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December, 2010

  1. Modern Sophisticated Storage Space System Hidden Compartments Design

    December 31, 2010 by newhouseofart

    white color storage space for small room

    This unique storage space furniture design innovation called Oblique designed by Fulo, the modern sophisticated storage system ideas which allow you to decide the best combination of blocks that will look fascinating and provide you enough storage space for every small thing you have in your contemporary house interior decorating. It is a modern home furnishing version of the antique storage space furniture through hidden compartments. Oblique also plays with light in the room decor and makes beautiful illusion of shades of color on its body. There are ten kinds of blocks that able to place in eight unusual directions. Imagine how many different combination you can get. Looks such as modern creative storage systems is already the trend that only is going to become more popular

    minimalist design storage space system

    innovative storage space ideas

    creative storage system furniture Fulo

    contemporary unique storage space design

  2. Simple Color Palette Apartment Crib Practical Design Idea, i29 Interior Architects

    December 29, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Black Leather Sofa Apartment Crib Furniture

    In Amsterdam – Netherlands, famous architecture design firm named i29 Interior Architects completed the modern apartment crib architectural design not long ago. The ingenious crib interior decorating idea advantages of such a design are many. With common contemporary cabinet furniture, almost people never know where things are and keep opening all the doors before finding what they were looking for. This creative house crib design idea can be applied to approximately every room, as innovative storage space is needed in the entire house. In this condition, it is easy and simple to have a look inside and find things a lot faster. The small design openings also help with the grabbing. Furthermore, this unique special cabinet is very aesthetic style, bringing a plus of originality to an apartment interior. With a simple color palette schemes, featuring wooden finishes and modern white furniture, this house cribs is really charming. One of the focal points is a cool semi-open cabinet featured in the photos below. Here is an ingenious and very practical idea for a contemporary crib pictures gallery. More information visit here

    Wooden Apartment Crib Interior Stair Design

    Wood Indoor Stair House Cribs Design

    Unique Toilet Apartment Crib Design Idea

    Open Door Creative Apartment Crib Design

    Modern House Crib Minimalist Design

    Innovative Apartment Crib Storage Space

    Elegant Dining Room Apartment Crib Design

    Creative Wall Decor Apartment Crib Idea

    Contemporary Apartment Crib Interior Design

    Clean Apartment Crib White Bathroom

    Black White Apartment Crib Decorating

  3. Contemporary Stone House Exterior Natural Wood Interiors Appeal Design

    December 27, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Wooden Stone House Architecture Design

    Based in Oregon, Litmus an architecture firm conducted an impressive contemporary house design renovation of a unique stone house exterior, a creative home gardener, leaving intact their original landscape and the relocation of the main entrance. An external stone house entrance welcomes residents and visitors, inviting them to this kind of paradise for nature lovers. Both inside and outside, natural wood interior decorating and stone house element are the predominant materials, giving this design a strong style innovative log cabin home, but in a refined way.

    Minimalist Stone House Kitchen Interior

    This contemporary cottage home and stone house design also boasts stylish exterior walls that evoke feelings of being outdoors, even in the interior. The center of this house is a rustic cabin minimalist kitchen, classic dining room and elegant living room, which leads to an outdoor living room – all combined in a comfortable meeting room design. A large natural stone clad fireplace, add an extra touch to this “home – house “, doubtless a very friendly atmosphere.

    Home Entrance Door Stone House Furniture

    Creative Home  Facade Stone House

    Cottage Home Interior Stone House Ideas

    Comfortable Living Room Stone House

    Classic Stone House Dining Room

  4. Wooden Odd Practical Bar Cart Storage Space Furniture Design

    December 22, 2010 by newhouseofart

    creative bar cart furniture design

    Take a look about this creative practical bar storage space furniture design idea in this sample pictures gallery. Isay Weinfeld, one of the most famous Brazilian architects of his generation is designing “Toto” a contemporary odd looking bar cart design. Toto is part of an original furniture collection by Etel, producer of precious Brazilian furnishings. It contains a lot of wooden boxes in cedar, freijo, ipe and tauari wood and it is created of freijo wood encased in mirror. These wooden boxes give enough space for organizing a perfect house bar. The modern bar cart design is ideal for those homes where the need to combine drinks moves around the home and outdoor areas. We can as hide as display things you like or not. Thanks to the leather “leach” the cart can be easily moved. So, do you want to buy this furniture?

