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  1. 13 Modern Shared Kids’ Bedroom Inspiration

    July 23, 2011 by newhouseofart

    spacious shared kids bedroom in brown and blue

    Well, if you have more than one child in your family, and then you do not have enough space for their own room, there is some creative design inspiration about shared kids bedroom interior idea. NewHouseOfArt will give you 13 sample design of children bedroom.  Many parents already know that most children’s dream of their own rooms. The like colorful, fun and also playful designs because it can be create a cheerful atmosphere. But for those among large families and smaller quantity spaces to accommodate them independently, most will have to share a room through their sibling(s).

    simple shared kids bedroom in lime and white

    shared kids bedrooms with yellow white green color

    Nevertheless, the compromise should not have to appear so unpleasant if Tumidei has something to do with the space plan! This famous Italian, ecological furniture design band provides delightful, colorful, charming yet modern day kids’ bedroom furnishings and decoration which will not just appeal to the imaginations of young kids other than are moreover roomy and efficient enough to accommodate more than one child per bedroom!

    In this inspiration, there is available neutral bedroom idea that allocates one of the beds on a loft, and one below a storage space unit, for highest functionality and space saving. Furthermore, you will see an innovative design of pink and white girls’ bedroom design with compacts two beds, a desk, storage, and closet space all in one small room with little girl-appropriate drawing. For detail, check this pictures gallery below!

    roomy shared kids bedroom in beige and blue

    playful shared kids bedroom in red and white

    functional kids shared bedroom in green

    fun shared kids bedroom in white and blue

    ecological shared kids bedroom design

    cute shared girls bedroom in pink

    creative shared kids bedroom in red and brown

    contemporary shared kids bedroom in brown and white

    colorful shared kids bedroom in orange and white

    charming shared kids bedroom in bright color design

  2. 22 Kids Bedroom Furniture and Themes by ColombiniCasa

    June 1, 2011 by newhouseofart

    wheeled bed grants easy flexibility in kids bedrooms

    There is available in this June 2011 some new bedroom interior design especially for your kids. NewHouseOfart will present to you creative and fun idea of bedroom furniture and themes created by Italian company named ColombiniCasa. The main ideas is o give your kids a special room preference in color and bed design. The innumerable themes furnishings reveal the similar space plan with the parents might purchase. For example, raise a twin bed such as a bunk version and put a study room at floor level. Open place a miniature flat screen TV over a toy box. Well-organized drawing then grants your kid more play room, consequently working out both the brain and the body for good health. Take a look at the pictures gallery and get the inspiration.

    wall growth chart in boys bedroom

    wall design generates large results in girls bedroom

    texture and color yields fancy girls bedroom

    teenagers bedroom uses minimalism

    soccer theme kids bedroom

    semi cartoon color kids bedroom

    pseudo industrial chic kids bedroom

    primary colors in kids rooms

    modular furniture in kids bedroom

    minimal furniture yields big in girls bedroom

    kids room changes through maturity

    girls room with pastel primary colors

    elegant efficient kids bedroom space design

    efficient space design in girls bedroom

    effective efficienct bed space design

    easy to change furniture around girls bedroom

    colors transforms luminous girls bedroom

    colorful kid bedroom fo twins

    bedrooms for kids showing artist stlyes

    ballerina themed girls bedroom

    ample colorful storage kids bedroom

  3. 15 Marvelous Bedroom Design by Presotto

    May 24, 2011 by newhouseofart

    wood curvi bedroom design

    What is the trend about bedroom design today? If you like a contemporary design of bedroom may be you are interesting with this bedroom collection from Presotto. As an Italian furniture company, they are present to us some design of their bedroom interior that we shown on this pictures gallery below. Nowadays, platform beds are the greatly better, far new beautiful version yet perhaps the trend equivalent of the 1970s waterbed. Actuality at present platform beds is outright artful while originating from convinced design firms. Some creative furniture designers are turning them keen on self-sufficient islands, bachelor-ready suites, floating squares, and textured clouds. Beds such as these by Italian Presotto, modular furniture design firm, provides numerous arrangements of texture, technique, and color schemes. Presotto uses leather otherwise wood material, rounded and rectangular headboards, floating squares, also massive furniture pieces which appear self-sufficient through night tables and couch-like platforms. Take a look at Presotto bedroom product here…

