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April, 2011

  1. Gorgeous Space Design, Unconventional Office Interior

    April 24, 2011 by newhouseofart

    unusual meeting room design

    Look at this 12 best sample modern unconventional office design idea created by famous Russian interior designer named Stanislav Orekhov. He is much recognized for his excellent CG visualization skills in rendering life-like comfortable office atmosphere. So, on this day I like to put collectively a list of several of the pretty unusual looking gorgeous office spaces design that he has rendered. The importance is on public room “common spaces” surrounded by offices. While there is no clear suggestion on which of these actually ended up suitable actual office construction, at the moment I am presently content enough staring at these stunning office interior photos.

    unique chair office space furniture

    stunning office tennis court

    scenic open office idea

    natural office lounge plant

    modern futuristic office lounge

    green office lounge room

    grand white office decor

    futuristic office designs

    fun office play area

    classy office lounge

    amazing office interior space

  2. Popular Modern Kitchen Design by Logoscoop

    April 24, 2011 by newhouseofart

    wooden timber kitchen elegant style

    Trendy kitchen design by famous company named Logosscoop can be one of your inspirations to make dream kitchen. Why I say like that? Because of the modern kitchen interior is perfectly combined with color, and furniture selection. This popular kitchen is looks very wonderful. It clean and comfortable! We are alredy know that there are so several companies currently which specialize in decorating or designing a kitchen. For your information, the difference with Logoscoop lies in the fact which they do not restrict themselves by means of what is fashionable quite they respond to every kitchen plan epigrammatic individually and try to reflect the end user’s character in the plan. Logosscoop give consideration to the daily life and habits of the every customer, allowing for a higher level of element.

    wonderful neutral kitchen

    The important part of this kitchen design that make me fall in love is the colorful and functional idea. Each kitchen is designed in extraordinary manufacture. The company innovative design style to the kitchen decors allows the end product to be characteristic though still being serviceable. Splashes of color, contemporary storage space solutions and how the kitchen flows from the rest of the home are essential elements that have been watchfully considered by the kitchen designer’s follow-on in various extraordinarily attractive solutions as is apparent from these kitchen sample pictures gallery.

    trendy orange kitchen design pictures

    simple industrial kitchen designs

    neutral kitchen design idea

    modern yellow kitchen splashback

    minimalist popular industrial kitchen

    green industrial kitchen ideas

    contemporary timber kitchen design

    concealed orange kitchen style

    comfortable orange kitchen photos

    colorful kitchen feature wall

    clean yellow feature kitchen design

  3. Swedish Family House Neutral Interior Decoration

    April 20, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white grey family house living room

    You will be interesting about this stunning Swedish home design. The modern Swedish house interior combines perfectly with perfect furniture selection which can create comfortable and airy atmosphere. So, you can imagine, how the feel is if we are living on such this dream home. NewHouseOfAart.Com brings to you one more which lie in the heart of the Swedish neighborhood Kungsladugard. This modern apartment has been renovated many times that allows it to have a narration that is revealed with a variety of layers of finishes. The house renovations still maintained its connection to its 1920?s roots while it was planned by Arvid Fuhre in the style of Governor House. I think it is beautiful Swedish apartment decoration that can give us best inspiration to renovate our homes.

    tree wall feature natural mood

    As the usual Swedish home design, this apartment is using a neutral base and then adding onto this contemporary detailing like the furnishings and decorative wall coverings is obviously exposed all through the apartment house. This Swedish house was formerly planned purpose to provide accommodation big families nevertheless it does this with no being too ostentatious otherwise awesome. The generally effect is of a light and airy room that you might simply see yourself occupying.

    This modern Swedish apartment property listing site Stadshem explains the every room decoration as provided in this following part:

    Swedish House – Living Room Interior

    The comfortable apartment living room renovation has an elegant, yet easy-furnished floor plan. In this part you are able to simply place a sofa, TV stand, bookcase, and more furniture idea without losing the mood of spaciousness. The orientation of the Swedish house creates the space fill with afternoon and evening sun. One of the apartment wall designs are adorned by a birch-patterned wallpaper from Cole and Son.

