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  1. Hearst Castle – Luxury Property Oprah’s House Interior Design Hawai

    May 12, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Luxury Oprah House Design

    Luxury million mansions Oprah house exterior design and lavish modern room interior decorating idea is amazing and can be perfect inspiration for us. Oprah home improvement idea is never dying. She can give us some best tips and trick to make our horrible old house design to become great even luxurious home decor. This beach house located in Hawaii, and named Oprah’s Hearst Castle. The luxury home property covers some forty two acres and the residence itself is 23,000 square feet. It has six modern comfortable bedrooms, fourteen bathrooms and, as you might imagine, just about the whole thing else. A number of the house improvements Oprah has created since purchasing the home in 2001 include the installation of a massive cozy home theater, building a man-made lake with rare fish and having Montecito sandstone bricks hand-laid in the quarter-mile long driveway. Oprah has also put in a closet the size of an ordinary master bedroom, not for her, but for Stedman to keep what must be a large suit collection. Check this out best pictures gallery luxury Oprah residence pictures gallery. -via-

    Modern Exterior Oprah House Design

    Oprah Home Interior Decor

    Cozy Living Room Oprah House

    Contemporary Oprah House Dining Room Interior

    Beautiful Natrual Oprah House View

  2. Luxury Minimalist White House Modern Pool Design by A-cero

    May 10, 2010 by newhouseofart

    white house green room layout

    Beautiful luxurious minimalist house design idea with modern swimming pool and impeccable style very impressed me. Stunning home interior decorating and exterior architecture designed by A-cero architecture firm. If you are look at this best sample modern homes with pool design pictures gallery, you will notice that the architecture designer use simple, clean, fresh and exciting design concept, and absolutely you cannot stop but admire how serene the whole home looks. White color schemes are dominates throughout and except for this minor challenge of keeping it that way we really cannot find anything else to crib about this fabulous house. Actually this home named Sotogrande House and designed for public figure or a celebrity. Amazing dream house architectural project which is can easily create comfortable atmosphere, but designed in lavish style. For more information about this home architecture idea, visit A-cero website. -via-

    white clean study tv room

    stunning white bathroom interior decor

    modern white house garage

    modern stunning white house

    modern entrance gate house design

    minimaist white house exterior

    luxury amazing white terrace

    luxurious heavenly white interiors

    gorgeous white house backyard

    beautiful white house interiors

    beautiful white house bedroom interior

    awesome white house with pool

    amazing minimalist white lounge

  3. Unique Minimalist Diamond House Design Santa Monica – California

    May 6, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern minimalist diamond house design

    How about this modern Diamond House design ideas? We think this is most creative and unique home architecture design. Located in Santa Monica, California USA, we want to let you know more details about this decorative and minimalist house architectural project plan. Designed by XTEN Architects this diamond house is a home extension as a patterned and perforated lantern illuminating a California canyon.  This modern Diamond house has minimalist interior design and located against a sloping hillside, by means of minimal access and little space upon which to construct. Because of the difficult Geo-technical conditions of the spot, Diamond Housed required nine meters caissons to underpin new innovative walls and foundations.

    modern outdoor stair diamond house

    A house design complex web of regulations governed the height, width, depth and specific relationship to the retaining wall decor wanted to build the home construction. Given these constraints, a multifaceted architectural plan was urbanized for the small house structure. Primary, a residential base building geometry was industrial to conform to the hillside and required codes while optimizing the interior design rooms with extending them into adjacent side yards. The construction home geometry also conforms to the interior decorating plan as a series of wall planes fold up and over the building to make a rooftop railing and enclosure.

    outdoor creative decorating diamond house idea

    The Diamond House exterior design facade pattern was made from natural elements taken from the canyon site. The10mm thick Swiss pearl fiber cement panels display on the final building were chosen for both the way they relate to the masonry site walls and unique structure, and for the fragility they impart to the otherwise hard-edged geometry of the structure. Here is it best sample unique creative Diamond House modern minimalist style pictures gallery. For more information about this house project plan, visit the designer site. -via-

    lounge chair modern style diamond house

    diamond house facade exterior design

  4. Luxury Villa Design Casa Son Vida – Mediterranean House Architecture

    May 3, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern rond square shapes villa design