    self sufficient bed design

    platform bedroom product

    oversized two modular bedroom

    oversized bedroom decor

    leather bedroom interior

    ikea bedroom design

    floating bed design ideas

    elegant bedroom design pictures

    curvy minimalist bedroom

    creative lighted bedroom style

    cloud bedroom idea

    chocolate luxury bedroom

  4. 11 Modern Bedroom Zhengzhou Training Schools Interior Design

    April 13, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white bedroom masculine theme design

    In this day, we are very interesting to introduce to you best 11 pictures gallery of modern bedroom design presented by Zhengzhou Interior Design Training schools. The comfortable and elegant element is very considered in this bedroom idea. This school interior design company teaching philosophy uses the design of training classmates work. The technique the school is run looks to be directly hinged on the focal point of providing the learners a thoughtful of what the workplace will be approximating and what will be projected of them. The creative school has a exacting policy of ensuring which every student is competent to obtain the assist they need in the classroom, hence only allowing 8-10 people per class.

    ultra modern student bedroom linear

    You will say “wonderful bedroom design” after looking at the photos. The students work obviously gives you an idea about attention to detail in their bedroom interior design process with their concentration to feature. The students all use common themes of contemporary simplicity. The end luxury bedroom decor result is a solid grasp in the thoughtful of European styles in furniture and decorating layouts. The graphic computer rendering skills are very good indicating which the students will know how to be successful in the workforce. Here is it….

    student minimalist bedroom timber design

    simple student bedroom nature feature wall

    opulent student bedroom organic

    luxury bedroom geometric feature walls

    elegant student bedroom chandelier

    deluxe student bedroom paisley feature wall

    cool design student bedroom purple walls

    contemporary student bedroom circles

    comfortable student bedroom feminine theme

    via: Home-Designing

  5. 3 Cute Nursery Bedding Set Furniture

    April 4, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Here is it my favorite nursery bedding set ideas! Today we give you three sample nursery room furniture come with stylish, cute and charming design. So, whenever you want to decorate your baby room or kid’s room, you are able to use or consider which one is the suite and perfect for your home interior decorating layouts.

    1. Fabric Nursery Bedding Set from Petit Patchmon

    Charming Nursery Bedding Set Petit Patchmon

    Let’s, we begin from the stunning fabric nursery bedding set presented by Patchmon company. Personally I love the design, and the gorgeous fabric set that may be able to change every nursery room become an extremely cute and elegant place. Original fabric sets, Petit Patchmon, from Spanish firm Patchmon are faithfully what you require to set an ideal mood and cozy atmosphere in your baby nursery room. Painted cushions and beautiful curtains possibly will assist you to personalize your baby’s room and add a unique touch to it. These presented sets below are an arrangement of style, excellence and delightful designs. The Patchmon furniture set consists not only of nursery bedding and curtains, but furthermore feature matching lamps and overwhelming teddy-bears. These sets are offered in different colors and there are versions as for crib as for toddler bed. Get this one for your lovely kids!

    Stylish Cute Nursery Bedding Set Petit Patchmon

    Purple Color Nursery Bedding Set Petit Patchmon

    Cozy Design Nursery Bedding Set Petit Patchmon

    Modern Nursery Bedding Set Petit Patchmon

    Comfortable Nursery Bedding Set Petit Patchmon

    2. Baby Crib Nursery Bedding Set by Jojo Design

    creative accessories baby crib nursery set

    For the second idea come from Jojo Design, This high-quality and beautiful baby bedding set otherwise toddler called “Leap Frog” can be suite with your design style. Available in large selection, so, I want to share with you Leap Frog furniture set in this striking photos gallery. I think this is a funny baby crib bedding by neutral green color schemes. The improvement of this color is its universality, it is excellent as for girls as for boys. Consequently if you are not going to stop at one kid and want 2 or more kids then this set may perhaps be useful and practical for you. The nursery bedding set contains crib comforter, crib bumper, fitted sheet, crib skirt (dust ruffle), diaper stacker, toy bag, ornamental pillow and two window valances. Therefore it takes in the whole thing what can be needed for your little kid. Even though the most important feature of this set is a cool and playful design, sweet green frog decorates all items. Awesome design, don’t you agree with me?

