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  1. Ultra Modern Tower: “Meier on Rothschild” Israel

    March 13, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Wonderful Tower Facade Design

    Amazing and brilliant architecture design idea! This ultra modern tower called “Meier on Rothschild” is a wonderful project that is a mixed-use suburban, retail and office facility which can be found in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel planned by famous American architect named Richard Meier. I am very interesting with this tower because it’s have great and strong structure. The fundamental building considerations which is the innovative shape the tower schemes are using the high-quality of light interacting through the plan, its stunning views to the ocean, and its  relationships with the existing fabric of Rothschild boulevard.

    Wonderful Tower Transparent Glass Exterior

    The Meier on Rothschild tower foundation will contain a modern lobby, retail space and comfortable lounge with spa on the second floor. In the meantime, a small open plaza in front of the tower will let consumers to simply access the shaded area of the Rothschild Boulevard. The creative retail arrangement is planned to regenerate the vitality missing from its unusual construction design. The passage will have prominent entrances which serves both Allenby and Yavne Street. The Yavne street entrance design will also accommodate the entrance to the five thousand square meter office structure above. This great mixture of the tower and lower commercial building design will give to the continuing economic growth of Tel Aviv city. We get some pictures gallery about tower facade and other element shown on this pictures gallery:

    Amazing Tower Architecture Design

  2. Sophisticated Vineyard Villa Design, Portugal

    March 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Awesome Vineyard Villa Home Aerial Design

    Modern vineyard villa architecture design pictures gallery shown below is one of the most amazing architectural building project plans called L’AND project which can be found in Portugal. If you are the type of people that fancies owning a vineyard and brewing your own product of wine, this is the perfect place for you. This L’AND project design targets the kind of elegant gentlemen that may envy Russell Crowe in the great movie titled “A Good Year”. The sophisticated vineyard villa design project that is still under construction is a most important undertaking that includes five different famous architectural firms from across Europe. The interior designer and architects have been briefed to present a classy natural experience for the inhabitants by modern chic of architecture which reinterprets contemporary Mediterranean patio homes. The stunning villa interiors too reflect this fresh feel and deviate extremely much from the typical rustic charm home living you usually associate with vineyards and villas. The architecture designer have presented several overwhelming photos of the villa designs. Here is it…

    Modern Balcony Vineyard Villa View

    Modern Vineyard Villa House Exterior Decor

    Miniamlist Vineyard Villa Kitchen Courtyard

    Luxury Vineyard Villa Outdoor Swimming Pool Night View

    Elegant Vineyard Villa Living Room Interior

    Cool House Pool Vineyard Villa Design

    Dining Cum Kitchen Vineyard Villa Furniture

    Contemporary Vineyard Villa Interior Decorating Ideas

    Comfortable Reading Room Corner Vineyard Villa

    Beautiful Garden Vineyard Villa Outdoor Furniture

  3. Modern Pod House, Future House Design Concept

    March 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Eco Friendly Pod House Exterior Design

    The future of house design concept! Pod House is an ultra modern and eco-friendly mobile home architecture design idea created by Architecture and Vision architect. We like to feature in this post to let you know that this is not only home design concept. This is unusual futuristic house idea which many people want to know. The MercuryHouseOne mobile lounge is a modern unit which reflects an extraordinarily pragmatic approach to an exceptionally unconventional plan. It is a self sufficient mobile unit which able to well in both urban as well as rural surroundings. At primary example the pod house resembles an alien headgear. But, the home unit is greatly futuristic and compact in dimension architectures. The pod house exterior decoration covering is created using curved light marble pieces, white color Carrara marble to be particular, thereby giving necessary toughness.

    Ultra Modern Pod House Architectures

    The Pod house interior design layout is flexible and capable of be configured as per ones experience in that way putting it to diverse usage. Light fitments, cool TV panel, and creative sound systems are in-built to fashion an out of the world experience indoors. The in between seams are of chrome, through acrylic windows and door. The outer cover is backlit that provides a gripping view at night. The material used creates it interior light weight yet sturdy. Solar panels system, in dark black color, on the top, present a distinct look and also suffice for power requirements. So the unit is very eco-friendly and functional in a non-powered space also. So what about the furniture? It’s unique and has minimalist style. Take a look at this Pod House pictures gallery:

    Pod House Solar Panel System Technology

    Pod House Modern Urban Home Concept

    Pod House Future Home Design Concept

    Mobile Home Pod House Design

    Minimalist Pod House Interior Design Photos

    Mercury House One Mobile Lounge Design

    Futuristic Pod House Design Idea

    Flexible Pod House Design Pictures

  4. Italian Wooden Villa Hunting Fan by Vsevolod Sosenkin

    March 3, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Unusual Wooden Villa Architecture Design

    Contemporary Italian wooden villa architecture design style can be found near Moscow, Russia. Unusual villa designed by Vsevolod Sosenkin and its named hunter’s place by the interior designer. The villa of hunting fan created with best combination a style of a luxury Italian villa by chalet approach and the architect managed to do that in a very innovative way. The modern fireplace furniture is decorated with gorgeous ornaments reminding of Renaissance. The villa living room is also decorated through some moose’s heads and there is a bear’s skin on the floor as hunting is the hobby of the head of the family. The view from every one of the windows is fantastic and the swimming pool seems like it merges with the surrounding nature. The comfortable villa bedroom is decorated in the style of Provence, France. Thanks to that remarkable design the villa has its own face and will impress every guest. To me it’s such as classic and traditional house living. via

    Russian Wooden Villa Room Interior Decorating Ideas

    Modern Wooden Villa Entrance Door Decoration

    Minimalist Wooden Villa Breakfast Room

    Luxury Living Room Wooden Villa Design

    Indoor Swimming Pool Villa Italy

    Creative Wooden Villa Ornaments Furniture

    Contemporary Wooden Villa Dining Room

    Beautiful Wooden Villa Interior Design Ideas

  5. Amazing Seaside Beach House Architecture Design

    February 22, 2011 by newhouseofart

    beautiful seaside house design glass walls

    Very spectacular and amazing seaside beach home architecture idea shown at this inspiration! Designed by Sagan Piechota Architecture company located in San Francisco that is have specialized in house residential design and renovation. This stunning ocean side luxury home idea is looks very beautiful and have modern functional concept. According to the architects a well planned housing space is not only aesthetically style pleasing but it improves a harmony and well being of the comfortable houses. The seaside residence architectural plan is situated in Carmel, California – USA. It is surrounded by natural scenic gorgeousness. Carmel has the rich heritage of artists, writers, and poets. It is world well-known for its performing artists, striking beach and artifacts.

    wonderful seaside house design view

    The luxurious beach side house residence is built on the rocky top of a seaside landscape. The seashore residence recognized as Otter Cove is divided into two wings. The Eastern wing provides privacy from the busy highway and the Western wing protects from the ocean wind. The seaside home architectures are incompletely built underground. Underground rooms obtain natural light from the innovative staircases. Underground spaces are peaceful and quiet, whereas upper levels are busy with activity. Floor to ceiling window designs in upper level spaces give wonderful view of the ocean. Stone and glass are the most important materials used extensively in this beach home design. The Eastern wing and Western wing are of arched unique shape. Arched decorative minimalist wall connects both the wings. The comfortable living room area interior decorating is completed through dark grey sofa furniture color themes and bucket shaped chairs. Center table through stone top on the metal frame looks exclusive. Bedroom decor has wooden flooring. Kitchen is divided into different counters. The seaside house is surely an enchanting dwelling to live in.

    stunning seaside house design exteriors

    spectacular seaside house architectures design

    seaside house design second floor interior

    seaside house design minimalist kitchen

    seaside house design living room ideas

    seaside house design gathering space decor

    modern seaside house design bedroom interior

    luxury seaside house design wooden wall

    contemporary seaside house design bathroom

  6. Prefabricated Luxury Wooden Home Interior Design

    February 18, 2011 by newhouseofart

    modern prefab home design concept

    The futuristic and eco-friendly house architecture design by famous Italian architect called Roberto Semprini has contemporary concept. The best consideration about interior and furniture selection is the important way to create luxury atmosphere of this prefabricated wooden home idea. Approximately all medium of art deco together with architecture, room interior design, industrial design, and wall covering graphic design, cool theater, literature, films and fashions were influenced through the phenomenon named futurism. The agile and dynamic house architectural layout planned utilizing newest technology, maintenance in mind harmony, balance and gorgeousness. If you take a look at detail pictures gallery of contemporary prefab wooden house shown below, you able to know that these a sophisticated and futurist house plan is truly wonderful.

