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  1. Modern Small Apartment Cozy Interior West Stockholm NY

    February 27, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Artistic Small Apartment Wall Decor

    This modern small apartment design can be found in Bromma, west Stockholm, New York city. Using about 80 square meters, this stunning house apartment idea is occupied by a young couple with 2 children’s. Each part of the apartment room interior decorating has a personal story, opening with the artwork wall design which can be found all over the apartment building and finish with a personalized footprint right at the door design. The couple reserved the old door furniture’s and parquet flooring and decisive to salvage what they can from the former house and renovate according to their style and taste. The yellow brick villa color schemes from the early 1960s shelters the comfortable rooms in that the family finds time to come together and take pleasure in the balanced cozy interiors. Found on Skonahem, the small minimalist apartment conveys a feeling of a well maintained and moderately paginated innovation. Mixing vintage color elements and contemporary accents, the house ended up looking such as an extraordinarily personal space. The blinds in the elegant master bedroom have lines from the movie Annie Hall and dark colored walls complement the unique staircase, making an artistic style filter for the decorating elements. New House Of Art team want to share with you some pictures gallery for your inspiration. Here is it…

    West Stockholm Apartment Wood Flooring

    West Stockholm Apartment Living Room Ideas

    Unique West Stockholm Apartment Staircase

    Small Apartment Dining Room with Brick Wall Decor

    Minimalist Bedroom Interior Small Apartment

    Kids Play Room West Stockholm Apartment

    Contemporary Small Apartment New York

    Comfortable Kids Bedroom West Stockholm Apartment

  2. Luxury Watergate House Apartment Washington DC

    February 21, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Minimalist White Bathroom Watergate Apartment Interior Layout

    These modern house apartment ideas series is about how to display gorgeous and luxury design style of living space architecture also decorating layout inspiration. Watergate Apartment is a wonderful for its interior design, sophistication, elegance concept otherwise minimalist because they are looks very beautiful. The building project by Robert Gurney Architect, a famous company with a recognized portfolio which has over 150 architectural plan awards, this Watergate houses is really a complex located in Washington DC – United States of America (USA) which consists of 5 amazing buildings overlooking the stunning view of Potomac River. Designed by Italian architect named Luigi Moretti, the Watergate home is considered one of Washington’s most desirable addresses. This 1,250 square foot unit is situated on the fourteenth floor and was never previously renovated. This place is perfectly modern, clean and super striking, definitely another great dream house place to live in.

    Watergate Apartment Wine Bottle Storage Space

    The Watergate interior design was gutted to essential structure and plumbing, electrical and mechanical infrastructure. Planar walls and cabinetry elements combine through simple and translucent glass to further organize and define rooms. An extended material palette is planned to be subtle and refined. White terrazzo flooring color schemes becomes the stage for Walnut wall paneling, white ash millwork, luminous glass walls, integral charcoal plaster, aluminum and black concrete architectures material. Strips of stainless steel are inset into the white terrazzo to reinforce established geometries and floating ceiling planes. Forms and textures serve to both unify and diversify spatial qualities.

    Watergate Apartment Floor Plan Design Sketch

    Watergate Apartment Complex House Interior

    Watergate Apartment Architectures Plan

    Translucent Glass Bathroom Watergate Apartment Decor

    Spacious Living Room Watergate Apartment

    Opulence Bedroom Watergate Apartment Interior

    Modern Kitchen Watergate Apartment Design

    Minimalist Loft Watergate Apartment Design

    Home Office Modern Watergate Apartment

    Flooring Plan Ideas Watergate Apartment

    Elegant Dining Area Watergate Apartment

    Cool Watergate Apartment Furniture Design Idea

    Contemporary Dining Room Watergate Apartment

    Comfortable Master Bedroom Watergate Apartment

    Images by Maxwell MacKenzie Architectural Photographer.

  3. Modern Duplex Apartment Complex Interior Design

    February 4, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white table sofa apartment furniture idea

    Stunning apartment interior design with black and white color schemes to create simple and minimalist atmosphere. This modern duplex apartment design is planned with monochrome architecture layout using about 280m² through a large house terrace. The designer based on Paris named studio Pascal Grasso Architectures created this apartment interior situated in center of Paris city and features pretty complex walls geometry decorative design. Even various contemporary apartment furniture objects consist of like wooden boxes. Thanks to them the living room looks dynamic and extraordinarily unusual. The room lightning system, hidden behind these boxes, presents diffused, indirect and scalable light. There are some plaster boxes on walls and floors. A number of them are presently ornamental elements though several other conceal functions like lighting, air-conditioning, a sound system and apartment ventilation. So, if you are want to make a comfortable apartment decorating ideas, take a look at this inspiration below. (Photos by: Nicolas Dorval-Bory)

    minimalist apartment complex wall geometry

    innovative minimalist duplex apartment decor

    duplex apartment open dining room living room

    duplex apartment futuristic bedroom interior

    decorative geometry apartment wall design

    contemporary duplex apartment interior layout

  4. Simple Color Palette Apartment Crib Practical Design Idea, i29 Interior Architects

    December 29, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Black Leather Sofa Apartment Crib Furniture

