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February, 2011

  1. Contemporary Apartment Artistic Colorful Interior

    February 27, 2011 by newhouseofart

    small kitchen apartment creative design photos

    Comfortable apartment interior can make your life feel happy and relaxed when you are at home. So, we give you some inspiration to decorating your space become cozy and simple but use small budget. This apartment idea is bright and colorful also personalized through beautiful decorations and modern furniture which mix the vintage look with contemporary touches style. White wall color ideas support artistic wallpaper covering, colorful paintings and useful shelves for innovative storage space. The combine and match furniture looks to have been rightly selected for the apartment interior, but without the fresh lighting and modern prints used all over the apartment house, the feeling would not have been the similar. This small apartment can be found at Stadshem inspires feelings of happiness and a creative system of playing through contrasting elements. Brown, white, green, yellow, red, all bright colors and bold shapes turned the apartment into an exciting place to live. The white minimalist furniture design positioned in the kitchen has mismatched handles which insert in to the artistic feeling and vintage decorations fill the air through a memorable feeling of respect for the ages, very nice! Take a look at this photos here…

    small apartment wardrobe design ideas

    rustic small apartment outdoor space decorating

    natural decoration apaartment dining room

    natural apartment interior with flower vase

    modern vintage apartment family room design

    modern vintage apartment bedroom design

    modern small apartment accessories furniture

    modern apartment bathroom white wall design

    cozy kitchen apartment design ideas

    contemporary vintage apartment loft

    comfortable apartment living room decor

    brown bright apartment bedroom interior

    bold shapes contemporary apartment layout

    black white small apartment toilet

    art deco apartment interior with small budget

    art colorful painting apartment room ideas

    apartment minimlaist kitchen cabinet

    apartment contemporary shelves furniture

    apartment artistic wallpaper design

    vintage apartment architecture plan

  2. Modern Small Apartment Cozy Interior West Stockholm NY

    February 27, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Artistic Small Apartment Wall Decor

    This modern small apartment design can be found in Bromma, west Stockholm, New York city. Using about 80 square meters, this stunning house apartment idea is occupied by a young couple with 2 children’s. Each part of the apartment room interior decorating has a personal story, opening with the artwork wall design which can be found all over the apartment building and finish with a personalized footprint right at the door design. The couple reserved the old door furniture’s and parquet flooring and decisive to salvage what they can from the former house and renovate according to their style and taste. The yellow brick villa color schemes from the early 1960s shelters the comfortable rooms in that the family finds time to come together and take pleasure in the balanced cozy interiors. Found on Skonahem, the small minimalist apartment conveys a feeling of a well maintained and moderately paginated innovation. Mixing vintage color elements and contemporary accents, the house ended up looking such as an extraordinarily personal space. The blinds in the elegant master bedroom have lines from the movie Annie Hall and dark colored walls complement the unique staircase, making an artistic style filter for the decorating elements. New House Of Art team want to share with you some pictures gallery for your inspiration. Here is it…

    West Stockholm Apartment Wood Flooring

    West Stockholm Apartment Living Room Ideas

    Unique West Stockholm Apartment Staircase

    Small Apartment Dining Room with Brick Wall Decor

    Minimalist Bedroom Interior Small Apartment

    Kids Play Room West Stockholm Apartment

    Contemporary Small Apartment New York

    Comfortable Kids Bedroom West Stockholm Apartment

  3. Coolest Kids Rooms Superman & Batman Cartoon Characters Design

    February 25, 2011 by newhouseofart

    batman kids room themes purple color

    Team NewHouseOfArt editor very happy to discover something new that able to give us best inspiration. Today, we are want to share with you about kid’s room interior design idea with cartoon character themes from Warner Bros. A lot of feel which a child’s room decor is unfinished with no several arts in it! Moreover it’s a creative drawing from school that is up on the wall accessories or a couple of ton decorating ideas, the wall become a canvas for imagination! More is less by kids and keeping that in mind, Warner Bros have tied up with CIA International, to get in the coolest DC cartoon characters Superman and Batman to your children’s room. The modern and fun kid’s room furniture such as cupboards, contemporary cabinets, children beds, and study room desks, you name it and it’s available. The use of bright interior, clean, bold colors and a little subtle hue allure your kid into a far flung world of fantasy. If he or she is a batman or superman fan, these would come much suggested! Check this photos gallery:

    superman bookshelves unique design

    modern kids rom superman decor

    kids room cupboards superman pictures

    creative wonder woman kids room wall

    cool superman kids room idea

    bed furniture superman design

  4. Artistic 3D Board Eco-Friendly Design Wall Interior by Glowood

    February 25, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Contemporary Rectangle 3D Board Entertainment Room Wall

