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Contemporary Small House Extension Lockyer Residence Architecture Design

May 19, 2010 by newhouseofart

Modern Lockyer House Design Pictures

Just like a house design magazine, for this edition NewHouseOfArt.Com want to share some creative home architectural design ideas about modern contemporary Lockyer Residence small house extension onto a post war house in Bardon located in a treed and hilly suburb of Brisbane. Take a look at this best sample Lockyer Residence interior and exterior decorating pictures gallery. The home design seems to address two primary architectural building issues, the opening is about context and language, the next is concerning finding the essence of what is needed from a housing perspective in an effort to make a engaging but practical and economical outcome. The contemporary residence design planning layout and architecture of the room are about the family, the connection to the beautiful natural landscape and the engagement with the sky. The area was to address the cold season winters and to permit for increased summer breezes, both of which were inadequate in the original cottage. The modern small house extension was an experiment in achieving a qualitative outcome at a very low cost. The process house design is afforded a relatively high degree of craft and joy in what is essentially a very simple, easy to construct little box. The interior decors of each room for this luxury residence are amazingly designed in contemporary, minimalist with wooden furniture. For more information, visit the architecture company website. -via-

Modern Pool Design Lockyer Residence

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Luxury Lockyer Residence Design Photos

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Lockyer Residence Stair Interior Design

Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen Lockyer Residence

Contemporary Lockyer Residence Wooden Loft

Contemporary Lockyer Residence Exterior

Contemporary Lockyer Residence Architectural Plan

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