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  1. 12 Interior Rendering Concepts by Design Code

    September 23, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white living rooom victorian marble

    The modern and sophisticated interior design rendering pictures gallery available in 12 concept inspiration. Here is it some superb interior rendering images planned by Design Code. Design Code is a famous comparatively young architecture and interior design company based in Amman, Jordan. The gives you these creative interior concept renderings for beautiful entrance hallways, elegant living rooms, comfortable bedrooms, and dining rooms.

    white bedroom with graphic prints

    white bedroom with circular ceiling

    They have explained their idea and style as a conversation among the ancient times and the future. Design Code wants to create the most excellent out of the property existing to them and to enliven architecture in Jordan in addition to other parts of the world. These interior renderings suggest an unusual blend of room decorating design and style. You are able to observe the influence of ethnicity in the display prints of turbaned men on horseback, in the rich, golden tapestries of some innovative wall decors, and the intricately-patterned opulently colored Persian rugs furniture.

    terrace stairs stone and white

    Furthermore, you can also spot the manipulate of basic geometric forms in Design Code’s work, wonderful  large circles and rectangles beautify the house ceilings and walls, disco ball chandeliers look like to be balanced with what appear to be cylindrical light-beams from the ceiling, and bold parallel lines.  I mostly liked the screen prints of men on horseback set against the gold-embellished walls, in addition to the funky chandelier designs once again.

    red and black bedroom design

    If we look at detail photos gallery (shown here), there are more unique shapes in this luxury living room –  we able to see circles, rectangles, squares – every one of in a neutral palette of brown and beige color schemes, by means of pops of refreshing red otherwise cool blue. This house entrance hallway evokes Jordan traditions with stone stairwells, contemporary Persian rugs, complex columns and doorways, and a collection of exotic plants. The modern glass domed ceiling wonderfully lets the swimming pools of light to brighten the room and create it appear as if one possibly will be outdoors.

    grey and black modern iving room

    grey and black living room interior

    grey and black living room

    gold and white lace walls

    black and white living room

    black and white bedroom with red detail

    beige couches with graphic decor

  2. 15 Study Space Design Idea for Teens

    September 23, 2011 by newhouseofart

    colorflul boys study space blue and brown

    There is some different design element about decorating girls teen study space and boys teen study room interior. So, here it is some 15 creative teens study space interior designed by PB Teen. NewHouseOfArt are very proud present to you the inspiration come from pictures gallery shown below. You should check this idea, seeing these photos with your beloved children. I think they study space must comfy, age-appropriate, and great for calm study and concentration. The girls’ study space furniture is delicately girly through more white color and softer lighting decor thrown in, although the boys’ study room designs are inclined to be pleased about the contemporary dark wood desks more and furthermore arrange emphasis on sports accessories. So far, most of the study room interiors are prepared with multiple storage compartments, plenty of surface space for books and materials, comfortable chairs, a little pops of color and also creative fun design idea.

    Boys Study Space Design Inspiration

    boys study space wood and white and blue

    boys study space white and wood

    boys study space minimalist wood desk

    boys study space green and light wood

    boys study space dark desk furniture

    boys study space creative mahogany design

    boys modern study space attic design

    Girls Study Space Design Inspiration

    girly bedroom with green and white

    girls study space with fuzzy chair

    girls study space white desk and stool

    girls school desk beige and white

    girl bedroom with polka dot chair

    girl bedroom desk white and blue and coffee

    girl bedroom blue and white

  3. Sustainability Exhibition Center Concept by ART+COM

    September 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

    sustainability waves screen idea

    Looking at the exhibition space interior design pictures gallery here is make me feel such as I am in future time. The cool and futuristic interior design of Exhibition Center Marrying Digital Media & Sustainability is able to give you a new experience of living in ultra modern house. Designed by ART+COM (a famous studio and group of creative designer which is specializing in manipulative rooms with innovative media), this is a new conceptual idea of sustainability for the usual individual by means of a concrete digital media exhibition situated at Autostadt, Volkswagen’s communications platform in Wolfsburg, Denmark.

    sustainability touch screen diagram

    When a guest navigates the “Level Green: The Concept of Sustainability” display, they able to study regarding climate change and its consequences, the substance of sustainability to the planet’s economic and social health, and Volkswagen’s definite advance to the idea. J. Mayer H. planned the center through its twenty five media exhibits, every part of that allocate guests to aggressively engage in learning not just concerning the conception, but how they are able to apply it themselves and realize it into their own lives.

    sustainability strange diorama cool design

    sustainability mesh architecture design

    The information sculptures allow visitors to imagine and match up to the specifics and figures more simply. Interactive media walls give details essential themes and give confidence communication with playful entrance to data by touching. The installations even foster a private relationship to the subject with prompting guests to return on their own lifestyles. I think these photos present amazing fodder for futuristic way enthusiasts. Leave your opinion by drop a comment.

