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3D Landscape in 3D Model Architectural Scenes

August 11, 2009 by newhouseofart

3d home house models

3d home house models

In this post i want to tell you about 3D tree models. To make your house plans to build your home sweet home. This makes 3d tree models one of the most popular ornamental plant 3d models used by 3d modeling artists for 3D landscapes in 3D model architectural scenes, still renders, 3D city scenes model, and 3d visualizations.

“How do you choose the right tree 3d model for your landscape?”

For example, to select the appropriate 3D palm tree model, let’s first take a look at what sets palm trees apart from other trees. Whether it is a Palm Tree 3D Model, low polygon or high polygon or Desert Palm Tree 3D Model, low polygon or high polygon/high res, it does not matter.

Therefore, the first step in selecting your palm tree 3d model is to determine whether your landscape’s climate is tropical or subtropical. For example, if you are 3d modeling a casino in Las Vegas, then you would choose a desert palm tree, such as the True Date Palm Tree, for the landscape.

  • Mediterranean (European) Fan Palm
  • California Fan Palm
  • True Date Palm
  • Queen Palm
  • Canary Island Date Palm
  • Texas Sabal Palm
  • Windmill Palm
  • Pindo Palm
  • Sago Palms
  • Mexican Fan Palm

Once you know what type of 3d model trees you need, simply get the stock 3d palm trees. Look at the picture bellow to see more perfect 3D house model for yuor perfect home ideas.

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