    In Amsterdam – Netherlands, famous architecture design firm named i29 Interior Architects completed the modern apartment crib architectural design not long ago. The ingenious crib interior decorating idea advantages of such a design are many. With common contemporary cabinet furniture, almost people never know where things are and keep opening all the doors before finding what they were looking for. This creative house crib design idea can be applied to approximately every room, as innovative storage space is needed in the entire house. In this condition, it is easy and simple to have a look inside and find things a lot faster. The small design openings also help with the grabbing. Furthermore, this unique special cabinet is very aesthetic style, bringing a plus of originality to an apartment interior. With a simple color palette schemes, featuring wooden finishes and modern white furniture, this house cribs is really charming. One of the focal points is a cool semi-open cabinet featured in the photos below. Here is an ingenious and very practical idea for a contemporary crib pictures gallery. More information visit here

    Wooden Apartment Crib Interior Stair Design

    Wood Indoor Stair House Cribs Design

    Unique Toilet Apartment Crib Design Idea

    Open Door Creative Apartment Crib Design

    Modern House Crib Minimalist Design

    Innovative Apartment Crib Storage Space

    Elegant Dining Room Apartment Crib Design

    Creative Wall Decor Apartment Crib Idea

    Contemporary Apartment Crib Interior Design

    Clean Apartment Crib White Bathroom

    Black White Apartment Crib Decorating

  5. Minimalist Sleek Apartment White Interior Beautiful Design

    December 13, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Wood Flooring White Apartment Design

    Stunning white apartment interior design in white color can make a minimalist and clean impression. You should check this out some stunning modern apartment interior photos gallery for inspiration. The White apartment has a totality of five comfortable rooms such as dining room, living room, bathroom, bedroom and small kitchen that ensures a royalty living space. The most fascinating apartment room of the crib however, remains the one that the innovative indoor stairs point to, a small space, ideal for reading and meditation. Though, this modern sleek apartment did a great job in doing so. This unique apartment loft idea is not just what one could call common and ordinary. The overall sense of the home is that of an art working studio, as the whole thing seems so neat and beautiful unusual. Take a look at the pictures with patience, as there are so many beautiful details to discover. Give us your opinion by leaving a comment. Alvhem

    Window Design Idea - White Apartment

    White Apartment Modern Small Kitchen Idea

    White Apartment Creative Stair Design

    Wash Machine White Apartment

    Stunning White Apartment Interior Photos

    Study Room Decor White Apartment

    Simple Chair Furniture White Apartment

    Outdoor Space Decoration White Apartment

    Modern Sleek Apartment Interior Decorating

    Modern Indoor Fireplace White Apartment

    Minimalist Small Kitchen White Apartment

    Minimalist Apartment Laundry Room

    Innovative White Apartment Loft Design

    Elegant Master Bedroom White Apartment

    Elegant Leather Sofa White Apartment Furniture

    Cozy Living Space White Apartment

    Contemporary White Apartment Dining Room

    Comfort Living Room White Apartment

    Beautiful White Apartment Family Room

  6. Two Level Contemporary Apartment Minimalist Doors Walls Design

    November 7, 2010 by newhouseofart

    comfort master bedroom luxury design

    Located in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia designed by Edwards Moore, these contemporary two-level apartment interior design ideas is very comfortable with minimal decorative walls and minimalist door furniture design. Called Cubby House is a luxury home living overlooking a public outdoor swimming pool and beautiful natural views. The house lower level features a modern kitchen, large storage space furniture for favorite books and a creative semi-enclosed balcony which performs as part of the living room. The residence upper level consists of private spaces such as luxury master’s bedroom and clean bathroom. Besides there is a contemporary guest bedroom space which also acts as a small kids study room. The entire apartment architecture design concept was to make a continuous space for living rather than regularly separated rooms and floors. The natural palette was selected for the interior decorating to make a feeling of comfort. Reclaimed limed timber, OSB, sisal, Vic ash and white concrete color themes floor look very good together. Check this pictures gallery.

    two level apartment interior design

    simple apartmentment storage space ideas

    public space swimming pool architecture design

    contemporary dining room ideas apartment

    minimalist apartment bathroom decorating

    modern two-level apartment interior architectural

  7. Cute Cozy 45 Sqm Apartment Interior Design Pink Color Decor Accents

    October 27, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Elegant Small Apartment Bedroom Interior

    Looking for more inspiration about cute and cozy apartment interior decorating ideas? This edition, NewHouseOfArt.Com will present for you (again) gorgeous small apartment pink color accents design pictures gallery. Minimalist and stylish apartment architectural that has decorative wall which is painted in soft grey that helps to boost the brightness themes, absolutely beautiful! The apartment living room and the bedroom both feature elegant and comfortable walnut finished laminate flooring. The modern kitchen and the clean bathroom in contrary have floors covered with unique rustic tiles. The selection of these materials and colors helps to make best use of the space with no losing in comfort and livability. Creative apartment accessories and furniture also enhance apartment room atmosphere. The living space in this stunning apartment is expanded thanks to uniting it through the kitchen space. Even though the cooking room is still separated from the living room where the dining room is placed. Combine with modern apartment sliding doors design this can occupy less space. What do you think about this apartment ideas?

