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2011 Cosmopolitan Bathroom Design

March 2, 2011 by newhouseofart

contemporary cosmopolitan bathroom furniture

Duravit give us an option design inspiration to create luxury bathroom design from this product new 2011 cosmopolitan bathroom which can make your bathroom have deluxe and comfortable furniture feel. Called Esplanade is an innovative bathroom idea fixtures made in cooperation with Russian-German architect Sergei Tchoban. It’s quite modern and perfect for your lifestyle. The minimalist, tailored silhouettes provide this unique bathtub, clean toilet, bidet, and cabinet also vanity furniture a neutral sense but not masculine nor feminine design, though the contrast between white ceramic color schemes and dark wood is sharp through a high-quality dose of drama. Created for the modern, cosmopolitan buyer, this new bathroom collection delivers the most excellent of both worlds. Contemporary opulence is about allowing which small bit more yet keeping one’s feet firmly on the ground. More information, visit Duravit website.

opulence cosmopolitan bathroom esplanade design

modern cosmopolitan bathroom vanity

minimalist toilet cosmopolitan bathroom

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