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June, 2011

  1. Contemporary Alemanys 5 Apartment with Simple Material

    June 30, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Unique Alemanys 5 Apartment

    Perhaps you will not be familiar with the name and design of contemporary Alemanys 5 Apartments. Because as you know that although Alemanys 5 Apartments have been covered with simple material building such as rough stone walls and exposed wooden beams rotted, but Alemanys 5 remains the perfect apartment. Because Alemanys 5 Apartments have an exceptional character of the medieval period. One 16th-century building that until this moment in mind is located in Girona, while in Spain have been waiting a very long time to meet modern innovation.

    modern spain apartments design

    Then talked about the materials used by Alemanys 5 Apartments, you should know that the material used is actually simple. Namely from contemporary materials and furnishings that add contrast, so this can give someone feel good for the interior are provided with modern nuances.

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Staircase Design

    Next talk about the architect who has created a beautiful vacation rental with full of luxury amenities without sacrificing the charm of an ancient one, so that they can make a valuable historic building is Anna Noguera. Who was able to make the house of the sixteenth century, Alemanys 5 in Girona, Spain, opposite the Plaza Sant Domenech who has been renovated into 2 luxury apartments, with juxtaposes medieval style with modern elements to gift the visitors. So that the visitors could feel the full comfort. And for these apartments feature is the presence of a heavy ornaments, which makes this place seem friendly with simple elements that adorn the walls and interior. so make them warm.

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Living Room

    So, how about your decisions now? While currently there are five apartments Alemanys, you can find beautiful in their own homes. Are you going to try to decide between a vacation rental home in the mountains or the beach? Because maybe at this time you’re looking for a house to rent in a city. For this reason, it would be better I suggest to you for next trip to Europe. Because only with $ 170 U.S. night, you can stay in Alemanys 5 new vacation rental located in Girona, Spain surrounded by a modern interior design. And you should know that Alemanys this 5 has two apartments for rent. Namely El Badiau, which is two floors above and El Jardi (whole house can be rented).

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Interior

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Garden

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Fireplace

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Decorating Ideas

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Bedroom Idea

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Backyard

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Architecture

    Source: Alemanys 5 Apartments

  2. 12 Generous Wood Accents Interior Idea

    June 26, 2011 by newhouseofart

    wooden walls and bookshelf design

    All the wooden room interior design inspiration below is designed by Marc Canut. Creative house ideas with generous wood accents are what characterize this meticulous series and here, the designer display to us how versatile and stunning wood able to be. Who knew wooden interior themed was like this minimalist, yet naturally beautiful accent in every room of your house? Many people already know that wood has always been one of our mainly oft used materials both in interior decorating space and architecture design. Because of it is not only priceless for its durability, but in addition for its versatility. And it knows how to entirely make over a room while used in the right way.

    wooden rustic kitchen space

    wooden furniture bedroom with stunning beach view

    Usually, wooden interior design would be fairly a task to gel in timber walls through white interior color schemes. Other than someway the whole thing just works in this idea. A contemporary wooden floor and wooden stand-in shower, harmonize the egg-shaped tub furniture and 4 leaf clover wall art of this nature-inspired simple bathroom decor. It’s actually wood able to creates the dining room look elegant, slightly rustic and modern, yet concurrently sleek and polished. It is sophisticated, however practical enough for the small or large kitchen.  Yes, wood adds a small piece of an edge to a retro-futuristic living room style and hallway designs.

    wood floors and accents modern house

    wood dining table furniture

    white color wood dining room

    white bedroom wood floors and view

    natural bathroom wooden floor

    minimalist bedroom wooden floor plan

    design retro furniture wood accents

    contemporary wood closets and stairs

    comfortable wood dining room interior

  3. Unique General LED Lighting : HydraLamp Design

    June 26, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Innovative HydraLamp Design

    Today, we have new submission post from creative designer Balint Tamasi about the innovative of general LED lighting design furniture named “HydraLamp”. HydraLamp is a unique lamp design that can be great accessories for your modern living room interior. This is the following description from designer:

    “The exclusivity of the ambient light named Hydralamp is that its modern cooling system has 2 functions: cooling the LED to assurance a smallest amount 50.000 hours of lifetime and it gives an amazing lighting experience. Due to its lamp shape, plan distributes the brightness in an especially enjoyable technique. The Hydralamp is furthermore energy saver. It able to makes the similar luminous power as a 20Watt halogen bulb but consumes only 4Watt. You must know that in these LED lamps there are used just the highest quality of LEDs which are offered in 400 or 800lm (comparable to a 20 otherwise 40Watt halogen bulb) in calm white color schemes or neutral white color-temperature. The light is created from anodized aluminum and tempered glass. The luminary is 900mm high and the diameter of the stand is 280mm.”

