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  1. 19 Urban Garden Design Trends in New York City

    July 12, 2011 by newhouseofart

    view from garden into unique townhouse

    Many of our reader want to get inspiration about urban garden design. There is some message in our email that ask how the best idea to decorate a modern or contemporary urban garden? So, for this Tuesday, 12 July 2011 edition- we give you beautiful 19 urban garden design trends which are very popular in New York City. Today, urban gardens have turn into an increasing tendency in New York and other metropolises global, triggered with a variety of explanations, from the sophisticated man’s want to get back in touch through nature to an attempt to alleviate the planet’s ecological disintegration to an effort to show the way a better lifestyle by rising one’s own fruits and vegetables. At this time we were so interesting with the landscaping designs of Rees Roberts + Partners LLC , we might not oppose revisiting the theme and giving out the following pictures with our reader.

    This we suggest a creative house named “Rees design”. The Rees designs both interior decorating styles and landscapes and this small garden of a modern townhouse spilling over through vegetation is other than one evidence to their contemporary, minimalist yet eye-catching and efficient way. The designer have maximized a tiny space with covering mainly of the walls with ivy, planting trees on the sides, and even adding up green touches to the comfortable outdoor furniture. The effect is a beautiful small backyard oasis of a townhouse in the urban city.

    There is also available spectacular design of captivating rooftop garden which a perfect design for luxury apartments otherwise townhouses with balconies / generous rooftop room. The glass panels present safety, other than do not difficult to understand the wonderful cityscape. The unique design allows the outlook to tell for itself and the selection of having a smaller, interior room through a modern glass paneled window in addition is extremely sensible. The building owners and their guests are able to then take pleasure in the sight from their roof at all times of the time.

    And for latest description for the images shown in here, we find an experience of the ultramodern in a NYC apartment garden. The innovative design of glass paneled doors, present a clear view of the small backyard, so it suggests a design element to the space even if one is plainly sitting in the living room.

    urban garden with tiled floor and bamboo

    urban garden with city view

    stunning outdoor urban garden

    small urban garden with lots of green

    rooftop patio edsign decor

    rooftop garden with beautiful city view

    rooftop garden with bar

    pool table leads to rooftop garden

    outdoor garden in back of townhouse

    natural urban garden with bamboo

    modern sliding doors garden

    modern courtyard decoration

    luxury apartment garden view from outside

    living area with urban garden view

    gorgeous rooftop oasis design

    creative rooftop garden idea

    cozy courtyard design idea

    contemporary balcony and garden design

  2. Modern Garden House Design Idea Dallas, Texas

    January 22, 2011 by newhouseofart

    luxury home garden design photos

    The modern garden house design idea located in Dallas – Texas designed by Cunningham Architects as an intense collaboration between architect, client, and landscape architect, an amazing amount of consideration was incorporated into each feature throughout the entire design and construction process. A modern two story box with outdoor swimming pool design, the stunning home garden idea is clad on three sides with a rain screen system, utilizing Ipe hardwood that will weather over time to a silver-grey sheen. The house elevation and south facade is glazed in frameless, insulated glass units incorporating two eight foot wide sliding glass doors. This luxury green residence is a free-standing addition to an elegant modernist house on an adjoining lot. Several existing Red Oak and Elm trees were incorporated into the garden design, whereby both lots contributed to the formation of a larger garden en mass. A minimal plant palette makes mass plantings used for large textural impact and screening for privacy.

    dining room garden home furniture

    As a contemporary urban retreat home design for an artist and car enthusiast who lives next door, much care was taken to quietly insert this new residence into the neighborhood, yet express the unique identities of the owners. As such, the client’s affinity for the color blue was incorporated into several of the dominating elements within the garden and the house. This eco-friendly house design fluid process was necessary in order to successfully deliver a functional home, regularly capable of hosting informal family gatherings and large social functions.

    decorating garden house entrance gate

    contemporary garden house architecture

    car garage garden home basement

    beautiful garden house exterior design

    wooden garden house living room

    stunning home garden landscape

    south facade garden house design

    purple sofa garden house interior decorating

    modern swimming pool outside house

  3. Urban Garden SF Residence Green Landscaping Architecture Design

    September 8, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Stunning Garden SF Residence Design Ideas

    This 12 sample photos green garden SF Residence design ideas can be perfect inspiration for you! The Pacific Heights district of San Francisco surrounds a modern single-family home. This urban garden is a graphic composition of outdoor areas, materials and planting, when viewed from the house’s two balconies overlooking the spot. The big contemporary residence architecture was designed in 1990 by the noted Bay Area architectural company EHDD under the tutelage of the late Joe Esherick.

    SF Residence Door Exterior Design Ideas

    From within, the home green garden landscape architectural is warmly experienced as a sequence of outdoor spaces, their rooms and creative design features consecutively covered and exposed as one passes through each threshold in the home composition. From this architecture plan perspective the distant San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz Island slip into the view of the city spread out below the property. The luxury SF residence garden is planned to carry the sense of the modern city’s urban fabric into the place. The decorative walls linking rooms are composed of clipped Prunus caroliniana hedges, fit within the structure of steel frames.