    sustainability screen at display room

    sustainability green space display

    sustainability green future digital lifestyle

    sustainability futuristic circle diagram

    sustainability future laptops

    sustainability diagram room design

    sustainability circular ultra modern diagram

    sustainability black innovative diagram

    sustainability black digital design

    sustainability black and green monitors

    sustainability balck and green diagram

  4. Incredible Five Star Luxury Boutique Grace Hotel

    August 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

    wonderful satorini grace deck and pool

    What a sensational architecture design from The Grace. This is truly awesome and super luxury five star hotel design. I really wonder how the interior designer gets inspiration from. The five star hotel boutique of Grace Hotel designed with branches- and become in the world’s most attractive destinations, looks astounding combined through the backdrop of the stunning, blue and white Santorini islands, the southernmost islands of the Cyclades.

    superb santorini grace pool and ocean

    spectacular santorini grace hotel in mountains

    satorini pool and ocean at sunset

    With its superb place in the charming village of Imervigli above the Caldera (a centuries-old deep basin made from a sunken volcano), the Grace Santorini presents magnificent views of the well-known sunset cast across the Aegean sea and the Cyclades Islands in addition to a romantic, serene feeling for guests. Although the property is mainly private, it is expediently located only 2 KM from the capital of the islands, Fira, and 8-10 KM away from the 2 closest airports. The island’s long history of volcanic activity has made the spectacular landscape the Grace Hotel and others sit upon nowadays.

    satorini grace pools and decks view

    satorini grace corner pool with ocean view

    santorini large white bedroom with balcony and view

    santorini grace white bedroom with balcony

    santorini grace pink and white decor

    santorini grace modern pool design

    santorini grace coffee station interior

    santorini deck with amazing ocean view

    santorini contemporary hotel deck design

    grace santorini white living area and tv

    grace santorini white living area

    grace santorini infinity pool balcony and ocean view

    gorgeous birds eye view santorini grace hotel

    comfort santorini grace room with pool

    beautiful satorini grace pool at sunset

  5. 15 Modern Versatile Interior by Hieu Nguyen

    July 31, 2011 by newhouseofart

    zen bedroom versatile idea

    The best design of modern and minimalist versatile interior design shown at this 15 sample pictures gallery is designed by Hieu Nguyen. I very love the idea because it is looks clean, simple but have luxury touch. The following versatile design inspiration photos here are a testament to designer versatility, there are soft color palettes by means of simple, flowing renderings for the bachelor-pad-worthy rooms, and more vibrant, oranges and contemporary wood accents for a creative kids’ room and comfortable guest room sitting space.

    wood modern living area

    red and denim living room

    The Nguyen versatile designs span castle-inspired decors, complete through hanging; iron-wrought chandeliers, warm wooden and unique stone interiors, and deep red tapestries color scheme to shiny, fresh, simple white kitchens and lavish living rooms for the modern-day home-owner. The designer’s work cuts diagonally the board on diverse moods, color palettes, styles, age groups, and social groups and is a truthfully extraordinary set.

    nguyen orange sitting area

    nguyen orange kids bedroom

    nguyen modern kitchen versatile

    nguyen modern bedroom versatile

    nguyen luxury bedroom with window

    nguyen brown living room interior

    nguyen brown and white living room

    nguyen beige living room

    nguyen bedroom versatile with closet

    nguyen bedroom interior side view

    living room modern with open kitchen

    fresh contemporary small bedroom

  6. 3D Interior Rendering Pictures from Eco-Golf House

    July 31, 2011 by newhouseofart

    3d Eco-Golf House architecture

    There are available best 11 rendering images about 3d interior design and inspiration from Eco-Golf House. We are very excited to share this idea with you to give you some idea. The Studio-Aiko which is located in Israel has visualized and renders wonderful pictures of interiors and also exteriors using 3d rendering software. Before you go ahead, you should check this out the video about “Golf House in Caesarea CG Simulation” :

    Eco-Golf House pool idea

    Eco-Golf House in 3D pictures

    One of the most difficult architecture challenges put before the firm was to visualize this Eco-friendly Design of Golf House Residence which blurs the borders among it’s indoors and outdoors environment. The plans brief in addition necessary them to make the dense plants surrounding the home, the biological systems and the infrastructure leading to the residence’s structural design and interior decorating. You should watch this video walk-through of the home and moreover various high quality photos of the renders:

    Eco-Golf House design-3d

    Eco-Golf House 3d rendered house

    Eco-Golf House 3d home rendering

    Eco-Golf House 3d home design

    Eco-Golf House 3d architectural visualization

    3d interior Eco-Golf House design

    3d home interiors Eco-Golf House

    3d Eco-Golf House images

  7. 15 Library Design Ideas

    July 21, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Modern Library Large Studio

    Are you having library or reading room in your house? And want to decorate it to become more comfortable and look modern? Today, NewHouseOfArt come with some gorgeous design of 15 library design inspiration. The idea is to create a perfect reading space. Being the large bookworm and dork that I am, I was enthusiastic to work on this article on contemporary libraries place collectively through our content writers. Continually because I have dreamed of owning a place of my personal, I have in addition dreamed of my own library area, complete through ceiling-to-floor, wall-to-wall, dark cherry-wood bookshelves and storage space.