    Swedish Apartment Parents Bedroom or Master Bedroom

    The decoration of these Swedish apartment inner halls you are able to reach the apartment-sized comfy master bedroom. It suites simply one full bed furniture and nearness to the enclosed home courtyard that is enable one to sleep by open windows with no being disturbed. The house room interior, previously the modern kitchen in a small house and the existing curve pantry currently serves as a charming linen minimalist closet. Furthermore, there are 2 contemporary cupboards in the neighboring inner hall.

    Swedish Home – Bathroom Design
    The Swedish house bathroom interior design is en suite through parental bedroom or master bedroom. The creative bathroom walls are tiled in a gray color schemes beige hue, and on the floor is mosaic matching. Shower Corner is prepared through both hand nozzle and unique shower head furniture.

    Modern Swedish Apartment Kitchen Space
    The modern and handy kitchen space design through kind bench space, ample storage space and mood lighting. The divide desk corner is created from walnut through concrete material as mud flaps. There is apartment room for placing a dining table for at least 4 people.

    Fun Kid’s Bedroom Design
    The large apartment room is separated into 2 smaller room designs with contemporary mirror sliding doors among them. There is interesting thing about the idea. You can see that the room windows are fixed by separate wall mounted desk. In the back apartment room that is ornamented with wallpaper from Ferm Living, a place built bed by storage space underneath. In case you desire to have entirely divide rooms, there is chance to pick up a doorway from the kitchen space.

    timber bookshelf furniture living room

    swedish kitchen space and dining room

    swedish apartment bathroom clean interior

    stunning swedish house apartment view  terrace

    study room design with wall feature

    storage space idea behind curtain

    sketch apartment swedish house floorplan

    shoe coat area near front door

    open apartment shower natural design

    modern swedish home living space

    neutral bedroom cozy atmosphere

    modern small kitchen swedish home

    modern built in wardrobe design

    mirror sliding door design apartment

    laundry room swedish home

    kitchen room and kids study room

    kids bedroom with study space interior

    hall used study room design interior

    hall and dressing room contemporary style

    counter top wash basin ideas

    comfortable dining room table design for apartment

    comfort swedish house terrace area

    childrens bedroom fun interior design

    built in storage space study room design

    built in storage bed furniture idea

    apartment inner hall from bedroom

    airy reading room corner apartment

    if  you want more detail information, you can visit this site

  4. 11 Delightful Architecture Design Photography

    April 18, 2011 by newhouseofart

    unique house in forest architectural photography

    In this Monday, our team are interesting to share with you about most stunning and amazing architecture design photography portfolio by James Silverman. He is a United Kingdom based creative photographer that give us inspiration in this sample 11 photos gallery concerning architectural house and building design idea. The delightful photography design is also available for dining room, kitchen, and library room decor. James Silverman eye for artistic viewpoints is pretty obvious from these shots and it is no shock which a number of these have graced magazines such as Architectural Digest and Elle Decor. Check the pictures here, and find more photography design at James Silverman website.

    wooden kitchen photography

    stunning interior design photography

    natural forest house pond photography

    modern library room interior photography

    modern fireplace furniture design photography

    home courtyard design photography

    creative dancer painting photography

    contemporary interior design photography

    beautiful home architecture design photography

    amazing house photography design by lake

  5. 15 Modern Bathtub Portfolio Design by BluBleu

    April 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

    yellow cool bathtub design

    We bring to you some modern bathroom design portfolio come from famous Italian furniture company BluBleu. The cool bathtubs furniture design inspiration available in this 15 sample photos gallery (you can click on the image to enlarge it). When you want to remodeling or redesigning your bathroom, you can select one of it that may be suite for your design idea. As more and more companies begin to visualize bathroom interiors as spaces for treat and living, the concepts they put forward tend to reflect this idea. The lovely bathtubs presented here is no unusual and the high end bathtub fittings they design create reasonably a declaration. Modern bathtub designed with vivid color schemes and sporting headrests, several of this even have an innovative storage space solution which is built into them. Get beautiful and comfortable bathroom interior by use one of these stunning bathtubs!

    timber finish bathtub bathroom

    soft angles bathtub minimalist design

    rectangular bathtub with head rest

    rectangular bathtub design furnitures

    organic shaped bathtub design

    modern bathtub with storage space

    luxury purple bathtub design

    elegant red bathtub design

    dark timber finish bathtub

    cool pink bathub color design

    contemporary timber finish bathtub

    built in oval bathtub furniture

    black white bathtub design

    angular bathtub with head rest

  6. 11 Modern Bedroom Zhengzhou Training Schools Interior Design

    April 13, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white bedroom masculine theme design