    Outdoor Furniture Garden SF Residence

    Thresholds between the rooms make a sense of mystery and discovery as one move through the garden. The stunning landscape garden is separated into a series of three enclosed garden rooms, every rigorously defined by architectural and planted edges furniture. The variety of edge treatments, translucent glass, and hand-toweled plaster, a curved bronze wall, and planting explore the relationship between viewer and the adjacent off-site conditions. Here is it SF Residence garden design pictures gallery. More information about this project development visit:

    Outdoor Garden SF Residence Modern House

    Modern Garden SF Residence Top View

    House Gate Entrance SF Residence

    Garden SF Residence Flooring Design Plan

    Creative Garden SF Residence Architecture

    Contemporary SF Residence Green Garden

    Comfortable Outdoor Green Garden Landscape Luxury Residence

    Beautiful Garden SF Residence Green Landscape

    Architecture Plan SF Residence Plan Pictures

  4. 12 Creative Vertical Garden Indoor Outdoor Design Idea

    June 16, 2010 by newhouseofart

    work office room vertical garden ideas

    Dream house decorating can be more beautiful with this best inspiration of creative and cool vertical garden design ideas indoor and outdoor home decor. This sample pictures gallery is purposed for you as guide to get your own interior garden design idea or placing at your outdoor areas of your house design.  The most interesting thing about like this modern contemporary garden design typically which they are planned to be self-sufficient thanks to using special technologies such as sub-irrigating, programmable artificial lights and so on. Of course that creates such projects pretty expensive although everything unusual has its price. This can be very perfect for any minimalist room interior and luxury home office interior. In various situations you can draw one by yourself but you have to a lot of knowledge about plants for that. Anyway, vertical green gardens for all time looks cool, comfortable and could make your house truly fresh and unique.

    unique house indoor vertical garden

    outdoor pool vertical garden decor

    modern vertical garden interior design

    minimalist clean vertical garden indoor design

    luxury vertical garden home interior design

    futuristic vertical garden style

    expensive vertical garden luxurious idea

    creative vertical garden landscape architecture

    cool vertical garden home office decor

    contemporary vertical garden house design

    comfortable vertical garden dining room

  5. Contemporary Enclosed Internal Garden House Design Six Ramsgate from Wallflower

    December 5, 2009 by newhouseofart

    contemporary house internal garden design

    Wallflower Architecture Design make innovative home design ideas placed in Singapore used 855 square meters storage space on a 1200 square meter location. The contemporary modern enclosed internal garden house design has plenty extraordinary ideas applied in its design. A perfect idea of this house is the modern attractive internal garden in the house that create green house atmosphere.  Thanks to column free vistas the garden connects every public places such as the dining areas, entrance, indoor swimming pool and proper living room. The private areas in contrary are out of sight from guest eyes. Every the courtyards have unusual fabric finishes which facilitates to maintain warmth variation among courtyards, the living room, dining room and indoor pool. That differentiation helps to take breezes which move approximately the home. The second storey of the home has solid hardwood louvers which might be accustomed through hand permit the preferred quantity of light wind and sunshine to filter through. Here it is best sample modern contemporary residence design pictures with enclosed internal garden pictures for your inspiration. [Via]

    staircase house internal garden design
    staircase house internal garden design

    modern pool house internal garden
    modern pool house internal garden

    modern house internal garden pictures
    modern house internal garden pictures

    luxury house internal garden interior design
    luxury house internal garden interior design

    house internal garden modern design
    house internal garden modern design

    exterior house internal garden design
    exterior house internal garden design

    contemporary house internal garden ideas
    contemporary house internal garden ideas

    contemporary house internal garden design
    contemporary house internal garden design

  6. Modern Outdoor Furniture Java Island

    August 25, 2009 by newhouseofart

    The modern outdoor furniture from Java Island, Indonesia, has unique design and contemporary styles. If you want to make your home exterior view perfectly, you must consider the furnishing outdoor space of your home.

    Furnishing outdoor space can be extremely charming, especially when you have a good-looking and stylish wood furniture foundation. The teak wood bench of Jepara 50 is the original piece you should consider to purchase. This bench is the ideal option if you plan to avoid clumsiness exterior of your outdoor space.

    Java teak wood bench, named following the ethnic style carving of the bench backrest, “Javanese” the people of Java Island, Indonesia. Different with some ordinary teak garden furniture, Java bench look like an antique and classic appear.

    modern wood bench house furnitures

    modern wood bench house furnitures

    house furniture java wood bench

    house furniture java wood bench

  7. Green Landscape Design Pictures Home Ideas

    August 23, 2009 by newhouseofart

    Many people are looking for the landscape design pictures for their inspiration to create a house home idea for house designing. If you want to make green landscape design, this is an interesting story that you can read. I hope it can help you to create green landscape design for your own home décor and design.

    Landscape plans is necessary for people preparation to landscape their gardens on their own house. Both advances need capacity of your plan to be conceded. By an area of paper diagram you can plan your own foundation plan. In the design stage of landscape preparation it is significant to place a few attempt keen on investigating what alternatives are accessible. Then by your foundation landscape plans to begin placing in a movable draft of the action quarters that you imagine. In your concluding landscape plans you will then comprise all the particulars in a “to measure” plan that can be schemed on your foundation plan.

    beautiful garden green house

    beautiful garden green house

    Landscape plans can provide a lot of a tread quicker to anything their requirements in this quarter.

    Landscape plans can carry you wherever among your entire landscaping pictures and at smallest amount excellent ideas earlier. So what is in a landscape? Captivating your occasion looking no matter what your end aims are; will absolutely carry you a lot of good images earlier to what you desire.

    front landscape green house design

    front landscape green house design

    Keep in brain the good landscapes seem amazing from midnight, sunrise, midday, behind in the day, evening, and outside! There are a lot of that have passed out wide landscaping plans. Although do not look for one instant respond in landscape plans that places the picture you desire collectively during the night. Get your moment and pick important attempt in, and you will discover your vision landscape.

    house living green healthy design

    house living green healthy design

    green garden home house environtment

    green garden home house environtment