    If you want to know more information about Hydralamp, you can visit the website designer Balint Tamasi at

    HydraLamp Product Design

    HydraLamp Floor Lamp Design Idea

    Detail HydraLamp LED Furniture

  4. Stunning Getaway Home with Costa Rican Style

    June 23, 2011 by newhouseofart

    luxury costa rica gateway house

    The stunning house design with beautiful beach panorama is able to bring relaxation atmosphere. In this today post, we want to give you some creative idea about luxury gateway home which is designed in Costa Rican style by Victor Canas. In this residence you can listen to the waves that can break below as you sit on your comfortable pool deck from this wonderful, 4,500 square foot home.

    The designer said that he has rarely worked through a place as dramatic of the spot of this spectacular residence – set surrounded by a cliff overlooking the Costa Rican waters of the Guanacaste area. And then, after being chosen by a young couple to plan this modern vacation home for them and their kids, Victor Canas knew he had to high opinion and embrace the personality every part of around him. The gateway house is essentially an explanation to take pleasure in the gorgeous environment, because of the type of weather, you live outside as much as you do in, and so the designer eliminated practically every border among those two worlds.

    living area modern gateway house

    gorgeous house with rocky pond design

    The luxurious design of gateway home boasts a fabulous sight of the blue Costa Rican waters, and elements of it even float atop a rock-filled pond. The residence is planned to be as linked to the outdoors as potential. The innovative idea of cross-ventilation made by some open rooms allows the Papagayo winds to fresh the home. You will also see the part of a view from the glass paneled walls from the elegant master bedroom.

    glass walls view sea bathroom

    If you are a people that love the water, you will adore this residence because it incorporates the loveliness and cleanliness of water all over the place it can. As you wash, you are able to look out at the cool design of swimming pool and the sea. A contemporary wooden bridge joins the cozy family room to 2 of the 4 bedrooms in the home. The corridor makes the reference of stepping stones. The home designer used concrete here for the reason that “it’s a perfect simple material. It’s standardized, textured, and man-made other than still natural-looking.” The whole home is covered in modern glass, as an alternative of solid walls to get total improvement of the majestic outlook.

    glass paneled walls modern gateway house

    exterior view large modern house residence

    deck floating on pool

    costa rica house with pool spectacular beach view

    costa rica house with marble patio wooden deck

    costa rica gateway house with pool marble patio

    beautiful modern white gateway house

    awesome deck floating on swimming pool

    amazing gateway house with cool pool

    Credit for image and designer: Canas Arquitectos

  5. Mid-Century High-Tech House Design

    June 20, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Protohome Terrace Sapce Decoration

    On this Monday special edition, NewHouseOfArt want to give new inspiration about modern high-tech house design idea by ProtoHomes. The most interesting part about this home architecture is a fully automated high technology homes for trendy lifestyle. The home project planner and CEO Frank VaFaee’s team of engineers and architects collaborated to make a truthfully innovative, futuristic home which is not just eco-friendly but in addition has a leg up on traditional homes in terms of spaciousness, life span, maintenance level, and capability to upgrade. You must know that some of the home appliances in Protohomes are Energy Star brand, and a lot of products used to build the house are recycled, ecological materials. The residence was planned to adapt to steady advances in equipment that create it a valuable asset.

    Protohome Exterior Design Idea

    May be the mainly essential characteristic otherwise as the home designers describe, “the engine” of the house is the ProtoCore, a sophisticated prefabricated silo which merged and houses the home’s mechanical, plumbing, and electrical sources and is just the size of a shipping-container. Such as the house itself, the ProtoCore is simply upgradeable. Innovative additions able to easily be plugged in.

    Protohome Clean Kitchen Design

    As we said before, that this beautiful home is inspired by contemporary mid-century living space style and a floor plan was prearranged around the ProtoCore, to make the “open and intentional living” effect. The designers integrated clean and minimalist lines and plain materials to make a loft-like sense. They eliminated the conventional attic, to make best use of their use of room.

    Playful Kids Room Protohome

    The house is moreover totally networked, allowing homeowners who possibly will have forgotten to turn off the lights otherwise turn on the security alarms, to organize those functions though exterior of the house with accessing their iPhones, iPads, otherwise another PC. ProtoHomes are able to be constructed in a mere four months through a hybrid construction system.