    The artistic and durable new 3D BOARD design idea from Glowood Enterprises is based in Mumbai, India is a high-quality and Eco-friendly 3D board for modern interior wall decorations. The fundamental design concept for this unique decorative board came from U.S .A. With this, we usher in the 3D era of indoor decoration. The main material is Plant Fibre which is shaped through purely physical techniques. The product features are three-dimensional relief both simple and fashionable. The -D BOARD promotes green materials with Eco-Friendly technology and through excellent production facilities. With a rising trend towards fashionable and quality lifestyles, people demand a higher standard of Eco-Friendly and personalized artistic decoration materials. The 3D BOARD meets all these requirements superbly. 3D BOARD is the elegant new material for interior and background wall decorations. It can be utilized in Business Places, Public Facilities, Cinema Halls, Bars, Shopping Malls etc.

    Purple 3D Board Wall Decor Living Room

    Modern 3D Board REd Wall Interior Design

    Minimalist 3D Board Wall TV Room Design

    Luxury 3D Board Wall Decor

    Elegant 3D Board Dining Room Wall Design

    More information you can go to the contact below:
    Tel: +91 22 25006171 Fax: +91 22 25006172
    MSN/ Email:
    Skype:  glowood

  5. Digital Parametric Bookshelves by Caterina Tiazzoldi

    February 25, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Colorful Parametric Bookshelves Design

    Laura Andreo has sent to us post submission about unique and colorful digital bookshelves design ideas named “Parametric Bookshelves”. This modern furniture pieces is designed by Caterina Tiazzoldi that uses advanced digital design techniques, and developed by the experience as director of the Advanced Research Lab NSU at the School of Architecture at Columbia University, to accomplish a formal exploration of innovative configurations of a creative bookshelf.

    Unique Parametric Bookshelves Furniture

    When every customer want to buy this bookshelves, they able to make a customization, such as introduces data (length and height dimension, preferred colors option) and the parametric system responds with automatically changing various of the attributes (depth, thickness, color saturation). In this way each, consumer is assured of a unique and unusual configuration. Parametric home furniture, mainly Parametric Bookshelves, helps expand and make an infinite number of exclusive pieces, tailored to the buyer’s requirements, using a single model design. Every element composing Parametric Bookshelves is defined with tree attributes affecting Parametric Bookshelves configuration. Every Parametric Bookshelves is offered of a unique code as a shopper warranty of the uniqueness and originality of the piece.

    Modern Parametric Bookshelves Design

    Cool Parametric Bookshelves Ideas

    The Parametric Bookshelves application of a great number of iterations to a limited number of rules leads to a level of formal complexity and sophistication that it is impracticable to find from traditional processes. The 2009 script, unfolds infinite configurations from comparable proportions. The vision is not just to customize a furniture piece. Parametric Bookshelves able to transform the production process, and was presented at the Young Talent Selection by Giulio Cappellini at the Temporary Museum for New Design During Milano Design Week. You can take a look detail information from credit data here:

    Company Name: Caterina Tiazzoldi / Nuova Ordentra
    Project: Parametric Bookshelves
    Architect: Caterina Tiazzoldi
    DesignTeam: Lorenza Croce, Dora Keller
    Visualization and Pictures: Lorenza Croce, Sebastiano Pellion di Persano
    Word Editor: Caterina Tiazzoldi
    Contact Person: Laura Andreo
    Address: 6, via Fratelli Calandra, 10100 Torino, Italy
    Tel: +393477790857 +19174599930;

  6. Amazing Seaside Beach House Architecture Design

    February 22, 2011 by newhouseofart

    beautiful seaside house design glass walls

    Very spectacular and amazing seaside beach home architecture idea shown at this inspiration! Designed by Sagan Piechota Architecture company located in San Francisco that is have specialized in house residential design and renovation. This stunning ocean side luxury home idea is looks very beautiful and have modern functional concept. According to the architects a well planned housing space is not only aesthetically style pleasing but it improves a harmony and well being of the comfortable houses. The seaside residence architectural plan is situated in Carmel, California – USA. It is surrounded by natural scenic gorgeousness. Carmel has the rich heritage of artists, writers, and poets. It is world well-known for its performing artists, striking beach and artifacts.

