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March, 2011

  1. 10 Bathroom Interior Decorating and Remodeling Idea

    March 31, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Hello NewHouseOfArt readers! Today we are like to share with you new idea about bathroom interior decorating and remodeling inspiration. We collect some beautiful bathroom pictures from several sources come from all website in the internet which has modern and contemporary design.

    Jacuzzi Bathroom Design with Harbour View
    This is a Presidential Suite – Master Bathroom Design from Jacuzzi with Beautiful Harbour View which is one of the world’s best bathroom interior design. (source: intercontinentalhongkong)

    Actually, there is not an easy thing to find best bathroom decorating ideas for your house. There are many elements that must be considered such as space, furniture, interior style, etc. From the wonderful tiles to the most useful storage space, the whole thing perfect bathroom decor requirements able to be found on the furniture market. It is up to you (as the home owners) to decide from dissimilar manufacturers and ideas the most excellent bathroom layout and design architectures.  But you have to take into concern the bathroom’s surface, light experience and requirements.

    There are so various bathroom decorating ideas which it looks rather tricky to discover the great mixture between styles, textures and colors. While you have completed renovating, you would like your bathroom to appear and feel relaxing, clutter-free and comfortable with luxury style.

    Many people know that bathroom decorating starts by selecting efficient storage space solutions which will finally assist your bathroom seem less crowded and will provide you a lot of options for bathroom interior. Shrewdly use every part of space available to make storage facilities and maintain a clean minimalist bathroom design. Use the room behind the door to hang clothes, towels otherwise laundry bags and the one above the toilet to store towels or toiletry items.

    The last thing that I suggest to you is about accessorize your bathroom decorating themes with resistant glass shelves, brassware or plastic, depending on your way. Select vivid colors for a refreshing look otherwise soft hue for those calming bubble bath moments. And never forget to enjoy all step of the way. If you have any idea, please share with us!

    contemporary bathroom by Jeremy levine design
    A bathroom interior design that come from two story house architecture design addition to an existing home utilizing passive and active green technology, including: grey water recycling, solar energy, passive thermal, day lighting, interior pocket courtyard with bamboo garden, drought tolerant landscaping, etc.(Source: jeremylevinedesign) via

    luxury master bathroom decorating ideas
    via: pdstahl

    master bathroom with giant shower stall
    photos courtesy of nelsonminar

    minimalist bathroom with unique wall tile
    image courtesy of ryangwu82

    vibrant bathroom idea by rogue designs oxford
    pictures courtesy of rogueinteriordesigns

    comfortable bathroom design and planning
    image courtesy of rogueinteriordesigns

    Tumbled Carrera marble tiles bathroom
    image courtesy of jeremy levine design

    white modern bathroom interior design
    design picture courtesy of wiccahwan

    Bathroom Westin Hotel Long Beach California
    photo source: kathika

  2. 15 Elegant Fireplace For Cozy House

    March 29, 2011 by newhouseofart

    These range of fireplace furniture collection design is purpose to create elegant and cozy home design. There is available indoor and outdoor fireplaces idea that may be interesting for you. Many people love warm light of the fireplace because it can create something comfortable atmosphere. Personally, I associate that the feeling of the fireplace provides us with the memory of a welcoming house where the look of the flames relaxing us and encourage us to dream. I searching and find 15 trendy modern fireplaces that can be your selection and inspiration. Here is it:

    1. Retro Fireplace from Ecosmart Fire

    Modern Retro Fireplace Design

    First, it is all about unique fireplace presented by Ecosmart Fire Company called Retro. This famous furniture maker especially in made a sophisticated and modern fireplace has plenty of collection for you to select from, but one stands out from the rest. The Retro was planned by Marc Philipp Veenendaal and has an extremely revolutionary design.

    2. Modern Minimalist Wall Mount Fireplace

    The second fireplace is purpose for small space in your house. Presented by Fontana Forni that bring us minimalist wall mount fireplace simply hanging on the wall that can let you enjoy kind of comfort atmosphere whatever you have small spaces.