    Natural Feel Protohome Living Room

    Modern Living Room Protohome Design

    Minimalist Protohome Stairwell

    Elegant Protohome Bedroom Interior

    Cozy Protohome Living Area

    Contemporary Protohome Living Room with Storage

    Beautiful Protohome Outdoor View

  6. Modern Banking Headquarter : ANZ Business Office Centre

    June 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

    ANZ businesss centre move hub

    The modern office building of ANZ Business Center is designed by famous Australian architectural headquarters named Hassell. The construction is located on the Yarra River, and absolutely great place with stunning surrounding views.

    The ANZ Centre is an ultra modern architecture banking headquarters which is planned to accommodate 6,500 employees creating it the main single-tenanted commercial office structure in Australia. By means of like a great quantity of people to cater for, the construction has been intended to reinvent the traditional office interior layout. The office designers have integrated ‘hubs’, all developed for specific tasks, through every area given its own feel made by using color and provided a creative name.

    So, how about you? Are you wanted to work at here? The contemporary atrium seems additional such as a mini city than an office structure, innovative natural light filtering from side to side the quarter through comfortable cafe style seating spaces everywhere, in addition to office spaces overlooking the walkway. The utilize of bright color office interiors all over the individually named ‘hubs’ makes unique environments in that to relax, socialize, hold meetings otherwise just recharge for the day ahead.

    In conclusion we have the customer meeting room breakout space, an area wherever you can assist yourself to coffee, bask in the sunlight and get down to business. Very impressive office building!

    ANZ business centre workspace

    ANZ business centre view from atrium

    ANZ business centre play hub view

    ANZ business centre main walkway atrium

    ANZ business centre grow hub stunning view

    ANZ business centre grow and play hubs

    ANZ business centre exterior view from Yarra River

    ANZ business centre create hub

    ANZ business centre common and atrium link

    ANZ business centre client meeting breakout space

    ANZ business centre click hub

    ANZ business centre atrium

  7. Cool Pixar Office with Creative Interior

    June 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

    pixar studio cartoon characters

    Do you want to know about how is the Pixar office interior design looks like? We are very happy to found some design photos gallery from Eight Hour Day Studio Blog and Krabjiem regarding the creative interior of the most prominent animation studios in the U.S. I am very interesting with the cool and colorful idea of Pixar office. There is some unique furniture and awesome wall decor. So, let’s go to their office interiors and try to visualize what a characteristic workday would look like from a Pixar employee’s perspective. Get ready!!

    pixar shark and nemo cartoon character

    pixar office work space

    pixar office living area

    pixar office hallway entrance

    pixar office grounds

    pixar living area with art deco

    pixar light bulb and ball

    pixar hallway and reception

    pixar employee lounge room

    pixar employee lounge and game room

    pixar characters statues in hallway

    pixar characters accessories

    pixar animated characters in hallway

    modern pixar office wall art

    front pixar office entrance

    contemporary pixar office hall

    artistic pixar office lounge wall decor

    animation on pixar walls

    amazing pixar studios entrance design

    aerial view of pixar office hallway

  8. Very Feminine Apartment by Pippa Jameson

    June 14, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Flower Vase Accessories for Feminine Apartment

    Pippa jameson is knows as interior designer stylist for over 14 years. She lives in England, and works in Shoreditch, London. She’s a very nice and humble person. As interior designer, Pippa has experienced many things and her works is astonishingly good. She has impressive client list and has worked in television, advertising, magazines, books and film. During her carrier, she had been in position of deputy interiors editor for BBC Good Homes Magazine. Recently, she decides to be a freelance stylist for magazine and advertising, include online and large campaign. Besides being a interior designer, Pippa also blog writer. Her blog is indexed on google, feel free to read for yourself.

    From what i saw through her apartment photograph, I know Pippa is very feminine person. She loved the feminine touch and white color. She’s very tidy, and know well hot to make moderate apartment looks lovely and being dreamed for everyone. She has white wooden floors on her apartment. In the living room, Pippa put gorgeous mid century sofa, the sisal rug. The colors of the living room are the combination between pink, white, and green. It’s really pretty and makes people comfortable when visiting her. When I looked the bathroom picture, I just imagine how to have the bathroom like that. All the bathroom part is covered in white. She put some pretty bottles, a tiny flower arrangement for color. She put some flowers, to make the bathroom so beautiful.

