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  1. Small Modern Balcony Sweet Furniture Design

    November 3, 2011 by newhouseofart

    tim kerp balcony furniture idea

    Do you dream of staying inside a capsule like what you can see on futuristic movies? That fantasy can actually come true with the brilliant innovation from Tim Kerp, in a form of modern balcony furniture.

    For some, the balcony is a part of the house that is less visited and is perceived to be less of importance, but the Sight that is modern balcony furniture can change the fate of your less-liked balcony. The furniture that appears like a capsule will bring a different look and appeal to your balcony.

    unique balcony furniture design

    The Sight has a spherical structure and a “window tunnel” that projects to make sure that your favorite view is focused. The view will be captured through the window tunnel, for that emphasized vision of the place without the obstruction of the surrounding objects.

    simple minimalist balcony furniture

    The furniture is made of unique weave that permits air passage for the comfortable coolness, while you’re inside its shade enjoying the beautiful scene. There is also enough light inside the structure for that feeling of freedom.

    creative balcony furniture

    cool balcony furniture design

    comfortable balcony furniture design

    Inside the Sight are comfortable soft pillows that will accommodate you like a hospitable friend. Though this furniture appears to be small, it has a lot to offer when it comes to functionality and comfort. It won’t also take much of your balcony space, and that adds up to its appeal.

    The structure is supported by flexible metallic frame that you can flex and adjust based on your desired position. The Sight is a unique seat that comes in modern and artistic design.

    If you’re looking for something unique as an addition to your collection of furniture, you can never go wrong with this creation from Tim Kerp. This furniture will bring comfort and style. I will say that there’s nothing you can ask for except for someone to share it with.

  2. Convertible Billiard Dining Tables

    October 14, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Stylish Billiard Dining Table Furniture

    There is always an idea that two things can’t be done at the same time. As an old cliche goes, you can’t serve two masters at the same time. Then there’s MBM Billardi that breaks the impossible with its convertible billiard and dining table in one.

    Parigi and Cabochon billiard dining table is so brilliant it will serve as your dining and billiard table. This is a perfect table if you love to hang out with your friends and play billiards, but you don’t want to leave home. Aside from the fact that this table is very functional, it also comes with a brilliant design that is a trademark of MBM Billardi.

    Classic Billiard Dining Table Models

    The people at MBM Billardi are dedicated and passionate with creating and releasing convertible tables that are simply irresistible. This is the only table that you can eat on and play on. The convertible billiard and dining table can be placed in any part of your house. That won’t be a problem since it will be there to serve its purpose.

    Cabochon billiard dining tables idea

    The line of tables from Cabochon and Parigi brags of its modern design, and proven functionality. It will be there as your dining table wherein you can share a meal with your family and friends. You can transform the table by removing the top panel whenever you need action and adventure, by playing billiards with your peers.

    The design of Cabochon and Parigi is created to perfectly fit in with a modern interior design. Still if you have a house with older model or simply want to add a classic look to your house, the convertible table is also available in classic designs.

    MBM Billardi has created numerous convertible table in various designs that you can choose from. If you think that money can’t buy happiness, purchase your Cabochon and Parigi and decide if the saying is true.

    billiard tables cabochon parigi

    Billiard Dining Table Top Panels Design

    Billiard Dining Table Modern Aesthetic Design

    Awesome Billiard Dining Table by MBM Billiardi

    Website: MBM Billardi

  3. 12 Rustic Refined Outdoor Garden Furniture Design

    September 14, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Pottery Barn Wood Dining Table and Chairs

    If you want to make a comfortable atmosphere in your garden, you should take a look at this contemporary rustic yet refined design of comfy outdoor garden furniture collection presented by Pottery Barn. There are available 12 unique outdoor furniture sets which you can choose to suite with your style. This company started out as a single store in 1949 located in Lower Manhattan. I like their sets of minimalist wood and wicker outdoor furniture below. These are everything other than pretentious – they are conscious of the environments around them, and have been planned to accommodate their background and the people which use them, although not sacrificing way. For further information: wicker works, mainly with a rustic country home decoration like this one, with its stone floors and hanging lanterns. Check more pictures gallery here! Enjoy and leave your personal opinion by leave a comment.