    Minimalist Wall Mount Fireplace

    This fireplace burns bioethanol and if you desire it to have an unusual scent, just find the fragrances for it where you get the fuel. This furniture product model is obtainable in white and red color option.

    3. Pictofocus From Euroflues

    Wall Hanging Fireplace Design Pictofocus

    I am very interesting about this wall hanging fireplace designed by Euroflues. It’s kind of my dream fireplace and very suite with contemporary home interior. I mean really creative, this company has made a fireplace which will fit right in anywhere because it seems such as a huge picture frame. This product called Pictofocus which able to put on every wall and even comes in 2 different sizes. Pictofocus has been awarded at Paris furniture design shows for the simplicity of its drawing. There are 2 ways that it can be installed. It can be installed either as a double sided fireplace otherwise in a corner. It’s depending what you want!

    4.Rusty Fireplace Modus 984

    Rusty Fireplace Modus 984

    When I look at this Modus 984 fireplace design for the first time, I think this is truly creative furniture which has rusty and colored metal body design. This fireplace able to be used in either a corporate otherwise a residential setting. Smart and functional fireplace which is can extend beyond the fire bowl and also able to be used as a table otherwise a comfortable chair. It also has a flue and a fire bowl which is both created from stainless steel material.

    5.Contemporary Saba Fireplace

    Contemporary Saba Wood Fireplace

    The contemporary furniture collection called Saba designed by Wittus is a fireplace which mixes the traditional style and modern along with infusing it through its own exclusive brand of trendy. This fireplace able to be ordered in one of four materials such as painted steel, tile, sandstone, and natural stone. This is a unique freestanding wood fireplace design and also presented in a variety of colors and customization. It comes by a convection heat door, an ash retainer and a window. You are suggested to take a look more this contemporary fireplace.

    6. Fire Line by Planika Fires

    Office Room Fireplace Design Fire Line

    Named Fire Line is a modern fireplace that can be perfect for any office room building otherwise a casino that can be installed on the wall. Designed by Planika Fires Company today it has a house fireplace which will provide you the similar atmosphere. The Fire Line insert also runs on biofuel so you would not have to be anxious regarding the smell of wood smoke and it able to be controlled by the touch of a button on your remote control. It’s amazing!

    7.Modus 998 Fireplace Design

    Modus 998 Fireplace Design

    Perfect for house otherwise commercial building interior design! This Modus 998 is a fireplace that gives a real comfy atmosphere whilst being a focal and statement design piece. This kind of modern fireplace seemingly flue less design is genuine furniture piece of fireplace engineering and ingenuity. The truth which it appears flue less provides the design a real sense of simplicity and sophistication.

    8. Bubble Fireplace with Orange Color

    Bubble Fireplace Orange Color

    This comes from Planika Fireplace Company again. Named Bubble is yet a new in a long line of fireplaces design collection which is designed to give pleasure to. The bubble comes in a variety of color such as red orange and is cylindrical in original shape. If you are looking for mobile fireplace, Bubble is solution for it. It was planned to draw attention and is overwhelming among funky modern designs.

    9. Zeta Portable Ventless Fireplace

    Zeta Portable Ventless Fireplace

    This is the winner of the 2009 Design Award at the Australian International Design Awards. The ultra modern fireplace design called Zeta Portable Ventless Fireplace is designed by John Dimopoulos which has an elliptical shape and it is a combination of special material such as stainless steel, leather and timber. These are portable fireplace and rests on a stainless steel pedestal which swivels. The body is created from plywood and shaped through being heated on an aluminum mold.

    In this Zeta Fireplace you are able to find a firebox insertion that is created from stainless steel and is attached to the plywood. The leather mentioned previous is then used to cover the outer surface. There is a glass screen which is paced on either side of the fire by this means ornamental the visual effect. This Zeta fireplace model is obtainable in five colors selection.