    In this day, we are very interesting to introduce to you best 11 pictures gallery of modern bedroom design presented by Zhengzhou Interior Design Training schools. The comfortable and elegant element is very considered in this bedroom idea. This school interior design company teaching philosophy uses the design of training classmates work. The technique the school is run looks to be directly hinged on the focal point of providing the learners a thoughtful of what the workplace will be approximating and what will be projected of them. The creative school has a exacting policy of ensuring which every student is competent to obtain the assist they need in the classroom, hence only allowing 8-10 people per class.

    ultra modern student bedroom linear

    You will say “wonderful bedroom design” after looking at the photos. The students work obviously gives you an idea about attention to detail in their bedroom interior design process with their concentration to feature. The students all use common themes of contemporary simplicity. The end luxury bedroom decor result is a solid grasp in the thoughtful of European styles in furniture and decorating layouts. The graphic computer rendering skills are very good indicating which the students will know how to be successful in the workforce. Here is it….

    student minimalist bedroom timber design

    simple student bedroom nature feature wall

    opulent student bedroom organic

    luxury bedroom geometric feature walls

    elegant student bedroom chandelier

    deluxe student bedroom paisley feature wall

    cool design student bedroom purple walls

    contemporary student bedroom circles

    comfortable student bedroom feminine theme

    via: Home-Designing

  7. Tropical Villa with Neutral Color Design

    April 11, 2011 by newhouseofart

    modern tropical villa pool design idea

    As we are posted before about villa design, this second inspiration also regarding contemporary tropical villa architecture design of Casas del Sol. As many people know that having decorate house in the tropic countries in not an easy thing to do. There is a lot of element to be considered. To me, this villa design is such as a luxury VIP resort with great environment views. Almost the purpose for people who want to make a house living or villa in the tropical country is to make a place for relaxation or rest at weekend day. Because of hot climate and lots of sun and ocean able to create such villas an island of paradise.

    minimalist tropical villa toilet design

    This gorgeous villa architecture is using neutral color idea to decorating the interior and exterior space. And, if you take a look detail about the villa furnishing there is available elegant and modern furniture that seem such it invites you to sit down and calm down. The Casas del Sol villa characteristic design feature of a unique arrangement of contemporary interior through the local exotic. The fantastic coffee table created from a piece of local wood provides personality to the place. The innovative chairs and table are also created from the local solid wood material. Jalousie all over the place hides the home owners from the redundant sun. If you ask for my opinion, I think the villa interior is truly fantastic for spending your holiday at the beach.

    Via: nata shatalova

    hoilday house tropical villa architectures

    elegant tropical villa interior design

    contemporary tropical villa cortyard

    comfortable tropical villa living room

    bright bedroom tropical villa idea

    contemporary tropical villa interiors

    wood table tropical villa furnitures

    white sofa design tropical villa furniture

    two bed bedroom idea tropical villa

    stunning tropical villa outdoor beach views

    solid wood tropical villa chair table furniture

    rustic tropical villa bedroom decor

    relax outdoor space tropical villa

    natural tropical villa open plan dining room

  8. Luxury Estate, Villa Colani with Futuristic Home Appliance

    April 11, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Architecture Villa Colani Design

    Designed by Luigi Colani, the amazing ultra luxury villa indoor and outdoor decoration with best selection at futuristic furniture and home appliance can make you comfort when you stay at this place. This villa called Villa Colani located on the Majorca, Spanish Island and the architecture building design is finished in 2009. May be you have been seen on eBay classified that this house went for a cool $28 million. So, I think this luxury estate is truly amazing and NewHouseOfArt use as featured today post.

    Villa Colani comfortable retreat has each deluxe design covered from the 1,230 square feet of 24 carat gold used in the modern outdoor swimming pool and home to the remote controlled appliances, curtains and security system to the Swarovski crystal panels in the select Colani door. And there are also golden furniture and romantic crystal chandeliers accessories.

    awesome villa colani einfahrtstor

    The magnificent finishes obviously explain the residences Majorcan influence. The custom made spherical home appliances reflect Colani’s natural and futuristic forms for which he is so well-known. Villa Colani is an awesome home idea with full of gadgets, glitter and gizmos. But of the top quality and cost. The luxurious estate is a series of an innovative circular structures, connected through terraces, water features and wrapped in a package wherever the home exterior design is  use bright orange color schemes (even though it appears more taxicab yellow in the pictures gallery below.) As you can see, there is an eclectic combine of statues, blue marble columns by gilded plinths, genuine gold mosaic in the bathroom, and an ultra modern pool which abuts openly to the exterior of the home.

