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July, 2011

  1. 15 Modern Versatile Interior by Hieu Nguyen

    July 31, 2011 by newhouseofart

    zen bedroom versatile idea

    The best design of modern and minimalist versatile interior design shown at this 15 sample pictures gallery is designed by Hieu Nguyen. I very love the idea because it is looks clean, simple but have luxury touch. The following versatile design inspiration photos here are a testament to designer versatility, there are soft color palettes by means of simple, flowing renderings for the bachelor-pad-worthy rooms, and more vibrant, oranges and contemporary wood accents for a creative kids’ room and comfortable guest room sitting space.

    wood modern living area

    red and denim living room

    The Nguyen versatile designs span castle-inspired decors, complete through hanging; iron-wrought chandeliers, warm wooden and unique stone interiors, and deep red tapestries color scheme to shiny, fresh, simple white kitchens and lavish living rooms for the modern-day home-owner. The designer’s work cuts diagonally the board on diverse moods, color palettes, styles, age groups, and social groups and is a truthfully extraordinary set.

    nguyen orange sitting area

    nguyen orange kids bedroom

    nguyen modern kitchen versatile

    nguyen modern bedroom versatile

    nguyen luxury bedroom with window

    nguyen brown living room interior

    nguyen brown and white living room

    nguyen beige living room

    nguyen bedroom versatile with closet

    nguyen bedroom interior side view

    living room modern with open kitchen

    fresh contemporary small bedroom

  2. 3D Interior Rendering Pictures from Eco-Golf House

    July 31, 2011 by newhouseofart

    3d Eco-Golf House architecture

    There are available best 11 rendering images about 3d interior design and inspiration from Eco-Golf House. We are very excited to share this idea with you to give you some idea. The Studio-Aiko which is located in Israel has visualized and renders wonderful pictures of interiors and also exteriors using 3d rendering software. Before you go ahead, you should check this out the video about “Golf House in Caesarea CG Simulation” :

    Eco-Golf House pool idea

    Eco-Golf House in 3D pictures

    One of the most difficult architecture challenges put before the firm was to visualize this Eco-friendly Design of Golf House Residence which blurs the borders among it’s indoors and outdoors environment. The plans brief in addition necessary them to make the dense plants surrounding the home, the biological systems and the infrastructure leading to the residence’s structural design and interior decorating. You should watch this video walk-through of the home and moreover various high quality photos of the renders:

    Eco-Golf House design-3d

    Eco-Golf House 3d rendered house

    Eco-Golf House 3d home rendering

    Eco-Golf House 3d home design

    Eco-Golf House 3d architectural visualization

    3d interior Eco-Golf House design

    3d home interiors Eco-Golf House

    3d Eco-Golf House images

  3. Stunning Penthouse by Ando-Studio

    July 25, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Tel Aviv Penthouse Seating Home Furniture Set

    On the first day on this week, we are very exciting to take a look at most stunning penthouse design designed by Ando-Studio Architect which is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. This is truly beautiful home – a modern penthouse with spectacular sea view. Note the brick floor finish, the much minimalist colors (typically beige, white, and also brown), and the make use of of plush in various contemporary furniture and rugs.

    Furthermore not to be unobserved are the superb glass-paneled doors of the large walk-in closet and the roomy balcony prepared through comfortable outdoor furniture the identical color as the sea right in front of the penthouse. The wonderful Tel Aviv penthouse overlooking the sea is evidence which you able to have it all – extravagance, fashion, and luxury, with the enthusiasm of a bustling metropolis and the calmness of the Mediterranean coastline. Check this out, and tell what are you saying about this penthouse pictures gallery.

    Tel Aviv Penthouse in Israel

    Tel Aviv Penthouse Art Wall Deco

    Tel Aviv Penthouse Architecture Design

    Tel Aviv Penthouse - Master Bedroom Design

    Tel Aviv Penthouse - Kitchen and Mini Bar

    Tel Aviv Penthouse - Interior Layouts

    Tel Aviv Penthouse - Family Room Idea

    Tel Aviv Penthouse - Dining Room

    Tel Aviv Penthouse - Contemporary Kitchen

    Spacious Tel Aviv Penthouse Interior Ideas

    Modern Tel Aviv Penthouse Interior

    Minimalist Tel Aviv Penthouse Decorating

    Magnificent Tel Aviv Penthouse

    Luxury Tel Aviv Penthouse Design

    Luxury Tel Aviv Penthouse Decor

    Lavish Tel Aviv Penthouse Pictures

    Comfortable Tel Aviv Penthouse Living Room

    Comfort Tel Aviv Penthouse Interiors

    Beautiful Tel Aviv Penthouse Sea View

  4. 13 Modern Shared Kids’ Bedroom Inspiration

    July 23, 2011 by newhouseofart

    spacious shared kids bedroom in brown and blue

    Well, if you have more than one child in your family, and then you do not have enough space for their own room, there is some creative design inspiration about shared kids bedroom interior idea. NewHouseOfArt will give you 13 sample design of children bedroom.  Many parents already know that most children’s dream of their own rooms. The like colorful, fun and also playful designs because it can be create a cheerful atmosphere. But for those among large families and smaller quantity spaces to accommodate them independently, most will have to share a room through their sibling(s).