    10. Open Wall Mounted Fireplace

    Open Wall Mounted Fireplace

    Next, we are wanted to let you know about this fireplace product regarding open wall mounted fireplaces. This fireplace is able to be fueled in various multiple ways.  You able to select, wood otherwise bioethanol to fuel it. Whenever you decide gas, it capable of be controlled with remote control system. These fireplace furniture models are custom built so you would have your option in materials, finishes and fuel arrangement. The fire itself would sit on a metal fire pit and it has glass surrounding it on every sides not attached to a home wall.

    11. Fire High Fireplace Unusual Design

    Fire High Fireplace Unusual Design

    Fire High is an unusual fireplace designed by Arik Levy and it’s also available on Planika Company. This furniture firm is adding yet one more fireplace to their venerable line. This design is liked to emphasize how flames able to be light. To realize this idea, as an alternative of using bulky, heavy materials to display the flames, the designer instead used thin bars created from steel. In responsibility of this, Arik Levy hoped to illumine how the fire does not have to seem every consuming, except instead able to be seen with an approximately ethereal quality. Do you love this fireplace design?

    12. “Double” Coffee Table with Fireplace

    Double Coffee Table with Fireplace

    The contemporary and unique coffee table designed with fireplace inside. It’s we take from Planika collection again! Named Double this is such as coffee table with a “bonus”. It has a smokeless fire built right in it! With using the Glassfire Technology, the designer has integrated a fireplace right into the coffee table and you would not even have to be concerned about smoke, ashes or even the fire itself! It’s very cool!

    13. Scale Fireplace Work of Art

    Scale Fireplace Work of Art

    Minimalist fireplace design, Scale is designed by Aktys. He is the creative furniture designer that created this kind of wok of art fireplace. The Scale can really be fastened to the house wall just by using 4 screws. The Scale is ideal for persons that want the look of a fireplace but who do not have the space for one. There is no floor space necessary; simply a enough amount of wall space is needed. Wonderful idea!

    14. Malle On Fire Outdoor Mobile Fireplace

    Malle On Fire Outdoor Mobile Fireplace

    The other name of this fireplace is “Fire in the Trunk” (in English version). The Malle On Fire fireplace is one of the unique mobile outdoor fireplace new design idea come from Atria. When you have limited space in your house and you have guest come over and you guys would like to enjoy a cozy fire, so this is perfect solution for that.

    You just pull out your white trunk color, flip the lid up and set it ablaze. Your friends will be surprised. This was created in this fashion so that you might have a fire when you required without having a fireplace sitting around taking up wall space. Simple but awesome!

    15. Gaia Fireplace with Glass Panels

    Gaia Fireplace with Glass Panels

    The last fireplace design that we want to show to you is Gaia. Gaia is a luxury wall fireplace designed with large glass panels on both sides and the front. This fireplace was recognized as the goddess that made life and the progenitor of fire. The designer Arkiane of this fireplace furniture took that to heart in creating it. Looks perfect for comfy living room interior!

  3. Modern Horizontal Balustrade Stair Design

    March 29, 2011 by newhouseofart

    new modern staircase design pictures

    Every day we have product submission design which comes from various famous companies in the world. Today, we want featuring innovative outdoor stair design from Mahadevwood. This high-quality modular stair idea is planned to give a new way and elegant style for your home or hotel architectures.

