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  1. Modern Sleek Toilet Design with High Technology

    October 14, 2011 by newhouseofart

    comfort toilet lumen avant boca

    Roca is making wonders in the business for 90 years now. This is a sign that whatever it introduces and releases brings good quality and benifit. Lumen Avant is intended to enhance your bathroom looks and experience. It comes in color black that is neat and flawless.

    The toilet seat that promotes harmony and cleanliness comes in a modern design. The company’s intention is to bring design, and the comfort of modern technology in one piece of furniture. All of these are achieved with the release of the Lumen Avant toilet seat.

    It’s not only a stylistic toilet seat, but it’s called a wellness seat that brings hygiene to the maximum level. It works as a toilet seat and bidet at the same time.

    You will never see a toilet seat that comes with loads of features and benefit. This toilet seat from Roca will also serve as a washing  and drying area. It has a heated-seat, a soft close lid, not to mention that it’s self-cleaning. It also flushes automatically letting you save energy in return.

    Aside from its beautiful features, the Lumen Avant also includes a screen control panel that is made of LED. This feature will allows you to control and manage the temperature of your bathroom, and other toilet functions.

    These irresistible and amazing features are only a handlful if you will think of what this toilet seat from Roca brings. This toilet seat is gaining recognition in the market, and it will be great to get yours to see what I am talking about.

    toilet lumen avant boca pictures

    new toilet design by roca

    high-tech toilet design idea

    Yet, you can visit Roca for more information about Lumen Avant.

  2. 10 Bathroom Interior Decorating and Remodeling Idea

    March 31, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Hello NewHouseOfArt readers! Today we are like to share with you new idea about bathroom interior decorating and remodeling inspiration. We collect some beautiful bathroom pictures from several sources come from all website in the internet which has modern and contemporary design.

    Jacuzzi Bathroom Design with Harbour View
    This is a Presidential Suite – Master Bathroom Design from Jacuzzi with Beautiful Harbour View which is one of the world’s best bathroom interior design. (source: intercontinentalhongkong)

    Actually, there is not an easy thing to find best bathroom decorating ideas for your house. There are many elements that must be considered such as space, furniture, interior style, etc. From the wonderful tiles to the most useful storage space, the whole thing perfect bathroom decor requirements able to be found on the furniture market. It is up to you (as the home owners) to decide from dissimilar manufacturers and ideas the most excellent bathroom layout and design architectures.  But you have to take into concern the bathroom’s surface, light experience and requirements.

    There are so various bathroom decorating ideas which it looks rather tricky to discover the great mixture between styles, textures and colors. While you have completed renovating, you would like your bathroom to appear and feel relaxing, clutter-free and comfortable with luxury style.

    Many people know that bathroom decorating starts by selecting efficient storage space solutions which will finally assist your bathroom seem less crowded and will provide you a lot of options for bathroom interior. Shrewdly use every part of space available to make storage facilities and maintain a clean minimalist bathroom design. Use the room behind the door to hang clothes, towels otherwise laundry bags and the one above the toilet to store towels or toiletry items.

    The last thing that I suggest to you is about accessorize your bathroom decorating themes with resistant glass shelves, brassware or plastic, depending on your way. Select vivid colors for a refreshing look otherwise soft hue for those calming bubble bath moments. And never forget to enjoy all step of the way. If you have any idea, please share with us!

    contemporary bathroom by Jeremy levine design
    A bathroom interior design that come from two story house architecture design addition to an existing home utilizing passive and active green technology, including: grey water recycling, solar energy, passive thermal, day lighting, interior pocket courtyard with bamboo garden, drought tolerant landscaping, etc.(Source: jeremylevinedesign) via

    luxury master bathroom decorating ideas
    via: pdstahl

    master bathroom with giant shower stall
    photos courtesy of nelsonminar

    minimalist bathroom with unique wall tile
    image courtesy of ryangwu82

    vibrant bathroom idea by rogue designs oxford
    pictures courtesy of rogueinteriordesigns

    comfortable bathroom design and planning
    image courtesy of rogueinteriordesigns