    modern contemporary bar cart

    odd bar storage cart design

  5. Charming Rustic Cottage House Style Interior Design

    December 20, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Cottage style restaurant interior design

    In this special day, NewHouseOfArt present the cool fairy tale contemporary cottage house decorating themes with minimalist style pictures gallery for your inspiration. This charming rustic cottage home idea looks like on fairy tale storybooks. Cottage house design is done with an instinctive eye-catching, the bare essentials, and a cozy living room decor inviting charm that captures the spirit of creating a dream house a home living.

    Cottage style interiors wicker furniture

    Traditional cottage houses remain faithful to the abundance of wood floor plans to the walls and ceilings. And sometimes, the wood is painted white color schemes to a brighter perspective interior design. Most contemporary cottage houses use within and outside to offer a stronger and more temperate foundation. And home furniture is almost always old and unfinished, also of wood or wicker. I recognize is once you lay your eyes on these rooms, you might want to start looking in Grandma’s attic for sweet finds that will right away furnish your house some character!

    Cottage style interiors orange sofa furniture

    Cottage interiors canopy bed

    Cottage interiors antique bed design

    Contemporary cottage style interiors old tool shed

    Cottage home interiors dining table

    Cottage home interiors stone fireplace

    Cottage home interiors stucco kitchen

    Cottage house interiors stone walls canopy bed


  6. Via Veneto, Modular Versatile Bathroom Relax Furniture Design by Falper

    December 18, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Comfortable Versatile Bathroom Interior Decor

    A modern complete and extraordinary versatile modular bathroom furniture design system called Via Veneto designed by Falper is created from water proof material otherwise mdf wood. After all, Via Veneto is a useful and gorgeous bathroom furniture storage space solution which could help to crate every modern contemporary bathroom interior a comfortable place to relax your body and mind. On-top, under top and built-in minimalist washbasins, four types of knobs, twenty one widths, three heights and three standard depths, curved shape elements architecture and depth changes, and a lot of other things to fully personalize your bathroom decorating. The finishing of cabinets has high quality and possibly will be lacquered otherwise veneered as inside as outside. Check this Via Vento, stylish bathroom versatile pictures gallery.

    Via Vento Versatile Bathroom Cabinet Design

    via veneto modular bathroom system idea

    Modern Versatile Bathroom Design Idea

    Minimalist Versatile Bathroom Furniture Design

    Elegant Versatile Bathroom Stylish Design

    Contemporary Versatile Bathroom Storage Space

  7. Flashy Chair Furniture, Disco Chair by Kiwi & Pom

    December 17, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Unusual Chair Furniture Disco Chair

    Disco chair, colorful and flashy chair furniture idea designed for Groovy Interior is one of innovative chair with cool ideas. Designed by Kiwi & Pom, famous London studio designs make this chair product to give unique atmosphere in the room interior decorating. In this post, you will see best sample technical details pictures gallery. Disco chair constructed from 200 linear meters of electroluminescent wire, the modern chair transforms into a neon rainbow when powered. A pulse setting enables the chair to flash on and off creating an instant disco installation. These unusual chairs could do wonders while it comes to making a real disco atmosphere throughout a party and totally change the mood of a dull room interior. Even though its objective is not that various you will like the crazy idea behind it.

    Innovative Party Chair Design

    Disco Chair Fun Party Chair Room Furniture

    Disco Chair Colorful Design Idea

    Cool Disco Chair Design Furniture

  8. 14 Pictures Chic Interior Barbie Malibu Cute Home Design Inspiration

    December 15, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Unique Carpet Texture Design - Barbie Malibu House