    simple shared kids bedroom in lime and white

    shared kids bedrooms with yellow white green color

    Nevertheless, the compromise should not have to appear so unpleasant if Tumidei has something to do with the space plan! This famous Italian, ecological furniture design band provides delightful, colorful, charming yet modern day kids’ bedroom furnishings and decoration which will not just appeal to the imaginations of young kids other than are moreover roomy and efficient enough to accommodate more than one child per bedroom!

    In this inspiration, there is available neutral bedroom idea that allocates one of the beds on a loft, and one below a storage space unit, for highest functionality and space saving. Furthermore, you will see an innovative design of pink and white girls’ bedroom design with compacts two beds, a desk, storage, and closet space all in one small room with little girl-appropriate drawing. For detail, check this pictures gallery below!

    roomy shared kids bedroom in beige and blue

    playful shared kids bedroom in red and white

    functional kids shared bedroom in green

    fun shared kids bedroom in white and blue

    ecological shared kids bedroom design

    cute shared girls bedroom in pink

    creative shared kids bedroom in red and brown

    contemporary shared kids bedroom in brown and white

    colorful shared kids bedroom in orange and white

    charming shared kids bedroom in bright color design

  5. 15 Library Design Ideas

    July 21, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Modern Library Large Studio

    Are you having library or reading room in your house? And want to decorate it to become more comfortable and look modern? Today, NewHouseOfArt come with some gorgeous design of 15 library design inspiration. The idea is to create a perfect reading space. Being the large bookworm and dork that I am, I was enthusiastic to work on this article on contemporary libraries place collectively through our content writers. Continually because I have dreamed of owning a place of my personal, I have in addition dreamed of my own library area, complete through ceiling-to-floor, wall-to-wall, dark cherry-wood bookshelves and storage space.

    Library Room with Fireplace Furniture

    Library above Fireplace

    The important element of library room is the ideal selection of furniture design such as table, chair, or storage. In this several library design here, you will see that the books positioned on the highest shelves which would completely need a stepladder and the space would be ornamented by means of dark-colored, leather furnishings, deluxe Persian rugs, and a great reading lamp. Personally, I would love dream concerning spending most of my relaxation time in the library, understanding with old copies of “Wuthering Heights,” otherwise scaling the shelves for a new read.

    Library with Center Courtyard

    Many people know that libraries are inspiring spaces in themselves especially for me, that is why I furthermore establish the following pictures useful and inspirational. If you are such as me, and are dreaming of your own library, otherwise previously have one and require some creative ideas for decorating, you will like the following designs, every one of entries with contestants for a rendering contest planned by Evermotion in one year ago. Enjoy here, and get your own library room interior design idea!

    Library Victorian Idea

    Library Small with Victorian Chair

    Library Shelves with Great View

    Library Shelves in Beachside Home

    Library Overlooking Garden and Spiral Staircase

    Library Modern Decor Ideas

    Library Colorful Interior Design

    Innovative Library Ladders

    Creative Library With Open Ceiling

    Contemporary Library Industrial

    Comfy Library with Courtyard

    Amazing Library in Paris Apt

  6. Elegant Peninsula Vacation Home by Bercy Chen Studio

    July 13, 2011 by newhouseofart

    traditional dark mahogany kitchen in lakehouse

    I am absolutely interesting to talk in here about the spectacular and amazing architecture design of Peninsula House which is located on Lake Austin. Theis is kind of contemporary and traditional vacation home designed by famous architect Bercy Chen Studio. Personally, I love every room interior design available in this home and really attractive with spectacular natural surrounding views that consist of the most excellent of both worlds which is the elegant of a traditional lake house through the relaxing powers of modern design idea. For the further information, this original house was built in the 1980?s and to Bercy Chen Studio’s dissatisfaction, did not get benefit of the stunning lake views presently feet away from the home! That is why large innovative glass window designs, spanning from the ceiling to the floor, were installed approximately the whole residence to allocate as much of the gorgeous view in as probable. The earlier home also did not admiration otherwise pay too much mentality to the nature around it, other than Bercy Chen made certain to transform every part of that with their creative remodel plan!