    This is kind of luxury villa architecture design. Named Casa Son Vida, the modern Mediterranean house architecture located on the Island of Mallorca, approximately 15 minutes outside Palma de Mallorca is truly amazing home living space design concept. Minimalist villa interior decorating idea combine with elegant luxurious furniture such as leather sofa, chair, and etc make this house more comfortable. This modern villa architecture is a sample of design poetry in motion. The 800 square meter minimalist lavish villa is remodeled into incredible extraordinary Mediterranean residence which was constructed in 60s. The contemporary villa design marks an entrance of a new creative architecture’s building generation to the island. The villa design has round and square shapes form, futuristic blobs combined with antiques result in a blend of traditional and modern references throughout the villa, with the play of reliefs and contrasting surfaces making a remarkable feeling. Here is it best sample modern Casa Son Vida luxury villa interior and exterior design pictures gallery for your inspiration to build your own dream house. -via-

    modern mediterranean house architecture

    modern futuristic villa room interior decor

    minimalist villa with luxury leather sofa furniture

    luxury villa design with modern outdoor pool

    luxury casa son vida interior furniture idea

    contemporary elegant bathroom villa interior

  5. Contemporary Queens Park House Architecture Design Pictures Gallery

    April 25, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Luxury Queens Park House Architecture Design

    Designed by MCK Architects, this awesome dream house design idea is named Queens Park House. We presented some best sample this contemporary modern Queens Park Residence architecture design pictures gallery for your inspiration. This home has luxury interior decorating idea and wooden minimalist exterior architectural. Very amazing home sweet home architectural design! The core project concept for this residence was a room in the home garden. Most significantly the interior design would extend into and turn into a part of the green garden, as would the garden become part of the interior decoration.  The house architecture designer maintained this vision and worked extremely closely with customer, landscape architect and structural engineer to arrive at the desired end result. Full height frameless glass sliding doors custom planned and engineered by the client’s favored window maker is one sample of how there was a common goal. Correspondingly, the home structural engineering is a close alliance delivering a concrete superstructure which defies gravity offering an uninterrupted passage among living room and modern landscape design. The cottage and its street presence are maintained and refurbished. The alternative of timber material shake cladding is a direct response to this context. The home performs well environmentally with good solar access and plenty of ventilation. For more information, about this Queens Park House Architecture project plan, visit MCK Architects site. -via-

    Leather Sofa Furniture Queens Park House

    Contemporary Queens Park Residence Architectural

    Wood Contemporary Bathroom Queens Park House

    Staircase Interior Decor Queens Park House

    Modern Garage Queens Park House Design

    Modern Exterior Queens Park House Design

    Minimalist Kitchen Queens Park House Interior

  6. Luxury Beach House Design Contemporary Furniture Set Interior Decorating

    April 17, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern beach house architectural

    Stunning beach house architecture design with beautiful sea natural views which is can be perfect dream house design for us. We are absolutely interesting with the modern house exterior architectural, but has minimalist interior decor in the each room. Combined with contemporary furniture set like a sofa, chair and wooden table design can create comfortable atmosphere like a luxury resort. Designed by Danish furniture architect Rud Thygesen, the construction originally built-in 1957 but later expanded toward the beach with a semicircle to match the architect’s furniture design of a wonderful set of dining room chairs and a circle shaped table. This modern white villa is located on the coast and features not only spectacular views of the sea but also stunning views of greenness around. The home’s interior decor and even exterior design features pieces of the extensive art collection and the exquisite furniture. For more information visit the architecture building designer website. -via-

    modern stunning beach house design

    wall decor beach house interior

    warm elegant room with modern fireplace

    elegant modern room furniture set

    dining room furniture ser minimalist design

    contemporary chair furniture design

    contemporary wooden dining room furniture design

    comfortable room with contemporary furniture set

  7. Bauma Modern House Renovation Interior Design Suburb of Istanbul

    April 11, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern bathroom interior Bauma house

    We have found yesterday some interesting modern house renovation interior design from home located in a suburb Istanbul, Turkey named Bauma luxury house architecture which we presented on this residence architectural pictures gallery shown below. Absolutely perfect combination elements, materials, have big spaces, ideal height and great exterior decorating. The architecture designer success to mix the tiles of wall decor, the cement floor, wooden table furniture and various new innovation house decorating ideas that we hope will be your inspiration.

    luxury relaxing room Bauma house

    Designed for young couple, Bauma is a great interior architectural renovation project with an innovative structure design concept that is inserted in the existing building. The new construction maintains the existing heights, yet proposes an additional organic resolution. The smooth and endless lines reference infinite area, as there is no clear distinction among the floors and walls decoration design, or between the walls and ceiling. Light scatters on the organic surface in a way which seems almost limitlessness.