    Cute baby crib nursery set Leap Frog

    funny baby crib nursery set furniture

    neutral color baby crib nursery set idea

    toy bag idea baby crib nursery set

    unique baby crib nursery set designs

    3. Pink Bedding Baby Girl Nursery by Pottery Barn

    White Beautiful Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    The last nursery bedding set we take from Prottery Barn. It’s designed with cute pink color schemes, so it can be very suite with your girl’s nursery room interior. Just such as a princess room, very comfortable, smooth and absolutely I love the design. This pink bright color might transform every room design become an extremely delicate and pleasant space, that will completely fine for small baby girls. Pink color is frequently associated by small charming princesses and a lot of parents pick just it to decorate a nursery to their sweetheart girls. If you are one of them, then I’d love to offer you very nice sets of pink bedding to improve your nursery room design. Every item from these nursery sets are created from pure cotton and are hand quilted. The crib bedding and beautiful towels are decorated by cool appliqués that add the fascination to them. Interesting with this kind of furniture? So, but it now from Prottery Barn website.

    Very Elegant Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Sweet Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set Design

    Princess Design Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Pillow Design Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Nice Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set Design

    Natural Themes Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Modern Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Minimlaist Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set Design

    Flower Themes Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Cute Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set Idea

    Contemporary Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Comfy Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Colorful Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set Idea

    Charming Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set Design

    Butterfly Themes Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set prottery barn

    Accessories Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

  6. Opulence Girls Bedroom Furniture Collection

    March 5, 2011 by newhouseofart

    stunning girl bedroom interior design ideas

    Di Liddo & Perego as the famous Italian bedroom furniture manufacturer company present to us some opulence bedroom furniture collection named “Domino”. Domino Chic is a modern and charming furniture idea that has been designed to make a dream bedroom interior for every girl, who loves luxury and lavishness style. This innovative combination is very trendy and fashionable for this year 2011 and always looks ideal. The bedroom furniture from this collection is distinguished through remarkable mixture of unusual elements created in baroque style and contemporary finishes. The bed ideas have not only eye-catching look but also clever construction and provide enough places to store bedding set and some cushions. The modern wardrobes are other gorgeous items of Domino Chic. Different the beds they seem ultra modern and are decorated with creative visual effects. Furthermore this girl bedroom set can include desks for study room, comfortable armchairs, poufs and even lamps. So, NewHouseOfArt bring the sample design pictures gallery present here…

    queen bed furniture girl bedroom decor

    modern girl bedroom desk furniture design

    minimalist girl bedroom wardrobes design

    luxury girl bedroom furniture design

    girl bedroom design bed furniture set

    girl bedroom comfortable armchair design

  7. Modern Round Leather Bed Design by Prealpi

    February 15, 2011 by newhouseofart

    leather beds built in lights

    Chic and contemporary bedroom interior design can be perfect with this modern round shaped beds furniture design presented by Italian company called Prealpi that are offering some premium quality beds with unique and stylish designs. Fashionable and unusual leather beds which can create a center of attention and beds are the ideal and especially innovative element of every bedroom interior. For having such as this exclusive round bed you should have a large bedroom interior layout because the consequence of round bed is the highest when it is placed in the middle of the bedroom. In this site it seems the most fascinating. To create round bed furniture more useful the bed rotating mechanism would suit your wants. Beds with built-in lights technology system could also help you to make an amazing romantic atmosphere in your bedroom.

