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  1. Custom Aquariums Ideas Modern House Interior

    February 1, 2011 by newhouseofart

    stunning aquariums lighting ideas

    If you have an idea to enhance your modern house interior, may be you can add aquariums to your room as home accessories to create beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. The studies have revealed that observing fish able to help alleviate stress and reduce blood pressure, and personally I agree with that. You can see in this pictures gallery, how stunning freshwater aquariums design looks in your house interior. The aquariums able to use as great corner piece, creative room divider, otherwise as unique wall unite decor ideas.

    unique aquarium living room table

    Whenever you want make the aquariums as focal point for your room, it is also possible. They can even be a substitute for your contemporary coffee tables furniture. You can also utilize your aquarium to provide a particular theme to your room. Just such as the sea-themed room below, you do not require to discover space inside the room for an aquarium if you decide to opt for wall aquariums. via

    tropical aquariums interior design

    simple aquarium coffee table

    modern wall aquarium design

    innovative wall aquarium living room

    freshwater aquariums design pictures

    focal point room auqrium interior

    fancy shaped aquariums design

    custom tank aquariums rustic interior

    creative aquarium room divider design

    cool aquariums big size design

    contemporary aquariums interior design ideas

    coffee table beech aquariums

    beautiful aquarium furniture design

    aquarium wall unite decor idea

    aquarium l shaped coffee table black color

  2. Powerful Central Heating Boilers Eco Friendly Design by Wamsler

    January 2, 2011 by newhouseofart

    central heating boiler wamsler 500 series

    Check this out new home appliance modern design presented by Wamsler about powerful central heating boilers eco friendly design ideas shown on this pictures gallery. Innovative central heating boilers from 500 and 900 Series are able of creating 16 kilo Watt outputs to water for radiators and domestic hot water. An integrated temperature electronic sensor controls the air supply during the heating phase and beyond, whereas special heating valve regulates air supply ensuring best possible air intake. The central heating boilers 500 Series have a built-in cooking hob, though the 900 Series model features a larger cook top and a 58 liter oven for baking and roasting. Practical, economical and efficient, these boilers give long burn time, and are easy to use and maintain.

    central heating boiler wamsler 900 series

  3. 9 Beautiful Christmas Table House Interior Design Idea

    November 22, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Romantic Christmas Table Decoration

    If you take a look earlier post on you will be very excited to find beautiful Christmas house interior, unique Christmas tree decorating and also beautiful home accessories Christmas candle. Here, we give stunning Christmas table furniture design ideas in this 9 sample pictures gallery. When you are designing your table, you should take attention of your house interior decorating themes. There are plenty of things to think about while it comes to decorating the Christmas table. You should create various creative table centerpieces, innovative place cards, romantic candle decorations and a lot of other things. Even though every these Christmas decorations worth the spent time because they could actually help create the Christmas Day even more memorable. Check this and give me your comment.

    Unique Christmas Table Modern Design

    Creative Christmas Table Decor Idea

    Minimalist Christmas Table Design

    Gorgeous Christmas Table Home Furniture

    Christmas Table Candle Light Idea

    Christmas Table Dining Room Design

    Christmas Table Unique Tree Ideas

    Contemporary Christmas Table Design

  4. Creative Hanging Flower Pots for Modern Green House Design

    July 2, 2010 by newhouseofart

    outdoor home garden furniture

    If you are looking for home accessories for your outdoor house decorating ideas, this hanging flower pot can be perfect for green exterior dwelling design. Hanging flower pots are very useful and become more and more popular nowadays as we recently mentioned. In this best sample modern flower pot design pictures gallery there are two models, with four and with six horns from which they hangs. All these flower pots are handmade so they are unique and original. They retails for $67.00, it’s not too expensive, right? This home garden furniture design is in charcoal colored stoneware clay. Besides they are great indoor and outdoor home decoration and you even create compositions by combining them. Beautiful flower pots designed by Karin Eriksson are ideal for those who don’t want simple ceramic pots. When space is at a premium they are great solutions to grow your plants. So what do you think? via

    modern green house flower pots

    handmade hanging flower pot

    creative hanging flower pots

    ceramic hanging flower pot design

  5. Cool Modern Glossy Floors Tile Design Colorful Style – Resofloor by Resopal

    February 20, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern glossy floor furniture design