    Tumbled Carrera marble tiles bathroom
    image courtesy of jeremy levine design

    white modern bathroom interior design
    design picture courtesy of wiccahwan

    Bathroom Westin Hotel Long Beach California
    photo source: kathika

  3. 30 Contemporary Bathroom Interior Design

    March 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

    warm bathroom with glass ceiling

    We back again with this beautiful bathroom interior decorating ideas come from famous Italian company named Cesara. The new trends of contemporary bathroom design we shown at this best 30 sample pictures gallery. We love to share! We like to give you an inspiration! So, you can take a look and share your opinion about this bathroom idea. Many people know that contemporary or modern room themes that was previously limited to the living room and bedroom, is currently being carried to the bathroom additionally. This bathroom style has its own unique aura, and it is extremely hard to get the matching sense and approach with use of other styles of designs. The minimalist, fresh, clean and sleek line of contemporary design simply creates the bathroom warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    unique interior bathroom towel holder

    Here, our opinion about the contemporary bathroom design element that we explain in the short description:

    stunning bathroom interior decorating ideas

    Minimalist clean and straight silhouettes: Contemporary room interior design usually deals with minimalist, simple, and clean silhouettes. So, the contemporary bathroom requirements must have to use characteristic straight, fresh and neat line. Whether it is the bathroom cabinets and furniture, the bath fittings otherwise the bathroom vanity, the silhouettes have to be minimalistic, unsophisticated and functional.

    opulence black contemporary bathroom

    Lighting Decoration: The core of a contemporary bathroom interior might be simply painted with the proper use of unique lighting decoration. The ideal lighting in a bathroom following contemporary theme should be bright. Why is it must have bright lighting? This is the reason, because bright and crispy lights easily provide way to modern sleek and fresh appearance. If dimmer light is a necessity in your bathroom, then you might think to install accent lights on the bathroom wall. On the other hand, find the bathroom planned in such a way which the lighting is focused away from shower area and the bathtub furniture.

    modern sleek white bathroom

    Bathroom Furniture: The contemporary bathroom furniture and fittings is recognized to play a crucial role in the interior design.  One piece minimalist toilets, plain and sleek shaped tubs, and additional creative bathing accessories and fixtures in mixture of materials, featuring metallic finish and in subtle and cozy shades are some popular elements of contemporary bathroom design. Do you agree with us?

    modern bathroom faucet mirror

    Bathroom Color Schemes: The perfect contemporary bathroom color schemes are should be a combine of neutrals with bold colors. To make a comfortable spa like feel, select colors such as bright ivory, aqua, purple and silver. What about black white color? We think that white and black color palette by splashes of bright color like lemon yellow, hot pink; grass green is also an ordinary color scheme in contemporary interior bathrooms.   The various other color options you might choose are grey, white, red and black; ivory, tan and chocolate brown; yellow, red, ivory and purple. It’s depend on your way to design and make a style on your bathroom.

    minimalist white bathroom with unique bathtub

    Bathroom Interior Decorations: As you know that the contemporary bathroom decoration to be used in should be very minimalistic style. Additionally, it supposed to also be in alignment with the color scheme. Moreover make certain that decorative items are in single color and material. Don’t forget to blend with any bathroom fixtures.

    luxury bathroom lighting ideas

    luxury bathroom design unique floor tile

    luxury bathroom decoration ideas

    innovative bathroom shelf designs

    green white bathroom natural design

    gorgeous red white bathroom interios

    fancy bathroom seating furniture set

    exquisite bathrooms interior furniture

    elegant bathroom wash basins

    deluxe bathroom cactus plant

    decorative bathroom accent wall

    cute girls bathroom design photos

    contemporary bathroom furniture designs

    comfortable bathroom wall art picture

    colorful bathroom elegant design style

    clean bathroom artistic wall designs

    chic biege contemporary bathroom ideas

    blue biege bathroom decor style

    black white bathroom interior color

    beautiful bathroom interior color schemes

    bathroom with personal touch indoor pool

    bathroom rug chair furniture

    bathroom pantone chair design

    Well, this is our latest inspiration about contemporary bathroom idea, We hope you love this design.