    You are able to watch this two short of video taken from Vimeo, to know more about the architecture and design idea.

    So what do you think about this Peninsula House after look at that videos?

    The Peninsula Home has roof that begins to soften at the top right hand corner, this element of the top is created from unique material such as slatted wood, and homes the glass chimney. It was decisively planned this way to further connect the residence to the usual world approximately it. There is also modern swimming pool practically surrounds the entire home, therefore the name “Peninsula House”. The extroverted glass doors able to be slid open and one can exactly walk out from the comfortable living room and into the peaceful and fresh pool for a fast, refreshing plunge. You will see (in this sample pictures gallery) a glass paneled walls enclose the entire home. A glass balcony was installed into the roof. The customary gabbers and gable roof were transformed to look extra conceptual.

    modern living room with lake view

    modern lakehouse with pool and lawn

    modern dining area lakehouse

    modern and green balcony with lake view

    lakehouse nearly surrounded by water and lake

    lakehouse kitchen and breakfast area

    lakehouse illusion glass walls and pool

    gorgeous bathroom of lakehouse

    jagged and red reading room

    exterior view of lakehouse with glass walls

    elegant lakehouse living room

    awesome interior peninsula house

    amazing lakehouse and grounds

  7. 19 Urban Garden Design Trends in New York City

    July 12, 2011 by newhouseofart

    view from garden into unique townhouse

    Many of our reader want to get inspiration about urban garden design. There is some message in our email that ask how the best idea to decorate a modern or contemporary urban garden? So, for this Tuesday, 12 July 2011 edition- we give you beautiful 19 urban garden design trends which are very popular in New York City. Today, urban gardens have turn into an increasing tendency in New York and other metropolises global, triggered with a variety of explanations, from the sophisticated man’s want to get back in touch through nature to an attempt to alleviate the planet’s ecological disintegration to an effort to show the way a better lifestyle by rising one’s own fruits and vegetables. At this time we were so interesting with the landscaping designs of Rees Roberts + Partners LLC , we might not oppose revisiting the theme and giving out the following pictures with our reader.

    This we suggest a creative house named “Rees design”. The Rees designs both interior decorating styles and landscapes and this small garden of a modern townhouse spilling over through vegetation is other than one evidence to their contemporary, minimalist yet eye-catching and efficient way. The designer have maximized a tiny space with covering mainly of the walls with ivy, planting trees on the sides, and even adding up green touches to the comfortable outdoor furniture. The effect is a beautiful small backyard oasis of a townhouse in the urban city.

    There is also available spectacular design of captivating rooftop garden which a perfect design for luxury apartments otherwise townhouses with balconies / generous rooftop room. The glass panels present safety, other than do not difficult to understand the wonderful cityscape. The unique design allows the outlook to tell for itself and the selection of having a smaller, interior room through a modern glass paneled window in addition is extremely sensible. The building owners and their guests are able to then take pleasure in the sight from their roof at all times of the time.

    And for latest description for the images shown in here, we find an experience of the ultramodern in a NYC apartment garden. The innovative design of glass paneled doors, present a clear view of the small backyard, so it suggests a design element to the space even if one is plainly sitting in the living room.

    urban garden with tiled floor and bamboo

    urban garden with city view

    stunning outdoor urban garden

    small urban garden with lots of green

    rooftop patio edsign decor

    rooftop garden with beautiful city view

    rooftop garden with bar

    pool table leads to rooftop garden

    outdoor garden in back of townhouse

    natural urban garden with bamboo

    modern sliding doors garden

    modern courtyard decoration

    luxury apartment garden view from outside

    living area with urban garden view

    gorgeous rooftop oasis design

    creative rooftop garden idea

    cozy courtyard design idea

    contemporary balcony and garden design

  8. Luxury Apartment from Basketball Court

    July 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

    basketball court room architecture

    What a wonderful and fantastic apartment design created by theApt. I am very surprised that this home apartment was a renovation from basketball court. The luxury apartment is using about 7,000 sqf and there is available larger living room and five bedrooms. In this article, I want to let you know that this is the first time YMCA in the United States got a face-lift. The design effect is a behemoth sized, simple, but have colorfully ornamented house, which still retains various of the essentials of a basketball court like as the court floors of the sleeping rooms and walk-in closet, a minimalist and clean bathroom lined with small, white tiles color schemes, and a modern kitchen so large it might seat and feed 2 otherwise more basketball teams.

