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November, 2010

  1. Mountains Home Architecture, Ski House Four-Story Dwelling Wooden Interior

    November 29, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Contemporary Ski House Facade Architecture

    Wood dwelling interior decorating ideas presented by Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates created this contemporary mountain home architecture called The Ski House. This modern unique house designed a long time ago for a family with two kids where they also can meet through a large number of home guests. The Ski House flooring plan design is wide pine planks; there is creative cedar siding inside and out and it is furnished typically through an oak furniture collection of. Ski House is on the steep northern slope of the mountain higher than Vail in a stunning stand of aspen trees and low evergreen bushes.

    Simple Ski House Wood Furniture

    The Ski House architectural plan building is a four-story house and inspires of tall, straight trees around it features wonderful views of surroundings. The house first story contains storage space, minimalist laundry room, and comfortable sauna facilities. The home second story contains elegant master bedrooms and small bunkrooms to accommodate guests. The house third story contains the simple small kitchen and dining rooms with a separate room to be used as playroom-TV room for the children and as a guest room. The fourth floor is in the tree tops with big dormer windows containing window seats that can also be used as beds for additional guests. It’s very gorgeous mountain house inspiration! Check this pictures gallery.

    Ski House Wooden Decorative Wall Covering

    Unique Ski House Wooden Interior Design

    Innovative Ski House Architectural Plan

  2. Best 11 Teenage Girls Bedroom Interior Cool Modern Design Ideas

    November 29, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Stylish Teenage Girls Bedroom Decorating

    Girl bedroom must be designed in feminism with pink cute color right? I think we can make new innovation for best comfortable but fashionable for that. Here is it, we give best 11 design photos gallery modern cool teenage girl’s bedroom interior design ideas for inspiration. I want to thanks for famous Italian kid’s furniture designer company called Dielle for that collection. The creative teenage girl’s bedroom designed through using of the new latest trends bed, table and chair collection of furniture called X-Cab offered with the manufacturer this year. These teen bedrooms interior decorating could give you with a lot of plans of how to decorate a contemporary teenage bedroom that every girl would be happy to have. Each and every one requirement of modern living spaces is covered. If you want to design truly chic, elegant and comfy living space for your daughter or daughters. So, give me your opinion about this by leaving a comment!

    Study Room Teenage Girls Bedroom Decor

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    Minimalist Teenage Girls Bedroom Designs

    Elegant Teenage Girls Bedroom Interior

    Cute Pink Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas

    Colorful Teenage Girls Bedroom Pictures

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    Contemporary Teenage Girls Bedroom Design

    Cool Teenage Girls Bedroom Idea Photos

    Creative Teenage Girls Bedroom Purple Color

  3. Luxury Hipster Dwell Home Tour Deck Outing Design Los Angeles

    November 26, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Architecture Hipster Dwell Home Tour Design

    You should take attention for these modern American home ideas! Part of the Dwell Home Tour series, the luxury Los Angeles house architecture design are spaced from Larchmont into Silver Lake and Atwater Village and up to Beachwood Canyon self-drive otherwise carpooling means you able to set your own pace. You do not require speculating where the hipper-than-thou park their fixed gear bikes or else how many cans of Pabst their fridge holds. Because this self-drive tour through the East Side of Los Angeles on Sunday 27 June may not answer those burning questions, but it is a possibility to check out some astounding hipster hideouts. You can still throw on your favorite ironic t-shirt and view interior and exterior decorating pictures of these very cool enclaves architectural design from the comfort of your own dream house, If you can’t make it over to East Los Angeles, USA this weekend. So, it’s very fantastic home design, do you agree?

