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Amazing Headquarters Saxo Bank Office Architecture Design Copenhagen by 3XN Architects

February 28, 2010 by newhouseofart

modern saxo bank headquarters architecture

This amazing office building structure design is founded in 1992 located in Denmark. Named Saxo Bank which is has great modern and minimalist interior and exterior design. One of the focus points that can be our design inspiration is the contemporary innovative spiral staircase which is the main feature of the building. Saxo Bank is a young dynamic internet bank with focus on online-trade with currencies, shares and futures on the bank’s self-developed platform, Saxo Trader. Designed by 3XN Architects, Saxo Bank’s new headquarter in Copenhagen is truly perfect comfortable office design.

ultra modern spiral staircase saxo bank design

The architectural design is based on Saxo’s cutting-edge profile and branding. The lines of the construction design define a sharp balance among dependability and dynamic expressivity in dialogue with the local plan. The luxury office bank design is shaped like two blocks with the end walls pointing towards the canal, joined together by facades that are withdrawn from the end walls. The facades are shaped like double curved glass that wave like a piece of textile. The modern saxo bank interior decorating architectural of the building is open and transparent with a large sense of community. The open plans centre round a gently shaped atrium with a glass roof. In the atrium, the main stair case winds up to the top. Nevertheless, the main room and largest attraction of the structure is the so-called Trading Floor where share prices are monitored intensely and resemble scenes from American movies about stock exchanges. Additionally, the office building encompasses a large number of rooms for technical support, kitchenettes and recreational areas. For more information about this modern office bank project design visit the architecture designer site. -via-

modern minimalist saxo bank office interior

luxury saxo bank headquarters design

contemporary interior staircase architectural

comfortable modern lobby saxo bank office design

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