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Creative Functional Duo Bookshelf Furniture Minimalist Design Style

October 1, 2010 by newhouseofart

Cool Duo Bookshelf Furniture Design Ideas

Do you want to display your favorite book with simple but elegant method? This is quite creative functional bookshelf furniture as perfect home accessories for your room interior decorating ideas. Stylish, minimalist but modern bookshelf looks as a miniature smart bookcase which occupies little space whereas in the same time improving the overall look of a room interior decor. Furthermore, this bookshelf furniture proves that practical solutions can be achieved with using small amounts of materials. The extraordinary bookshelf comes in colorful design such as black, silver and bright blue, but when the support is packed full with books, it is hardly noticeable. Created from powder coated steel material, called Duo Bookshelf has a very new unique design and can hold up to 10 kilos of books. This is truthfully impressive, considering how small and fragile it looks. This Duo Bookshelf furniture product is both aesthetic fashionable design and absolutely functional. I imagine it would come in very handy in a teen’s room or a college dorm. The price is about $160 and you can buy it here at www.

Original Duo Bookshelf Innovative Design

Modern Duo Bookshelf Fashionable Room Furniture

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