    The exclusive Villa Colani door, with the doors to the 5 other entrances, are all decorated with original Swarovski crystals creatively inset into the panel so that they sparkle from both the exterior and surrounded by the residence. The demanding renovation of the luxury villa was followed directly with the media in Majorca and Germany. And the highest media moment came when Colani himself visited to witness the installation of the Villa Colani entrance door.

    Can you imagine, how’s feel when you are in this house? via

    Villa Colani teil unterer pool ideas

    Villa Colani stunning spanish island view

    Villa Colani orrange outdoor paint color

    Villa Colani impression terrassenteil oben

    Villa Colani impres untere terrasse

    Villa Colani bathroom mirror furniture

    unique Villa Colani facade design

    ultra modern pool Villa Colani design

    opulent bedroom Villa Colani decor

    modern villa colani teil garage

    luxurious Villa Colani night view

    gold color Villa Colani interior themes

    deluxe Villa Colani interior decorating ideas

    cool design Villa Colani

    contemporary Villa Colani interior layouts

    comfortable Villa Colani living room

    comfort villa colani saloon design

    beautiful Villa Colani beach views

  9. Barrique Collection, Contemporary Walnut Kitchen

    April 8, 2011 by newhouseofart

    walnut kitchen unit design furnitnure

    As we know, kitchen is the part of most important space in our house because kitchen is the usual space where you start your day such having breakfast in the morning time otherwise drinking your coffee / tea, and the areas with the most flavor. So, the ideal kitchen furniture and appliances must be select carefully to create comfortable atmosphere in this room. And then, I suggest this Barrique collection walnut kitchen furniture designed with elegant and contemporary style. Certainly, kitchen straight and simple minimalist design can get our eyes. Personally, I love the kitchen base cabinets, the work-top otherwise the peninsula.

    walnut gloss mustard lacquer kitchen furniture

    We are presented and discover this kitchen furniture in this 8 pictures gallery. When your modern kitchen is equipped by multitasking, and multi-functional appliances and well-placed furniture then you are able to spend a little less time in there. I think that Barrique collection is a high-quality investment for your dream kitchen, not just because it has a sleek lacquered design with steel accents, but also because of its wonderful color schemes. Why don’t you bring one of this furniture to your kitchen room interior? via

    simple color schemes kitchen furniture design

    multi tasking kitchen storage space ideas

    multi functional kitchen appliances

    modern walnut kitchen furniture designs

    minimalist lacquered kitchen cabinets

    contemporary walnut kitchen furniture design

  10. Class Room Interior with Splash Color Idea

    April 8, 2011 by newhouseofart

    cool class room colorful interior design

    We bring to you new inspiration of modern school design with fun and colorful design. Designed by smith+tracey famous designer based on Australia architect that created this class room interior with a splash of color idea. A cool combination between room decor and creative furniture selection make this class room very amazing.  The driving force in the school design architectures is the well being of the learner’s. With this in intelligence the smith+tracey have come up by solutions which both connect the students and turn aside from what they would usually imagine for a school environment.

    unique school furniture design

    The class room of this school design is adaptive and very fascinating. The awesome use of color breaks up the areas keen on different zones for group work, classes and single study spaces. The color is not just used on the walls although. The wall color designs usage contains the floors contemporary furniture and even the ceilings, stepping away from the characteristic drab colors that you will frequently find in schools. The class room color decorating is not breathtaking either, being balanced through a neutral base of grey and white color schemes. I think it is very excellent to observe school designers stepping outside the box and not being frightened to seek something new ideas. As mainly parents will be grateful for their kids become more engaged the more engaging the environment creating this school environment perfect for kids and adults alike. Take a look at the pictures gallery, and click on the image to see the larger pictures.

    neutral color floor tile texture design

    modern school interior decorating ideas

    learning space fun class room idea

    decorative school interior wall design

    comfortable class room interiors

    colorful space modern school interior design