    Otsea Dwell Tour Home Garden Idea

    Modern Exterior Hipster Dwell Home Tour

    Comfortable Ridgewood Home Dwell Tour

    Contemporary Hipster Dwell Home Tour Dining Room

  4. Functional Ceiling Mount Storage Cabinet Pedestal by Sophie Mensen

    November 24, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Contemporary Storage Space Cabinet

    Sophie Mensen designed this contemporary ceiling mount storage space cabinet ideas using wood material. That is very creative and clever home furniture which is also very functional. The storage space columns are frequently constructive elements which maintain amazing and are more decorative than useful. This storage cabinet furniture consists of 2 parts such as a modern cabinet and a pedestal. The cabinet is finished out of Cedar wood that is custom made by Kevin Hughes for every room interior decorating. It features plenty of furniture drawers of unusual sizes that could be opened in different directions. The unique pedestal design is made out of solid Carrara marble with a fixed height 45 x 35 x 35 cm. While you do not use the pedestal it might be moved right below the cabinet to complete the column. Check this pictures gallery, and if you want, buy it now!

    Unique Storage Cabinet Design

    Modern Storage Cabinet Innovative Design

    Minimalist Storage Cabinet Interior

    Wood Storage Cabinet Furniture Ideas

  5. 17 Inspiration Cool Beach House Design Colorful Style

    November 22, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Stunning Beach House Pool

    Modern beach house design inspiration comes in this 17 photos gallery. There is available modern colorful beach house interior decorating that can give you inspiration to build your cool and playful beach home. Every idea in these pictures (house rooms) is very luxury and there is even one that is decorated with sings of piece. Although times of hippies are long gone the residence is motionless a particularly stylish place. One weekend there might help to forget about all problems of adult lifestyle, to become a child once again and to relax as you have never relaxed since your childhood. Beautiful beach house comfortable atmosphere combine with contemporary furniture is really fantastic. One most interesting thing is stripper pole in one of the rooms could easily create some man’s evening very pleasant and fun. Give me your opinion about this modern ocean house interior!

    Rustic Beach House Decoration

    Romantic Beach House Bedroom

    Pink Beach House Color Schemes

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    Colorful Beach House Dining Room

  6. 9 Beautiful Christmas Table House Interior Design Idea

    November 22, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Romantic Christmas Table Decoration

    If you take a look earlier post on you will be very excited to find beautiful Christmas house interior, unique Christmas tree decorating and also beautiful home accessories Christmas candle. Here, we give stunning Christmas table furniture design ideas in this 9 sample pictures gallery. When you are designing your table, you should take attention of your house interior decorating themes. There are plenty of things to think about while it comes to decorating the Christmas table. You should create various creative table centerpieces, innovative place cards, romantic candle decorations and a lot of other things. Even though every these Christmas decorations worth the spent time because they could actually help create the Christmas Day even more memorable. Check this and give me your comment.

    Unique Christmas Table Modern Design

    Creative Christmas Table Decor Idea

    Minimalist Christmas Table Design

    Gorgeous Christmas Table Home Furniture

    Christmas Table Candle Light Idea

    Christmas Table Dining Room Design

    Christmas Table Unique Tree Ideas

    Contemporary Christmas Table Design

  7. Williams Studio Modern Archetypal Glass House Design by GH3 Architects

    November 18, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Williams Studio Unique Home Exterior

    Wonderful house indoor and outdoor design pictures gallery shown below is one of the best home decor idea designed by Toronto-based firm GH3 Architects. Called Williams Studio modern house design located on on Stony Lake in Ontario, Canada.  The compelling qualities of minimalist, open house spaces, interior and exterior unity and material clarity are transformed to improve the ecological and programmatic performance of the structure, making house architecture plan of both iconic resonance and original context driven drawing. The Williams Studio program envisions a construction as north facing window: a photographer’s live or work studio and film position which is incessantly bathed in diffuse and undiminished natural light.

