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Amazing New Orleans Arcology Habitat – NOAH Architecture Design Pictures Gallery

April 27, 2010 by newhouseofart

Amazing NOAH Architecture Design

Spectacular ultra modern building design concept presented on this best sample pictures gallery New Orleans Arcology Habitat “NOAH” architectures design. This eco-friendly building architectural idea designed by E. Kevin Schopfer in collaboration with Tangram 3DS located in most logical location is on the Mississippi riverfront and adjacent to the Central Business District. ┬áBecause the details information on this construction are in-depth and plenty, lets plunge into them right away. The amazing NOAH architecture building is designed to expand the horizon of sustainability and will seek LEED certification. The design concept will eliminate the need for cars within the modern urban structure, and thus turn into a carbon neutral entity. Internal electric transport links, vertical and horizontal, make a pedestrian-friendly community. Several of these elements are secured wind turbines, fresh water recovery and storage systems, passive glazing system, sky garden heating or cooling vents, grey water treatment, solar array banding panels, and river based water turbines. For more information about this idea, visit this website. -via-

Ultra Modern NOAH Architecture

Stunning NOAH Architectural Project

Spectacular NOAH Architecture Picture

Modern Urban NOAH Architecture Design

Modern Landscape Design NOAH Architecture

Eco Friendly NOAH Structure Design

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