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January, 2011

  1. Cool Upholstered Sofa Modern Design

    January 30, 2011 by newhouseofart

    ultra modern sofa smart technology

    This modern electronic entertainment furniture piece called Athena. One of the futuristic upholstered sofa design which has comfortable sofa hybrid model idea. Absolutely cool multimedia upholstered sofa design which is feature an integrated mobile computer. This sofa includes an integrated laptop, an Apple iPod or iPhone dock, MP3 player with a wireless connection over the 2.4 Ghz radio signal, an eight inch subwoofer and series of loudspeakers. For this modern upholstered sofa you must buy for $15,436, which looks like a bit over the top in these hard times. However, then this furniture designer is destined strictly for the elite of society. Individually, I am pretty sure which most of people do not want a piece of sophisticated furniture such this, except for those of you who want it the luxury touch though comes for an eye-popping price of approx. If you are want to know more about this sofa, you can visit Artanova website.

    multimedia sofa computer hybrid design

  2. Modern Versatile Pool Sofa Aluminum Frame Synthetic Rattan

    January 30, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Comfortable Sofa Pool Furniture

    Do you think this modern versatile sofa design is look comfortable? Yeah, these outdoor sofa pool furniture ideas designed for ladies named Fiore and created by B-alance famous Swiss design firm. The simple sofa ideas won one of the prestigious 2009 Red Dot Awards for its remarkable drawing and arrangement. This is outstanding to the unusual sofa materials used to make it: the handmade sofa furniture, it has an aluminum frame plus synthetic rattan. Particularly made for exterior decors, such as a green home garden, an outdoor modern pool, otherwise the external perimeter of a luxury beach house, the couch is sun proof, sense that the sofa color will not go away in moment. Very versatile, you able to see how it can be prearranged for special situations and also for singular numbers of people. So, do you want to make your pool parties more perfect? Get this one for this sofa from this website.

    Swiss Sofa Pool Exterior Decoration

    Relaxing Sofa Pool White Pink Color

    Outdoor Sofa Party Design Idea

    Fiore Sofa Inspired by Flowers

    Comfortable Sofa Pool Idea

  3. 18 Kitchen Open Living Concept Specific Color Design

    January 27, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white wood green kitchen

    For this day, we are like to give you best inspiration about modern kitchen open living concept design ideas presented by Meedo. This kitchen portfolio product gallery by famous Poland based studio Design Company that have that specializes in kitchen architectural visualization. Take a look at this kitchen photos, there are even one or two pictures which portray one room living. Although mainly of these kitchen renderings would not pass for photo-realism, several of them feature solutions for small spaces which are “life-like” (read short-on-area). Very impressive kitchen idea with specific color, cool rendering design!

    white kitchen blue accents

    white island kitchen chandlier

    traditional kitchen interior design

    traditional kitchen contemporary ideas

    single room kitchen open living

    romantic kitchen chandlier design

    red white kitchen miniamlist design

    open living modern kitchen images

    modern wooden style kitchen

    modern white kitchen wood design

    modern kitchen fancy lighting

    modern green kitchen dining color

    modern black kitchen color ideas

    luxury open kitchen living

    elegant kitchen biege wood accents

    contemporary black red kitchen design

    artistic kitchen design photos

  4. Adjustable Floor Lamp Big Dimension Design

    January 27, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Semjase Floor Lamp Design Ideas

    These minimalist futuristic furniture technology ideas called Semjase Floor Lamp, one of creative design by Italian designer, Sandro Santantonio for Lucente. These modern floor lamp is very wonderful synthesis among a decorative and lighting-technical object and for this explanation it finds a natural collocation both in public places (contract) and in luxury private homes. From the stand, looking such as a drop, develops the hollow body of the lamp, getting to the head, which has too the shape of a drop, but drilled. If you are look at this detail pictures gallery, there is big dimensions, and planned to be elegant lamp furniture for lunge even living room interior. The lamp shape of a bow, slender and fluid, gives an extraordinarily wide lighting, thanks to the adjustable lighting head. For more information about this Semjase Lamp, visit Lucente website – here