    Pottery Barn Rustic Wicker Outdoor Furniture

    Pottery Barn Poolside Lounge Furniture

    Pottery Barn Poolside Food Table

    Pottery Barn Outdoor Wicker with Wine

    Pottery Barn Outdoor Green and Beige Furniture

    Pottery Barn Outdoor Dark Wood Furniture

    Pottery Barn Lemon Farm Outdoor Furniture

    Pottery Barn Deck Furniture

    Pottery Barn Comfy Beach Furniture

    Pottery Barn Beach Furniture

    Pottery Barn Contemporary Deck Furniture

  4. 17 Sleek TV Wall Units Design by Alf Da Fre

    August 8, 2011 by newhouseofart

    wood and white tv wall mount

    The modern TV wall unit design inspiration shown on this 17 pictures gallery is creative idea from Italian famous furniture company Alf Da Fre. Many people like to relax in living room or just watching TV. So, the entertainment part is almost certainly the most central and central element of any living room at house interior. We generally prop our TV’s up on a TV cabinet otherwise attach them to the largest wall properly facing our couches.

    white and green tv wall mount

    white and black tv wall mount

    Alf Da Free bring to us their stylish yet modern TV wall unit in variety of design. You can choose to suite with your living room decorating themes. There is also available sleek, contemporary, and come with a mixture of layout and styling choices such as symmetric, asymmetric, creative floating cabinets, minimalist ambient TV lighting and vivid variable color palettes. What do you preferred design for your living room?

    warm wood and white  tv wall unit

    symetric black tv wall mount

    stylish red plastic tv wall mnt

    simple tv wall mount design

    red white black tv wall mount color

    modern black and glass tv wall mount

    innovative white red black tv wall mount

    green tv wall mount idea

    futuristic design bw tv wall mount

    elegant white and red tv wall mount

    cozy white and brown wall tv mount

    contemporary wblack tv wall

    comfortable white tv wall mount

    chic design white wall tv mount

  5. Unique General LED Lighting : HydraLamp Design

    June 26, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Innovative HydraLamp Design

    Today, we have new submission post from creative designer Balint Tamasi about the innovative of general LED lighting design furniture named “HydraLamp”. HydraLamp is a unique lamp design that can be great accessories for your modern living room interior. This is the following description from designer:

    “The exclusivity of the ambient light named Hydralamp is that its modern cooling system has 2 functions: cooling the LED to assurance a smallest amount 50.000 hours of lifetime and it gives an amazing lighting experience. Due to its lamp shape, plan distributes the brightness in an especially enjoyable technique. The Hydralamp is furthermore energy saver. It able to makes the similar luminous power as a 20Watt halogen bulb but consumes only 4Watt. You must know that in these LED lamps there are used just the highest quality of LEDs which are offered in 400 or 800lm (comparable to a 20 otherwise 40Watt halogen bulb) in calm white color schemes or neutral white color-temperature. The light is created from anodized aluminum and tempered glass. The luminary is 900mm high and the diameter of the stand is 280mm.”

    If you want to know more information about Hydralamp, you can visit the website designer Balint Tamasi at

    HydraLamp Product Design

    HydraLamp Floor Lamp Design Idea

    Detail HydraLamp LED Furniture

  6. 15 Modern Bathtub Portfolio Design by BluBleu

    April 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

    yellow cool bathtub design

    We bring to you some modern bathroom design portfolio come from famous Italian furniture company BluBleu. The cool bathtubs furniture design inspiration available in this 15 sample photos gallery (you can click on the image to enlarge it). When you want to remodeling or redesigning your bathroom, you can select one of it that may be suite for your design idea. As more and more companies begin to visualize bathroom interiors as spaces for treat and living, the concepts they put forward tend to reflect this idea. The lovely bathtubs presented here is no unusual and the high end bathtub fittings they design create reasonably a declaration. Modern bathtub designed with vivid color schemes and sporting headrests, several of this even have an innovative storage space solution which is built into them. Get beautiful and comfortable bathroom interior by use one of these stunning bathtubs!

    timber finish bathtub bathroom

    soft angles bathtub minimalist design

    rectangular bathtub with head rest

    rectangular bathtub design furnitures

    organic shaped bathtub design

    modern bathtub with storage space

    luxury purple bathtub design

    elegant red bathtub design

    dark timber finish bathtub

    cool pink bathub color design

    contemporary timber finish bathtub

    built in oval bathtub furniture

    black white bathtub design

    angular bathtub with head rest

  7. 3 Cute Nursery Bedding Set Furniture

    April 4, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Here is it my favorite nursery bedding set ideas! Today we give you three sample nursery room furniture come with stylish, cute and charming design. So, whenever you want to decorate your baby room or kid’s room, you are able to use or consider which one is the suite and perfect for your home interior decorating layouts.