    basketball court apartment stair design

    amazing basketball court apartment design

    In this post, we called that building as “The Apartment” because it was designed by theApt. “The Apartment” group developed on the whole thing from the interior, exterior, architecture to the decoration, and also furnishings. The innovative structure design systems were useful and even an internal home garden was built.  The designer liked to keep a little of fundamentals of the old basketball court, and so determined to stay the basketball court flooring in the private spaces of the residence, like as the comfortable bedroom. The house wallpaper was even planned by “The Apartment” group themselves.  There is also available a twelve person ultramodern home theater was installed.  And you can found 30-foot long kitchen was planned and built by “The Apartment” company.

    ultra modern home theatre basketball court apartment

    Ahead its comprehension, the creative basketball house was the setting for a variety of television shows, movies, and pictures-shoots, as well as “Ugly Betty” and the film, “Music and Lyrics.” The designers reflected on the completed development with stating that they “…Got the whole thing we constantly required to seek on customer projects and never could. It was a plan lab of sorts.”

    simple basketball court apartment decoration

    modern basketball court apartment

    minimalist basketball court apartment bathroom

    lighting decor basketball court apartment

    kitchen space basketball court apartment

    green color schemes basketball court apartment

    deluxe basketball court apartment interior

    contemporary basketball court apartment

    comfortable basketball court apartment bedroom

    colorful basketball court apartment interior

    clean basketball court apartment furniture

    Photos gallery shown in here is taken from The Behance Network.

  9. 10 Creative Workspaces Design for Young People

    July 6, 2011 by newhouseofart

    young workspace unit design

    A lot of inspiration about workspace and office interior design is available at NewHouseOfArt. On this day edition, we will give some ideas about young people creative workspace design in 10 pictures gallery. As we are know that young people get a lot of pleasure in the technique they set up their office room. While grown-ups regularly think that a kid’s room should provide for and nurture their creativeness, interest, and capability to focus, the space typically ends up as one which shows off the kid’s passions. As everyone has their own single tastes and wants, it would be unusual to discover two that are identical. In this set of young workspace ideas we focus on a little which sports a extraordinary innovative flair.

    young workspace room desk

    The workspace design shown here is designed by Turkish interior designer Akcalar , and famous Barcelona designer Sergi Mengot. There is available rustic workspace style to end up with a minimalist yet rugged artist’s office room. And, if you are looking at the next images, you will find modern, young person’s room, decorated through a touch of color and a contemporary workspace. These young room plans make the most of space with attaching the desk to the bedroom. The stunning vibrant colors, maybe a manipulate of Mengot’s colorful city of house, and natural light from the window, create it a cheering and lively place for young minds to work. Get your own workspace ideas, and send your design at our email!

    young workspace modern miniamlist design

    young workspace in purple color

    white and wood workspace design

    rustic young workspace interior design

    orange and white young childs workspace

    mauve workspace workspace idea

    green and beige workspace

    contemporary young workspace decor

  10. Overwhelming Apartment in Black White by Geometrix

    July 6, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white apartment office area

    Geometrix present to us some design of modern and futuristic apartment design in white and black color schemes. The incredible ideas of stunning apartment interior are shown at 15 pictures gallery in here. This innovative dark and bright apartment decorating themes, from Geometrix might be a plan option for several people who love the ultramodern way and possibly will take to mind spaceships. The apartment building, through its overwhelming white glossy finishes (not just on the floors, however in addition the ceilings and walls), is such as a protective cocoon, airtight, sealed, and compactly built maybe to shelter one from every potentially risky outdoor elements. You also will be interesting about the installation of illumination in the ceilings and wall panels, often zigzag to make the fantasy of being inside either a nightclub otherwise a spaceship.

    white and grey ultramodern bathroom

    white and grey modern bathroom

    The apartment design highlighted zagging line on the ceiling lights up this black and white contemporary living room. The ultimate living space is complete with a comfortable white leather, twist couch, fuzzy black carpeting, elegant and shiny black coffee table, and huge-screen TV. There is also available gorgeous apartment dining room. The traditional cherry wood dining room table furniture and classic dining space interior; this dining room boasts white marble floors, glass columns that separate it from the living room, relaxed black modern chairs, and recess lighting. This Geometrix apartment is truly a dream house living idea!

    white and grey bathroom design

    white and grey apartment bathroom

    white and black bedroom interior

    white and black apartment living area

    white and black apartment entertainment room

    white and black apartment closet

    white and black apartment bedroom

    black white dining room and kitchen

    black and white living room with TV

    black and white apartment room decor

    black and white apartment living room

    black and white apartment dining area