    creative interior decor Bauma home

    The house furniture design especially on the living room and bathroom is selectively chosen to unite various different styles. The young couple has a collection of fancy contemporary antique pieces, and preferred to mix the creative furniture with this collection. These pieces attract attention in contrast to the smooth surface of the white walls and ceilings. The proposal for the home garden’s design also follows the same principles of infinity. Here, the lines seem endless. A place for resting is designed in the space left among the existing trees. This soothing, quiet and relaxing garden space will be where the couple will spend most of their free time. What do you thing about this house renovation project? -via-

    contemporary living room Bauma house


    Bauma house wooden furniture design

    Bauma house modern interior architectural

    Bauma house minimalist interior

    Bauma glamorous bathroom interior

    Bauma  house renovation project

  8. Minimalists Tamina Thermal Baths Luxury Interior Design Decorating Ideas

    March 14, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern tamina thermal bath architecture design

    This Tamina thermal bath design is very minimalist and looks modern. But in the interior decorating is very luxury with comfortable atmosphere. Beautiful architecture building that can be our inspiration. We presented that interior and exterior pictures gallery from Tamina Thermal Bath just for the reader of We think that you can interest in a few days spent at this bathing place located in the Grand Resort in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. This explicitly conceived as a part of the grand hotel culture designed by Smolenicky & Partner. The cultural and aesthetic structure characteristic of the project design seeks an affinity to both Swiss tradition and the grand hotels of the Baltic coast. This plan of using explicit resort structural design is underscored in the construction’s officially fanciful oval windows. Seen from the inside, the windows have the effect of over-dimensional image frames. The predominant landscaped design, park like mood remains intact despite the compact manner of structure. Thus the luxury resort remains characterized by its park. The main entrance to the thermal baths, the spa spring hall, is situate on the visual axis of the cul-de-sac in order, from the main road, to mark its presence in the depth of the site as a public facility. For more information about this building project plan design visit the architecture designer website. -via-

    minimalist interior design tamina thermal bath

    minimalist architectural design tamina thermal bath

    luxury interior decor tamina thermal bath design

    interior loft design tamina thermal bath

    exterior design ideas tamina thermal bath architecture

  9. Ancient Roman House Design Luxury Interior Decor Portugal

    March 3, 2010 by newhouseofart

    ancient roman luxury house exterior design

    Here is it we presented sample ancient home design picture gallery that can be your inspiration to build your dream house living. This luxury home in Portugal is very attractive and quite minimalist yet. The main idea of the design was taken from the fact that ancient Roman homes were frequently built on a square plot. The main building has a complex architecture plan and homes for a gym, bedrooms, and two big bathrooms with remarkable decor. In the outdoor there is a modern swimming pool which absolutely needed for this category of a home. The designers have tried to create the most of the land to make a joining with the interiors of the construction, leaving a view of the valley and the square that exists among the 2 bodies housing. Beautiful interior and exterior design combine with contemporary furniture which can easily create comfortable and elegant feel in whole of house.

    ancient roman luxury home living room interiors

    ancient roman luxury home kitchen design

    ancient roman luxury home exterior swimming pool

    ancient roman luxury home bedroom interiors

    ancient roman luxury home bathroom design

  10. Contemporary Pipe House Luxury Interior Design Black Sea Alcove

    March 1, 2010 by newhouseofart

    pipe house living room furniture design

    Luxury, glamorous but look minimalist in the interior design. These simple words that we can say if we are see and entrance the contemporary modern pipe house architecture design. Created by Butenko VasiliyandSergey Mahno located along the beautiful Black sea, just at the edge of the Crimean Mountains of the Ukraine. This contemporary home designed as an oasis for rest and entertainment, the residence has been divided into zones through opaque and translucent screens, allowing the user flexibility in shading the sun, creating privacy, and blocking off rooms when entertaining visitors. Inside all zoned cavity, there is a single light decor fixture serving that rooms- these furniture cooperatively make a fancy rhythm along the house ceiling.  The pure, minimalist white color forms morphing out of the ceiling create a soft, liquid like form adorning the structure above. There is a glowing bulge in the wall texture design at the modern kitchen bar that is a new physical interpretation of this gentle curve sweeping all surfaces of this house.  As your eye follows the wood textured walls materials around the room, there are multiple opportunities to catch a sight to the exterior design beyond.  At moments, glimpses of light begin to seep through the wood slats, lightening the material as it brings in the natural daylight views and colors that give a sharp contrast to the warm interior furniture of the area.  The floor plan layout idea effectively balances the curved furniture and wall screens against what would otherwise be a extraordinarily rectilinear interior. Enjoy the house pictures gallery. -via-

    pipe house entertainment room decor

    modern office pipe house office design

    modern living room pipe house interior

    mini bar pipe house design ideas

    luxury pipe house dining room design

    luxury bedroom interior pipe home design

    glamorous living room interior architectural pipe house