    prefab home futuristic architecture design

    Prefab houses are assembled from off-the-shelf usual modules built from high quality sustainable green technology, as in eco-friendly, architecture material. This luxurious wooden prefab residence is built using extraordinarily limited room and materials. Normally, a timber home provides a feeling of a rustic cottage interior. As an alternative of straight edges, curved shapes are applied to furnishings and staircase. Angular shape building of the home makes contrast through the curved minimalist furniture design. Glass windows in the roof let natural light inside. The home interior is one of the look such as a work of art. White color scheme is used for the living room chairs; whereas dining room chairs are have black color. White chairs in living area look as if they are winged chairs. White innovative spiral staircase blend especially well with living room decor. Life can never be dull or boring in this ultra modern house interior.

    luxury prefab home interior decorating ideas

    wooden prefab home exterior design

    prefab minimalist house kitchen dining room design

    prefab home spiral staircase design

    So, what do you think about this home idea? Leave me your opinion here by fill the comment form. Thanks

  7. New Residence Design Large Basement Idea

    January 24, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Amazing Bryanston House  Residence Architecture Plan

    Contemporary home architecture design located in Bryanston Johannesburg, South Africa, we presented to you as design inspiration in this sample interior and exterior pictures gallery shonw below. A new luxury residence built in about 1400 square meter planned by Nico & Werner van der Meulen of Nico van der Meulen Architects cc placed on a 4000 square meter stand in Eccleston Rd, Bryanston. Upon entering through the modern gatehouse design idea you look down the sloping driveway through some large cantilevers protruding from the house structure, some in rust, other rooms clad with unfilled travertine, and an atrium behind a mantis grating screen. Due to the house slope of the stand design, an innovative large basement was designed on the lower side of the property, making a stepped effect on the stand. Next to the front door a large reflective koi pond flows over a retaining wall next to the drive way, with an illuminated indoor glass staircase design behind a two storey curtain wall in the background.

    Upholstered Light Dining Room Design

    House in Bryanston Interior design was completed by M Square Lifestyle Design, and the luxury furniture, room interior decoration and feature lights were by M Square Lifestyle Necessities. The comfortable lounge leads directly onto the deck next to the pool through full width frame-less stacking doors, and through the bar to the lanai. An atrium allows the residents to open the living rooms to cool breezes. The only decorative wall design in the lounge is a double height wall punctured by a 4 meter long fireplace and several illuminated niches, with a covered ceiling with rope lights over it. All the other walls are glass. The house front door is a large piece of pivoted frame-less glass, leading into a double volume entrance hall and formal lounge with a view across the lounge and pool into the garden beyond. A bridge suspended with minimalist steel cables spans across this space. The lift shaft home forms a strong vertical element completed in rust behind the pond. Every single one of this is framed with a cantilevered concrete beam. The wooden staircase behind the koi pond is a double glass construction, with lights between the two layers of glass. Above the lower garage a huge cantilevered structure hangs out, suspended by beams built into its roof. So, team now waiting for your opinion about this new residence architectures.

    Unique White Bathtub Furniture Design

    Services Area Modern New Residence

    Playful Billiard Room Bryanston Residence

    Outdoor Infinity Edge Pool Design

    Natural Bathroom Minimalist Interior Design

    Modern Gatehouse Design Bryanston Residence

    Luxury Kitchen Interior Bryanston Home Idea

    Luxury Bryanston House  Residence Design

    Large Reflective Koi Pond Design

    House Double Volume Entrance Hall Design

    Home Slope Unique Design Bryanston House  Residence

    Home Atrium Residents Open Living Room Design

    Glass Staircase Two Storey Curtain Wall Design

    Front Door Large Piece Pivoted Frameless Glass

    Framed Large Sliding Window Kitchen Ideas

    Formal Lounge Design Pool Garden View

    Family Room Double Volume Private Lounge

    Facade Design Bryanston House  Residence

    Dining Room Modern Glass Chair Furniture

    Contemporary Bryanston House  Residence Exterior

    Comfortable Guest Bedroom Bryanston Residence

    Comfort Leather Sofa Chair Design Bryanston Residence

    Bryanston Residence Modern Home Office Design

    Breakfast Room Elegant Interior Bryanston Home

  8. Modern Restaurant Merotoro Restaurant Mexico City – Studio MMX

    January 18, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Luxury Interior Merotoro Restaurant

    The new modern restaurant design architecture idea of Merotoro Restaurant by Studio MMX is an innovative architectural plan that insert into an existing building, with a new contemporary restaurant lobby and patio area. Can be found at Mexico City, Mexico, The architects designer were attracted to using reclaimed sleepers as a material because ‘Each piece, articulated in a different context, has a history of its own. This is very comfortable dining place with unique restaurant furniture. The practice used reclaimed wooden train track sleepers to build up an interior wall decorating for the eatery. Their differently-angled facets create a rhythmic pattern to the wall. Studio MMX lately completed the refurbishment and refit of new restaurant and named “Merotoro”.