    These are creative home flooring design ideas designed by Lars Contzen’s. Resofloor by Resopal is one of cool and modern glossy floor design which can install in your any modern and minimalist room interior decorating. Absolutely beautiful design and it can be trend of glass floor panel in this 2010. These high gloss floor panels from Resopal are just such as wall graphics taken down to the ground level. They are created of compressed resistant to friction, fiber board, scrubbing, scratching and general wear with a multitude of designs, patterns and colors schemes that look very cool in every modern house. The only little problem is these seem to be available only in UK/Germany/Europe currently. Here it is best sample modern glossy floor design pictures gallery that you should be interesting. -via-

    minimalist interior using cool glossy floor

    minimalist glossy floor design ideas

    colorful cool glossy floor design

    clean simple glossy floor decor design

  6. Luxury Commercial Lighting Decorative Interior Design from AL Raiee

    January 8, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern lighting decorative design

    The luxury room interior decorating atmosphere can be creates by place modern commercial lighting decorative design in the house such as living room. Some classic and antique lamp design ideas can we see in this pictures gallery as your inspiration. This luxury lamp is very artistic elegance with the beautiful medley of genuine handcrafted quality. The furniture designer AL Raiee General Trading, has some collection of product design which very unique which responsive to their client’s diverse requirements such as crystal chandeliers, decorative brass products etc. -via-

    luxury commercial lighting
    luxury commercial lighting

    classic lighting interior design
    classic lighting interior design

  7. Sample Modern Flower Arrangement Home Interior Room Design

    January 6, 2010 by newhouseofart

    beautiful flower home accessories

    You may interest to decor your home room interior with this modern flower arrangement design ideas. It is absolutely perfect to make your room more fresh, beautiful and have nature accent. This sample modern flower design ideas can be your perfect inspiration for home accessories and can use small budget. You can choose white and green with a possible splash of color to create modern and minimalist room interior design. You can use such of this flower types like orchids, lilies and some special other plants with long stems and impressive leaves which are accented by a beautiful flower. To know more about this ideas visit here.

    modern flower arrangement
    modern flower arrangement

    beautiful flower home accessories
    beautiful flower home accessories

  8. Beautiful Creative Ice CandleChristmas Decoration by Mathmos

    December 26, 2009 by newhouseofart

    original ice canles christmas decoration

    One of the most popular symbols in Christmas day is candle. By using candles as a home decoration we can beautify the home interior and exterior for that special day. Make your house more comfortable and warmth by adding some creative ice candles design ideas from Mathmos. If you see this candles decorating design pictures gallery, there are a lot of various size, color that everyone can choose what they prefer to suite with their modern, contemporary, minimalist otherwise luxury house design. The candles chistmas designed by Mathew Jackson and combines in itself two contrasts the fire and the ice. This candles is very simple and easy to use, you can freeze and after that you can admire by an astounding spectacle during several hours. For more information about these creative candles decorating ideas, visit the designer site, and find more home design furniture ideas.

    modern ice candle christmas decor
    modern ice candle christmas decor

    ice candle christmas decoration
    ice candle christmas decoration

    beautiful christmas candle design
    beautiful christmas candle design

  9. Beautiful Unique Christmas tree Design for House Interior Decor

    December 15, 2009 by newhouseofart

    unique christmas tree design

    New and attractive interior decorating ideas for Christmas from luxury London Claridge’s hotel can be your perfect home remodeling in Christmas day. This is about décor a Christmas tree to be beautiful and unique design to entertain your family or guests. The home accessories tree design story come from Christian Dior’s creative director. The house designer, Galliano was liked to come up with a Christmas decoration which will turn into this holiday’s symbol for the luxurious hotel. So, the people will absoutly surprise when they are entrance the room and see at the unique Christmas tree in the hallways. Here it is best sample photos Christmas tree design ideas that can be great for your modern, contemporary, minimalist, and luxury house design. [Via]

    christmas tree interior decor
    christmas tree interior decor

    christmas tree house accessories
    christmas tree house accessories

    beautiful christmas tree ideas
    beautiful christmas tree ideas

  10. Modern Wall Mounted Fireplace Design Ideas from Montegrappa

    December 3, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern mounted fireplace

    2010 fireplace design ideas from famous Italian furniture manufacture Montegrappa. This modern and artistic mounted fireplaces design is very perfect to put on our living room interior decorating. Smart and innovative indoor fireplaces design which can harmonize with any modern, contemporary, and classic living room. Their furniture design come with special shape designed by artistic touch, it’s ideal to make beautify your interior home decoration. You able to decide fireplace which ideal with your feel, the Labirinto and Dedalo that are comes by an artistic edge, Linea fireplace taht designed in pyramid shape, and some fireplace design that has brick border. Here it is best sample modern fireplace design photos gallery with minimalist and contemporary styles. [Via]

    minimalist mounted fireplace
    minimalist mounted fireplace

    luxury mounted fireplace design
    luxury mounted fireplace design

    artistic mounted fireplace
    artistic mounted fireplace