    wonderful seaside house design view

    The luxurious beach side house residence is built on the rocky top of a seaside landscape. The seashore residence recognized as Otter Cove is divided into two wings. The Eastern wing provides privacy from the busy highway and the Western wing protects from the ocean wind. The seaside home architectures are incompletely built underground. Underground rooms obtain natural light from the innovative staircases. Underground spaces are peaceful and quiet, whereas upper levels are busy with activity. Floor to ceiling window designs in upper level spaces give wonderful view of the ocean. Stone and glass are the most important materials used extensively in this beach home design. The Eastern wing and Western wing are of arched unique shape. Arched decorative minimalist wall connects both the wings. The comfortable living room area interior decorating is completed through dark grey sofa furniture color themes and bucket shaped chairs. Center table through stone top on the metal frame looks exclusive. Bedroom decor has wooden flooring. Kitchen is divided into different counters. The seaside house is surely an enchanting dwelling to live in.

    stunning seaside house design exteriors

    spectacular seaside house architectures design

    seaside house design second floor interior

    seaside house design minimalist kitchen

    seaside house design living room ideas

    seaside house design gathering space decor

    modern seaside house design bedroom interior

    luxury seaside house design wooden wall

    contemporary seaside house design bathroom

  7. Luxury Celebrities House Interior Design

    February 22, 2011 by newhouseofart

    celebrities house beautiful scenic landscaping courtyard

    If you are interesting and want to know the celebrities Hollywood or Bollywood celebrities’ house design and interior ideas such as Angelina Jolie homes, this is some photos collection of luxury celebrities’ home idea for inspiration. So, what the thing that creates a celebrity house or real estate special from other people home? Whenever the   word celebrity is used, it accounts for something unusual, luxury and comfortable but suite with personal lifestyle. Extravagant scenes are made around their surroundings to create them feel a distinctive personality. In several cases they just affix the amazing features to show a spectacular outlook exterior and architecture design to their homes.

    luxurious lavish interior celebrity home design

    The top four bedding furniture set brands which are presently available in the market are Kylie Bedding, Katie Price Bedding, Linda Barker bedding and Twiggy Bedding. Staring from Ramsay Street Residence, it has moved into the houses of all celebrities to decorate their interior designs and to give them the sense of lavish and luxurious also satisfaction. The artist Jordan is the designer of the brand Katie Price Bedding. Along with the lavishing home decors, the place of the celebrity residence is the most decisive factor in distinguishing their homes form the common man houses. Actually, every celebrity selects the posh and upper class location to erect their homes that create them sense as living space in a stunning mansion or a palace. So if you want to erect a dwelling such as a celebrity house then apart from having lots of money you need to have clear visions how you fancy your home to look like. Now, we want you to take a look about this sample of a elegant and luxury celebrity houses.

    celebrities house marble finish stone bathroom furniture

    celebrities house elated rapturous kitchen space

    celebrities house classy stylish living room

  8. Luxury Watergate House Apartment Washington DC

    February 21, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Minimalist White Bathroom Watergate Apartment Interior Layout

    These modern house apartment ideas series is about how to display gorgeous and luxury design style of living space architecture also decorating layout inspiration. Watergate Apartment is a wonderful for its interior design, sophistication, elegance concept otherwise minimalist because they are looks very beautiful. The building project by Robert Gurney Architect, a famous company with a recognized portfolio which has over 150 architectural plan awards, this Watergate houses is really a complex located in Washington DC – United States of America (USA) which consists of 5 amazing buildings overlooking the stunning view of Potomac River. Designed by Italian architect named Luigi Moretti, the Watergate home is considered one of Washington’s most desirable addresses. This 1,250 square foot unit is situated on the fourteenth floor and was never previously renovated. This place is perfectly modern, clean and super striking, definitely another great dream house place to live in.