    Semjase Floor Lamp Futuristic Design

    Semjase Floor Lamp Furniture Piece

    Innovative Semjase Floor Lamp Furniture

    Elegant Floor Lamp Italian Design

  5. Dining Table Slim Futuristic Design, Kreaty

    January 26, 2011 by newhouseofart

    slim black contemporary table

    Super stylish dining table minimalist design presented by Kreaty, new kitchen and dining table furniture collection available in gray aluminum, white and black color. This futuristic table is created from steel frame is truly suitable for those who live in a modern small apartment where there is not much space to furnish with.  This dining table has an innovative rounded edge design which is created from tempered otherwise laminated glass, separate from the legs. Just like this perfect furniture combination is very elegant in its simplicity and sophistication what creates tables perfect for modern otherwise even futuristic living spaces. With this dining table you able to make an elegant atmosphere in your house. It is suitable for the kitchen interior or for your living room. And certainly this enthusiasm will emphasize your feel.

    slim white futuristic dining table

    slim black white minimalist dining table

    slim black futuristic table

    slim black futuristic dining table

  6. Comfortable Oven Lounge Handmade Furniture

    January 26, 2011 by newhouseofart

    oven lounge reading book room furniture

    If you think that this is a kind of contemporary oven that usually placed in your kitchen? You are wrog guys! If you are take a look at this pictures gallery display below, this is unique lounge furniture design is one of creative idea by students from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP design school. Nice and comfortable lounge design which is can be transformable to suit with your room. It accommodates a one person and is perfect to watch TV in your living room otherwise read the book in your library room. When closed the side drawer hides custom made cushions with cinnamon swirl pattern. Unluckily the only obtainable handmade oven lounge furniture was sold from Etsy lately, but who stops you to get this idea and make your own unique lounge chair?

    transforming oven lounge furniture

    custom handmade oven lounge ideas

    contemporary oven lounge furniture

    comfort oven lounge designs

  7. Baby Room Interior Decorating Ideas

    January 25, 2011 by newhouseofart

    comfortable baby room decor

    Very beautiful baby room interior decorating ideas and baby room furniture design presented by famous German home furnishing company named PAIDI. In business for over than seventy years this company has some intelligent kids rooms design ideas that never seem to run out! The baby nursery room photos gallery display below provides an overview of what exactly to expect when you walk into a PAIDI furniture store. Parents can have modern and comfortable furniture in the baby room which is functional and practical. PAIDI specializes in the development of a kid’s room from the perspective of the child. Maintaining their simplicity, minimalist and their use in mind, the baby room interior is saved and used the angles are utilized very smartly. The wooden shelves present enough storage space solution and beds for the little ones can be used as a sofa when they grow up. These multi-utility kids room are stylish, comfortable and spacious, the three most important aspects when designing a baby nursery rooms. Take a look at this trendy kids room interior pictures for inspiration.

    white wood baby nursery furniture sets

    spacious trendy kids room ideas

    red white baby nursery room interior

    playful kids room interior furniture

    PAIDI baby room furniture ideas

    modern baby room decorating idea

    minimalist blue kids room design photos

    functional baby room storage space furniture

    cute pink baby nursery interior design

    creative baby nursery room decorating

    contemporary baby room interior designs

  8. New Residence Design Large Basement Idea

    January 24, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Amazing Bryanston House  Residence Architecture Plan

    Contemporary home architecture design located in Bryanston Johannesburg, South Africa, we presented to you as design inspiration in this sample interior and exterior pictures gallery shonw below. A new luxury residence built in about 1400 square meter planned by Nico & Werner van der Meulen of Nico van der Meulen Architects cc placed on a 4000 square meter stand in Eccleston Rd, Bryanston. Upon entering through the modern gatehouse design idea you look down the sloping driveway through some large cantilevers protruding from the house structure, some in rust, other rooms clad with unfilled travertine, and an atrium behind a mantis grating screen. Due to the house slope of the stand design, an innovative large basement was designed on the lower side of the property, making a stepped effect on the stand. Next to the front door a large reflective koi pond flows over a retaining wall next to the drive way, with an illuminated indoor glass staircase design behind a two storey curtain wall in the background.

