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Floating Apartment Design Citadel Waterstudio

October 11, 2009 by newhouseofart

floating apartment design citadel waterstudio

This is the best apartment architecture building photos from new modern building architecture floating apartment design Citadel by Waterstudio placed in Westland, Netherlands. Unique and ultra modern apartment building design set to start in March 2010 on the 60 unit apartment construction that will be the first in a 1200 residence urban development named the New Water. While there have been floating houses before, Citadel will be the earliest floating development through more than 30 housing units/acre water to be shaped in Europe. The primary of six floating housing projects at the site, Citadel is a research in architectural initiative that will support architectural trouble solving through encouraging sustainable explanations.

landscaping design citadel floating apartment

ultra modern citadel apartment design concept

floating apartment citadel interior design

citadel floating apartment architecture concept

citadel floating aparment exterior design

apartment living room interior design citadel

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