    Williams Studio Ultra Modern Living Room Interior

    The Williams Studio compact glass form sits at the water’s edge on a granite plinth whose matte black color schemes home facade dematerializes to suspend the building, lantern-like, on the site. Creative sliding panes in the glass skin 3 meters wide at the ground floor, and one and a half meters wide on the mezzanine floor allocate the house facade to turn into entirely porous for natural ventilation, though an individually automated blind system, white roof, and deciduous hedgerow guard against excessive solar gain. All through the house upper and lower levels, interior decorating partitions are clad with seamless white color lacquered panels whose reflective qualities diffuse light into every part of the interior and create complex layered views through the space. More information about this house architectural plan visit GH3

    Williams Studio Stunning Home Architectural

    Williams Studio Original Animal Furniture Design Themes

    Williams Studio Modern Glass Home Idea

    Williams Studio Open House Space Architectures

    Williams Studio Clean White Color Interior

    Williams Studio Cozy Interior Decorating Design

    Williams Studio House Architecture Design

    Williams Studio Minimalist Bathroom Interior

    Williams Studio Minimalist House Facade

    Williams Studio Modern Chair Furniture Design

  8. Funky Door Prints Creative Design by Karim Rashid

    November 14, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Simple Clean Door Prints Design

    If you are take a look at this 10 modern door design sample pictures gallery designed by famous flamboyant designer  Karim Rashid, absolutely you can get inspiration to make or redesign your own house door. Today, we love to featuring cool and funky door prints designs that created for Sensunels. The colorful door design ideas seem to create the most sense in work settings for the characteristically open space offices offer, not to talk about they would do a great job keeping everyone awake. Check this out these modern psychedelic door decoration patterns by Karim Rashid and let me know if you can really imagine seeing any of these designs in your own house or work environment. More information visit Sensunels.

    Pink White Door Prints Unique Design

    Minimalist Door Prints Ideas

    Innovative Door Prints Pictures

    Glamour Door Prints Inspiration

    Black Modern Door Prints Design

    Blue Elegant Door Prints Decor

    Contemporary Door Prints Design

    Cute Door Prints Colorful Design

    Elegant Purple Teal Door Design

  9. Contemporary Scandinavian Pendant Lights by Secto Design

    November 13, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Contemporary Pendant Lights Ideas

    Named Octo Pendants, one of the most great contemporary Scandinavian light furniture ideas designed by by Finland’s Secto Design have stylish and edgy, and still evoke a sense of natural elements. This modern lamp furniture can be perfect for your dining room or living room interior decorating to give comfy and cozy atmosphere. These modern pendant lights create a fabulous focal point overhead, and they come in a palette of ideal colors combination to not only illuminate interiors, but to actually highlight their approach. Architect Seppo Koho achieved a Scandinavian elegant look using thin strips of Finnish birch plywood, bent and glued to form the characteristic, bulb-shaped diffusers. These large-scale lights create a contemporary statement in any luxury or minimalist house design. More information visit Secto Design.

    Modern Pendant Lights Living Room

    Unique Pendant Lights Furniture

  10. Luxury Shower Drain Stylish Bathroom Furniture Artistic Design

    November 12, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Artistic Shower Drain Furniture

    What an amazing and unique bathroom accessories design ideas presented by Designer Drains. Luxury drain furniture design that is must add in your bathroom interior decorating to give comfortable and elegant atmosphere. These stylish modern shower drains from Designer Drains has artistic aesthetic style create this often-overlooked component a factual feature point. These circular shower drain covers are such as lavish jewelry for your bathroom, featuring exclusive patterns which range from contemporary to geometric to ornate. But there is more to these decorative covers than meets the eye. No plastic material otherwise PVC is used in manufacturing, done in the United State of America (USA). Coordinate the finish through your bathroom faucets and hardware for a unified appearance. These eco-friendly shower drains are created from reclaimed .060-inch thick 304 Stainless Steel and their slogan, “Assisting the environment, one shower at a time”. Do you want to buy this luxurious bathroom shower furniture? visit Designer Drains

    Modern Shower Drain Stylish Design

    Contemporary Shower Drain Design

    Cool Shower Drain Bathroom Ideas