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Funky Door Prints Creative Design by Karim Rashid

November 14, 2010 by newhouseofart

Simple Clean Door Prints Design

If you are take a look at this 10 modern door design sample pictures gallery designed by famous flamboyant designer  Karim Rashid, absolutely you can get inspiration to make or redesign your own house door. Today, we love to featuring cool and funky door prints designs that created for Sensunels. The colorful door design ideas seem to create the most sense in work settings for the characteristically open space offices offer, not to talk about they would do a great job keeping everyone awake. Check this out these modern psychedelic door decoration patterns by Karim Rashid and let me know if you can really imagine seeing any of these designs in your own house or work environment. More information visit Sensunels.

Pink White Door Prints Unique Design

Minimalist Door Prints Ideas

Innovative Door Prints Pictures

Glamour Door Prints Inspiration

Black Modern Door Prints Design

Blue Elegant Door Prints Decor

Contemporary Door Prints Design

Cute Door Prints Colorful Design

Elegant Purple Teal Door Design

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