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Clamp, Modern Upholstered Lamp Furniture like Chesterfield Sofa Design

December 15, 2010 by newhouseofart

modern upholstered lamp furniture

Enrico Zanolla and Andrea Di Filippo, both furniture designer are from DZstudio, an Italian famous company designed the beautiful modern upholstered lamp idea named Clamp. The new innovation lighting design version of the couch does a great job in terms of sophistication and elegance taste. The Clamp furniture project is said to be inspired with the well-known Chesterfield sofa. The lamp color option is really exciting, ranging from the classic black and white schemes to a dashing yellow. I absolutely love each and every one of the Clamp models and we think that choosing among them is not all that simple. This modern unique lamp home interior can complement a contemporary interior, adding a spark of glamour and freshness. Still, the decision should be based on the existing home interior design that one wants to upgrade and its design theme.

Minimalist clamp white design color

Contemporary lamp design idea

Clamp unique modern lamp furniture

Clamp black italian lamp design idea

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