    This is some description from Mahadevwood about this Bharat Variya stair:

    Staircase is most Important and attractive part of our home and garden. This modern outdoor stair design by Mahadevwood, This belove Horizontal balustrade Stair has different unique design with its straight balustrade system. The staircase is exclusive by its assembled long balustrade that looks perfect match Modern style. This staircase looks trendy because of the wooden rounded balustrade set size by size small. These types of Balustrade assembled any of the places like home, hotel, Garden stair and any exterior and interior public place. This staircase design can made in Wood, MDF, Plastic, and various kind of Glass rods etc…

    modular staircase design idea

    modular staircase design architectures

    modular stair innovative design

    modern stair hotel garden design

    minimalist home staircase design

    indoor house staircase designs

    contemporary outdoor staircase

    Detailed information, you can find here:

  4. 12 Design Baby and Kids Furniture Catalog by BM2000

    March 26, 2011 by newhouseofart

    vivid convertible baby crib

    Let us introduce new and bright baby and children furniture catalog design for 2011 presented by BM2000 Company. The 12 colorful furniture absolutely can make your kids more happy and create a fun kids room. We are discovering from the official BM2000 website and find a lot of attractive novelties shown in here at photos below. There are furniture solutions for every age, designed for boys and girls, for one teenager, two or three kids obtainable. Every part of novities stands out thanks to especially vivid and original designs. Bedsides cabinets are amazing; every one of them has its personal funny appearance.

    smart convertible nursery furniture

    The next thing about this BM2000 kid’s furniture is flexibility and mobility. It’s very important part, because allow you to safe your cash and find a crib, toddler and children’s bed in one product. Beds, room cabinets, contemporary desks, and study room space every one of of them have awfully smart and ergonomic constructions, so you would not have storage space problem any longer. Very creative wall stickers design with different animals that are so cool and also presented in a large range, are wonderful to refresh and decorate kid’s room interiors and preferably complement BM2000’s furniture. This kids colorful furniture is very awesome!

    pink funny kids furniture designs

    new bright baby furniture design product

    modern toddler beds furniture

    modern kids bedroom furniture ideas

    mobility nursery room furniture set

    minimalist cool kids cabinets study room

    flexible ergonomic kids furniture

    creative children loft bed

    colorful bedsides cabinets design ideas

    bright colorful kids furniture

  5. Yelp Office Design, San Francisco

    March 26, 2011 by newhouseofart

    yelp office workspace design

    We take it this video from famous startup blog named TechCrunch. We are very interesting about the video that showed a modern Yelp’s office interior and exterior design. A short video talk about the walk-through of local search and community site of the office is looks very amazing. This Yelp office is located in San Francisco, USA designed by the sane architect of Facebook office named Studio O+A, the miniature hub was planned to capture the start-up spirit in an entertaining manner in addition to include references to San Francisco city. We get some pictures gallery and also embedded the video in this post. You better take a look, and leave us your opinion by dropped a comment!

    The credits we given to TechCrunch as video courtesy site, and photos gallery by Fast Company.

    yelp office interior floor designs

    tech office space interior design

    modern yelp office space decor

    fun yelp office interior furniture

    artistic yelp office wall art

    The Yelp Office video is about 9 minute 41 second

  6. Fun House Idea , Milan Hotel with Fairy Tale Interior

    March 21, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Stripe Vines Room Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Ideas

    Some time ago, we are making post about furniture Alice in wonderland, and in this day we want to show you fun house idea, make a living space such as in fairy tale. We got it from the luxury Italian Milan Hotel interior design. As many people know that Italy has forever been embraced for its multicultural activities, however what Milan City is most recognized for is fashion and design. You can take a look about this hotel decoration; it’s very unique and have amazing atmosphere. This luxurious hotel belonging to the styles of renowned Moschino, is almost certainly different with another hotel that you have seen before.

    Looking further such as a playful and fun house of fairy tales, this four story dream station named “Maison Moschino” is more than just a comfort hotel and more such as a surreal alternate reality. Every one of the hotel room design has a theme which indulges the mind with saturating your sight through sensual and illusory dream such as pictures and the most excellent part is they are the entire so unusual and fantastic! So except you are an ordinary people, you not at all be familiar with kind of experience you will find! From the wonderful glowing lamps furniture shaped in the form of a famous Moschino dress, to the cupcake pillows accessories, this hotel leaves nothing to the imagination but paints a vivid color one for you.

