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Contemporary Flexible House Design Simple Hillside Rooftop Garden

May 28, 2010 by newhouseofart

Nest House Architectural Design Idea

This is great creative flexible house design idea by placing modern simple green rooftop garden set on steep hillside that can be perfect place to enjoy and get relaxing time. The house called “The Nest”, one of contemporary home architecture design with luxury interior decorating ideas combine with wooden furniture style. Designed by Joseph McKinstry Construction from DeForest Architects, these are minimalist home living overlooking beautiful natural views of Lake Washington. It is made to complement with home owners lifestyle and consists of simple clean lines, flexible living rooms, well-organized storage space and a stunning rooftop garden. The final result is everything but “empty”. The best thing that the home is suits well its house owners no matter what weather or part of the day is at the moment. There is always an area which tunes with a current light decorating and shows an amazing view. Here is it best sample Nest house interior and exterior design pictures gallery. -via-

Nest House Exteiror Design

Outdoor Furniture Green Garden

Simple Clean Flexible House Interior

Modern Wooden Kitchen Nest House

Modern Loft Flexible House Decor

Modern Indoor Stair Nest Home

Minimalist Bedroom Nest Flexible House

Luxury Bathroom Interior Nest House

Lighting Decor Nest House

Contemporary Room Interior Nest House

Contemporary Flexible House Rooftop

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