    Clovelly House Exterior Design Pictures

    Clovelly House Elegant Sofa Living Room Furniture

    Clovelly House Elegance Outdoor Space Design

    Clovelly House Corridor Landscape Natural Views

    Clovelly House Contemporary Outdoor Swimming Pool

    Clean Clovelly House Dining Room Interior

    Black Clovelly House Color Architecture

    Beautiful Clovelly House Outdoor Decorating

  10. Luxury Villacasa Residence Creative Hillside House Terracing Design Ideas

    October 11, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Villacasa Residence Modern Exterior Design

    One of stunning house design architecture located in Mt. Washington neighborhood of Los Angeles is luxury Villacasa residence design which is planned by Space International architecture studio. This a contemporary Hillside house ideas which allows to create the most from its compact size through creative terracing and mixing indoors and outdoors decorating. A modern small lap pool placed on the down slope end of the lot doubles as a retaining decorative wall and allocates the home building to maximize connections to adjacent outdoor spaces at the house ground level. Upstairs the sleeping and bathing rooms are strategically located to maximize both privacy and beautiful canyon views. Here is it best sample design interior and exterior Villacasa Residence pictures gallery. via

    Villacasa Residence Outdoor Design Ideas

    Villacasa Residence Minimalist Bedroom Decor

    Villacasa Residence Bathroom Interior Decorating

    Villacasa Residence Architectures Design

    Elegant Villacasa Residence Living Room

    Comfortable Villacasa Residence Room Interior

    Creative Villacasa House Residence Design