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Gorgeous Space Design, Unconventional Office Interior

April 24, 2011 by newhouseofart

unusual meeting room design

Look at this 12 best sample modern unconventional office design idea created by famous Russian interior designer named Stanislav Orekhov. He is much recognized for his excellent CG visualization skills in rendering life-like comfortable office atmosphere. So, on this day I like to put collectively a list of several of the pretty unusual looking gorgeous office spaces design that he has rendered. The importance is on public room “common spaces” surrounded by offices. While there is no clear suggestion on which of these actually ended up suitable actual office construction, at the moment I am presently content enough staring at these stunning office interior photos.

unique chair office space furniture

stunning office tennis court

scenic open office idea

natural office lounge plant

modern futuristic office lounge

green office lounge room

grand white office decor

futuristic office designs

fun office play area

classy office lounge

amazing office interior space

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