    Wooden Train Track Merotoro Restaurant

    Unique Furniture Merotoro Restaurant

    Red Color Exterior Merotoro Restaurant

    Contemporary Design Merotoro Restaurant

    Architecture Plan Merotoro Restaurant

  9. Luxury Leonard Residence Architecture Design, Ehrlich Architects

    January 16, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Amazing Leonard Residence Architectural Photos

    One of the most contemporary luxury house residence architecture design located in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, there is 4,000-square-foot residence named “Leonard Residence” is positioned on a 45 degree angle downward sloping canyon place. From the main house public level architectural, one descends an outdoor innovative stair anchored to a cast in place modern concrete wall idea to the home lower level architectures which houses a comfortable home office, guest quarters and storage space. Embracing a contemporary entry courtyard, the Leonard house residence structure is a composition of huge areas in glass supported with steel and concrete, tracing its lineage to the case study luxurious home designs of LA. A innovative two-story living room interior is suspended over the canyon on a structured concrete slab that also serves as the finished floor. From this level, a floating tread stair ascends to the master bedroom/bath suite and a floating reading loft affords classic LA views through the 20-foot high glass walls.

    Wooden Dining Table Chair Furniture - Leonard Residence

    Leonard Residence access to a roof terrace over the car garage fosters sunbathing and relaxation. The hillside-bound site existing the most obvious challenge as well as chance for decorating deluxe home design. The house door entrance level is greeted by a permanently-installed corten steel and glass modern dining table material planned by the Ehrlich Architect. To achieve the vision objectives, the residence is spliced into multiple levels to accommodate and embrace the steep slope yet create the mainly of all useable room, practically panoramic views and augment privacy from the closely adjacent homes. Each level fluidly caters to specific living, working and relaxation needs of the residents, allowing for utmost efficiency and comfort. More information visit website.

    Wall Glass House Facade - Leonard Residence

    Outdoor Stair Innovative Design - Leonard Residence

    Modern Wood Bathroom Decor - Leonard Residence

    Modern Entry Courtyard - Leonard Residence

    Minimalist Elegant Leonard Residence Interior

    Living Room Under Stair Idea - Leonard Residence

    House Entry Door Design - Leonard Residence

    Dining Room Second House Level Design - Leonard Residence

    Contemporary Architecture Leonard Residence

    Comfortable Open Living Room - Leonard Residence

  10. Clad Wood Cutler Residence Vacation Home Design by Murdock Young Architects

    December 10, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Wooden Clad Home Design - Cutler Residence

    A contemporary beach house year round vacation home named The Cutler Residence is designed by Murdock Young Architects with a modern minimalist impact on the pristine stunning landscape architectures. This luxury residence design features spectacular beautiful natural views of ocean surroundings which are very calm, comfortable and relaxing. The house yard features a large outdoor swimming pool, so home owners could come back from a vacation with an ideal tan. The Cutler Residence shape of the residence and its room interior decorating create it look modern and clean. The vacation house’s exterior is clad in textured wood panels and consists of a lot of large windows. It is perched on a bluff overlooking Block Island Sound so these views mostly feature waters of the Atlantic Ocean and woods. Check this design pictures gallery. Murdock Young Architects

    Wonderful Natural House - Cutler Residence

    Unique Shape House Facade - Cutler Residence

    Traditional Chair Sofa Funriture - Cutler Residence

    Stunning Exterior Design - Cutler Residence

    Modern Outdoor Swimming Pool - Cutler Residence

    Modern Kitchen Island Decor - Cutler Residence

    Innovative Home Vacation Architecrture - Cutler Residence

    Glass Exterior Design Architectural - Cutler Residence

    Elegant Master Bedroom - Cutler Residence

    Craetive House Gate Design - Cutler Residence

    Contemporary Dining Room - Cutler Residence

    Comfortable Bedroom Interior - Cutler Residence

    Clean Minimalist Bathroom - Cutler Residence

    Amazing House Ocen Views - Cutler Residence