    1. Fabric Nursery Bedding Set from Petit Patchmon

    Charming Nursery Bedding Set Petit Patchmon

    Let’s, we begin from the stunning fabric nursery bedding set presented by Patchmon company. Personally I love the design, and the gorgeous fabric set that may be able to change every nursery room become an extremely cute and elegant place. Original fabric sets, Petit Patchmon, from Spanish firm Patchmon are faithfully what you require to set an ideal mood and cozy atmosphere in your baby nursery room. Painted cushions and beautiful curtains possibly will assist you to personalize your baby’s room and add a unique touch to it. These presented sets below are an arrangement of style, excellence and delightful designs. The Patchmon furniture set consists not only of nursery bedding and curtains, but furthermore feature matching lamps and overwhelming teddy-bears. These sets are offered in different colors and there are versions as for crib as for toddler bed. Get this one for your lovely kids!

    Stylish Cute Nursery Bedding Set Petit Patchmon

    Purple Color Nursery Bedding Set Petit Patchmon

    Cozy Design Nursery Bedding Set Petit Patchmon

    Modern Nursery Bedding Set Petit Patchmon

    Comfortable Nursery Bedding Set Petit Patchmon

    2. Baby Crib Nursery Bedding Set by Jojo Design

    creative accessories baby crib nursery set

    For the second idea come from Jojo Design, This high-quality and beautiful baby bedding set otherwise toddler called “Leap Frog” can be suite with your design style. Available in large selection, so, I want to share with you Leap Frog furniture set in this striking photos gallery. I think this is a funny baby crib bedding by neutral green color schemes. The improvement of this color is its universality, it is excellent as for girls as for boys. Consequently if you are not going to stop at one kid and want 2 or more kids then this set may perhaps be useful and practical for you. The nursery bedding set contains crib comforter, crib bumper, fitted sheet, crib skirt (dust ruffle), diaper stacker, toy bag, ornamental pillow and two window valances. Therefore it takes in the whole thing what can be needed for your little kid. Even though the most important feature of this set is a cool and playful design, sweet green frog decorates all items. Awesome design, don’t you agree with me?

    Cute baby crib nursery set Leap Frog

    funny baby crib nursery set furniture

    neutral color baby crib nursery set idea

    toy bag idea baby crib nursery set

    unique baby crib nursery set designs

    3. Pink Bedding Baby Girl Nursery by Pottery Barn

    White Beautiful Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    The last nursery bedding set we take from Prottery Barn. It’s designed with cute pink color schemes, so it can be very suite with your girl’s nursery room interior. Just such as a princess room, very comfortable, smooth and absolutely I love the design. This pink bright color might transform every room design become an extremely delicate and pleasant space, that will completely fine for small baby girls. Pink color is frequently associated by small charming princesses and a lot of parents pick just it to decorate a nursery to their sweetheart girls. If you are one of them, then I’d love to offer you very nice sets of pink bedding to improve your nursery room design. Every item from these nursery sets are created from pure cotton and are hand quilted. The crib bedding and beautiful towels are decorated by cool appliqués that add the fascination to them. Interesting with this kind of furniture? So, but it now from Prottery Barn website.

    Very Elegant Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Sweet Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set Design

    Princess Design Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Pillow Design Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Nice Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set Design

    Natural Themes Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Modern Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Minimlaist Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set Design

    Flower Themes Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Cute Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set Idea

    Contemporary Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Comfy Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Colorful Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set Idea

    Charming Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set Design

    Butterfly Themes Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

    Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set prottery barn

    Accessories Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Set

  8. Opulent Victorian Gentleman’s Virtual House Furniture

    April 2, 2011 by newhouseofart

    victorian bar corner interior

    This special edition about home design inspiration today come from luxury Victorian house which truly attracting our attention especially if we are take a look at the interior decorating ideas. The perfect and awesome home visualization called Victorian Gentleman’s Virtual House designed by TheeDex studio. I say this is “luxurious home” because the house furniture with gold gilding, and green accents are selected from expensive material. TheeDex studio as the designer brings to life this classic abode style of a Victorian gentleman that absolutely wonderful. The particulars in the photos gallery here just keep hitting you from the twinkle of the interior lighting to the shadows of the modern pool balls to the puckers of the diamond tufting on the comfort leather chairs. Simply nitpick I have is that several of the pictures seem a little washed out. Maybe rather than going for right photo-realism the TheeDex studio were gunning for surreal grandeur. So, give your opinion about this home design! Are you agree with my sight of view?