  4. 2011 Cosmopolitan Bathroom Design

    March 2, 2011 by newhouseofart

    contemporary cosmopolitan bathroom furniture

    Duravit give us an option design inspiration to create luxury bathroom design from this product new 2011 cosmopolitan bathroom which can make your bathroom have deluxe and comfortable furniture feel. Called Esplanade is an innovative bathroom idea fixtures made in cooperation with Russian-German architect Sergei Tchoban. It’s quite modern and perfect for your lifestyle. The minimalist, tailored silhouettes provide this unique bathtub, clean toilet, bidet, and cabinet also vanity furniture a neutral sense but not masculine nor feminine design, though the contrast between white ceramic color schemes and dark wood is sharp through a high-quality dose of drama. Created for the modern, cosmopolitan buyer, this new bathroom collection delivers the most excellent of both worlds. Contemporary opulence is about allowing which small bit more yet keeping one’s feet firmly on the ground. More information, visit Duravit website.

    opulence cosmopolitan bathroom esplanade design

    modern cosmopolitan bathroom vanity

    minimalist toilet cosmopolitan bathroom

  5. Kitchen Tiles and Bathroom Tiles Design Idea

    February 8, 2011 by newhouseofart

    zebra hall wall tiles black white

    Very interesting ideas! This is all about innovative kitchen tiles design and modern bathroom tile to enhance your house interior. This stunning tile design presented by Okhyo, and I think this is extraordinary digital wall printing on ceramic tile to make murals, the newest generation of wall covering idea. Today, you are able to capture which favorite memory of yours and set it up for everybody to see. No, it is not photos that we are discussion about. These are pictures tile murals that can be personalized according to your likings and be place anyplace in the home. You can make a creative waterfall shower enclosure otherwise bath; splash up your modern kitchen backsplash design by various fruit that seems very excellent enough to eat, otherwise some eye-catching scenery; bring life to your comfortable living room with these original and unusual ceramic print tiles. It is a perfect way to customize your room interior decor, and by choosing one of your own pictures as the subject, you are guaranteed a gorgeous look, not at all to be duplicated. Have as a lot of variations as you want. For starters, check this out compiled a decent furniture collection of minimalist kitchen tile photographs and bathroom tile pictures.

    unique sand stone wall tile design

    stunning yellow car kitchen room tiles

    natural sun sea wall covering tiles

    modern blue lagoon bathroom tiles

    minimlaist waterfall bathroom tiles

    highway contemporary kitchen tiles

    green red apple luxury kitchen tiles

    green comfortable bath waterfal tiles

  6. Via Veneto, Modular Versatile Bathroom Relax Furniture Design by Falper

    December 18, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Comfortable Versatile Bathroom Interior Decor

    A modern complete and extraordinary versatile modular bathroom furniture design system called Via Veneto designed by Falper is created from water proof material otherwise mdf wood. After all, Via Veneto is a useful and gorgeous bathroom furniture storage space solution which could help to crate every modern contemporary bathroom interior a comfortable place to relax your body and mind. On-top, under top and built-in minimalist washbasins, four types of knobs, twenty one widths, three heights and three standard depths, curved shape elements architecture and depth changes, and a lot of other things to fully personalize your bathroom decorating. The finishing of cabinets has high quality and possibly will be lacquered otherwise veneered as inside as outside. Check this Via Vento, stylish bathroom versatile pictures gallery.

    Via Vento Versatile Bathroom Cabinet Design

    via veneto modular bathroom system idea

    Modern Versatile Bathroom Design Idea

    Minimalist Versatile Bathroom Furniture Design

    Elegant Versatile Bathroom Stylish Design

    Contemporary Versatile Bathroom Storage Space

  7. Luxury Roman Bathtub Furniture – Modern Royal Bathroom Design

    May 13, 2010 by newhouseofart

    luxurious roman bathrtub furniture design

    Do you want to make your bathroom interior design looks more beautiful and luxury? This luxurious roman bathtub furniture design by MAAX collection is perfect for your modern bathroom design. If you are looking for bathtub in the market, there are so various models and design of bathtubs, but vintage looking bathtub with curved design all the time favorite by people due to its elegance and comfortable style. This modern particular tub is in traditional roman design that grabs the hearts of customers. It absolutely resembles the 19th century roman emperor bathtub finished up of fireclay. The two luxury types of this vintage looking bathtub with curved design are especially popular among people that are drop in and free standing styles. Drop in style of bathtub includes whirlpool system to provide you an ever before bathing experience. The main challenge of this bathtubs furniture is to give relaxation and refreshment that is very essential to stay healthy in such a busy life style. Take a look at this best sample luxury roman bathtub design pictures gallery, and consider getting it for remodeling your bathroom interior! -via-