    round wooden raised headboard beds

    round white base leather bed

    round raised black leather beds

    round black leather wooden beds

    round black leather beds

  8. Luxury Lavender Bedroom Interior & Furniture Design

    February 15, 2011 by newhouseofart

    lavender bedsheet wall paint bedroom ideas

    All the whole of this sample classic bedroom interior design is purple, white or mixing of two both. This comfortable yet luxury lavender bedroom designed for girl’s room idea. This bedroom can be fit and suitable for as an elegant master bedroom decor as well as for a men’s bedroom design. According to your want, you able to create and customize a beginning through a neutral room and then add just a spot of color that is still soothing. To create a Lavender Bedroom otherwise Purple Bedroom Designs you have to be extremely sure in choosing the perfect combine of lavender and purple color schemes. Whenever you don’t like to do further original try with using lavender or purple for simply few things, might be just have purple blanket furniture otherwise pillow covers bed accessories and observe how can you digest that color. If it does create you feel relaxed then you might go ahead perhaps in painting one wall purple or lavender. If that too creates the bedroom look gorgeous and cozy enough then you could use it for more modern furniture or creative painting more walls or with having lights and lamps of purple otherwise lavender shade.

    solid lavender bedsheet and pillow cover bedroom

    Be creative and innovative! You able to also try out additional colors such as magenta or rustic red since these 2 too are gaining importance in romantic bedroom decorating and designs. These mix and match of these two colors would get in a seductive hint of your favorite color. Also try having several dried lavender flowers arrangement on your side of the bed furniture; lavender has the property to make aromatherapy properties. It might even help you sleep a sound asleep though adding color to the bedroom. Maintain the comforter basic such as white or chocolate brown for balance. So, let we know how you felt after using these bright color ideas and we would love to share it with the New House of Art readers we have for them to experiment too. If likely do send us photos of your bedroom and we would be glad to share it here for comments from other public.

    rich classy lavender bedroom interior

    lavender wall paper bedroom decor

    lavender shades bed furnishings

    lavish lavender bedroom design

  9. Best 11 Teenage Girls Bedroom Interior Cool Modern Design Ideas

    November 29, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Stylish Teenage Girls Bedroom Decorating

    Girl bedroom must be designed in feminism with pink cute color right? I think we can make new innovation for best comfortable but fashionable for that. Here is it, we give best 11 design photos gallery modern cool teenage girl’s bedroom interior design ideas for inspiration. I want to thanks for famous Italian kid’s furniture designer company called Dielle for that collection. The creative teenage girl’s bedroom designed through using of the new latest trends bed, table and chair collection of furniture called X-Cab offered with the manufacturer this year. These teen bedrooms interior decorating could give you with a lot of plans of how to decorate a contemporary teenage bedroom that every girl would be happy to have. Each and every one requirement of modern living spaces is covered. If you want to design truly chic, elegant and comfy living space for your daughter or daughters. So, give me your opinion about this by leaving a comment!

    Study Room Teenage Girls Bedroom Decor

    Modern Teenage Girls Bedroom Furniture

    Minimalist Teenage Girls Bedroom Designs

    Elegant Teenage Girls Bedroom Interior

    Cute Pink Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas

    Colorful Teenage Girls Bedroom Pictures

    Comfortable Teenage Girls Bedroom Design

    Contemporary Teenage Girls Bedroom Design

    Cool Teenage Girls Bedroom Idea Photos

    Creative Teenage Girls Bedroom Purple Color

  10. Creative Three Boys Bedroom Design DIY Hanging Beds Furniture

    November 12, 2010 by newhouseofart

    contemporary boys bedroom design

    This is creative ideas for your kid’s bedroom interior design with this minimalist and simple inspired by Ana White. Contemporary Three Boys bedroom with DIY hanging beds furniture seems very comfortable but are also extremely practical in terms of space saving system. This chic children boys’ bedroom decorating is a unique home décor project by the family behind The Bumper Crop which have done with them. The modern beds are hanging from the decorative walls through thick rope from metal hooks material and also bolted into the wall. The bed lines furniture product are from famous company, Ikea. Near every bed battery-powered LED lights are installed. These lights were innovative outdoor lights and currently they can be turned on/off with a simple button. These beds and lights are not only things that are done in this elegant room by the family, but they show how you can design the room stylish and practical without spending a lot of money on furniture. So, check this boy children bedroom pictures gallery and give your opinion. Ana White

    wall hanging boys bedroom

    unique boys bedroom decorating

    simple three boys bedroom interior

    minimalist boys bedroom white color

    innovative boys bedroom decor

    elegant boys bedroom furniture

    cool boys bedroom ideas