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Colorful Wall Decor Paints Fluo Fantasy Futuristic Interior Design Ideas

March 30, 2010 by newhouseofart

ultra modern fluo fantasy paints

This is some tips of home improvement to make your modern house design interior more looks beautiful and comfortable. Named Fluo Fantasy, these are kind of fresh and innovative wall decor paints design collection by Levis. Many interesting ideas displayed in this futuristic wall decorating pictures gallery below. You can choose perfect color schemes such as white minimalist, blue, yellow, and many others that are available in 18 color combination. It’s 11th in the Ambiance Collections Mix category which is previously 5 years on the market. Twice a year the manufacturer company designer adds the new collection with colors based on the latest trends that are even clearer, bolder and brighter than before. Fluo Fantasy paints could create the home interior looks more deep and bold. Just like visual experiments might create your house living more alive and add some energy to your rooms. If you are interesting about this simple ideas, visit the interior designer website for more detail. -via-

pink wall decor fluo fantasy paints

modern fluo fantasy paints interior

green fluo fantasy paints design

futuristic fluo fantasy paints design

fluo fantasy paints white minimalist

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