    Library Room with Fireplace Furniture

    Library above Fireplace

    The important element of library room is the ideal selection of furniture design such as table, chair, or storage. In this several library design here, you will see that the books positioned on the highest shelves which would completely need a stepladder and the space would be ornamented by means of dark-colored, leather furnishings, deluxe Persian rugs, and a great reading lamp. Personally, I would love dream concerning spending most of my relaxation time in the library, understanding with old copies of “Wuthering Heights,” otherwise scaling the shelves for a new read.

    Library with Center Courtyard

    Many people know that libraries are inspiring spaces in themselves especially for me, that is why I furthermore establish the following pictures useful and inspirational. If you are such as me, and are dreaming of your own library, otherwise previously have one and require some creative ideas for decorating, you will like the following designs, every one of entries with contestants for a rendering contest planned by Evermotion in one year ago. Enjoy here, and get your own library room interior design idea!

    Library Victorian Idea

    Library Small with Victorian Chair

    Library Shelves with Great View

    Library Shelves in Beachside Home

    Library Overlooking Garden and Spiral Staircase

    Library Modern Decor Ideas

    Library Colorful Interior Design

    Innovative Library Ladders

    Creative Library With Open Ceiling

    Contemporary Library Industrial

    Comfy Library with Courtyard

    Amazing Library in Paris Apt

  8. 12 Generous Wood Accents Interior Idea

    June 26, 2011 by newhouseofart

    wooden walls and bookshelf design

    All the wooden room interior design inspiration below is designed by Marc Canut. Creative house ideas with generous wood accents are what characterize this meticulous series and here, the designer display to us how versatile and stunning wood able to be. Who knew wooden interior themed was like this minimalist, yet naturally beautiful accent in every room of your house? Many people already know that wood has always been one of our mainly oft used materials both in interior decorating space and architecture design. Because of it is not only priceless for its durability, but in addition for its versatility. And it knows how to entirely make over a room while used in the right way.

    wooden rustic kitchen space

    wooden furniture bedroom with stunning beach view

    Usually, wooden interior design would be fairly a task to gel in timber walls through white interior color schemes. Other than someway the whole thing just works in this idea. A contemporary wooden floor and wooden stand-in shower, harmonize the egg-shaped tub furniture and 4 leaf clover wall art of this nature-inspired simple bathroom decor. It’s actually wood able to creates the dining room look elegant, slightly rustic and modern, yet concurrently sleek and polished. It is sophisticated, however practical enough for the small or large kitchen.  Yes, wood adds a small piece of an edge to a retro-futuristic living room style and hallway designs.

    wood floors and accents modern house

    wood dining table furniture

    white color wood dining room

    white bedroom wood floors and view

    natural bathroom wooden floor

    minimalist bedroom wooden floor plan

    design retro furniture wood accents

    contemporary wood closets and stairs

    comfortable wood dining room interior

  9. 30 Unique Home Bars Idea for Private Use

    June 7, 2011 by newhouseofart

    unique glowing home bar layouts

    After you come home from a hard day at work, it is sometimes necessary to get some load off your back with a nice cocktail drink in your own self designed home bar while sitting in a nice comfortable couch. Imagine you are sitting in that big leather couch, sipping a nice martini (or if it is to light for you, anything that suits your taste) while tasting one of the best Cuban your boss gave you for a job well done.

    For some people, this way of life may not be a reality. You can however, get the home bar idea for your house for many other activities inside your home like entertaining guests, or just have a nice talk with your colleague or long distance relatives who happens to be in town for a couple of days.

    Designing a home bar is just like designing a house. You would need to get the proper location, get the appropriate materials, and stock it with the appropriate utensils and furniture’s. It doesn’t really matter whether you are a heavy drinker or not, because a home bar can just serve as a home decoration facility if you want it to be so.

    Like home designs, a home bar design can be as complex or as simple as the owner’s personality.  Sophisticated designs is of course in need of more funding. There are of course alternatives if you want a home bar design that is both elegant and inside your budget range.

