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Classic Terraced Townhouse Interior Renovation Vintage Modern Design

October 30, 2010 by newhouseofart

Classic Townhouse Architecture Modern Interior Design

Very inspiring classic house design ideas shown in this sample pictures gallery below! This small town house located in Belgium you can see before in Bruges movie with Colin Farrell. In Bruges there are available quite old town home design and a lot of old office building architectures. Here, we presented classic terraced townhouse interior renovation ideas that blend vintage and modern in comfortable design style. Designed by 51N4E architects, the double-height space, completely covered in timber planks, starts off as an arch that gradually lifts asymmetrically towards the back, framing the tall tree of a neighboring home green garden. The old house architectural plan is entirely renovated through partially innovative flooring and new color schemes for townhouse facade, decorative walls and ceilings. The custom made creative and unique kitchen furniture with integrated fire place doubles as working room, becoming the new center of the home. The townhouse features a generously lit winter garden and interior decorating is a perfect sample of how cool vintage and modern styles might be combined.

Classic Small Townhouse Exterior Architectural

White Minimalist Townhouse Interior Indoor Staircase

Modern Townhouse Kitchen Interior Space

Custome Chair Table Furniture Vintage Townhouse Interior

Creative Townhouse Home Furniture Collection

Contemporary Townhouse Dining Room Interior Decor

Classic Unique Townhouse Facade Design Ideas

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