    Watergate Apartment Wine Bottle Storage Space

    The Watergate interior design was gutted to essential structure and plumbing, electrical and mechanical infrastructure. Planar walls and cabinetry elements combine through simple and translucent glass to further organize and define rooms. An extended material palette is planned to be subtle and refined. White terrazzo flooring color schemes becomes the stage for Walnut wall paneling, white ash millwork, luminous glass walls, integral charcoal plaster, aluminum and black concrete architectures material. Strips of stainless steel are inset into the white terrazzo to reinforce established geometries and floating ceiling planes. Forms and textures serve to both unify and diversify spatial qualities.

    Watergate Apartment Floor Plan Design Sketch

    Watergate Apartment Complex House Interior

    Watergate Apartment Architectures Plan

    Translucent Glass Bathroom Watergate Apartment Decor

    Spacious Living Room Watergate Apartment

    Opulence Bedroom Watergate Apartment Interior

    Modern Kitchen Watergate Apartment Design

    Minimalist Loft Watergate Apartment Design

    Home Office Modern Watergate Apartment

    Flooring Plan Ideas Watergate Apartment

    Elegant Dining Area Watergate Apartment

    Cool Watergate Apartment Furniture Design Idea

    Contemporary Dining Room Watergate Apartment

    Comfortable Master Bedroom Watergate Apartment

    Images by Maxwell MacKenzie Architectural Photographer.

  9. Sliding Door Wardrobe Design by Carre

    February 19, 2011 by newhouseofart

    wood finish wardrobe

    These are some inspiration about designing personal wardrobes interior design for you. Its necessary must suite with your lifestyle. Carre, Barcelona Furniture Company from Spain presented to us the latest creative wardrobes design ideas that are combine with modern classic chair and other cool furnishings. By exclusive and special emphasis on sliding door wardrobes, Carre shows off its collection in high-quality light through superb photography and designer settings. The wardrobes rooms are spotlessly set with elegant color schemes, furniture and accent pieces which match the product they highlight. Generally, some very good eye-catching…I love it so much!

    white miniamlist wardrobe design

    stylish trendy wardrobe designs

    contemporary sliding door wardrobe

    semi transparent wardrobe

    red contemporary wardrobe

    modern white wardrobe interior

    modern sliding door wardrobe

    luxury wardrobe design inspiration

    innovative wall wardrobe design

    hinged door wardrobe

    corner wardrobe design ideas

    biege wardrobe interior design

  10. 12 Walk In Wardrobes Luxury Design Ideas

    February 19, 2011 by newhouseofart

    You should check this out, our new featured post today about best 12 sample walk in wardrobes interior design pictures gallery shown here. If you want to make your house looks more luxurious, you might be take consideration with walk in wardrobe room. These are modern contemporary wardrobe design collection which is combining with functional storage space furniture ideas for your inspiration. Many people know that walk in wardrobes have always been a symbol of lavishness. If you are the sort of individual that would want to stand back and rub your chin before deciding on what to wear for the day otherwise occasion, these wardrobe interiors would at least provide you various ‘room for thought’ (pun intended). More than the price reason, what goes against like walk-in wardrobes is that they get away important space from your room. Here is it:

    contemporary walk-in wardrobes interior missura emme

    modern walk-in wardrobes design missura emme

    These 2 walk-in wardrobes design is a modern elegant design from famous Italian furniture company called Misura Emme. Its really stunning design…

    wooden walk-in wardrobes interior by ferit presented to us cool wardrobes design collection which have brown and wooden design themes.

    minimlaist walk-in wardrobes design by gautierfr

    Simple, clean and minimalist walk-in wardrobes interior design presented by Gautier looks so comfortable…what do you think?

    innovative walk-in wardrobes design by komandorde

    By Komandore, an innovative walk-ion wardrobes design that may be suites with your personality life style…

    cool walk-in wardrobes interior by Mercantini

    ultra modern walk-in wardrobes by Mercantini

    luxury walk-in wardrobes design idea by Mercantini

    These 3 collection of cool and ultra modern walk-in wardrobes design idea is presented by Mercantini. This is such as dream come true…

    open room walk-in wardrobes design by ortolan

    We are discovering from the website on the internet and find this contemporary walk-in wardrobes by Ortolan

    walk-in wardrobes bedroom interior design

    Do you like such as this walk-in wardrobes bedroom design idea, get the detail information from here Walk-In Wardrobe Store

    comfort walk-in wardrobes bedroom decor by presotto

    simple small walk-in wardrobes design by presotto

    These 2 simple and comfort walk-in wardrobes design collection presented by Presotto.

    So, which one of your favorite design? Tell to us!