    Minimalist Dining Room Apartment Decor

    Small Apartment Modern Sliding Doors Design

    Unique Accessories Furniture Apartment Ideas

    Apartment TV Room Interior Decorating

    Clean Small Apartment Bathroom Ideas

    Comfortable Small Apartment Pink Interior Design

    Cute Apartment Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

    45 sqm Aparment Architectural Design Plan

  8. New Decorative Karim Rashid Apartment Interior Design Ideas

    August 19, 2010 by newhouseofart

    apartment cool living room decor

    Best sample new beautiful modern apartment interior design pictures gallery as an inspiration. This one a minimalist apartment decorating ideas designed by Karim Rashid. The whole thing from the lounge chair to the show case to the artistic wall decal wallpaper is all his work! It’s a good-looking amazing apartment room to observe. Even if you find it all too loud. The art on the wall decor is a photograph Karim took off his wife kissing the shower door. Karim Rashid is famous creative and diverse designers of our generation. His loud style has named him listeners from every corner of the world. Karim Rashid is a room interior designer, home architect, writer and product designer who has dynamically touched every facet of design from eye wear and contemporary luxury furniture to children toys- and still manages to hold a few hobbies.Now we are attractive an intimate tour into his arguably ego-centric house, where he and his wife revel in all things planned by Karim Rashid. He says it simply breeds extra originality for future interior designs and likes to test out his products for functionality to see what and how things need improvement. Well HD is all for his eccentric ways since Karim has certainly given us something to talk about. For more information visit:

    apartment display case designs

    apartment funky bathroom designs

    apartment unique dining room design

    beautiful colorful apartment interiors

    creative apartment interior spaces furniture

    cute apartment living room pink interiors

    eyeglass apartment interior inspirations

    karim rashid creative interior designer

    luxury apartment furnishing bedroom

    modern apartment modular shelving

    modern red room storage closet

    romantic apartment interior lighting

  9. Beautiful Modern 48 Square Meter Apartment Interior Decorating Ideas

    June 19, 2010 by newhouseofart

    wooden furniture modern apartment interior

    The modern apartment room design is a single open space without any divisions and almost without space separators. This beautiful loft style apartment decorating ideas has only 48 square meter of total area but accommodates everything for your family need to live get comfortable and elegant atmosphere. Its minimalist apartment interior decor is luxury yet simple. The design looks quite modern and thoughtful. The fancy small apartment is an amazing example of how careful planning could create the room interior look great even without excluding any needed unique furniture. The cozy living room, contemporary dining room, creative kitchen and bedroom design are full of stunning decorating solutions for small areas. The apartment color theme there is quite neutral and consists of gray, silver, blue and white colors. Purpose to create the open space more relaxed for living; the master bedroom is divided by a panel which lets the light in. The kitchen which is also located in this open space also includes laundry appliances. Thanks to that it looks bigger than it is. Here is it best sample small apartment interior decor pictures gallery for inspiration. -Photos by Luis Visconti-

    small apartment room interior layout

    modern apartment minimalist furniture

    minimalist door design apartment ideas

    luxury dining room small apartment ideas

    creative saving space bathroom apartment

    cozy apartment living room decor

    contemporary master bedroom apartment design

    comfortable living space apartment

    beautiful artistic apartment room

  10. Feminine Minimalist Apartment Interior Decorating Ideas White Pink Color

    June 13, 2010 by newhouseofart

    trendy apartment interior fresh design

    Cute apartment design is especially design for young girl use colorful interior decorating themes perfect combination white and pink color schemes. Beautiful feminine apartment interior design with minimalist style is the apartment design trend in 2010. Fancy modern apartment interior architectural located in downtown of Copenhagen belongs to a 34 years old artistic graphic designer Laura Terp Hansen. Only the teenager with professional design educational might use the pink color as dominant in her interior room design and get so cool and fresh decoration. In each room of the 88 square meters apartment is something clean. That is not simply cushions, fabric and other small interior objects. Even a refrigerator, some wallpaper and wall stickers, contemporary lamp furniture, and various other decorating elements are pink. Purpose to highlight all these chic beauties, most of walls and wooden floors are painted in pure white. The contrast among white and pink always looks wonderful. So, here is it best sample modern feminine small apartment interior design pictures gallery for inspiration. -via-

    pink white color apartment interior

    pink modern apartment furniture idea

    natural small apartment colorful interior

    femenine apartment interior decor ideas

    creative young girl apartment design

    cool apartment interior design pictures

    beautiful apartment stylish interior

    minimalist cute apartment interior design