    Anyone want to get inspiration to build a dream star house living space for your family? You can take a look at this best sample 14 interior and exterior decorating ideas of Barbie Malibu dream home design presented by famous designer Jonathan Adler to fete Barbie’s 50th birthday. The stunning, chic and glamor home interior design with 3,500 square foot home features a truly fashionable interior decor through like things as a chandelier made of Barbie hair, a sunburst mirror crated from 65 Barbie dolls and a closet filled with thousands of shoes. The girls hues room design themes are used in the comfortable master bedroom ideas that have lipstick-red color velvet-upholstered headboards with nail-head trimming and pelmets and cute curtains in luscious crimson. Pink colors is kindly disbursed in accents such as pillows, modern lamps furniture, throws, and even a pair of poodle sculptures. An home museum features twenty five vintage Barbie dolls on display. A pink Volkswagen New Beetle with a motorized pop-up vanity in the trunk is regularly parked in the garage. So, did you think this house is really perfect? More information visit:

    Shoes Storage Space Furniture - Barbie Malibu House

    Playfull Billiard Room Decor - Barbie Malibu House

    Pink Master Bedroom Idea - Barbie Malibu House

    Outdoor Lounge Pool Decoration - Barbie Malibu House

    Modern Stylish Kitchen Design - Barbie Malibu House

    Mirror Queen Furniture Design - Barbie Malibu House

    Decorative Wall Accessories - Barbie Malibu House

    Cute Chair Furniture Design - Barbie Malibu House

    Cozy Living Room Fun Design - Barbie Malibu House

    Comfortable Teen Girls Bedroom - Barbie Malibu House

    Comfortable Room Fireplace - Barbie Malibu House

    Chic Beautiful Interior - Barbie Malibu House

    Bright Pink Interior Ideas - Barbie Malibu House

  9. Clamp, Modern Upholstered Lamp Furniture like Chesterfield Sofa Design

    December 15, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern upholstered lamp furniture

    Enrico Zanolla and Andrea Di Filippo, both furniture designer are from DZstudio, an Italian famous company designed the beautiful modern upholstered lamp idea named Clamp. The new innovation lighting design version of the couch does a great job in terms of sophistication and elegance taste. The Clamp furniture project is said to be inspired with the well-known Chesterfield sofa. The lamp color option is really exciting, ranging from the classic black and white schemes to a dashing yellow. I absolutely love each and every one of the Clamp models and we think that choosing among them is not all that simple. This modern unique lamp home interior can complement a contemporary interior, adding a spark of glamour and freshness. Still, the decision should be based on the existing home interior design that one wants to upgrade and its design theme.

    Minimalist clamp white design color

    Contemporary lamp design idea

    Clamp unique modern lamp furniture

    Clamp black italian lamp design idea

  10. Minimalist Sleek Apartment White Interior Beautiful Design

    December 13, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Wood Flooring White Apartment Design

    Stunning white apartment interior design in white color can make a minimalist and clean impression. You should check this out some stunning modern apartment interior photos gallery for inspiration. The White apartment has a totality of five comfortable rooms such as dining room, living room, bathroom, bedroom and small kitchen that ensures a royalty living space. The most fascinating apartment room of the crib however, remains the one that the innovative indoor stairs point to, a small space, ideal for reading and meditation. Though, this modern sleek apartment did a great job in doing so. This unique apartment loft idea is not just what one could call common and ordinary. The overall sense of the home is that of an art working studio, as the whole thing seems so neat and beautiful unusual. Take a look at the pictures with patience, as there are so many beautiful details to discover. Give us your opinion by leaving a comment. Alvhem

    Window Design Idea - White Apartment

    White Apartment Modern Small Kitchen Idea

    White Apartment Creative Stair Design

    Wash Machine White Apartment

    Stunning White Apartment Interior Photos

    Study Room Decor White Apartment

    Simple Chair Furniture White Apartment

    Outdoor Space Decoration White Apartment

    Modern Sleek Apartment Interior Decorating

    Modern Indoor Fireplace White Apartment

    Minimalist Small Kitchen White Apartment

    Minimalist Apartment Laundry Room

    Innovative White Apartment Loft Design

    Elegant Master Bedroom White Apartment

    Elegant Leather Sofa White Apartment Furniture

    Cozy Living Space White Apartment

    Contemporary White Apartment Dining Room

    Comfort Living Room White Apartment

    Beautiful White Apartment Family Room