    I suggest to you, to visit this hotel whenever you are going to Italy, but I just don’t know how much it’s cost for one day…

    Romantic Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Furniture

    Pastry Chandelier Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Photos

    Modern Sculpture Room Milan Hotel Fairy Tale

    Modern Lobby Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Designs

    Milan Hotel Sexy Fairytale Decor Bedroom

    Luxury Milan Hote Fairy Tale Decorating

    Comfort Bedroom Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Decors

    Baked Pillows Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Design

    Antique Keys Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Decor

  7. Kerala House with Stunning Arabian Sea, Chowara

    March 19, 2011 by newhouseofart

    stunning kerala house natural view

    Well, this is one of my dream houses that may be yours too.  The stunning architecture design and natural views can be the focal point in this house. This very loveliness home is situated on a cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea at Chowara, Kerala and is the latest architectural design project work of Bangalore based architects Khosla Associates. And then, I called it “Kerala House”. Purpose for holiday home for a London based customer, the residence includes some decks for savoring the striking 180 degree panoramic ocean views which it is blessed with. This Kerala home interior seem basically traditional with the typical Kerala style design elements which you usually see around this part of the world but still are not totally without contemporary influences. Check this out some gorgeous photos gallery. via

    stunning house residence panorama

    outdoor dining space with beach view

    modern infinity pool overlooking sea

    modern cliff house kerala design

    luxury dream houses kerala

    internal open space architecture

    indoor water design ideas

    indoor tub open space contemporary design

    amazing house architecture on a cliff

  8. Bulgari Hotel Resort Design in Bali

    March 19, 2011 by newhouseofart

    stunning view beach pool resort bali

    When you are going to Indonesia, you should visit Bali. Why? Because this island have great beach views and stunning panorama that you can never forget. If you are looking for hotel in Bali, we had exhausted seeing every part of your scenic luxury hotel resources, there pops a different one! This named Bulgari Resort designed by Milan based architectural studio called Antonio Citterio and Partners. This luxurious resort in Bali characterizes a contemporary interpretation of a synthesis of perfect Italian design and traditional home living Balinese style. Perched on a 150m high cliff, the resort presents spectacular natural views of the Indian Ocean to all its 59 villas. Place too is a prime selling point here. Take a look at this pictures gallery, and click on the images to see the high-quality resolution.

    outdoor cool twin pools design

    modern hotel resort pool dusk idea

    luxury bali hotel resort architectures

    hotel resort elegant lounge bali

    glorious pool balinese hotel design

    awesome hotel resort bali relaxation spot

  9. 30 Contemporary Bathroom Interior Design

    March 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

    warm bathroom with glass ceiling

    We back again with this beautiful bathroom interior decorating ideas come from famous Italian company named Cesara. The new trends of contemporary bathroom design we shown at this best 30 sample pictures gallery. We love to share! We like to give you an inspiration! So, you can take a look and share your opinion about this bathroom idea. Many people know that contemporary or modern room themes that was previously limited to the living room and bedroom, is currently being carried to the bathroom additionally. This bathroom style has its own unique aura, and it is extremely hard to get the matching sense and approach with use of other styles of designs. The minimalist, fresh, clean and sleek line of contemporary design simply creates the bathroom warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    unique interior bathroom towel holder

    Here, our opinion about the contemporary bathroom design element that we explain in the short description:

    stunning bathroom interior decorating ideas

    Minimalist clean and straight silhouettes: Contemporary room interior design usually deals with minimalist, simple, and clean silhouettes. So, the contemporary bathroom requirements must have to use characteristic straight, fresh and neat line. Whether it is the bathroom cabinets and furniture, the bath fittings otherwise the bathroom vanity, the silhouettes have to be minimalistic, unsophisticated and functional.