    My favorite part of her apartment is the bedroom. Her bed is unique and gorgeous. Pippa put some summery touch of her bed rooms. The bed is modeled like a swing, the room covers in white and added some flowers to make the room fresh.  She also put some blooms sprinkled around the room in random bottles, including an Arizona Ice Tea bottle. Those entire combination makes Pippa’s bedroom is really pretty and you can’t take your eyes out of the bedroom. Pippa’s apartment is very feminine and romantic one. She puts many flowers that are really matches to the white color and make her apartment looks perfect for woman.

    Credit for: Pippa Jameson

    Feminine Apartment Flower Arrangement Idea

    Feminine Apartment Dining Room

    Feminine Apartment Decorative Living Room

    Feminine Apartment Cute Bedroom

  9. Greek Modern House in Hyderabad, India

    June 14, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Hyderabad House- Decorative Outdoor

    In this article, I would like to share my opinion with you about house that adopt modern style and has many contemporary decorative and furniture. The dream house is the Hyderabad house that has been completed designed by Rajiv Saini and his teams. They renovate the house once like the Greek modern sanctuary and remodeled to be like contemporary dream house. This house is located in Hyderabad India. Long time ago, the family of this house is really gave up about the house and almost demolished it.

    The working period of renovating the house took almost 4 years. On the first the architect team hear the request from the residence, they thought that it would be easier to demolish and rebuilt it that to renovate with keep some old historical things in the house. What the residence wanted are live in contemporary house and still have the existing Victorian column embellishments and even grander circular marble spiral staircase. With much brainstorming, both of the architect team and the residence have the problem solving. The main object of this renovation is creating exciting house design that combine the old and modern living.

    After 4 years of brain storming, editing, and building, the family has additional rooms got cantilevered over existing structure. They also has gym rooms that is right overlook the garden. So that while exercise the family will be refreshed by the look of the garden. Renovation also has remodeled the guest rooms. Now, the steel and glass study are attached to the master suite. To make the house better, the architects try to eliminate unused spaces as well as creates many space everywhere its possible. For example, The new dining room was created by enclosing a part of the rear garden while the grand spiral marble staircase was transitioned into a sleek metal and stone one, in a different part of the house. This house is what you really loved to live in the modern city as well as respecting the old memories ago.

    Hyderabad House - Unique Wall Design

    Hyderabad House - Unique Chair

    Hyderabad House - Study Room

    Hyderabad House - Black Staircase

    Hyderabad House - Bedroom Design

    Hyderabad House - Bathroom Design

    Hyderabad House - Sofa Furniture

    Hyderabad House - Reading Room

    Hyderabad House - Outdoor Pool

    Hyderabad House - Natural Bedroom Interior

    Hyderabad House - Minimalist Interior Layout

    Hyderabad House - Master Bedroom Design

    Hyderabad House - Luxury Residential

    Hyderabad House - Living Room

    Hyderabad House - Leather Chair Design

    Hyderabad House - Kitchen Design

    Hyderabad House - Home Bar Idea

    Hyderabad House - Flower in Dining Room

    Hyderabad House - Entertainment Room

    Hyderabad House - Dining Room Design

    Hyderabad House - Cozy Living Room

    Hyderabad House - Cozy Bedroom

    Hyderabad House - Contemporary Interior

  10. 19 Fabulous Living Space Interior by Euromobil

    June 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white kitchen lighting

    The modern flowing open house interior design idea presented by Euromobil is a great inspiration for us. In this 19 sample pictures gallery shown below, you will notice how clean a living space but also looks luxury in style. Euromobil as a famous Italian design house company give us online catalog regarding their fabulous living space. Arranging importance on open plans which just give the impression to flow from room to room, Euromobil puts forward some stunning concepts which can be used for large spaces or small area. Several of the living room ideas discover single space living where shelving otherwise creative sliding glass doors work as partitions. You will furthermore see lots of unusual touches in them as well as pink colored cabinets, neon under glows, stylish lighting and floor to ceiling kitchen windows. Leave us your opinion about this concept!

    ultra modern kitchen living

    small space open living

    pink blue kitchen living

    open kitchen design

    modern modular living room

    modern living room

    living dining space idea

    living dining room

    kitchen without walls

    kitchen neon underglow

    kitchen living space

    kitchen dining space

    kitchen courtyard design

    gray kitchen interior

    colorful kitchen design

    black white modern kitchen

    bedroom livng space

    beautiful minimalistic kitchen