    Here, I collect ten photos design of Victorian Gentleman’s Virtual House design:

    modern regency era house interior

    green lights above green table

    grand victorian room luxury design

    extravagant living room decor

    contemporary regency style furniture

    comfort victorian sofa furniture

    chandeliers wallpapers embellishments

    beautiful victorian pool room

    beaded chadelier dramatic interior design

  9. 15 Elegant Fireplace For Cozy House

    March 29, 2011 by newhouseofart

    These range of fireplace furniture collection design is purpose to create elegant and cozy home design. There is available indoor and outdoor fireplaces idea that may be interesting for you. Many people love warm light of the fireplace because it can create something comfortable atmosphere. Personally, I associate that the feeling of the fireplace provides us with the memory of a welcoming house where the look of the flames relaxing us and encourage us to dream. I searching and find 15 trendy modern fireplaces that can be your selection and inspiration. Here is it:

    1. Retro Fireplace from Ecosmart Fire

    Modern Retro Fireplace Design

    First, it is all about unique fireplace presented by Ecosmart Fire Company called Retro. This famous furniture maker especially in made a sophisticated and modern fireplace has plenty of collection for you to select from, but one stands out from the rest. The Retro was planned by Marc Philipp Veenendaal and has an extremely revolutionary design.

    2. Modern Minimalist Wall Mount Fireplace

    The second fireplace is purpose for small space in your house. Presented by Fontana Forni that bring us minimalist wall mount fireplace simply hanging on the wall that can let you enjoy kind of comfort atmosphere whatever you have small spaces.

    Minimalist Wall Mount Fireplace

    This fireplace burns bioethanol and if you desire it to have an unusual scent, just find the fragrances for it where you get the fuel. This furniture product model is obtainable in white and red color option.

    3. Pictofocus From Euroflues

    Wall Hanging Fireplace Design Pictofocus

    I am very interesting about this wall hanging fireplace designed by Euroflues. It’s kind of my dream fireplace and very suite with contemporary home interior. I mean really creative, this company has made a fireplace which will fit right in anywhere because it seems such as a huge picture frame. This product called Pictofocus which able to put on every wall and even comes in 2 different sizes. Pictofocus has been awarded at Paris furniture design shows for the simplicity of its drawing. There are 2 ways that it can be installed. It can be installed either as a double sided fireplace otherwise in a corner. It’s depending what you want!

    4.Rusty Fireplace Modus 984

    Rusty Fireplace Modus 984

    When I look at this Modus 984 fireplace design for the first time, I think this is truly creative furniture which has rusty and colored metal body design. This fireplace able to be used in either a corporate otherwise a residential setting. Smart and functional fireplace which is can extend beyond the fire bowl and also able to be used as a table otherwise a comfortable chair. It also has a flue and a fire bowl which is both created from stainless steel material.

    5.Contemporary Saba Fireplace

    Contemporary Saba Wood Fireplace

    The contemporary furniture collection called Saba designed by Wittus is a fireplace which mixes the traditional style and modern along with infusing it through its own exclusive brand of trendy. This fireplace able to be ordered in one of four materials such as painted steel, tile, sandstone, and natural stone. This is a unique freestanding wood fireplace design and also presented in a variety of colors and customization. It comes by a convection heat door, an ash retainer and a window. You are suggested to take a look more this contemporary fireplace.

    6. Fire Line by Planika Fires

    Office Room Fireplace Design Fire Line

    Named Fire Line is a modern fireplace that can be perfect for any office room building otherwise a casino that can be installed on the wall. Designed by Planika Fires Company today it has a house fireplace which will provide you the similar atmosphere. The Fire Line insert also runs on biofuel so you would not have to be anxious regarding the smell of wood smoke and it able to be controlled by the touch of a button on your remote control. It’s amazing!

    7.Modus 998 Fireplace Design

    Modus 998 Fireplace Design

    Perfect for house otherwise commercial building interior design! This Modus 998 is a fireplace that gives a real comfy atmosphere whilst being a focal and statement design piece. This kind of modern fireplace seemingly flue less design is genuine furniture piece of fireplace engineering and ingenuity. The truth which it appears flue less provides the design a real sense of simplicity and sophistication.

    8. Bubble Fireplace with Orange Color

    Bubble Fireplace Orange Color

    This comes from Planika Fireplace Company again. Named Bubble is yet a new in a long line of fireplaces design collection which is designed to give pleasure to. The bubble comes in a variety of color such as red orange and is cylindrical in original shape. If you are looking for mobile fireplace, Bubble is solution for it. It was planned to draw attention and is overwhelming among funky modern designs.

    9. Zeta Portable Ventless Fireplace

    Zeta Portable Ventless Fireplace

    This is the winner of the 2009 Design Award at the Australian International Design Awards. The ultra modern fireplace design called Zeta Portable Ventless Fireplace is designed by John Dimopoulos which has an elliptical shape and it is a combination of special material such as stainless steel, leather and timber. These are portable fireplace and rests on a stainless steel pedestal which swivels. The body is created from plywood and shaped through being heated on an aluminum mold.