    Upholstered Light Dining Room Design

    House in Bryanston Interior design was completed by M Square Lifestyle Design, and the luxury furniture, room interior decoration and feature lights were by M Square Lifestyle Necessities. The comfortable lounge leads directly onto the deck next to the pool through full width frame-less stacking doors, and through the bar to the lanai. An atrium allows the residents to open the living rooms to cool breezes. The only decorative wall design in the lounge is a double height wall punctured by a 4 meter long fireplace and several illuminated niches, with a covered ceiling with rope lights over it. All the other walls are glass. The house front door is a large piece of pivoted frame-less glass, leading into a double volume entrance hall and formal lounge with a view across the lounge and pool into the garden beyond. A bridge suspended with minimalist steel cables spans across this space. The lift shaft home forms a strong vertical element completed in rust behind the pond. Every single one of this is framed with a cantilevered concrete beam. The wooden staircase behind the koi pond is a double glass construction, with lights between the two layers of glass. Above the lower garage a huge cantilevered structure hangs out, suspended by beams built into its roof. So, team now waiting for your opinion about this new residence architectures.

    Unique White Bathtub Furniture Design

    Services Area Modern New Residence

    Playful Billiard Room Bryanston Residence

    Outdoor Infinity Edge Pool Design

    Natural Bathroom Minimalist Interior Design

    Modern Gatehouse Design Bryanston Residence

    Luxury Kitchen Interior Bryanston Home Idea

    Luxury Bryanston House  Residence Design

    Large Reflective Koi Pond Design

    House Double Volume Entrance Hall Design

    Home Slope Unique Design Bryanston House  Residence

    Home Atrium Residents Open Living Room Design

    Glass Staircase Two Storey Curtain Wall Design

    Front Door Large Piece Pivoted Frameless Glass

    Framed Large Sliding Window Kitchen Ideas

    Formal Lounge Design Pool Garden View

    Family Room Double Volume Private Lounge

    Facade Design Bryanston House  Residence

    Dining Room Modern Glass Chair Furniture

    Contemporary Bryanston House  Residence Exterior

    Comfortable Guest Bedroom Bryanston Residence

    Comfort Leather Sofa Chair Design Bryanston Residence

    Bryanston Residence Modern Home Office Design

    Breakfast Room Elegant Interior Bryanston Home

  9. Modern Garden House Design Idea Dallas, Texas

    January 22, 2011 by newhouseofart

    luxury home garden design photos

    The modern garden house design idea located in Dallas – Texas designed by Cunningham Architects as an intense collaboration between architect, client, and landscape architect, an amazing amount of consideration was incorporated into each feature throughout the entire design and construction process. A modern two story box with outdoor swimming pool design, the stunning home garden idea is clad on three sides with a rain screen system, utilizing Ipe hardwood that will weather over time to a silver-grey sheen. The house elevation and south facade is glazed in frameless, insulated glass units incorporating two eight foot wide sliding glass doors. This luxury green residence is a free-standing addition to an elegant modernist house on an adjoining lot. Several existing Red Oak and Elm trees were incorporated into the garden design, whereby both lots contributed to the formation of a larger garden en mass. A minimal plant palette makes mass plantings used for large textural impact and screening for privacy.

    dining room garden home furniture

    As a contemporary urban retreat home design for an artist and car enthusiast who lives next door, much care was taken to quietly insert this new residence into the neighborhood, yet express the unique identities of the owners. As such, the client’s affinity for the color blue was incorporated into several of the dominating elements within the garden and the house. This eco-friendly house design fluid process was necessary in order to successfully deliver a functional home, regularly capable of hosting informal family gatherings and large social functions.

    decorating garden house entrance gate

    contemporary garden house architecture

    car garage garden home basement

    beautiful garden house exterior design

    wooden garden house living room

    stunning home garden landscape

    south facade garden house design

    purple sofa garden house interior decorating

    modern swimming pool outside house

  10. Contemporary Accent Table Dog Crates Design by DenHaus

    January 22, 2011 by newhouseofart

    ZenHaus is a modern dog crates furniture design presented by DenHaus. This is a contemporary accent table furniture design collection which also can serve as functional bedroom table. The unique dog crates are offered in 4 color options and 2 size variation. This innovative dog crates are presently on sale so you can buy it now for $100 off the price. You can select it if you have a small dog living at your house, you might want to give her with her very own small home. In case you have a modern interior decorating idea which house should also look minimalist and comfortable, and elegant with such dog crate that will acquire a secure and glamour place to call her own while you will get a chic and useful furniture piece.