    opulence black contemporary bathroom

    Lighting Decoration: The core of a contemporary bathroom interior might be simply painted with the proper use of unique lighting decoration. The ideal lighting in a bathroom following contemporary theme should be bright. Why is it must have bright lighting? This is the reason, because bright and crispy lights easily provide way to modern sleek and fresh appearance. If dimmer light is a necessity in your bathroom, then you might think to install accent lights on the bathroom wall. On the other hand, find the bathroom planned in such a way which the lighting is focused away from shower area and the bathtub furniture.

    modern sleek white bathroom

    Bathroom Furniture: The contemporary bathroom furniture and fittings is recognized to play a crucial role in the interior design.  One piece minimalist toilets, plain and sleek shaped tubs, and additional creative bathing accessories and fixtures in mixture of materials, featuring metallic finish and in subtle and cozy shades are some popular elements of contemporary bathroom design. Do you agree with us?

    modern bathroom faucet mirror

    Bathroom Color Schemes: The perfect contemporary bathroom color schemes are should be a combine of neutrals with bold colors. To make a comfortable spa like feel, select colors such as bright ivory, aqua, purple and silver. What about black white color? We think that white and black color palette by splashes of bright color like lemon yellow, hot pink; grass green is also an ordinary color scheme in contemporary interior bathrooms.   The various other color options you might choose are grey, white, red and black; ivory, tan and chocolate brown; yellow, red, ivory and purple. It’s depend on your way to design and make a style on your bathroom.

    minimalist white bathroom with unique bathtub

    Bathroom Interior Decorations: As you know that the contemporary bathroom decoration to be used in should be very minimalistic style. Additionally, it supposed to also be in alignment with the color scheme. Moreover make certain that decorative items are in single color and material. Don’t forget to blend with any bathroom fixtures.

    luxury bathroom lighting ideas

    luxury bathroom design unique floor tile

    luxury bathroom decoration ideas

    innovative bathroom shelf designs

    green white bathroom natural design

    gorgeous red white bathroom interios

    fancy bathroom seating furniture set

    exquisite bathrooms interior furniture

    elegant bathroom wash basins

    deluxe bathroom cactus plant

    decorative bathroom accent wall

    cute girls bathroom design photos

    contemporary bathroom furniture designs

    comfortable bathroom wall art picture

    colorful bathroom elegant design style

    clean bathroom artistic wall designs

    chic biege contemporary bathroom ideas

    blue biege bathroom decor style

    black white bathroom interior color

    beautiful bathroom interior color schemes

    bathroom with personal touch indoor pool

    bathroom rug chair furniture

    bathroom pantone chair design

    Well, this is our latest inspiration about contemporary bathroom idea, We hope you love this design.

  10. Retro Modern Bathroom Classic Shapes Edge

    March 14, 2011 by newhouseofart

    art deco bathroom bathtub design furniture

    For this year, Jaime Hayon, as the well-know Spanish designer that live at Barcelona designed a retro modern bathroom idea for mosaic company Bisazza. If you ask to me about this bathroom style, I think this is a wonderful art deco design that can be great inspiration to remodel your old bathroom. This 2011 bathroom collection has classic shapes and truly contemporary edge design. The various products includes such as minimalist toilets, sinks, unique bathtubs, faucets, shower enclosures, luxury mirrors, lamps, storage space units and bathroom accessories characterized with their slim silhouettes, with an ultra modern twist. The designer said that this collection recalls the glamour style of the 1930s, with a Scandinavian feel and feminine appearances. This elegant and iconic era comes to life in the cut diamond sinks; a rich color palette schemes of black and white, also gold and platinum; and deluxe materials such as ceramic and marble, chromed steel and aluminum copper finish. We provide you sample pictures gallery for reference, and may be you want visit Bisazza to get more information.

    white art deco bathroom deluxe furniture

    ultra modern bathroom faucet design

    natural art deco bathroom style

    minimalist art deco bathroom ideas

    elegant sinks art deco bathroom design

    contemporary art deco bathroom edge design

    black white art deco bathroom design

    art deco bathroom luxury mirror