    In this Zeta Fireplace you are able to find a firebox insertion that is created from stainless steel and is attached to the plywood. The leather mentioned previous is then used to cover the outer surface. There is a glass screen which is paced on either side of the fire by this means ornamental the visual effect. This Zeta fireplace model is obtainable in five colors selection.

    10. Open Wall Mounted Fireplace

    Open Wall Mounted Fireplace

    Next, we are wanted to let you know about this fireplace product regarding open wall mounted fireplaces. This fireplace is able to be fueled in various multiple ways.  You able to select, wood otherwise bioethanol to fuel it. Whenever you decide gas, it capable of be controlled with remote control system. These fireplace furniture models are custom built so you would have your option in materials, finishes and fuel arrangement. The fire itself would sit on a metal fire pit and it has glass surrounding it on every sides not attached to a home wall.

    11. Fire High Fireplace Unusual Design

    Fire High Fireplace Unusual Design

    Fire High is an unusual fireplace designed by Arik Levy and it’s also available on Planika Company. This furniture firm is adding yet one more fireplace to their venerable line. This design is liked to emphasize how flames able to be light. To realize this idea, as an alternative of using bulky, heavy materials to display the flames, the designer instead used thin bars created from steel. In responsibility of this, Arik Levy hoped to illumine how the fire does not have to seem every consuming, except instead able to be seen with an approximately ethereal quality. Do you love this fireplace design?

    12. “Double” Coffee Table with Fireplace

    Double Coffee Table with Fireplace

    The contemporary and unique coffee table designed with fireplace inside. It’s we take from Planika collection again! Named Double this is such as coffee table with a “bonus”. It has a smokeless fire built right in it! With using the Glassfire Technology, the designer has integrated a fireplace right into the coffee table and you would not even have to be concerned about smoke, ashes or even the fire itself! It’s very cool!

    13. Scale Fireplace Work of Art

    Scale Fireplace Work of Art

    Minimalist fireplace design, Scale is designed by Aktys. He is the creative furniture designer that created this kind of wok of art fireplace. The Scale can really be fastened to the house wall just by using 4 screws. The Scale is ideal for persons that want the look of a fireplace but who do not have the space for one. There is no floor space necessary; simply a enough amount of wall space is needed. Wonderful idea!

    14. Malle On Fire Outdoor Mobile Fireplace

    Malle On Fire Outdoor Mobile Fireplace

    The other name of this fireplace is “Fire in the Trunk” (in English version). The Malle On Fire fireplace is one of the unique mobile outdoor fireplace new design idea come from Atria. When you have limited space in your house and you have guest come over and you guys would like to enjoy a cozy fire, so this is perfect solution for that.

    You just pull out your white trunk color, flip the lid up and set it ablaze. Your friends will be surprised. This was created in this fashion so that you might have a fire when you required without having a fireplace sitting around taking up wall space. Simple but awesome!

    15. Gaia Fireplace with Glass Panels

    Gaia Fireplace with Glass Panels

    The last fireplace design that we want to show to you is Gaia. Gaia is a luxury wall fireplace designed with large glass panels on both sides and the front. This fireplace was recognized as the goddess that made life and the progenitor of fire. The designer Arkiane of this fireplace furniture took that to heart in creating it. Looks perfect for comfy living room interior!

  10. Modern Horizontal Balustrade Stair Design

    March 29, 2011 by newhouseofart

    new modern staircase design pictures

    Every day we have product submission design which comes from various famous companies in the world. Today, we want featuring innovative outdoor stair design from Mahadevwood. This high-quality modular stair idea is planned to give a new way and elegant style for your home or hotel architectures.

    This is some description from Mahadevwood about this Bharat Variya stair:

    Staircase is most Important and attractive part of our home and garden. This modern outdoor stair design by Mahadevwood, This belove Horizontal balustrade Stair has different unique design with its straight balustrade system. The staircase is exclusive by its assembled long balustrade that looks perfect match Modern style. This staircase looks trendy because of the wooden rounded balustrade set size by size small. These types of Balustrade assembled any of the places like home, hotel, Garden stair and any exterior and interior public place. This staircase design can made in Wood, MDF, Plastic, and various kind of Glass rods etc…

    modular staircase design idea

    modular staircase design architectures

    modular stair innovative design

    modern stair hotel garden design

    minimalist home staircase design

    indoor house staircase designs

    contemporary outdoor staircase

    Detailed information, you can find here: