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  1. Simplicity Coast Apartment Design

    October 15, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Coast Apartment Architecture Design

    Coast apartment is a luxury contemporary apartment with minimalist interior design style that is located in 35 Coral Street, The Entrance, NSW 2261. How you can feeling if you stay in this apartment for couple of day?. It’s truly amazing living space with beautiful beach view, and comfortable interior decorating ideas in every room such as living room, bedroom, etc.

    Minimalist Coast Apartment Interior

    Luxury Coast Apartment Decor

    Coast apartment showcasing style and simplicity through a range of 32 superb apartments, Coast offers an array of living environments and floor plans to suit your individual lifestyle. Each residence comprises either three, two, or two bedroom + study configurations each with their own fully equipped ensuites, open plan living and dining areas, large designer kitchen’s with Caesar Stone bench tops, smeg appliances, air conditioning, huge outdoor entertaining zones, lift access and underground parking.

    Contemporary Coast Apartment Pool

    Coast apartment have a distinct focus on offering luxury living with minimal maintenance and maximum entertainment, Coast apartments are an attractive choice to embrace the relaxed beach lifestyle of The Entrance. Immerse yourself in one of the premier beachside residential developments on the Central Coast, truly delivered with your style of living in mind.

    Coast Apartment Outdoor Dining Space

    Coast Apartment Modern Furniture Design

    Coast Apartment Living Space Interior

    Coast Apartment Kitchen and Dining Space

    Coast Apartment Beach Views

  2. Homey Small Polish Apartment Design

    August 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

    red white polish apartment interior color

    The new apartment architecture design today inspiration come from the cute and cozy small polish apartment designed by mode:lina which is located in Poznan, Poland. The famous Polish architecture company which was inspired to makes a beautiful and homey apartment house for guests visiting the city for the Poznan International Fair.

    polish apartment simple bedroom

    polish apartment living area design

    Consequently, they ended up with a modern little apartment design which mixes elements reminiscent of the accommodating plan fixtures of a luxury hotel and the comfortable surroundings of someone’s definite dwelling. The apartment designers as well presented themselves an extra challenge to use affordable, expendable furniture. They turned to IKEA furniture that added to the simple, minimalist character of the apartment interior.

    polish apartment good bedroom design

    modern polish apartment bathroom

    minimalist polish apartment balcony

    luxury polish apartment bathroom interior

    little polish apartment kitchen idea

    lavish polish apartment living room furniture

    funy polish apartment bedroom with quote on wall

    elegant polish apartment kitchen interior

    cozy polish apartment kitchen space

    contemporary polish apartment hall decor

    black white polish apartment designs

  3. Glamour Vintage Apartment Oozes Interior

    August 5, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white vintage apartment marble jacuzzi

    Modern apartment design idea designed by Geometrix on this glamour vintage apartment is look very fantastic. On this previously post, we have featured one of their project about overwhelming apartment interior, you should also check on it. Geometrix have stumped us with this contemporary yet vintage, black and white comfort apartment oozes building, decked out by Marilyn Monroe prints on the walls which suggest the 1950?s era, except by means of modern black and white decor color schemes. In contrast this abode has nothing futuristic about it. One might speak this possibly will be an ideal fit for a 1950?s celebrity such as Marilyn otherwise a modern-day one through a love for old Hollywood glamour. Here is it 15 apartment interior pictures gallery.

    white marble dining room with black furniture

    white and black vintage apartment office

    vintage apartment white and black kitchen

    vintage apartment black hall with white touches

    super luxurious vintage apartment

    elegant vintage apartment white brown bedroom

    marilyn monroe vintage apartment dining room

    luxury vintage apartment living area

    luxurious and comfy brown bedroom

    futuristic vintage apartment office

    contemporary vintage apartment living room

    comfortable vintage apartment bedroom interior

    black kitchen with white countertop

    black and white vintage apartment living room

  4. Luxury Apartment from Basketball Court

    July 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

    basketball court room architecture

    What a wonderful and fantastic apartment design created by theApt. I am very surprised that this home apartment was a renovation from basketball court. The luxury apartment is using about 7,000 sqf and there is available larger living room and five bedrooms. In this article, I want to let you know that this is the first time YMCA in the United States got a face-lift. The design effect is a behemoth sized, simple, but have colorfully ornamented house, which still retains various of the essentials of a basketball court like as the court floors of the sleeping rooms and walk-in closet, a minimalist and clean bathroom lined with small, white tiles color schemes, and a modern kitchen so large it might seat and feed 2 otherwise more basketball teams.

    basketball court apartment stair design

    amazing basketball court apartment design

    In this post, we called that building as “The Apartment” because it was designed by theApt. “The Apartment” group developed on the whole thing from the interior, exterior, architecture to the decoration, and also furnishings. The innovative structure design systems were useful and even an internal home garden was built.  The designer liked to keep a little of fundamentals of the old basketball court, and so determined to stay the basketball court flooring in the private spaces of the residence, like as the comfortable bedroom. The house wallpaper was even planned by “The Apartment” group themselves.  There is also available a twelve person ultramodern home theater was installed.  And you can found 30-foot long kitchen was planned and built by “The Apartment” company.

    ultra modern home theatre basketball court apartment

    Ahead its comprehension, the creative basketball house was the setting for a variety of television shows, movies, and pictures-shoots, as well as “Ugly Betty” and the film, “Music and Lyrics.” The designers reflected on the completed development with stating that they “…Got the whole thing we constantly required to seek on customer projects and never could. It was a plan lab of sorts.”

    simple basketball court apartment decoration

    modern basketball court apartment

    minimalist basketball court apartment bathroom

    lighting decor basketball court apartment

    kitchen space basketball court apartment

    green color schemes basketball court apartment

    deluxe basketball court apartment interior

    contemporary basketball court apartment

    comfortable basketball court apartment bedroom

    colorful basketball court apartment interior

    clean basketball court apartment furniture

    Photos gallery shown in here is taken from The Behance Network.

  5. Overwhelming Apartment in Black White by Geometrix

    July 6, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white apartment office area

    Geometrix present to us some design of modern and futuristic apartment design in white and black color schemes. The incredible ideas of stunning apartment interior are shown at 15 pictures gallery in here. This innovative dark and bright apartment decorating themes, from Geometrix might be a plan option for several people who love the ultramodern way and possibly will take to mind spaceships. The apartment building, through its overwhelming white glossy finishes (not just on the floors, however in addition the ceilings and walls), is such as a protective cocoon, airtight, sealed, and compactly built maybe to shelter one from every potentially risky outdoor elements. You also will be interesting about the installation of illumination in the ceilings and wall panels, often zigzag to make the fantasy of being inside either a nightclub otherwise a spaceship.

    white and grey ultramodern bathroom

    white and grey modern bathroom

    The apartment design highlighted zagging line on the ceiling lights up this black and white contemporary living room. The ultimate living space is complete with a comfortable white leather, twist couch, fuzzy black carpeting, elegant and shiny black coffee table, and huge-screen TV. There is also available gorgeous apartment dining room. The traditional cherry wood dining room table furniture and classic dining space interior; this dining room boasts white marble floors, glass columns that separate it from the living room, relaxed black modern chairs, and recess lighting. This Geometrix apartment is truly a dream house living idea!

    white and grey bathroom design

    white and grey apartment bathroom

    white and black bedroom interior

    white and black apartment living area

    white and black apartment entertainment room

    white and black apartment closet

    white and black apartment bedroom

    black white dining room and kitchen

    black and white living room with TV

    black and white apartment room decor

    black and white apartment living room

    black and white apartment dining area

  6. Contemporary Alemanys 5 Apartment with Simple Material

    June 30, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Unique Alemanys 5 Apartment

    Perhaps you will not be familiar with the name and design of contemporary Alemanys 5 Apartments. Because as you know that although Alemanys 5 Apartments have been covered with simple material building such as rough stone walls and exposed wooden beams rotted, but Alemanys 5 remains the perfect apartment. Because Alemanys 5 Apartments have an exceptional character of the medieval period. One 16th-century building that until this moment in mind is located in Girona, while in Spain have been waiting a very long time to meet modern innovation.

    modern spain apartments design

    Then talked about the materials used by Alemanys 5 Apartments, you should know that the material used is actually simple. Namely from contemporary materials and furnishings that add contrast, so this can give someone feel good for the interior are provided with modern nuances.

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Staircase Design

    Next talk about the architect who has created a beautiful vacation rental with full of luxury amenities without sacrificing the charm of an ancient one, so that they can make a valuable historic building is Anna Noguera. Who was able to make the house of the sixteenth century, Alemanys 5 in Girona, Spain, opposite the Plaza Sant Domenech who has been renovated into 2 luxury apartments, with juxtaposes medieval style with modern elements to gift the visitors. So that the visitors could feel the full comfort. And for these apartments feature is the presence of a heavy ornaments, which makes this place seem friendly with simple elements that adorn the walls and interior. so make them warm.

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Living Room

    So, how about your decisions now? While currently there are five apartments Alemanys, you can find beautiful in their own homes. Are you going to try to decide between a vacation rental home in the mountains or the beach? Because maybe at this time you’re looking for a house to rent in a city. For this reason, it would be better I suggest to you for next trip to Europe. Because only with $ 170 U.S. night, you can stay in Alemanys 5 new vacation rental located in Girona, Spain surrounded by a modern interior design. And you should know that Alemanys this 5 has two apartments for rent. Namely El Badiau, which is two floors above and El Jardi (whole house can be rented).

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Interior

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Garden

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Fireplace

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Decorating Ideas

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Bedroom Idea

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Backyard

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Architecture

    Source: Alemanys 5 Apartments

  7. Very Feminine Apartment by Pippa Jameson

    June 14, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Flower Vase Accessories for Feminine Apartment

    Pippa jameson is knows as interior designer stylist for over 14 years. She lives in England, and works in Shoreditch, London. She’s a very nice and humble person. As interior designer, Pippa has experienced many things and her works is astonishingly good. She has impressive client list and has worked in television, advertising, magazines, books and film. During her carrier, she had been in position of deputy interiors editor for BBC Good Homes Magazine. Recently, she decides to be a freelance stylist for magazine and advertising, include online and large campaign. Besides being a interior designer, Pippa also blog writer. Her blog is indexed on google, feel free to read for yourself.

    From what i saw through her apartment photograph, I know Pippa is very feminine person. She loved the feminine touch and white color. She’s very tidy, and know well hot to make moderate apartment looks lovely and being dreamed for everyone. She has white wooden floors on her apartment. In the living room, Pippa put gorgeous mid century sofa, the sisal rug. The colors of the living room are the combination between pink, white, and green. It’s really pretty and makes people comfortable when visiting her. When I looked the bathroom picture, I just imagine how to have the bathroom like that. All the bathroom part is covered in white. She put some pretty bottles, a tiny flower arrangement for color. She put some flowers, to make the bathroom so beautiful.

    My favorite part of her apartment is the bedroom. Her bed is unique and gorgeous. Pippa put some summery touch of her bed rooms. The bed is modeled like a swing, the room covers in white and added some flowers to make the room fresh.  She also put some blooms sprinkled around the room in random bottles, including an Arizona Ice Tea bottle. Those entire combination makes Pippa’s bedroom is really pretty and you can’t take your eyes out of the bedroom. Pippa’s apartment is very feminine and romantic one. She puts many flowers that are really matches to the white color and make her apartment looks perfect for woman.

