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Creative 1840’s Victorian Home Remodel Design – Zero Carbon House Architecture

May 31, 2010 by newhouseofart

1840s Victorian House Luxury Residence Architecture

This modern unique family house is the winner of 2010 RIBA award for architectural excellence. Creative house design idea designed by John Christophers of Associated Architects has contemporary rustic house interior and exterior decorating themes. 1840’s Victorian Home which is a remodeled house turns into zero carbon house architecture. Great unique zero carbon home building project situated in inner city Birmingham, United Kingdom (UK). The new house design has been built around an existing early Victorian two-bedroom semi-detached residence, produces as much energy as it consumes and is twice bigger than the original one. There are now four contemporary warmth bedrooms and a studio loft. The development cost more than £1,160 per sq m and features more than 14 reclaimed materials as well as integrating sustainable home architecture building materials. Check this out modern street home 1840’s Victorian house pictures gallery. -via-

1840s Victorian House Exterior Design

Unique Shaped 1840s Victorian House Modular Design

Unique 1840s Victorian House Interior

Natural Minimalist Bathroom 1840s Victorian House

Modern Street Home 1840s Victorian House

Luxury 1840s Victorian House Design

Creative Stair 1840s Victorian House

Contemporary 1840s Victorian House Dining Room

1840s Victorian House Modern Interior Layout

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