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DIY 2011 Valentine’s Day Homemade Gift Ideas

February 11, 2011 by newhouseofart

For the special day at 14 February 2011, we love to share some idea about give perfect gift for her or gift for home. In earlier post, we are featured about romantic dining table accessories design, so we are going to tell you homemade special gift for valentine’ day for this year. We are very glad to discover from Jenny Steffens Hobick blog which tell us how to make simple and sweet DIY Valentine’s Day Flowers. Certainly, I also love to create homemade gifts.  Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays which the idea actually does count.  The holiday is right after The Holidays and I motionless have not come down from our over-indulgent Christmas season.

Cute Burlap wrapped tulip bouquet design

This called Burlap wrapped tulip bouquet with homemade Valentine’s Day label. To create such this cute gift, all you need is below:

  • 1 bouquet of 6-12 tulips ($6 at the store)
  • 1 square foot piece of burlap
  • 1 yard of satin ribbon
  • 1 valentine’s day label/card
  • 1 piece of double stick tape (or zot)

TIPS: While you pick up your bouquet at the grocery store florist, request them for several water tubes.  It will help to maintain the bouquet fresh.  It is not totally essential, but it will help if they will be out of water for more than an hour.

Sweet burlap wrapped tulip bouquet ideas

The second Valentine’s Day homemade gift idea is Flower Cupcakes, this kind of fun and simple design is absolutely interesting. We started through a truly creative cupcake minimalist design (you able to use some recipe otherwise box that you like) and topped it by buttercream, oreos and a tulip flowers.  The tulips only cost $1 each at the grocery store that brings the grant total to $15 for 1 dozen tulip cupcakes. This is one of those original ideas which get no actual artistry otherwise skill – literally anybody able to create it and it will look wonderful. Great for kids (or un-crafty boyfriends/husbands).  The kids will have a perfect time dipping the icing in the oreos.

creative gift flower cupcakes

All you need to make it is below:

  • 12 cupcakes (jumbo cupcakes pictured)
  • 1 recipe of buttercream icing (recipe here)
  • 8 oreo cookies
  • 12 flowers

You can start with pulverizing the oreos in a food processor otherwise in a big ziplock and a rolling pin.  Process or smash oreos until they are excellent crumbs. With a pastry bag, pipe buttercream frosting on the top of the cupcakes.  Place the oreos in a shallow bowl.  Dip the top of the frosted cupcakes into the oreos until all of the buttercream is covered. Place a tulip (or other flower) in the top.

simple flower cupcakes fresh design

valentine day flower cupcakes design

Have a nice holiday!

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