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Ancient Roman House Design Luxury Interior Decor Portugal

March 3, 2010 by newhouseofart

ancient roman luxury house exterior design

Here is it we presented sample ancient home design picture gallery that can be your inspiration to build your dream house living. This luxury home in Portugal is very attractive and quite minimalist yet. The main idea of the design was taken from the fact that ancient Roman homes were frequently built on a square plot. The main building has a complex architecture plan and homes for a gym, bedrooms, and two big bathrooms with remarkable decor. In the outdoor there is a modern swimming pool which absolutely needed for this category of a home. The designers have tried to create the most of the land to make a joining with the interiors of the construction, leaving a view of the valley and the square that exists among the 2 bodies housing. Beautiful interior and exterior design combine with contemporary furniture which can easily create comfortable and elegant feel in whole of house.

ancient roman luxury home living room interiors

ancient roman luxury home kitchen design

ancient roman luxury home exterior swimming pool

ancient roman luxury home bedroom interiors

ancient roman luxury home bathroom design

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