    Credit for: Pippa Jameson

    Feminine Apartment Flower Arrangement Idea

    Feminine Apartment Dining Room

    Feminine Apartment Decorative Living Room

    Feminine Apartment Cute Bedroom

  8. Spacious Apartment Interior Design Young Women Style

    March 8, 2011 by newhouseofart

    modern apartment for young woman design

    Clean and simple! This is the simple idea about this modern apartment design for young woman lifestyle.  Vitaly Pavlenko architect, as famous designer made this apartment architecture located in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. The large 1300 sqm apartment purposed for the young family of tow but with their fun children room. The innovative shape corridor apartment walls and creative room partitions created it a unique feature of the room interior decor. Thanks to pretty complicated outline of exterior walls rooms are located in a line on one side of the contemporary corridor. Smooth lines which typify this room made the illusion of a big and spacious living room. The dominant for this apartment layout color selection is white and gray. The variety of its shades creates every part of rooms looks unusual but beautiful. For every room an additional color was added. The comfort living room and the kitchen feature red color elements, the bedroom and the bathroom are designed with green colors, the kid’s room and the small bathroom in orange. The apartment is generally furnished with the Italian and French furniture. Very amazing and I love the decoration very much! via

    minimalist apartment for young woman idea

    luxury apartment for young woman furniture

    kids study room apartment for young woman

    elegant bedroom apartment for young woman

    comfortable apartment for young woman interior

    clean bathroom apartment for young woman

  9. Two Storey Neoclassical Apartment Interior Design

    March 8, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Wooden Dining Rom Neoclassical Apartment

    Hi, NewHouseOfArt readers, in this Thursday, we want to share nice and stunning apartment interior design idea which can be found in Moscow, Russia. This are about two storey apartment designed beautifully with neoclassical style which can be a great inspiration for us. Minimalist but comfortable showing a luxury feel! That is the word’s we can say if we are stay for living at this apartment. Every part of the modern apartment is planned in the matching colors but all of the rooms decorating layout is unusual in its own way. The center of the house first floor is hall through the small living room, dining room and the entertainment room or home cinema. The minimalist bathroom close to the bedroom does not spoil the synchronization of the position as there are no angles otherwise rigid lines. The apartment private zone on the second floor includes a master bedroom, an elegant nanny’s room in the typical English style and a kid’s room. This apartment is a fantastic sample architectures design of neoclassical style. Here is it pictures gallery that we taking for this website.

    Neoclassical Apartment Moscow Russia

    Neoclassical Apartment Interior Decorating Ideas

    Luxury Bathroom Neoclassical Apartment

    Contemporary Neoclassical Apartment Interior

    Comfortable Bedroom Neoclassical Apartment

  10. Contemporary Apartment Artistic Colorful Interior

    February 27, 2011 by newhouseofart

    small kitchen apartment creative design photos

    Comfortable apartment interior can make your life feel happy and relaxed when you are at home. So, we give you some inspiration to decorating your space become cozy and simple but use small budget. This apartment idea is bright and colorful also personalized through beautiful decorations and modern furniture which mix the vintage look with contemporary touches style. White wall color ideas support artistic wallpaper covering, colorful paintings and useful shelves for innovative storage space. The combine and match furniture looks to have been rightly selected for the apartment interior, but without the fresh lighting and modern prints used all over the apartment house, the feeling would not have been the similar. This small apartment can be found at Stadshem inspires feelings of happiness and a creative system of playing through contrasting elements. Brown, white, green, yellow, red, all bright colors and bold shapes turned the apartment into an exciting place to live. The white minimalist furniture design positioned in the kitchen has mismatched handles which insert in to the artistic feeling and vintage decorations fill the air through a memorable feeling of respect for the ages, very nice! Take a look at this photos here…

    small apartment wardrobe design ideas

    rustic small apartment outdoor space decorating

    natural decoration apaartment dining room

    natural apartment interior with flower vase

    modern vintage apartment family room design

    modern vintage apartment bedroom design

    modern small apartment accessories furniture

    modern apartment bathroom white wall design

    cozy kitchen apartment design ideas

    contemporary vintage apartment loft

    comfortable apartment living room decor

    brown bright apartment bedroom interior

    bold shapes contemporary apartment layout

    black white small apartment toilet

    art deco apartment interior with small budget

    art colorful painting apartment room ideas

    apartment minimlaist kitchen cabinet

    apartment contemporary shelves furniture

    apartment artistic wallpaper design

    vintage apartment architecture plan