    modern royal bathroom interior design

    roman bathtub  minimalist bathroom furniture

  8. Minimalists Tamina Thermal Baths Luxury Interior Design Decorating Ideas

    March 14, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern tamina thermal bath architecture design

    This Tamina thermal bath design is very minimalist and looks modern. But in the interior decorating is very luxury with comfortable atmosphere. Beautiful architecture building that can be our inspiration. We presented that interior and exterior pictures gallery from Tamina Thermal Bath just for the reader of We think that you can interest in a few days spent at this bathing place located in the Grand Resort in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. This explicitly conceived as a part of the grand hotel culture designed by Smolenicky & Partner. The cultural and aesthetic structure characteristic of the project design seeks an affinity to both Swiss tradition and the grand hotels of the Baltic coast. This plan of using explicit resort structural design is underscored in the construction’s officially fanciful oval windows. Seen from the inside, the windows have the effect of over-dimensional image frames. The predominant landscaped design, park like mood remains intact despite the compact manner of structure. Thus the luxury resort remains characterized by its park. The main entrance to the thermal baths, the spa spring hall, is situate on the visual axis of the cul-de-sac in order, from the main road, to mark its presence in the depth of the site as a public facility. For more information about this building project plan design visit the architecture designer website. -via-

    minimalist interior design tamina thermal bath

    minimalist architectural design tamina thermal bath

    luxury interior decor tamina thermal bath design

    interior loft design tamina thermal bath

    exterior design ideas tamina thermal bath architecture

  9. Modern Stylish Faucets Bathroom Furniture Design by Antonio Bullo

    February 9, 2010 by newhouseofart

    ultra modern stylish faucet design bathroom furniture

    If you are looking for bathroom fixtures for bathroom interior decorating ideas may be this ultra modern faucet design from Teknobili can be perfect choice. The famous Italian brand bathroom furniture company has created this faucet to create comfortable and stylish bathroom interior design. Having the clout to lend every bathroom with a European panache, the innovative Bartok faucets by Antonio Bullo is the pure craftsmanship redefined. You will like the elegant design through curves and bars, created available in two classic model designs. The stylish faucets furniture comes with either an incorporated handle and or individual taps, creating for a contemporary addition to every decor. Here it is minimalist luxury bathroom faucet pictures gallery, for more information visit the company site. -via-

    modern bathroom faucet furniture interior decor
    modern bathroom faucet furniture interior decor

    minimalist faucet bathroom furniture ideas
    minimalist faucet bathroom furniture ideas

    bathroom furniture design creative faucet
    bathroom furniture design creative faucet

  10. Modern Luxury Bathroom Design Photos Gallery by Flaminia

    February 7, 2010 by newhouseofart

    luxurious bathroom design with plants

    To create comfortable bathroom interior decorating in your house, there are some inspiration design ideas from Flaminia that are great solution for you. Modern minimalist bathroom designed with luxury and lavish styles. For normally, bathroom must be designed with elegantly and luxurious because after you visit the washroom and have a best shower you get charged up to live your day and at the end of the day too you require to freshen up and relax yourself after a tiring day at work. In this modern bathroom design gallery, displays the simple clean interior decor but have various luxury furniture design. For more information about this design plan, visit the bathroom interior designer site.

    luxurious interior designer green bathrooms design
    luxurious interior designer green bathrooms design

    luxurious smart bathroom decor
    luxurious smart bathroom decor ideas

    minimalist lavish novel shaped bathroom interior
    minimalist lavish novel shaped bathroom interior

    modern bathroom design ideas upholstered chair
    modern bathroom design ideas upholstered chair