    There are a lot of home bar designs that is guaranteed to blow your mind away if you would just spend some time looking for it in the internet. These home bars utilize the best designer’s ability combined with the owner’s own creativity to create sophisticated home bar design that is not only serving its purpose as a place to take a sip of bourbon, but also a place you can brag about to your friends.

    ultra luxury home bar

    traditional home bar

    stylish home bar ideas

    stunning home bar design picture

    small home bar photos

    simple home bar inspiration

    simple home bar designs

    rustic home bar idea

    modern home bar design

    minimalist home bar interior

    luxury home bar design inspiration

    lovely home bar design

    lavish home bar idea

    home bar design with xl high barstool

    gorgeous home bar design

    glamour home bar decor

    fabolous home bar interior

    elegant home bar interior

    deluxe home bar design idea

    decorative home bar

    creative home bar interior

    cozy home bar design inspiration

    cool home bar interior idea

    contemporary home bar design

    comfortable home bar design

    classic home bar interior

    chic home bar design

    beautiful home bar ideas

    artistic home bar decor


  10. 16 Nice Built-In Window Seats Idea

    May 12, 2011 by newhouseofart

    The room interior that you must take an attention is bedroom and living room. Because in this place, there are many time to spend to have relax after busy day. Today, we give you some inspiration about decorating a built-in window seats idea that able to give a new atmosphere in your every room design. In this 16 sample pictures gallery, you will see a nice, comfortable and cozy design of creative window seat design. Although the modern or contemporary design of built-in window seat could have reached its height throughout the formalism of the Georgian era when lofty, narrow sash windows were the norm, this intimate, backless seating nook able to still be an elegant, space-saving and chic addition to the correct room. Take a look at these beautiful seats designed by various designers, they are such calling you to sit down and calm down looking out of the window. Then don’t forget to telling us about your opinion about this idea by leaving a comment.

    via : Decorati

    beach house tower  interior design
    cozy and cheerful design nook on 3rd floor of waterside living room interior

    cozy long window bench
    A long window bench gets a pop of pattern with this eclectic mix of pillows, it’s look very comfortable!

    Veranda Showcase House Design

    Mid century loft decor
    A strong living room architectural panels meld with colorful deco rug furniture

    luxury french living room
    Luxurious French style Living Room window seat area with opulent drapes

    Contemporary Upper Staircase
    This is no usual landing; it’s basically another room! Because the house’s traditional architecture is so minimalist and simple, we were able to contrast it with contemporary fabrics and artwork. Our customer’s miniature chairs fit completely in the niche; a collection constantly has more impact when grouped together. We covered the window seat in a graphic Italian fabric, and added a bronze spot table to hold a book or glass of wine. Contemporary graffiti artwork completes the space. We’re told it’s a favorite place to sit, read, and watch the world go by.

    Luxurious Master Bedroom Design
    The master bedroom interior design concept following the plan of this room is Contemporary Texture. The complete shape and design of this space was custom designed for new construction. Features: Flue less fireplace, self-contained water feature, recessed shelving for book storage, overhead reading lights behind bed, tray ceiling with cove lighting for ambiance, plush window seats with view of Master Courtyard.

    Beverly Hills Living Room Interior
    An opulent and modern design of Family Living Room in Beverly Hills furnished with French, English and Moorish pieces. Walls are glazed in multiple shades of Venetian Red, to give dimension to the bold color. The bay window is dressed in Bronze Silk panels and a tasseled Damask cornice. The bench seat and bolsters are covered in antiqued velvet with scattered pillows of Trapunto, Damask and Striae Silk. Bronze Floor lamps have Suede shades lined in gold paper.

    Sweet Tiburon Ring Mtn Living Room
    A living room decor idea with 180 degree view received little attention until it was revamped with a window bench, metallic gold and waxed walls and cozy seating

    Two Living Room by Pamela Banker

    Black Red Living Room by Concord

    traditional living space decor
    With a large family who gathers to play games the designer wanted to make a cool space to store toys. So the interior designer made this over-sized window seat where there was nothing. It was a wonderful use of empty space and great to watch the birds!

    dining room design by Margaret Skinner

    2001 Marin House Bedroom Design
    This master bedroom design was created for the 2001 Marin Designers Showcase House. With innovative and timeless design, and with a nod to each of the five elements water, fire, earth, air and metal a bedroom can be created that provides one the experience of living, not simply a beautiful or intriguing space. The play of materials Fortuny fabric with jute, gilding with twigs, raffia and silk impart a balanced arrangement with the use of color. Red-orange plaster walls capture the composition of warm, analogous tones. Complimentary purple calls the bed wall into focus, greens accent, and the dark accents of black and dark brown anchor this integrated space. Silver, National 2002 Home Book Design Excellence Awards; HGTV’s national “Interiors By Design” television show.

    Traditional Bright Living room

    Sleek and Glamourous Living Room