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Contemporary Pipe House Luxury Interior Design Black Sea Alcove

March 1, 2010 by newhouseofart

pipe house living room furniture design

Luxury, glamorous but look minimalist in the interior design. These simple words that we can say if we are see and entrance the contemporary modern pipe house architecture design. Created by Butenko VasiliyandSergey Mahno located along the beautiful Black sea, just at the edge of the Crimean Mountains of the Ukraine. This contemporary home designed as an oasis for rest and entertainment, the residence has been divided into zones through opaque and translucent screens, allowing the user flexibility in shading the sun, creating privacy, and blocking off rooms when entertaining visitors. Inside all zoned cavity, there is a single light decor fixture serving that rooms- these furniture cooperatively make a fancy rhythm along the house ceiling.  The pure, minimalist white color forms morphing out of the ceiling create a soft, liquid like form adorning the structure above. There is a glowing bulge in the wall texture design at the modern kitchen bar that is a new physical interpretation of this gentle curve sweeping all surfaces of this house.  As your eye follows the wood textured walls materials around the room, there are multiple opportunities to catch a sight to the exterior design beyond.  At moments, glimpses of light begin to seep through the wood slats, lightening the material as it brings in the natural daylight views and colors that give a sharp contrast to the warm interior furniture of the area.  The floor plan layout idea effectively balances the curved furniture and wall screens against what would otherwise be a extraordinarily rectilinear interior. Enjoy the house pictures gallery. -via-

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